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The Party House

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During Bike week and Biketober fest the wife and I enjoy during a party house just outside Daytona. These events bring in new folks who are visiting from out of town. Many enjoy the lifestyle and really let their hair, or I should say, pants down.

One Saturday mid-day the wife said she was feeling very horny and asked if I was up to going to party that night. As always I said yes and asked what she had in mind. Sometimes we visit a local bar known for swingers but mostly it?s just wanta-bee swingers and single guys. It?s a meet and greet spot and pretty dead most times we?ve visited.

About 4 the wife said she was going to start getting ready, so I took and little nap so I can keep up with her later. We headed out and arrived at the party house at 9 and my wife slipped out of her light coat to reveal her outfit for the night. Most times she?ll let me help her pick out her items but this evening it was a secret.

When she slipped out of her wrap she took before me in a sheer black full length gown, black sandal style heels with little silver studs on them and a big smile for me. That was it, nothing else. ?What do you think?? she said showing off. I said, ?I think you?re going to be very sore and full of cum when we get home from being fucked so much tonight?. She said, ?I sure hope so?.

Now, my wife has wonderful 38dd tit?s and a pouty pussy with inner lips that hang out of the outer lips. She looked so very hot by being naked and slightly covered. She reached into her bag and pulled out her collar, it?s black leather with a silver ring. She placed it around her neck and turned her back to me so I could fasten the closure.

When she turned around I attached the silver chain leash and she said, ?there, now I?m your cock and pussy slut for the night!? She knows how much I enjoy this and she told me her pussy was already wet thinking of all the cum she was going to get.

We walked into the main area and saw a lot more people than usual for a Saturday night. This particular club allows all kinds of outfits, from regular street clothes to totally nude anywhere in the club. We like it because it allows new folks to become comfortable in their clothes and usually as the night goes on, most end up nude by mid-night. Those that like to show off can strip down right from their entrance.

I had on linen shorts commando, driving shoes and a TB silk shirt. We both shave out privates and keep all else closely trimmed. My wife is not a model or any of that BS. She?s very exotic Hispanic, red-ish hair with big beautiful big eyes and knockout smile. She?s 5?7? and about 150 with great curves and big tasty nipples. Which were standing tall as we walked in.

We spotted a table open spot that had two single guys talking on one side and a nice couple on the other side. We had seen the couple there before but not the two gents. Another couple sat across the table from the spot we selected. Everyone smiled as the wife moved to the seat closest to the guys. I poured us a couple drinks and joined the table at the remaining open seat.

Everyone introduced themselves and toasted to a fun night. The couple we knew were from about an hour away, the other couple was from up north, Mass. I think, and the guys were buddies down from Chicago.

I talked with the couple next to me and got their news from last time we had seen them. The wife chatted with both the couple across the table and the two gents. The couple I was talking with were expanding their experience in the lifestyle and wanted to move to full swap now. She was a short lady, like 5-2? and in very gold high heels and was wearing a cutie sheer green teddy with split crotch panties. She a little plump but is very hot with short blond hair and 36 c or d?s. He is nice looking, average and was dressed like me.

The couple my wife was talking to, were dressed slightly sexy, like mid-30s, he had a deep v-T-shirt and slacks and his wife was wearing a very tight yellow strippers dress, cut very very high and very very low in front with the mass majority of her boobs hanging out. All but the nipples. He looked like a ball player, fit and tanned and she looked like a girl that enjoyed Yoga or similar. They were late 30s or early 40s and super clean and neat. Usually these type folks are too stuck up to be around us 50?s folks, but these two were pretty cool hanging with us.

We all sat enjoying the music, watching the craziness and having a good time. The couples danced and the two guys watched as usual in these cases. When one particular song came on the wife motioned for me to get up, I hesitated and quickly the wife next to me jumped off her stool and grabbed my wife?s hand and they headed to the dance floor. Kattie said, ?hey wait for me? as she took off after them.

The girls danced that song and a couple more, playing touchie-feelie and showing off for the crowd. My wife and the stripper dress wife Kattie, shared a kiss or two. One was a very hot tongue swap. Not to be out done Sherri the other wife pulled my wife over and planted a big kiss on my wife?s open mouth.

I heard Sherri?s husband Jim, say ?wow, that?s a first?. Kattie?s husband Ryan laughed and cheered for the girls as they partied.

The two guys Ben and Wayne, watched, laughed and enjoyed the evening but were very respectful. At one point they said to the three of us, ?man you guys are lucky, our wives would never do this stuff?. We three laughed and said, you guys really don?t know your real wives!

As we watched the girls they asked, are you guys really ok with your wives doing this? We three shook our heads and said, ?Hell Yes?. During the last dance Kattie moved behind my wife and pulled open the gown, totally exposing my wife?s big titties for all to see. Unexpectedly Sherri swooped down on my wife?s nipples with her mouth and sucked the nipples to full erection.

Again Sherri?s husband said, ?wow another first?. I turned to him and said, looks like you may be in for a night of firsts! He said they had watched other couples fuck there at the party house and had watched porn with another couple that were friends, but that was it. He said they had always fucked like crazy after these occasions and Sherri?s pussy was always dripping wet when they discussed full swaps, but she had been reserved about agreeing to really going through with playing with others.

I told him, it looks like tonight?s the night my friend. He smiled and asked me quietly, ?could I fuck your wife if Sherri fucks you?? I replied, ?I?d love to fuck Sherri and yes he?s welcome to fuck my wife?. He said just before the girls went out to dance, Sherri said to him, she wonders if me and my wife would swap partners with them tonight?

From the way my wife was acting and flirting with the two guys at the end of the table, I told him, ?I hope you don?t mind sloppy seconds or thirds?? he looked blank for a seconds and then realized what I was saying and nodded yes and said he?d always wanted to try that.

The ladies arrived back at the table all laughing and my wife?s and Kattie?s tit?s were still out, exposed to all. As my wife passed by she pointed her chest directly at the two guys. One guys said to her, ?I?d love to suck on those?, she stopped in her tracks, she put a hand under each boob and offered them to him. She said to him, ?well do it?.

He quickly attached his mouth to her nipple and sucked on each one back and forth. As this happened Sherri stood between Jim and I and watched closely. She had one hand on Jim shoulder and one hand on mine. I had placed my hand on her ass cheek and squeezed gently. I touched the edge of the seem of the split crotch with my fingers and felt the bare skin of her ass. I slowly pushed my fingers into the split and moved my hand down the curve of her ass.

I glanced at my wife who had her hand now wrapped around the guy?s exposed hardon, stroking it smoothly. As I moved my hand lower Sherri looked into my eyes knowing what was next, but was frozen in place. I spoke to her evenly and said, ?spread your legs?. She obeyed instantly and I stroked my fingers, up to my first knuckle, through her sopping wet slit.

I could hear Sherri breathed deeply and she spoke to me while watching my wife now bending over sucking the guy?s cockhead into her mouth. ?Do you like to watch your wife getting fucked by other men?, she said. As I answered she placed her hand on my hard cock and felt it through my shorts. I pushed two fingers into Sherri?s pussy as I replied, ?I like it best when I?m fucking the guys wife, who?s fucking my wife?.

She grunted a little as I touched her clit and she asked, ?would you let Jim fuck her if I fuck you?. To surprise her somewhat, I said ?only if you?ll eat Jim?s cum out of her pussy after he?s done?. She surprised me, and Jim had been listening, when she said, ?I?d love that?. I said there may be more cum in there than just Jim?s, and she said ?she?d be willing to do it and be a cum slut?.

I suggested she start by unzipping my shorts and take my cockhead in her mouth and to suck me? I looked up at Jim as his wife bent over and took my dick in her mouth. He smiled and gave up a thumbs up as my placed my hand on the back of Sherri?s head forcing more of my cock into her mouth and making her gag a little?.


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