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The Party

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The room was filled with young people. The youngest was 18, the oldest 20. They were all there to party. They were divided equally between boys and girls. This was to be their coming out party. Carrie was very nervous as she was very new and had been a virgin the week before. Her boyfriend had finally got her to give it up to him the week before and he had been doing her almost every day since her first time. Whenever he made his move on her she would get very excited and gave in to him. She really liked how she felt when she spread her legs and gave it up to him. When he was around she was constantly wet and wanted him to do her. She was always ready.

Carrie was a small thing with long red hair and very shapely. Her boyfriend Stan had told her he wanted to watch her with another guy and she had agreed. She would do whatever he asked her to do. Everyone one at the party was there for the same reason, to have sex, with someone. They knew that before they had agreed to attend. They would all be doing it in front of each other.

The lights were low and the room was filled with sexual tension as people began to make moves on each other. Stan was standing behind Carrie playing with her butt and whispered are you ready? She gasped quietly and nodded a yes and pushed back against his hands. The room was beginning to heat up as people began to make connections. They were all friends so knew each other.

One girl across the room stood quietly as a guy took off her top and felt her up. Some of the other people in the room stood by and watched what they were doing. Her eyes were very bright as she knew what was about to happen and was very turned on. Her face was flushed and her breathing was fast as the guy ran his hands up and down her. She was blond and tall with big boobs. Another girl was kissing a guy and he was playing with her butt. One girl had her hand inside a guys pants looking up at him as she played with what was inside. A guy and girl were on the floor were getting ready. He had his hand under her skirt and her legs were spread so her skirt was riding up her thighs and you could see a hint of her panties. He slid her panties off and everyone got a glimpse of hair.

Stan whispered to Carrie time for you to do your thing. A guy was standing alone and she moved over to him and said hi. He knew what she wanted. She whispered to him my boyfriend wants to watch what I am doing. He was tall and looked down at her and smiled and said I want to want to watch what you are going to do too. They moved to a corner and he reached out and felt her up and said very nice. He asked so we are going to fuck? She flushed very red and said yes. He turned her around and leaning against the wall lifted up her skirt and slid her panties down and off. Stan was watching her as they made eye contact.

He unzipped his pants and Carrie bent forward slightly and he slipped into her pussy. So with Stan watching he fucked her. She moaned and looking at Stan said I am so hot and he smiled and said yes you are a very hot girl, give it up to him. You could hear hot wet she was as he gave it to her. She always got off easily and so in a couple of minutes with her mouth open wide and her eyes closed she grunted and pushing back and wiggling her butt side to side got off shaking all over and crying out. She fell to the floor panting looking up at Stan watching her. The guy zipped back up and said thanks and went looking for more. Stan kissed Carrie and said you were great.

The couple on the floor were fucking and her skirt now as above her waist and the guy has his pants down to his knees with his butt showing as he gave it to her. Her legs came up in the air and around him and you could hear her moaning oh yes as she gave it up to him. A moment later he went rigid and grunting exploded in her pussy falling on top of her. She held onto him tight as he finished. It turns out that they were related by marriage by his father and her mother but not living together and had been hot for each other for a long time.

Carrie stood next to Stan as they watched what was happening all around them. Clothes were starting to collect on the floor as people got into each other. Most of the girls by now had their tops off and most of the guys their jeans. Two guys were standing behind two girls facing each other and they were pressed boob to boobs as he guys watched them kissing. It turned out they were close friends and had just allowed it to happen. Both were very flushed and obviously turned on by what was happening. The guys stepped back and the girls went to the floor and next to each other kissing and running their hands up and down each other.

Stan whispered to Carrie I would love to see you do that. Carrie just stood watching the two girls turning each other on. Carrie leaned back against Stan and said I will do that for you if you want me too. The two girls were really into each other by now their hands roaming all over each other. Both their skirts were riding up high and one of the girls slid her had up the leg of the other and felt her pussy through her panties. The girl grabbed her hand and held it in place and rubbed back and forth against her hand moaning and reached out and did the same to the other girl.

One of the guys with them slid his shorts down and moved between the legs of one of the girls and pushed her panties to the side and slipped into her pussy. She cried out as he went deep. The other girl continued to play with her pussy now in the open and got her finger wet for the first time ever with another girl. The guy was really giving it to her and she was moaning and shuttered and gave it up to him. The guy pulled out and moved to the other girl who had spread for him. The first girl fingered her as the guy fucked her getting her first wet finger as well. It turned out one of the girls was his girlfriend and they had planned this before the party. The guy grunted and exploded in her pussy pulling out still squirting. His girlfriend lowered her head and as he squirted went down on him. He had just fucked her best friend and now she was tasting them both.

The girls ran to the bathroom to clean up. Quite a crown had been watching them. One girl was on her knees with a guy in her mouth looking down watching her sucking him as he was watching the scene on the floor. One of the two girls we had just watched was standing alone at the moment and Stan said go tell her what you want to do and invite her to join us. Carrie walked over to her and she looked over at Stan and nodded a yes. The two girls joined him. Her name was Sue. The room was getting wild. An orgy was in full swing. Most of the girls were on their backs on the floor with their skirts up around their waist, panties down to their ankles and the guys were taking turns with anyone available at the moment. The sound and smells of sex filled the room.

Sue and Carrie watched. They both had their tops on, but unbuttoned to the waist. Neither one had their panties on. Carrie was both nervous and excited. Until this moment it had never occurred to her to do anything with another girl. She whispered to Stan what do I do? He whispered back are you sure you want to do this? Carrie said you want me too right? Stan said oh yes but not just for me. Do you want to for yourself? Carrie thought for a minute thinking, wow. Do I want to? She looked at Sue and felt a flush on her face. She turned back to Stan and asked again what should I do? He said well you can do what her and her friend did and I can do you both. I would like that. The only other thing I know girls do is go down on each other and get each other off that way. Stan said I find that very exciting. Carrie was getting turned on just talking about it. Sue was standing there waiting and wondering what they were whispering about. When Carrie had asked her she had agreed as long as she could have Stan as well. She had a lot of fun with her friend.

Carrie decided and turned to Sue and said shall we. I think you are beautiful and sexy. Sue said you are too I really like your red hair. Is it natural and Carrie pulled her skirt up and said yes see. Sue took the lead and leaned forward and kissed Carrie. There was a small room nearby and Stan guided them inside. The girls really got into the kissing and were pressed together with their boobs touching. Sue in a husky voice said you feel good. Sue guided her hand under her skirt and Carrie gasped at the first touch of another girl. She opened her legs a little more and moaned that feels good as Sue fingered her.

Stan stood to the side watching as he undressed. The two girls looked over to him and could see what they were about to get. Carrie reached under her skirt and Sue looked down watching Carrie moving up to her pussy and said go ahead I like that. Carry slipped her finger in and felt how wet her pussy had become. So they stood kissing and fingering each other. Stan moved over to them and slid both their skirts and tops off. He was up and ready. He was a big guy and stood stroking himself as they played. There was a scream from the other room and they all looked and a girl had two guys in her at the same time and was screaming her head off as she got off repeatedly.

Stan guided the two girls to the floor and went for Sue first. Sue saw it coming and spread for him. He went deep and her legs came up in the air and she moaned oh yes, good. Carrie watched her boyfriend fucking Sue and leaned in and started sucking on her nipples as Stan gave it to her. Sue pulled her up and kissed her again moaning I am going to cum and while kissing Carrie gave it up to both of them. Stan pulled out and turned Carrie over and went in from behind. Carrie on her hands and knees reached out for sue and they did more kissing. Sue lay down in front of her and slid underneath and was sucking on her nipples as Stan pounded her.

Stan grabbed that red hair and pulled her head back and whispered now is the time to lick her if you want. Carrie was so hot and pulled Sue further under her and buried her head in her pussy and licked her. Sue pulled out and said what are you doing? Carrie looked at her with a wet face and said just wanted to know what that was like is all. I liked it do you want me to do it some more. Sue moved in front of Carrie and said yes I liked it too and spread for Carrie. Stan was really giving it to Carrie and made eye contact with sue as Carrie continued to lick her pussy. He said to Sue you are a very bad Girl. Sue smiled and said yes I am. Stan said do you want to do Carrie. Sue said never thought I would, but right now I want to. Stan said slide under her. Sue pulled away from Carrie, turned around and slid under her. Stan pulled out to give her room as she went down on or up in this situation and began to lick Carrie. Carrie shuttered and climaxed while licking Sue. Sue rose up her face all wet and Stan offered her his cock and she went down on him her face all flushed as she was so turned on and out of control. While she sucked him she grunted as Carrie got her off. Stan pulled away and went back into Carrie close to exploding. Sue looked up and watched him fucking Carrie. They made eye contact and he could see the lust in her eyes. He grunted several times and exploded in her pussy pulling out still squirting all over her butt and legs. Sue watched him squirting and when he was done went back to Carrie. The two girls stayed in the 69 for a time licking and sucking each other. They held each other tight as they both got off once again and fell apart panting. Stan lay back and said you two were incredible. Carrie and Sue moved together kissing each other as their breathing returned to normal. Sue said I will have to do that with my best friend she will really like it I am sure. Carrie said I hope we can do it again. Sue said oh we will.

The party was going full bore. The guys were just about done they had been fucking steady for over an hour. The remaining girls got on their knees in front of the guys. They all had red faces as they too had been fucking for over an hour. They were going to finish the guys off. Stan asked want to join them and Carrie said yes, you know I like doing that to a guy. She got on her knees with the other girls waiting. The guys moved forward and the girls took them all on. The girls kept exchanging guys at will until all the guys reached their peak and exploded in the mouths and on the faces in front of them. They were all heavily loaded. The girls were all covered with cum. When they were finished, all the girls ran to the bathroom giggling to clean up. The party was over for now at least. Everyone got dressed and relaxed with drinks.

I listened in to their talking. One of the girls said I did four guys, another said me too. One of the guys said I did two girls at the same time wild. Carrie said I did another girl and everyone looked at her. One girl Joy said I have often wondered what that might be like. Carrie laughed and well anytime you want to find out I show you. Joy just smiled and looked at her without saying anything.

An hour passed and everyone had recovered for the most part. Young guys recover quickly and the girls were always ready. That is why they had agreed to come to the party in the first place. People started moving around pairing up and disappearing into rooms. A beautiful girl approached Stan and whispered an offer to him he did not refuse and they disappeared. Carrie moved over to Joy and whispered would you like to try it with me. Joy looked a little startled and after a moment asked where? Not in front of anyone please, but yes I want to know what it is like with another girl. Carrie said I could tell, tonight was my first time too. She and Carrie walked out to the patio hand in hand and Joy said I am so excited as they looked for a place to play. It was getting dark as they looked around. Carrie pulled Joy up close and kissed her. Joy said never done that before it was nice. There was a blanket on a patio chair and Carrie picked it up and led Joy around the house to a grassy area and spread it out. It was dark now and she pulled Joy down to her and said no one will see us here.

Joy lay back and said ok here is ok. I have no idea what to do. Carrie sa1d we will learn together. Carrie took Joy in her arms and kissed her for a long time. Joy just surrendered to the moment. Carrie said I want to undress you. Joy said I would like that. And you undress me. Joy just nodded. Carrie reached out to Joy and unbuttoned her top. Joy looked down and watched her hands moving and thought wow a Carrie a girl is going to undress me. Carrie looked at her boobs and said very nice, you are bigger than me and reached inside her blouse and felt her up. Joy gasped at her first touch and pulled her close and kissed her and said that feels so good. Your hands are so soft. Carrie said now you. Joy hesitated for a moment then reached out and unbuttoned Carrie. Carrie took her hands and said fell me up and guided her hands to her boobs. Joy felt Carrie up and said you are so beautiful and soft. Carrie gave her a long wet kiss. Joy surrendered to the moment. Carrie shifted her hands down to her butt and pulled her in tight. It was suddenly getting very real for Joy. She had a moment of doubt, but wanted to continue anyway. They were lying on the blanket and Carrie slid her hand up her leg and Joy instinctively opened her legs like she would for a guy. Carrie looked her in the eyes and said may I continue. Joy said yes that is why I am here.

Carrie slipped a finger in her pussy and Joy held on to Carrie tight and moaned I am so wet. Carrie fingered her for a time and Joy spread open wider and Carrie had two fingers inside her pushing in and out going deep. Joy shuttered and her pussy clamped down on her fingers and she gasped and whispered I am going to cum and her pussy started to quiver and she jerked and gave it up to Carrie. Joy became very quiet as Carrie pulled her hand back and in a husky voice said I never knew it would be this way. Carrie said I know. Carrie held her close and kissed her softly and said you were wonderful. You gave all of you to me. It was new for me too. This felt like love to me. Joy said me too. Joy reached out to Carrie and placed her hand on her leg Carrie moved her legs a part and said are you sure and without a word Joy slid her hand under her Skirt. She said I want to know what you feel like. Carrie said I want you to find out.

Joy made eye contact as she slipped one of her fingers inside Carrie. Carrie face changed to a hint of lust as Joy fingered her. Joy whispered you are so wet. She pulled her finger out and put in her mouth and said have wanted to see what that was like and put her finger back inside Carrie and fingered her more. Carrie was very hot and whispered to Joy can I taste you. Joy had a confused look for a moment and then realized what she meant and said you do that? Carrie said yes. I did it earlier and it was wild. Joy said yes if you want to I will let you. My boyfriend does it to me all the time and I love it. He really gets me off that way. Carrie made eye contact with Joy and said I will too.

Carrie pushed her skirt up and moved between her legs, lowered her head and went down on Joy. Carrie put her hands under her butt and lifted her up slightly and brought her up to her face. Instinctively Joy spread her legs and brought her knees up allowing Carrie full access the way she would when her boyfriend went down on her. Carrie licked Joy and with a muffled sound said oh you taste so good. Joy looked down watching Carrie lick her and Carrie looked up and Joy could see the pure lust in her eyes. Joy shuttered at the touch of her tongue and closed her eyes and l lay back enjoying the moment. Carrie took her clit between her teeth and gently nibbled and sucked. Joy reached down and held her face in place and thrusting against her mouth. Joy started to quiver and suddenly got very wet and her eyes came wide open and grunting exploded twisting and turning as she gave it up to Carrie. Carrie held onto her butt holding her in tight as she got off on her face. Joy collapsed on the blanket panting and moaning oh yes good.

Carrie looked up her face all wet and smiled at Joy. Joy looked down at this beautiful woman who had just given her great pleasure and said that was wonderful I came very hard. Carrie moved up and they lay there kissing as their breathing calmed. Joy her hand back and under her skirt and whispered you are so wet. Carrie jerked a little at her touch and whispered I am so turned on. Carrie held her hand in place moving back and forth on her fingers in her. Joy asked do you want me to lick you too. Carrie said only if you want to your fingers feel wonderful and can do the Job. I am very hot. Joy finally said I have come this far and want to know what that is like so I am going to do you. Joy moved down and Carrie pulled her skirt up and spread her legs open wide. Joy with only a moment of hesitation lowered her head and had her first taste of another woman. Carrie was so hot she was ready to cum almost immediately at the first touch of her tongue. She started to jerk and Joy had to hold her down as she grunting gave it up to Joy getting very wet and almost gushing. Joy rose up her face all wet from Carrie and said I did it.

They were quiet for a time lying on the blanket just holding each other with an occasionally kiss. The two girls straighten up their clothes and hand in hand went back into the house. Stan was there and moved over to Carrie and said been looking for you. Carrie said I have been busy and Stan said being a bad girl again? Carrie said no, actually I was being very good. The party was over. As they were leaving Joy gave her a hug and said call me tomorrow and so we can talk and??

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