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The Perfect Ski Trip

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Very often, my wife and I create fantasy stories that we tell each other as we are masturbating together. Her name is Katie. I'm Scott. This story focuses on our trip to Aspen and a unique experience that we cannot get out of our minds.

It was a beautiful day. The sky was clear and the air was crisp. The skiing conditions were perfect. Katie and I were on a lift line when Katie said "Is that JoAnn?" "JoAnn!" Katie was so excited to see a friend from 1,800 miles away. How odd. We never knew that JoAnn was going skiing at Aspen. JoAnn was with her friend Amie, so the four of us went up in the lift together and were chatting endlessly about how we all got there. Turns out that JoAnn and Amie go away on a girlie vacation every year.

Let me tell you about JoAnn. She’s in her mid-50’s. She’s about 5’2, dark hair, piercing eyes, and an effervescent personality. Maybe 110 lbs. Amie who we never met, was about 5’6, maybe 130 lbs, late 40’s, blond, and very cute. And my wife Katie is 46, 5’3, 120lbs. Dark straight shoulder-length hair. Personality that goes from NY to SF.

Since it was later in the day, we all decided to head down to the Nell (the bar at the base of Aspen) to hang out, talk, flirt, and whatever. We were all so happy. I kept on looking at Amie and she kept on looking at me. There was something going on in my mind and I could feel a tingle in my dick.

As we learned, JoAnn and Amie needed time away from their husbands, who were described as less than exciting, and that they needed to get away. They said “What happens in Aspen, stays in Aspen.” How interesting. We decided that we’d go back to our hotels, clean up, and meet for dinner and then go to a club for some dancing.

When Katie and I got back to the hotel, I said, how much I liked JoAnn and that we should see her more often. I also was about to say something about Amie, but Katie beat me to it. “And Amie’s not too bad… she’s really fun.” I said, ‘that’s a woman I’d like on top of me.” And then the plan began to hatch.

My cock started to get hard just thinking about this plan. We agreed that Amie and I would ‘get familiar’ with one another at dinner. While JoAnn and Katie chatted away, I’d be allowed to be suggestive with Amie – under the table leg rubbing, some touching, and whatever else. The dance floor later would present other suitable opportunities as well. The plan called for me to get Amie back to her hotel and to get her heated up. Then, Katie would lure JoAnn back to that hotel room as well, and “catch me” in the act. How cool is this to have a wife this open.

We went to dinner and started to carry out the plan. Amie seemed more than willing to play, and JoAnn didn’t seem too startled. They were so warm, friendly, and just wonderful to be around. JoAnn wore a black pants suit with a silk scarf, Katie wore a skirt, black hose, and a crème color blouse, and Amie wore a loose, flouncy black dress with a simple necklace that pointed directly to her cleavage. It was easy to talk to her. She was more than open to having my leg next to hers at the table and my hands on her thigh. The innuendo heightened my libido and I couldn’t wait to have my tongue in her mouth. I purposely didn’t want to eat a lot. Amie didn’t eat much either. She seemed dreamy. JoAnn and Katie were yacking away and having so much fun. Katie learned that JoAnn’s husband was just plain unexciting and not sexually interesting. Aspen gave her a chance to get away from that. Amie chimed in during that part of the conversation, talking about how many handsome men were running around Aspen. They each told some interesting stories about their escapades in Aspen. And did I tell you… JoAnn and Amie work in the same office!

We finished dinner and headed over to the club. It was very crowded and people were drinking, dancing, and the environment was electric. Four of us went to the dance floor and were feeling the intensity of the beat as we were pushed together as the tide of people ebbed and flowed. Katie winked at me and grabbed my ass. She leaned to my ear and said “go for it.” So I pulled Amie by the hand and held her close as we danced around, and as I pulled her across the dance floor. I whispered that we should get a drink and took her by the hand to the bar. It was so crowded and I put my arm around her waist and whispered to her “Amie, you are so hot.” She leaned over to me as if to whisper in my ear. Instead, she started to lick the inside of my ear and nibble my earlobe. When she pulled her head back, I returned the favor and said “Let’s go to your hotel room.” Her response was: “What about your wife?” I said, “don’t worry, she’s aware of our attraction,” to which she asked “open marriage?” I said, “you have no idea.”

She smiled at me and then leaned forward as her lips hovered over mine. I leaned into her and our mouths met, our tongues met, my eyes closed, and for about a minute, we were enraptured in each other’s sensuality. I couldn’t help reach around to cup her ass and she pushed her lips more deeply into mine. I said “let’s go.”

Her hotel was a block from the club, so that was an easy, short trip. My cock was dancing around in my pants. That feeling of excitement and anticipation, knowing what was to come. When we arrived in her room – or suite as it turned out, we opened a bottle of wine and turned on some music. As we clinked glasses, she said… “to an interesting evening.”

I then put my glass down, took her glass from her hand, and put my arms around her. My hands wandered up to the back of her neck as I slowly massaged her and then I asked “would you like a real massage?” She couldn’t have purred more loudly. I suggested that she get naked and put on a robe. Amie said to me “let’s do that together.” So we went into the bathroom and she reached for my belt buckle. That was it. My dick just came right to attention. Amie looked and said “someone else wants to get a massage, so it seems.” I gurgled something like “I think so, too.”

Amie unzipped her dress, unhooked her bra, and just stood their in her white silk panties. My pants were around my ankle so I decided to just kick them aside and I pulled off my sweater. I was in my underwear. Then, like a real pro, she slipped her thumbs into my knickers and down they came, and out popped my cock. Her cool, silken hands with those beautiful red nails gently stroked and examined it. My shaven balls were of particular interest as she came closer and began to lick them softly. I sat down on the toilet as squirmed forward on her knees and leaned into my crotch. Her soft, pliable lips coaxed my cock to full stature as her broad tongue worked their magic around the tip and down the shaft. The amount of wetness emanating from her mouth caused a rivulet of saliva down my balls in into my ass crack, pooling onto the seat of the toilet. I was getting uncomfortable and suggested we go to the couch in the living room. We both got up and she pulled my cock like it was a dog leash.

I turned to her and then turned her around.. facing away from me, I slipped her panties off and just began massaging her ass. I rubbed the head of my dick up and down her crack as she wiggled back toward me.

“Click” – the door of the hotel room was opened and in walked JoAnn and Katie. My heart was racing. JoAnn looked at Katie and said, ‘oh my god.’ Katie said “I knew this was going to happen,” and she came into the room. Threw off her coat, kicked off her boots, and came up to Amie and said “I guess you started without me.” Amie was in shock, JoAnn was in shock, and my dick was softening. Amie suggested to JoAnn and Katie that they get naked as soon as possible.

In less than a minute, I was surrounded by three lovely, naked women. JoAnn was rubbing her pussy already. She reminded us that it had been a while, and that she wanted to watch some live porn. Katie actually turned on the pay per view and ordered the first porn flick she could find. She turned to JoAnn and asked JoAnn if she would spread her legs as far apart as possible so that Katie could have better access to her pussy. Katie walked over to JoAnn, pushed the coffee table aside so that she could get on her hands and knees. Katie said to JoAnn, “I’ve wanted to do this for some time.” JoAnn smiled and replied, “I’ve often wondered…” but couldn’t say more as Katie’s tongue started to probe JoAnn’s slit. Amie slipped a her middle finger into JoAnn’s vagina and began to wiggle it and finger fuck JoAnn. JoAnn closed her eyes, grabbed her breasts, and was moaning wildly. It took JoAnn less than a minute to come for the first time. She was leaking all over. After she came, she pulled Katie up and they kissed, smashing Katie’s soaked lips into her own, lapping up her own juices. Amie sat next to JoAnn and asked Katie, “How about me?” Katie skootched down onto the floor and pulled Amie’s leg over JoAnn. JoAnn leaned over to massage Amie’s beautiful breasts. Of course, I was standing there stroking my own, when Katie said “I think you ought to sit down right here.” She motioned to me and I obeyed. Katie suggested that Amie get up and squat down on my cock, facing forward. Katie dutifully obliged.

Her pussy was warm, silken, and snug. My cock’s sensitivity was heightened as Amie began to ride it slowly. Withdrawing to the tip, nursing the tip with her special muscle, and then plunging down to the base of my cock. Katie and JoAnn gathered round to watch. Katie reached under my butt and began to massage my ass hole and then slowly inserted her middle finger in my ass – which gets me going to no end! JoAnn was in awe as she licked my cock and JoAnn’s pussy simultaneously. This was just the beginning.

JoAnn went into the bedroom and came back with a couple of interesting dildo’s. She ordered me into a doggie position and ordered Amie on the floor underneath me, but to wait for instructions. JoAnn then took the double headed dildo and said she was going to fuck me in the ass with it, since I liked my ass fucked. She put some astro glide on the dildo and on my ass and then inserted it slowly. Then, she did the same for herself. So imagine this – that JoAnn and I are going to fuck each other in the ass. But JoAnn backs up and pushes me downward so that my cock is positioned over Amie’s pussy. Amie is going nuts because Katie is squatting over her face. And then, the action began. JoAnn was controlling the dildo with her tight pussy muscles and ramming this dildo into my ass – in and out, in and out. I am moving to that rhythm as I fuck the crap out of Amie. Amie is groaning and in about 30 seconds, announces “I’m cccccoooommmmminggggg” in a gurgle, panting and pushing. The excitement was too much for Katie, who was fingering her hold with such furor that it looked like her arm was going to break – but instead, she begins shaking and leaking all over Amie’s face while Amie is reaching up and massaging Katie’s ass.

Both Amie and Katie got up and JoAnn and I are interlocked in the ass, wiggling our asses together. Then, Joann says, “Now it’s show time.” She brings out two strap-on’s. Both she and Amie put on the strap on. They lay me down on the area rug with a towel to soften the blow. They then say, we are going to fuck you like the man-whore you are.

Amie spreads my legs up in the air, my fat hard cock rubbing next to my navel. She enters my greased ass. Katie takes the glide and squirts a ton on my dick and begins to massage it. Amie fucks me slowly for a few minutes and then hands over the chore o JoAnn. JoAnn decides to that she doesn’t want to fuck my asshole – she wants to fuck my cock. She just takes over – sits her pussy on my cock, and begins to squirm, ride, and suck with her pussy. Her tits are bouncing, her eyes are closed. Amie and Katie are on the couch, fondling each other, watching all of this… which of course, after all this time, is too much for me. I started close my eyes and JoAnn starts to pitch and jerk as she is coming so intensely. She begins collapsing and rolls off of me. My dick is red and aching, so Katie and Amie get off the couch and say “Does Scottie want to come?” I nodded, and four hands began to stroke, jerk, and pull as I writhed and began shooting a huge load of sperm all over their hands.

In that minute, we all looked at each other, said “who’d have thunk it?” and laughed. After a few minutes, we all took a shower together (another story) and then all four of us crawled into the king bed, cuddled up, and slept so soundly. The next morning was more amazing than the night before… and that too, is another story, for another day

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