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The Party

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We had been secret lovers for several months. We had explored each other's bodies and minds and were as one in almost all areas of sexuality. We loved the erotic, talked about different experiences, both real and fantasy. We had excited each other with tales about other lover's we had enjoyed, about fantasy lovers, and about other's we knew and who excited us. We loved to lay there, side by side naked in bed, the knob of my cock just inside you, your fingers stroking the sides of my cock, my finger working your pussy lips, kissing lightly and talking. It was our form of tantric sex. It always ended in a pussy banging fuck.

It made each meeting an adventure. It was all about pleasure and feelings, jealousies did not enter into it. We both had life time partners that we loved and we were careful to keep them unaware. But we could not stop seeing each other. We had often discussed sex parties, swinging and clandestine meetings. You enjoyed other men when the opportunity presented itself and I loved hearing about you being fucked by them. We had talked about watching the other fucking someone else, the thrill we would get in the pleasure the other was enjoying. We wanted to explore this in some manner and agreed to one day live the experience if the opportunity arose. We wanted another world of our own where only matters of sex were involved.

Being of mature age, we were not looking or thinking about anything other than meeting with people in our general age group and I knew just the guy to call. Mike was a friend and former associate who had become a very wealthy man, and who had told me about parties that he liked to host which for want of a better name were sex parties for couples only. I contacted him and he said that he still threw the parties every month or so and if I had someone to bring with me he would call me for the next one.

The venue was at Mike's palatial home on the water. One of those homes that lay almost below street level on a steep bank and in fact all one could see from the street was the roof. A huge home, the central part very open, which accesses a large deck looking over an ocean inlet, a swimming pool open but covered by the deck, and tennis courts near the water. One wing housed a library, a video and movie room, pool tables. The other wing had bedrooms and indoor spa. It was an elegant and a perfect home in which to entertain.

We were both nervous and excited as Mike and his wife Leslie met us at the door. Leslie was the driving force behind these parties; a sensuous English lady, refined looking but terribly unconventional, with a wild mind and who loved the trappings of wealth and the opportunity to explore her fantasies. She was an artist, a lover of birds and animals, a poet and a free spirit and lover. I had on occasion danced with her at other parties. She plastered herself against a man while dancing, giving him the full flavor of her body and enjoying the reaction. I had no reason to believe that I was the only one who had enjoyed that experience! In fact, Mike had originally asked about my interest in his special parties because of Leslie. I had apparently passed the dance test!

They took us aside and explained that while just about anything would go at these parties, it had to be consensual. All one had to do was to say no or not interested, in a polite manner. Most of the couples would be regulars but there was one other new couple.

One could mingle in the main area with others, or if they wanted privacy with someone, there were bedrooms available in the east wing. The Master bedroom however was off limits to anyone but the hosts. There was a bar with bartender and barmaid just off the main area.

There were 20 or so people visible in the main room as we entered. The age group ranged from plus 40 to several in their 60's. Everyone was dressed in casual but elegant clothes from women in cocktail dresses to men in slacks and sports jackets. Mike took you by the arm and proceeded to introduce you to the room. Leslie hooked onto my elbow and went counterclockwise to you and Mike. It was mostly cocktails and chatting in a dim lit room, a trio playing romantic ballads, a small dance floor for those interested in getting to know someone new. It was very seductive, men and women were openly interested in sex and there was no holds barred in saying so.

When we rejoined together after the introductions, Leslie took us into the spa for our first jolt of the night. There were 2 nude couples in the hot tub, drinking wine and alternating partners in a kissing contest of some sort. One of the men, a big tall guy called Tom, almost jerked his head off his shoulders when he spotted you. He could not take his eyes off of you as we were introduced. The lady closest to him saw what was happening, and reached under the water and began to massage his cock. This seemed to capture his attention and we smiled at each other as we left the spa.

We split up for a while, meeting and mixing with others. I kept an eye on you as you mingled, your sparkling smile setting you off in the room. You were kept busy, men pulling you close, you using your breasts in an outrageous manner, one guy running his hand down your back and fondling your bum. You smiled and let him have his feel, enjoying the excitement and open attitudes of the people around. I watched you dance with a good looking guy, mid-fifties tall and well built. He had his leg between yours at one point and I secretly watched you rub your pussy on it, smiling all the while. Then you were with a couple, which became a threesome as you chatted. The guy kissed you as his lady partner fondled your breast. You turned to her and she kissed you passionately, as her partner ran his hand up under your skirt and fingered your mound. You were their sandwich and you relaxed and enjoyed the attention. Your eyes closed as now the lady held your pussy in her hand, and the man ground his hard cock against your butt as his hands caressed your tits.

You appeared to be just sampling the crowd and moved on. About this time, Tom the guy from the spa came out clad in a white terry cloth robe. He came up to you, standing close and peering into your eyes with a smile. I saw him whisper to you, you smiled and your hand went down and parted his robe, your hand finding his hard cock and stroking him a bit. He tried to pull you to the bedroom side of the room, but you politely broke free of him with a smile and looked around the room.

You spotted me and came over smiling and said, "come over here with me", leading me to a bar area with a counter top and door access. I asked if you had found anyone to fuck and you said that there was a roomful but you had your eye on the singer, a youngish black man. I asked why don't you try him and you replied that Leslie had told you that the help were off limits. I suggested we dance over and see how interested the guy might be. He was singing a slow ballad as we moved in front of him and his eyes were on you immediately. I turned you around with your back to him and my hands inched the back of your skirt up exposing the bottom part of your cheeks and legs. I whispered, "He is interested" and turned you around so you could eye him. I could feel your heart pound as your eyes met his. You murmured, "Oh, I want him, I can see his cock dangling in the silk pants, he must not have shorts on. I can tell that he wants to fuck me." I suggested we wait until later and if nothing else make a date for you at another time. We were both excited at the thought of this slender black man running his cock into you.

We were both horny and you pulled me behind the bar and we kissed passionately as I ground my cock against you. You undid my belt and my pants dropped to the floor, your hand pulled my cock out and lifted it between your legs to rub on your panty-less pussy slit. Pressed together at the hips, our upper bodies separated so that we would appear to be talking, you whispered "fuck me here". I bent my legs to get under you a bit and pushed my cock up inside you and we began a slow grind. You turned us so that you could look over my shoulder to watch the singer who was watching you get fucked. Your eyes told him that if he wanted some of you, he could have it and he read it perfectly. We came very quickly and headed off to a bathroom each.

Tom's wife found you and with a smile moved up close to you in a bold challenge. You smiled and asked where her hubby was. She replied that he was just off for his third shower and hot tub which equaled the number of women he had already laid that night. She said, "The man is insatiable, there is no way I could keep him happy sex wise, even if I wanted to". You said, "You mean you don't necessarily want to?" The lady, Sharon, smiled and said, "He likes to fuck different women, and so do I". With that, her eyes looked directly into yours, gauging if you got her meaning, and reading in them that you had. She said, "He sometimes brings women home that we can both share, I wish he would bring you home some night".

She moved close to you and her hands found your bum, fondling you, slipping down the back of your legs, finding the skirt of your dress and slowly lifting it up. She whispered, "Lift up mine as well". You did, the both of you were standing naked from the hips down, panties long gone. Her knee worked between your legs, her thigh searching for your pussy. She whispered to you, "We have to go somewhere and see where this leads, come with me and find a bedroom." You complied, wanting to experience your first bi encounter with someone who was obviously experienced. She took charge in the bedroom, realizing that this was new to you; pushed you away and undressed you. The soft expert hands of a woman caressing you and undoing your bra were exciting. Her hands lifted the bra off and your tits tumbled out. Her hot hands now slipped between your legs, kneeling in front of you as she planted a kiss on your bush and a little tongue in the slit. She stood up now and motioned you to undress her. Your hands shook as you undid the bra, and as her breasts hung free and pressed against yours, nipples matching perfectly. Your hand ventured down her belly and you felt another woman's pussy for the first time. Your heart was pounding.

She led you to the bed. You were remarkably relaxed now, alone and safe from prying eyes, with a woman who desired you, and ready to explore this part of your sexuality. What could happen other than pleasure? She crawled up beside you, her breasts dangling, nipples swinging, your eyes seeking and finding her pussy, your hand finding it, softly caressing it. She was on you now, hungrily taking a nipple in her mouth, her hand on your mound, rubbing gently, fingering your slit. She quickly moved down between your legs, she did not want you to think too much, her mouth found your slit, tongue lashing it, your hands went around the back of her head and as she worked at you wildly now, you pulled her head tightly to you and ground back. You were beginning to cum now if she did not stop, and realizing this; she quickly moved around facing you and slid one leg under one of yours and the Y's of your legs slid together until your slits were rubbing the others. You propped up on one arm now as she was, and began to throb as you ground your slits together, heads thrown back as you both began to cum.

Meanwhile I had spent a lot of time with one of the other newbie's at the party. Betty and her husband were also first timers, and it appeared they were both a little nervous about hooking up with someone else. They had not yet left the main area, and had kept an eye on each other almost continuously. I was not aware of this as I joined her in the door way to the outdoor deck. She was quite pretty, a little heavy with quite prominent breasts nicely set off in a low cut blouse.

She seemed relaxed enough and we made small talk, her touching my arm in a familiar and an inviting way. I moved in close to her and as I did, she kind of moved to the outside away from the room. My hand found her waist and I pulled her to me. She followed willingly enough, turned her head up for a kiss. Just a light kiss, and at the same time my hand caressed her large tit through her blouse. Her mouth opened slightly, lips soft, tongue tip flicking in her lips. I pressed my hardening cock against her hip as our kiss grew deeper, and my hand slid inside her blouse seeking to find a way into her bare nipple. If I ever had kissed a woman who wanted to get laid, it was Betty. She whimpered a little as her desire heightened, and she placed her hands around my neck.

But suddenly she pulled back, glancing back around into the room. I asked her if she was alright. She said, yes not to worry, she was fine. I suggested that we find a bedroom so that she could relax more and let happen what may happen. She said no but that she hoped I would stay with her a while. That was fine by me; I moved in front of her, undid her blouse buttons and pulled it out of her skirt waist, slid my hands behind her back and undid her bra hooks. My knee was between her legs, pinning her against the wall, my hands lifted her bra up and allowed her heavy tits to fall out, catching them in my hands. She took her breath in as I fondled them, then my head went down and licked each nipple.

We kissed passionately; nothing held back, she was rubbing her mound against my upper thigh and of course against my rail of a cock. My hands lifted her dress up from behind and I began massaging and caressing her butt. Unless she planned to have me enjoy her in a standing mode, we had to make a move somewhere soon. But no, she whispered "please stay here with me", all at the same time her hands unzipped my fly and found their way into my shorts. Ahhhh god, her soft hands stroked my very hard cock, straining in its desire to enjoy some pussy and get off. My hands went under her skirt, she was still wearing panties, and as she pulled my cock out I moved her panties aside and rubbed it in her slit. We were all arms and legs and with our clothes half off, standing half in the room and half out.

Just then, she must have spotted her hubby, did he send a signal? She pulled back, straightening herself and excused herself! There I stood, tucking my hard cock back in my shorts, zipping up in the middle of nowhere. This was no hell. My balls were aching, I needed help.

Just then you showed up, fresh from your encounter with Sharon, heart still pounding with excitement. You slid into my arms and we kissed as if we had not seen each other for a month. You could feel my hard cock against you, and looked at me questioningly. I said "don't ask, I need help". You smiled and pulled me outside to the deck, unzipped me and knelt down in front of me.

You looked up at me and smiled, as your hand stroked me, and then took me in your mouth. Ahhhhhhh, damn, ahhhhh, damn, every lick of your tongue drove me wild, trying to contain myself so it would last longer. You licked my knob like an ice cream cone, stroked down each side of my cock with your tongue, and then slipped the knob into your mouth, your tongue never stopping. My hands found your head, I held it still and moved my cock back and forth in your mouth, I was screwing your mouth, what ecstasy, ahhhhh have to cum, cannot stop it.

The night was drawing to a close, people were beginning to leave, and I had not fucked anyone but the gal I had brought with me, and your only other encounter had been with a lady! Leslie reminded me that we were supposed to stay for an after party meeting. She kissed me as she said it, and her tongue sought mine so that I would not have any faulty ideas about what may be in store. She almost purred as my hands ran up and down her back and then the back of her legs and bum.

I had not seen Mike for some time but he appeared now and suggested I take you into the theatre area and he and Leslie would be in shortly. There were several others there when we arrived. All of a sudden, the screen lit up and as we settled back into our seats, there was Tom on screen on the water bed between the legs of one of the ladies we had noticed during the evening. As he pumped wildly at her, ass rising and driving fast and hard as her legs lifted higher and higher, Leslie joined us. She said Mike had just set up a series of video clips from the night's activities!

Tom was now in bed with a small lady that you had seen while with Sharon earlier in the evening. He rolled onto his back, the small lady leaned over him from the side and took his long stiff cock in her hand, swallowed it a few times and then almost in desperation straddled him and sat down on his cock, amazing that such a big one could go in that little lady. At this point Leslie, who had the controls, stopped the video and said, "Tom is the star of our parties, he is a stud and most of our regulars have enjoyed him, I know I have several times". With that she raised her eyebrows at you, as if to say, why did you not? You had to admit to yourself that you had thought seriously about it.

The next one started off with Leslie kneeling on the floor with her upper body stretched out on the bed. Leslie was a sort of rangy skinny gal with small tits with big aureoles and appeared to be quite comfortable with her body. A man, turned out to be Tom again, moved in behind her, his hands reached through her legs and appeared to be squeezing her pussy before taking his cock in his hand and sliding it in between her legs. His hands now lifted Leslie up by the hips and he began to stroke her, never stopping until she began to cum, you could see her reaching back to spread her cheeks, grasping to pull him in further. As he began cumming, his hands went under her and grasping her breasts he raised her up off the bed and slammed wildly into her.

We were both quite aroused now, but were wondering what kind of message Leslie was sending us. Mike had joined us and watched the action every bit as closely as we had, while sitting quietly. We wondered if we were going to be shown some of our activities, but did not raise the issue ourselves. They invited us to follow them to the spa room, where a big whirlpool tub was set in front of a picture window overlooking the inlet. Off to one side was the entry to a steam bath or sauna. Several big sofa chairs were set up around a round table with bottles of red and white wine opened, glasses set up for four.

Following our hosts leads, we removed our clothes, picked up a glass of wine and climbed into the tub. All naked but all eyes were on you as you entered the tub. It was very sensuous, we waiting to follow their lead. It appeared that it would be Leslie who would be calling the shots.

We made small talk, acknowledged how exciting the evening had been and said yes, we were willing to experiment further, tonight and at future times. The little additional wine, the warm bubbling water, the hot videos from the evening and the subject of sex had served to put the both of us in a very relaxed and sensual frame of mind. We were certainly ready to consider anything.

Leslie now suggested that we towel off, put robes on and repair to the master bedroom. The bedroom was more of an apartment than a bedroom and had a huge ensuite with a big walk in shower and tub, mirrors everywhere. Glass sliding doors opened out onto another deck, sheltered from view from everywhere except the waters of the Inlet and the city across the Bay. In addition to a big circular bed I noticed a video screen, mirrors on the ceiling but did not notice any video cameras, although I was sure they were somewhere.

Mike and I sat down at Leslie's request and suggested that she and you should begin proceedings while we watched. She then broke the news that Mike was only a watcher, not a participant, in other words a voyeur, and that I should feel free to join in when I felt the urge. Oh God, I was going to have my ménage with two women, a dream of mine since youth. I had no particular plan at this time, but I had dozens of fantasies I had lived with over the years.

Leslie was on fire now; she had obviously been yearning for you all evening, no doubt fired up by seeing you with Sharon earlier, which clip was now showing on the screen. She slid in behind you beside the bed; her arms encircled you and undid the belt of the robe, sensuously pulling the robe off of you slowly. My lips were dry as your nipples appeared, Leslie's hands caressing them. Both robes magically fell to the floor, and she pulled you back against her breasts and body, one hand dropping down to your cunt, your legs spreading some to allow her free reign.

Leslie lay down on the bed and beckoned to you to follow as she squirmed to the middle of the bed. You were emboldened by the obvious attraction you had for Leslie and the sight of you grinding pussies with Sharon now showing on the screen. You climbed to the bed and lay on your back beside her as her hand moves to your thatch to cover it, rubbing your mound as you thrust up. Leslie slid down the length of your body, rubbing her face and lips along until she reaches your cunt pulsing. She licked your clit, tracing its hooded length both up and down. You raise your hips again while murmuring something like a mantra.

I could not hold back any longer and had to seize the moment before the world ended. I Dropped my robe and moved alongside of you, leaving you in between Leslie and myself. You turned to me as my hands and mouth found you, your hand reaching for my cock, so hard now that it was bent both to the left and upward, a sign that maximum hardness was assured. Leslie was not to be left out and suddenly while I was sucking one of your nipples, she had the other one in her mouth, and both our hands were moving up the inside of your leg, joining sensuously in your cunt lips. You arched your back in the ecstasy of the feelings, every nerve end in your body tingling.

Leslie focused her attention on me and her hand found my cock. She slipped in between the two of us, pushing you to the outside and then rolling me to my back. Without a word of any sort she climbed over top of me on her knees and using her hands guided my cock right to her cunt, and slid down over it and sitting straight up started to fuck me. I noticed Mike moving around the room obviously filming proceedings but I cared not at all, my first strange pussy of the night had captured my attention. You lay back and our eyes met as you watched me being fucked by this wild lady.

There was more movement near Mike and when my eyes focused in the dim light I could see the young black singer standing beside Mike and murmuring something. You spotted him and I saw the excitement in your eyes as you turned more towards him as Mike mumbled something like "Ricky wants to join in". This was obviously a special present for you, and you were his. He stood beside you as you moved to a sitting position with your feet on the floor.

He slowly removed his shirt to expose a trim but muscular upper body. But your eyes were on the lengthy looking cock moving inside his satin slacks. You reached out and ran the palm of your hand along its length as he loosened his belt tie and let his slacks slide down his legs to the floor. You had been correct and he was not wearing shorts. His big cock was not fully enlarged and in fact was still drooping as he moved forward and dropped it into your open mouth. It began to stiffen quickly and it was obvious you would not get all of it into your mouth. Your hand cupped his balls causing a surge in his cock, almost straight now. He smiled down at you as he held your head and moved more of it into your mouth.

Leslie's eyes were now on the two of you as she continued to slow fuck me, her small breasts moving and her nipples jiggling hypnotically. You wanted that big black cock in you and lay down beside me with your legs spread inviting him to fill your cunt. You were focused this young stud now crawling up over you. One hand fondled your tits, pulling at your nipples while the other went between your legs. He said, "Hmmm, what a nice pussy, love to finger it and warm it up, oh damn, you like that don't you. Then I am going down on you and lash that pussy with my tongue and get it really ready. Then before I start to fuck you I will kiss you and you will be able to taste your pussy on my lips and tongue." His fingers worked away expertly, driving you to distraction, checking for your G spot, then two then three fingers up your cunt. He bent down and put his mouth between your legs and proceeded to lick you with gusto, the tongue running right from your butt hole along the cunt to your clit area which he sucked gently. You cried out, wanting more, but he was just preparing your pussy for an assault by his raging erection. He moved up on you and after licking your nipples began kissing you and thrust his tongue between your lips which you sucked madly. You were on another planet and ready for his big cock to do its damage in you.

Leslie stopped fucking me as we both watched mesmerized as the black knob worked its way between your white legs seeking entry to your fully enlarged red cunt hole. He worked it in slowly as you moaned, letting you adjust to the size of it until it was almost completely, but not entirely buried in you. You arched your hips upward wanting to take the rest of it. He began stroking you and very soon there was a white cream of your juices forming a ring around his cock. You were in another world now your hands clasping his black cheeks, fingernails digging into his butt, trying to devour him. As you started to cum, Leslie turned her attention to me again and began to ride me, bending down over me, her ass thrashing away as if she had the cock and I the pussy. Her mouth was tight with emotion; her eyes bulging and glaring; and we almost blacked out as I gushed a mother lode into her. I heard you cry out as you cum and looked over to see your body thrashing and jerking upwards. Ricky waited for you to settle down a bit, then moved your legs over his shoulders and went back to work, fucking you with long fast strokes until his eyes squeezed shut and he blew a big load in you.

There were a few moments while the only sound was heavy breathing as we all came down from the frantic ending to the fuck session. You and I lay side by side; your hand came over to find mine. Leslie lifted off of me and fell sideways to the bed, and Rickie pulled his slippery cock out of you, smiled down at you as he allowed the last of his cum to drip into your slit and winked at me as if to say, "brother, you have a tough act to follow"!

It was a great ending to an exciting evening and Leslie told us that Ricky often performed this service on request at the parties but that this was the first one he had volunteered to do. I guess our ad campaign on the dance floor had worked. We were further informed that our performance had been broadcast live to the movie theatre where half a dozen guests had watched it. Something tells me that if we return for another party that you at least will be much in demand! Shall I book it lover?

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