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The Party

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It had been a week ago that the crazy biker bar event occurred, when I got a call on my cell from Rachel, Pete's girlfriend...asking if John & I could get away on Friday night for an all night "swinger" party at a friend of theirs. I certainly was up for it & told her I would work on it & let her know.

I called John and he had just got done talking to Pete...Hell yea, let's go. I was already making my plans of what to tell Les. So both of had our plans set & were planning on going to the party. Friday night arrived & I drove my car to the back of the Kohl's parking lot where John & I had agreed to meet, and I joined him in his truck, leaving my car there.

The friends of Pete & Rachel lived in the country, just north of Dayton, so we had a little bit of a ride. We were very curious about the party and how it would all play out.

When we got there there were about a dozen people there. Everything set up outside. There was a huge decked area with a hot tub, fire place, a bar on one side, and tables all around, and a huge stage area that was higher elevation from the rest of the deck, with air mattresses laid out all over it. There was music playing and couples were dancing. Pete & Rachel came over to us & introduced us to the owners, Bev & Michael, and we met all the other couples there.

After about a half hour of everyone just chatting & getting to know one another, Michael, rang a bell...attention everyone. For those of you who have been to our annual party, you KNOW what is coming. For those here the first's the scoop.

This party is a party of games...of exhibitionism, voyeurism and following orders. I looked at John and grinned...hmmmm....sounds interesting. Michael began to explain the "rules" and said, so that is how it goes...if you don't want to play the games, now's the time to leave.

Oh...I wanted to play. I looked at John & said...let's play baby, and he replied most definitely!

Everyone was sitting on the deck area as Michael explained the "rules". Ok he said, we have everyone's names on these papers. I am putting them in this hat to draw. Each person will draw a name, 1 at a time. This is a verrrry long evening folks, so be prepared! Ohhh...I was getting excited wondering what games we would be playing!

Michael continued to explain the rules...ok...we will all draw a number at random, we have 14 people here, so there are 14 numbers. The person with #1 goes first. That person draws a name...that is now his/her partner. We do not distinguish by sex or gender..this party is a free for all folks.'s the way it works. Whoever's name is drawn is now required to follow the instructions of the person who drew their name. It's kind of a like truth or dare, except we call it dare or double dare. Michael grins. You must then come up with a sexual encounter to share with the group. Everyone participates and everyone watches. Oh godd...I'm so damn excited and wet as can be wondering how this will all play out.

Ok...everyone draw a number. A guy named Gary was #1 and he drew someone named Carol. Michael says ok gary you have 5 minutes for your idea to form & be implemented. Drinks all around everyone! We are all sitting on the deck still drinking & waiting for Gary & Carol's event. Gary wants Carol to do a strip dance for all, getting completely naked and touching herself, bringing herself to orgasm. No one else can touch her, only watch.

Wow..I look at John and he is grinning...oh boy this will be hot. So Carol goes to the stage and pulls back one of the air mattresses, they put some music on and Carol begins her sexual dance, slowing removing her clothes, touching her body each time a piece of clothing drops off. Ohh god this is hot. I lean over & kiss John, and squeeze his cock. He smiles at me and reaches under my skirt and rubs my pussy. We continue to watch Carol till she is completely naked now, sitting on the edge of the bar now, with her legs spread wide....rubbing her pussy frantically. The crowd is cheering her on...oh yea Carol, cum good...rub that pussy. I'm getting into it also, whooohooo..cum on Carol cum for us. And soon she does. And her turn is up.

Ohhh god...this is hot. The game continues with multiple hot games being played. The people who were not currently on exhibition were playing with each other in the crowd, watching and getting turned on. Finally Rachel draws John's name. Come here big guy she says. I smile, wondering what John's game will be.

Rachel announces to the crowd that she wants John to go down on her & 2 other women of her choice. After he makes all three of them cum, they will all then give him a mind blowing blow job until he cums, and he must spray his cum over all 3 of them. Ohhh god this will be exciting. John joins Rachel on the air mattresses. She selects 2 other women, Nancy & Paula. Nancy a tall blonde and Paula a petite brunette with huge tits. The women strip down naked, while John helps them....they all sit on the couch, legs spread open waiting for John to do his magic with his tongue.

Pete joins me at the table, we make a well eaten pussy. And we grin, waiting for the fun to begin. John starts with Rachel....Rachel is laying there legs spread wide, and John begins to work his magic with his tongue. While he is doing this, Nancy & Paula who are both next to Rachel, begin to lick her nipples. John is doing her good & I can hear Rachel's moans of pleasure. John asking her if that feels good and ohhhhhh goddddddd yessssssss is her reply..OHHH baby I'm going to cum she says as John's tongue delves deeper inside her. She is pushing her pussy into his face until she is cumming....John then moves on th Nancy and then Paula, bringing each of them to orgasm. Damn this is so hot to watch, my damn pussy is dripping wet, as Pete finds out as he reached over to rub me while watching. When all 3 women have cum...they tell John to lay down, Rachel gets between his legs, and Paula & Nancy are on each side of him. Rachel starts licking his cock like a lollypop with Paula & Nancy each taking turns. Soon they are sucking him, Rachel sucking his cock, Nancy has his balls in her mouth, and oh my god, Paula has her finger up his ass, licking all around. These women mean business. I'm drinking and grinning, oh yea baby, let them suck that cock gooood. I see mouths all over John and his cock is most defintely getting a workout. Then I see Paula fucking his ass with her finger faster & harder as they all take turns sucking his cock. Finally, as Paula's fingers are fucking him so good, Rachel takes his cock deep to her throat fucking him there, while Nancy is sucking his balls, and I can hear his moans....ohhhh godd...Get ready ladies, her he cums.....I he cums, Rachels releases him from her mouth and holds his cock, so he is spraying his hot cum all over the 3 of them..all over their tits. Ohhhh goodd this is so fucking hot, I am DRIPPING here watching. They all lick each other up...give John a big kiss & he is back with me at the table. He is looking a little frazzled, and I giggle as I hand him a drink...damn baby them women did you good. He just smiles & nods.

I am dying for my turn..wondering what I will have to do. This watching everything is verrrrrry stimulating....Well..couples are selected...on & on...all kind of hot games being played and I'm about to die here. WHEN will it be my turn. Finally, Michael makes the announcement. Well folks, we are down to the last 2, Jerry, who has Debbie. FINALLY..I think. Then I hear Michael say, ummm...Deb..since you've never been here before, there's one little think I forgot to tell everyone. The last 2 have to get EVERYONE spurred on so we can get a real fuckfest going here. OHhh heart is pounding. What does THAT mean? Ok...I'm up for it. I hear Jerry say, ok Deb, I'm going to blindfold you and anyone who wants to can cum up & touch you, lick you, squeeze you. They can do anything EXCEPT fuck you. When everyone's had an opportunity to touch you, everyone will then be together in a group, and still blindfolded, you will go to the crowd. The first person you touch, is your fucking partner, even if it is a woman. I will start off & while you are being fucked, I will then join in. so you will have a double fucking. Is that ok, Deb? Ohh godd, I'm nervous & excited. I can feel my pussy juices flowing already. Ohh god yes Jerry, let's do it.

Jerry puts the blindfold on lays me back on the mattress, and starts kissing me & then my nipples down my stomach to my pussy, just barely touching it. Ohh I feel hands, mouths..different bodies on me...driving me to the brink of orgasm. Cocks brushing my lips, pussies in my face, nipples pushed into my mouth. I hear John whisper in my ear, godd baby you look so dam hot & sexy laying here spread wide open and all these people fondling you. He slides his cock in my mouth for me to suck on. I can taste his cum. Mmmmm....Ohh goddd on & on it goes, till I think I could orgasms seem to be endless and seamless and I wonder if I will soon be dehydrated...hehehee. I hear someone say, here..take a drink & I gulped down the rum & coke, barely able to breathe I so damn turned on. It continues until everyone apparently has had there turn and feel Jerry take my hand & say ok Deb, it's time to pick your partner.

I walk, rather unsteadily, to the crowd with my hands out in front of me. I touch someone...ohh godd..I feel tits. It's a woman and I wonder how the fuck are we going to fuck??? Jerry removes my blindfold...and an attractive woman is standing in front of me. She has long blonde hair and a beautiful body. I'm Barb, she says..are you ready to be fucked by another woman? I stutter, ummm...sure..but how??? She walks over to Michael who had reached into his toy box and pulled out a big black strap on. OHHH god...I'm thinking she's going to fuck me with that!!! ohhhh wow. I heard the crowd cheering as Barb puts on the strap on. I am led back to the mattresses. She leans down & kisses me. She is a very good kisser & I really get into it...sliding my tongue deep inside her & pulling her close. We do a lot of fondling with each other and I can hear the people in the background really getting into it. After licking my pussy, but not letting me cum, she nibbles on my tits and then whispers are you ready sweetie? OHhh god yessssss. She whispers again..I need you on your knees at the edge of the bed. I'm going to get beneath you & fuck you that way, because honey...Jerry is going to take your ass while, I'm fucking your pussy..OHHHHH goddddddddd. I glance at jerry, who is stroking his cock, smiling. I stutter again...okk...As I slide to the edge of the mattress on my knees, Barb gets beneath me with the now lubricated black strap on cock ready to slide into me..Ohhh godd...I moan as that cock slides in...I feel Barbs hot body next to mine...I lean down & ravish her mouth with mine as she begins to fuck me. OHhhh godd..I'm cumming before I know it. I now feel Jerry behind me. His lubricated cock sliding up against my ass. You want it Deb, he asks. OHHH godd yes, fuck me. I feel Jerry slowly sliding into my ass, as Barb starts fucking me again..OHhh godd I'm pushing back, wanting his cock in my ass all the way. OHHH yess. I feel 2 cocks inside me fucking me. I'm fucking like crazy, cumming & cumming, until I feel Jerry ready to explode..OHHHHHHH godddd.........

I hear everyone hooting & cheering, and as I collapse on the bed, I have a big grin on my face. I look around and it does appear I succeeded as a fuck fest had already started. John joins me on the bed...damn baby that was hot. I pull him close as we start fucking. The hours after that were just a blur of licking fucking & sucking, until we collapsed in exhaustion. What a party!!

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