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The Professor my gf and me. Part 2

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The day after my gf's seduction while modeling, Professor T called her into his office. The Professor was again flattering and asked if she would model again, because the others were all excited to repeat the session. Lynn told the professor about my reaction to her retelling of the previous evening, and Professor T seemed aroused by this. He even offered to pay me if I would accompany Lynn to another modeling session. Lynn was interested, even more so when Professor T showed her the photographs taken the night before. She became very aroused when she saw herself naked, then being fucked, and was surprised to see how good looking she found the other naked men in the pictures, since the night before went by quickly and remained a blur in her mind.

Lynn agreed to a second session the following Saturday night. When Lynn told me about the Professor's offer to pay me to model for the group, I was visibly excited, and she teased me saying,"I think the Professor and those old men are hot to see your cock as much as they liked seeing my pussy". Lynn pulled my cock from my pants when we got back to my room and teased it to become even harder. As we undressed each other Lynn asked me for the first time if I had ever played with another cock. I admitted that years before, her cousin, my best friend, palyed with each other and learned to jerk off together back in Junior High.

This really excited Lynn and I told the details about getting naked, then playing with each other until we shot our cum, then how we learned to suck cock one summer at camp. When Lynn asked about my first time having sex, I admitted, her cousin and I were taught all about fucking and sucking and swallowing cum from my cousin, the same summer Lynn and I developed a crush on each other.

Lynn knew, and had met my cousin that summer, and said she knew that girl was a slut and should have known her cousin and I were fucking her. Lynn and I fucked liked crazy as I told her about the cousins and I fucking and sucking that summer years agi.

Saturday night arrived and Lynn and I were ushered into Professor T's house, through the studio where five men were waiting in their ovesized chairs surrounding the small curtained stage. Professor T asked Lynn how she would like to begin the modeling session and she said she wanted to pose with him first as they had a few nights before. Professor T asked me if that would be alright with me and I agreed. Lynn and the Professor went behind the curtain to prepare as the other men introduced themselves. They made comments about how lucky I was, how beautiful Lynn was, and inquired if I was going to pose for the group with Lynn. I simply replied I was planning to.

As I talked with the five waiting with me for Lynn and the Professor, two men to my left started to get undressed and were soon naked together on a sofa they had pushed closed to the stage where Lynn was to model. The two men I was talking with told me we might as well get naked and ready because they were sure Lynn and the Professor were probably starting without us. It did seem to be taking a long time, but I stripped completely naked with the others, before I decided to look behind the curtain to see what Lynn was up to. When I appeared in the doorway to the dressing room I was shocked to see Lynn completely naked, seated on a chair, with Professor T standing naked in front of her with his hard cock sliding in and out of her mouth. When she saw me, she plopped the cock from between her lips, smiled at me and giggled, sayng she couldn't resist. She saw my hard cock sticking out in from of me, so knew by this response that I was excited watching her suck the Professor's cock.

The Professor led the way back to the studio, still completely naked with his hard cock standing out in front of him leading the way. Lynn kissed me, held my cock and asked again if I wanted to do this and I assured her by feeling her wet pussy that I was ready for this.

Lynn and the Professor embraced and reclined on the sofa on the stage, as the Professor asked what we wanted to see. One man said for Lynn to suck his cock, another for the Professor to eat her pussy, others asked just to see it all. The two men to get naked first asked me to join them on the sofa and as I sat to one side noticed they were stroking each others cocks. To my right two naked men, were applying some lube to their very hard cocks, and the fifth man was taking photos of Lynn and the Professor. I watched intently as Lynn and the Professor embraced and as his head dipped between her spread legs to lick her pussy. Lynn slid onto her back, with one leg high on the sofa back, eyes closed, as she held the Professor's head now visibly licking her slit.

To my left one man was now on his knees with his head between his friend's leg eagerly sucking up and down on his cock. I was fasinated, when the cocksucker looked at me, stopped sucking and let the cock drop from his mouth he gestured to come closer to them, and then asked. "Do you ever let another guy work on that cock"? I just whispered, maybe. I then found myself close enough to the couple for both to reach out and storke on my hard cock. I let the two continue to play with my cock and turned to watch Lynn and the Professor. The Professor was now standing between Lynns legs feeding his cock into her mouth. To my right the two men were just watching and stroking their cock and the fifth man, hard cock sticking out in front of his body was photographing Lynn and the Professor. As suddenly as I was taking in all the others, the Professor, with Lynn's hand on his cock, was starting to slide the head of his cock along the lips of her pussy, and then he was inside her completely and they were fucking slow, but hard and deep.

I was frozen in place, and aroused beyond belief as I watched Lynn kiss the Professor as he pounded his cock into her. I found myself relining in the arms of one man on the sofa, and invoulntarily reached for his cock that was throbbing against the side of my body. All at once I was watching Lynn getting fucked, had a cock in my hand, and now another hand holding the head of a third man who was taking my cock into his mouth. The man sucking my cock was taking my entire length between his lips, then pulled my cock down his throat until his nose was buried in my pubic hair. I coudn't stop, and felt the cum rising in my cock. I looked to see if Lynn was watching me, a little fearful that she would see, but excited to be so exposed in front of her. Lynn's eyes were closed as she continued to accept the Professor's cock, now pounding hard and fast into her pussy. I almost shouted that I was cumming and the mouth on my cock sucked hard and started to swallow my first, then second spurt of cum. I leaned back into the sofa as I came and discovered the man holding me was now standing beside me, and the cock that was in my hand was being pushed between my lips. I remember closing my eyes and the feeling of the cock pushing fast in and out of my mouth, then the immediate gush of hot liquid. The cock I was sucking was now cumming in my mouth. I was surprised by the amount of cum, and some of it shot from my lips and ran down my face. I didn't swallow, but pulled away and felt more cum strikig the side of my face and then dripping down my chest.

As I pulled away and looked directly at the cock in front of my face a hand pushed my head back down onto the cock. This time I sucked, and I could now taste the cum, and swallowed what was left. I fell back on the sofa and remembered Lynn and the Professor. She looked at me long enough to see the cum on my face, and I wondered if she had seen the cock in my mouth. The Professor said announced loudly that he was going to cum, and the men around me gathered closer to the stage to watch the Professor pull his cock from Lynn's pussy, hold it in his hand and then shoot rope afte rope of cum on Lynn's tits. I watched the cum strike her tits and drip down onto her stomach, and I saw Lynn ook down with wide eyes as she surveyed all the cum. She ran her hands through the cum spreading it accross her tits, neck, and naked belly.

The two men to my right were obviously waiting for this as they approached Lynn, one at her shoulder, the other replacing the Professor between her legs, and they both started to cum on Lynn's body as they stoked their cock furiously. Suddenly Lynn was receiving a cum bath. Cum was striking her face, running through her hair and starting to gather in puddles on her belly before in ran down through her pubic hair and between her legs. The naked man with the camera was shouting directions at the others to hold their cocks still and for Lynn to run her hands through the cum as he photographed the scene. Lynn lay back, relaxed as the men started to move away from her, then she held out her arms toward me gesturing for me to come to her. I slid between her legs, we embraced and kissed, and I could feel the cum sticking to the flesh between us. It was still hot.

Lynn said she saw me sucking a cock and it made er cum so hard, she forgot what was happening to her. I asked her if she liked what she saw, but she admitted it was all a blur, but asked that I do it again so she could watch and concentrate. The Professor asked if we all wanted to take a break, and we agreed. All but the man with the camera, and the man who had sucked my cock and swallowed my cum. They both announced they had not cum yet. The Professor turned to Lynn and I and asked if we wanted to help these two with their cocks. Lynn said she would before I could answer, then held my head and said she would suck one of the cocks if I would suck the other. We stood and exchanged placed with the two men and two hard cocks now seated on the sofa. Lynn and I knelt between the men's legs, I slowly reached for the cock in front of my face, then looked at Lynn who was holding the other cock in her hand. She mouthed to me "suck it" andmy head went down and the cock slide into my mouth. I concentrated hard on sucking the cock in and out of my mouth while stroking the hard length. It seemed to be only minutes before a hand held down my head and I felt and tasted cum shooting into my mouth. This time I sealed my lips around the cock head and swallow the entire load of cum. When I pulled away and looked to Lynn, I could she her throat contracting as she swallowed the cum of the cock in her mouth.

We rested, were offered drinks, then later Lynn and I posed for the group. This time we went slower, and moved through different poses as the men requisted. I licked her pussy, she sucked my cock, I turned her and fucked her face down on the sofa as the Professor and the five other men watched. Again they pulled on their cock, one man would suck another, but as Lynn and I continued to fuck, each man in turn would approach and shoot their cum onto us. Before I pumped my cum into Lynn's pussy almost everyone had already sprayed my face, Lynn's face, our necks, and our backs with sticky hot cum. Everyone but Professor T. When I pulled my cock from Lynn, and posed so the others could see my wet dripping cock, the Professor approached us, he turned Lynn onto her back and slide his cock into her cum filled pussy. This time he pumped her pussy hard for a few minutes, then deeply as he shot his cum up into her pussy.

We left the Professor's house that night, each of us with $100 in hand from the session. Throughout the year we returned many times. Lynn fucked all five of the men and the Professor repeatly during that year. I met with several of the men alone many times and etthem play with and suck my cock. In turn I relearned about sucking cock, and eventually took the cocks up my ass in a man orgy that I repeated many time. Lynn and I shared many other equally perverse activities in College, earning money from the modeling and eventually marrying and through our marriage continued to statisfy our sexual urges in many ways.

A true story......write us if you would like to meet and create new stories.

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