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The Night Out

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Our First Time Out

I do not know what it was that allowed me to agree to it; maybe curiosity or a willingness to please my husband after 18 years of marriage. I am 35 years old and have never been with another man in my life. In high school, I allowed a boyfriend to finger me after a high school football game but it never went any further than that. I met my husband who was a senior at a rival high school at a dance. We dated through out the year and soon married after graduation. I had three children whom I love dearly and have enjoyed my life as a wife and mother. I have added pounds over the years at 5?7, 155 pounds I do have large D size breast that remain perky and firm and a little junk in the trunk but guys seem to like that. As the years passed keeping our sex life interesting included adding vibrators and other toys to the bedroom. I enjoyed using them with my husband but enjoyed his penis more than plastic. I never had one complaint of our sex life especially since we kept it fresh and interesting.

It was a few months ago as we were watching an x-rated DVD that we began making love as the movie played. As I rode my husbands stiff hard on I began to imagine someone licking my ass with a soft tongue. I don?t know why the thought came, and I am not sure if I cared who actually did it (male/female). I just had that thought and it made me tingle and get even wetter. As each thrust of my ass on my husband?s shaft I began talking to him about my thoughts, what I imagined and fantasized about. I began to whisper ?I wish someone was licking my ass and would slide there tongue down and lick your dick while it went inside me, licking our juices?. I could tell my husband Dave was into it as he responded ?oh yea, that would be awesome?. I would usually take it further and would add ?I wish a hard dick would fuck me in the ass so I could feel full and he would pull out and shoot his come all over me? and of course, Dave would get harder and hornier as my wetness began to drip even more. I would save this dirty talk for special occasions when the kids were gone or we had alone time.

As the months passed Dave wanted me to share more about what I wanted or fantasized about but I was not interested in it being an everyday thing and wanted to save that ?talk? for special times. I am not sure that doing so was good, but I could tell my husband liked the idea of having a threesome with another guy who made me a little anger since it was just fantasy and not what I wanted to do. It was soon there after that Dave began receiving a magazine in the mail that was letters from readers about real sexual situations people have experienced. Many involved bisexuality, swinging, threesomes, group and voyeurism. I was not really interested and someone got irritated that what I discussed during ?pillow talk? began to become a passion of my husband to actually experience. This made me feel some what cheap knowing that he did not have a problem with having someone have sex with his wife.

I came home from work around 11:00pm to find all the lights off in the house. As I went upstairs the bathroom was lit up with candles as my husband was watching a DVD on the portable player as he relaxed in our garden tub. I could hear what he was watching by the language, grunts and breathing. ?Come in and play? Dave asked while I smiled a little and got undressed. As I took off my scrubs and entered the warm water I sat between his legs and leaned back on him. I began to tell him about work as we watched the x-rated movie on the small player. I do enjoy watching adult movies but usually if the people are attractive and the situations are appropriate. As I splashed the warm water over me Dave pulled out a dildo with a suction cup attached. ?See what I bought today? he said, I opened my eyes to find this penis looking dildo near my face. I somewhat got upset because he Dave was throwing this threesome fantasy at me again and I am sure that was the idea to purchase such a device. ?Why did you get that? I asked? ?I am not going to put that inside me?. I had no desire to use a fake dick while I had the real thing there and why it was even needed to begin with. I know my reaction must have disappointed him but I didn?t like the idea without being included. After going back and fourth for about 5 minutes I decided to give in. If it made him happy and not cause further problems I would try it. ?Fine? I replied as I took the dildo from him. I began to look at it for a minute and was intimated by its size. The dildo was about 7? and made of a texture that was very soft. Dave said it was made from cyber skin which he told me were the best and most naturally feeling material. I sighed as I took it in my hand and placed it in the water. Since there was no lubrication on it, I gently began to place the head of it at the opening of my pussy and gently made little circles to allow my own juices to provide the lubricant. I will say that it did feel good and it was soft. Dave stroked by nipples as I slowly guided the dildo into me in which I felt my pussy stretch to fit to accommodate the size and I liked it. I never felt it before, being stretched so much and it was both uncomfortable but yet pleasing. I gently began to stoke myself with it only letting about an inch or two inside as my own juices provide me with enough lubrication to allow it to go further inside of me. I began thrusting it inside of me moving my hips to meet my hand. Dave continued to stroke my breast and kiss my neck as I fucked myself harder with the dildo. It felt good nothing like I had inside of me before. I liked the thought of what I was doing and even more the thoughts of who I was doing. I asked Dave if he wanted me and he said ?Yes? I wanted to fuck even more than I had ever. I told Dave to sit on the edge of the tub as I placed the head of his penis into my mouth. I loved to suck dick but this time I was even hornier. I took the dildo and stuck it to the side of the wall. I mounted by husband who commented on how wet I was and began to ride him. I was not thinking of anything just how wet I was and wanted to come. Without hesitation, I leaned over and placed the dildo in my mouth. Almost imagining that we had someone else there who was participating with us. I stroked it and sucked it as I fucked my husband. Dave grew harder by watching me do this which made me even wet. In moments I could feel the warm sensation of his load pumping inside me as I began to experience a very intense orgasm. I used my hips to continue to drain his shaft as the aftershocks continued to hit me over and over again. It by far was the best sex in a long time.

The next day Dave asked if I liked what he bought. I said it was ?okay, but I like the real thing?. I did not want him to know that I really liked it and it felt like I was fucking someone else. I knew if I did we would pressure me into going further something that I was not interested in doing. On occasion, we would continue to introduce our new friend in a number of imaginary threesomes in which I would get hornier as he did. I loved our little friend even though it was latex or a special mixture of latex. It felt good and real to me and it was nice to play with to elevate or sexuality.

As I expected it was not very long until Dave wanted to go further. He loved to watch me with the dildo almost more than having sex with him. I did not want this to become a big part of our lives especially begin to affect our sex life.

Recently, Dave was on the computer looking at swinger web sites. I pretend I did not know what he was doing but I knew. I finally went up to him and asked ?what are you doing?? Dave looked a little startled. ?I was just looking at stuff? he replied, ?Just looking at these people?. I looked at the computer and asked ?what is this?? Dave replied ?It is a couples site four swingers?. Of course, this got me pissed because once again doing something without talking to me about it. I finally asked him ?Why do you want to do that? Do you want to fuck someone else?? Dave looked shocked ?No, I am just curious? he replied, ?Aren?t you? We have never done anything before only each other?. This was true and I too often thought about what experiences I had missed or what it would feel like to be with someone else. ?Whatever? I said as I went to bed. I wanted him to think that I was not interested but I was a little curious but I would never let him know that I was.

Dave would spend time looking at profiles and commenting on them. Of course, I finally gave in and wanted to see what these people looked like. It was interesting looking through pictures and reading profiles. I found it entertaining and somewhat intriguing. I noticed on the top of the page there was an icon marked parties. I asked Dave to click on it. The next page listed swing clubs all over the country. We looked and found one in our area about 50 miles from our home. ?You want to check it out? Dave asked. I sat there for a moment and did not know how to answer. If I said yes how would that make me look or if I said no would I ever have a chance to answer some curiosity. ?I don?t care? I said, ?But, we can go and see what it?s about but I don?t want to do anything?. Dave seemed to be content with my answer as we emailed the address to get more details of the party location.

In about three days we received an email from the host. We were given instructions to the party, a time and a schedule of events. As the day grew closer, my nerves got worse and I wanted to back out. I was given into pressure versus what I wanted. At least I thought. As Friday came I spent the day nervous. I contemplated the events and was afraid to go through it. What consequences would there be and what may happen. After all, you don?t know anyone there and even what takes place. As Dave went to the store it was time to get ready. I picked out an outfit to wear which was a black checkered skirt, with a matching top, black stocking and small heals. As I entered the shower and the water began to run across me I just zoned out into more thoughts of what may happen or what will happen. Every scenario brought a new feeling and even more questions. As I got out of the shower to get ready I stood looking into the mirror. Looking at my body and even more thinking of what others may say.

As I got ready and came down the stairs I could see Dave smile as he looked at me. ?You look awesome? he stated as he looked me up and down. It made me feel good but I was still nervous. As we headed out and gave some final instructions for our night out to the grandparents we began our trip 50 miles away and into a situation I was not sure I wanted to be in. We arrived around 8pm as we followed the directions into a rural area until we reached a large home off a small dirt road. The house was beautiful. It was almost out of a movie. There were not many cars there but we were told to be there by 8 and we were. As Dave exited the car and opened my door we began to walk up to the house. We were greeted by the owner Sam and his wife Melissa who were both very professional and attractive to us. Sam placed his hand out to Dave ?Welcome to our home. Please come in.? he said as we entered the house. The home was beautiful and well decorated. We went into the living room and sat with the couple who invited us. ?Please sit? as Sam motioned to the sofa. ?I know you guys are new and that?s why we wanted to meet with you first. We are a very close family here and discretion is very important to us and everyone here. We just want to get to know you a little before the party starts later?. It was almost like an interview but I did not mind. Maybe it was an opportunity to back out if we needed to. We sat and talked for awhile getting to know each other and they explained the lifestyle and there rules. It was like school almost but the rules made me feel a lot better. Mainly there were no expectations from us. After awhile, Sam and Melissa invited us outside to see the party house. As we walked into the back yard there was a three car garage with an apartment upstairs. As we climbed the stairs, we entered the apartment. The main room had thick carpet with a number of pillows of various sizes placed neatly around the room. There were a number of exotic chairs, artwork and a large Television. To the side, there was a large bar and I am sure a very expensive stereo system. The apartment had three rooms off of the main. The first room had a large Jacuzzi in it and was decorated like a jungle surrounded by reclining chairs, bean bags and big pillows. The second room had 2 king size beds and the third room had an l shaped sofa with a large round table with a poll that goes to the ceiling. I noticed that in every corner there was a dish full of condoms. As the time came couples began to arrive. The first we met was a couple in there 30?s named Jim and Tammy. They were really nice and you?re felt at ease with them immediately. The second was a couple in there 40?s Tom and Jessie followed by another couples Chris and Maggie.

The party started like a get together with a lot of talking, eating and drinking. Everyone was so nice and eager to make us comfortable. I really liked Sam and Melissa. Even though they were somewhat older they were really nice and enjoyable to be around. As the night went on Sam said ?Lets watch a movie?. Sam placed an X-rated movie in the player as we all sat and watched mostly cutting up. It was somewhat weird watching adult movies with other people but everyone made them comfortable and began to watch it. After about 30 minutes, I could see that everyone was beginning to get excited. I looked over at Jim and Tammy as they began to kiss and fondle each other. Tammy had unzipped Jim?s pants and had her hand inside rubbing his cock. Chris and Maggie also began to fondle each other while they watched the movie and Tom and Jessica were lying next to each other giggling. Sam and Melissa sat near us and talked about the lifestyle and how it made there marriage stronger.

Sam was a good looking older guy and his wife was very attractive. I felt comfortable with them and I knew they would take care of us and not force anything on us. As I looked around the room I began becoming intrigued by watching people make out and it somewhat turned me on. After a few moments I felt Melissa place her hand on me and invite me to come in the back room. I stood up and followed. As we entered the room with 2 large beds she went to the closet and pulled out a few towels. ?You feel like going in the Jacuzzi? ?She asked. ?Sure, that would be nice?. Melissa put the towels on the bed and began to undress. I was unsure what to do and felt somewhat backward watching her take her clothes off in front of me. I turned away somewhat and not sure what to do. Melissa spoke to me ?Hey, your not going to were that in the water are you?? she smiled. I shook my head slowly. ?No? I soon began to undress with Melissa until we were both naked. She looked good and she commented on how good I looked. Even though I was self conscious somewhat it did make me feel at ease. As I wrapped the towel around me I felt a tingle sensation of nerves and pleasure as we walked out of the room I looked and observed Jim eating Tammy out on the floor and Chris and Maggie were taking there clothes off. Sam and Dave were no were in sight. As we entered the Jacuzzi room I could see Dave and Sam already in the water. As we entered I could see the guys were pleased. Melissa took off her towel and placed it on the small table and entered the water nude. I could see Dave taking a glimpse but was uneasy to keep his eyes on me. I found this cute. I was nervous to drop my towel in front of another man for whom I did not know and it would be the first time someone other than my husband would see me that way, As I climbed the steps I slowly unwrapped by towel and slid into the water quickly and hide my naked body from our two new friends.

As we enjoyed the warm water and talked. Sam got up and sat on the edge of the Jacuzzi. As I watched him get up out of the water I looked at his firm ass and nice body. His grey hair matched his body hair which was fine and looked good. As Sam turned around and sat on the edge I looked and saw his cock. It was soft and lay on his balls. It was the first real dick I have ever seen other than my husband and I was trance to it. I knew, everyone had to know. My curious nature had to be obvious. Sam continued to talk as Melissa scooted closer to Dave. I really didn?t notice since I was fixed on Sam?s dick. As Sam continued to talk I heard him ask me to come over my him and sit with the rest of us. I looked at Dave who was already sitting next to Melissa. As I smiled and began to scoot around Sam eased into the water. We all sat huddled together as we continued to talk. Sam placed his arm around me in which I found myself snuggling closer to him. I felt at ease and comfortable as did Dave. ?You like looking at my dick?? Sam said in a whisper in my ear. I did not know how to answer and what I would even say. I nodded with a smile. ?You want to feel it?? he said with a smile. I could feel his hand grab mine below the water as he guided my hand to his cock. I was touching another mans cock and it was an incredible thrill. I was nervous as Sam said ?It?s okay?. I looked over to Dave who was already kissing on Melissa so my focus would be on how far I can go. I placed my hand on his penis and began to squeeze it as I felt it becoming thicker for the excitement and I found my own pussy becoming wetter. I began to kiss Sam allowing my mouth to accept his tongue as I continued to stroke his cock with my hand and feeling it grow until it was full even bigger than my own husband and my latex friends at home. It thrilled me, excited me and I wanted it. Sam lifted himself on the edge of the Jacuzzi were I had admired his cock from across the large tub. His cock was hard, throbbing and inviting me to take it. I looked at Dave who was getting a blow job from Melissa and I knew what I had to do. I turned around and got between his legs facing his belly and a throbbing cock waiting for my mouth to wrap around it. I placed my hand around the base above his balls as I placed my mouth over the bead of his cock. Sam placed his hand on my head stroking my hair as he gently guides my mouth deeper on his cock. I had to stretch my mouth to meet him and I took as much as I could I could taste the pre come coming from his head and it tasted salty but good. Sam gently pushed me back as he swung his legs out of the water and helped me get out of the tub. I did not know what Dave was doing and I did not even care. I was horny and I wanted Sam. Sam laid me on the soft floor in which I placed my head on a pillow. Sam began to suck my tits which felt so good that it was hard to keep my pleasure silent. I moaned and arched my back to meet his tongue. Sam began to kiss down my belly until his mouth met my wet spot. I could feel his tongue enter me and reaching deep into my walls. I loved the sensation of a strange tongue and I felt the contractions as fluid show from me and into his mouth. I was ready and I wanted him. ?Sam, fuck me? I whispered. Sam began kissing his way back up my belly as I felt the tip of his cock touch my already wet pussy. Slowly, the head parted my lips as I began to accept his shaft. It felt so good as my insides stretched and wrapped around him. Sam began to thrust into me slow then fast as I met each stroke my moving my hips forward. I could not believe I was having sex with someone other than my husband but it felt good and I felt good. I spread my legs farther apart as I closed my eyes enjoying his cock pushing in and out of me. I heard Sam mumble ?How does that feel baby. You okay?. I responded between gasp. ?You feel so good. Just fuck me.? Same continued thrusting into me as I opened my eyes and attempted to find Dave. Dave was on top of Melissa thrusting into her on the sofa. I enjoyed watching him even though I could only see his back and Melissa legs wrapped around him. I focused my attention to Sam and grinding my hips on him. I wanted to be on top and I asked him if I could which he agreed without hesitation. As Sam pulled out of me he laid on his back. I placed one leg over him as I took his cock in by hand guiding it inside of me again. I began to ride him focusing on taking his cock deep inside of me. I sat up straight as he caressed my legs and rubbed them. In moments I felt another pair of hands come around me and it was Melissa. Melissa began to rub by breast cupping them while she sat behind me. It felt good. Dave came up next to me and bent down and began to kiss me. As he stood up I grabbed his cock and just like the games we played before I began to suck him. It felt wonderful riding a hard cock, sucking my husband?s dick and having my tits massaged by a woman who knows how to make you feel good. Melissa came around and kneeled over her husbands face with her damp pussy as Sam began eating her. Melissa and I were face to face as I accepted her tongue inside mine and began kissing her. It was weird but exciting kissing a woman. I felt powerful and beautiful. Melissa turned around to be she was facing the other direction and all I could see was her ass and Sam tongue licking her pussy. I leaned forward and began to lick her ass. Just like I wanted done to me for so long. As I did this, I then felt Dave?s tongue enter my own ass which felt so good I could barely stand it.

I began getting worn out from the thrusting and slowly stopped and got off of Sam. I lay on my back wanting someone to finish me off so I could come. To my surprise Melissa got in front of me and began licking my wet and worn out cunt. It felt good because a woman knows how to make it feel good. After a few moments of enjoying Melissa eating me I felt a new sensation enter me. Dave was on top of me and I loved it. He was ready and I was ready. He began to pound my pussy already wet as I felt myself adjusting to his size. Dave would pull out and Melissa would suck his dick and he would put it in me again and again. It was awesome. I looked for Sam and found him stroking himself in the corner. Just then, Jessica, Chris, Tammy, Tom and Maggie made there way into the room. The jumped in the Jacuzzi not paying us any attention and I did not care much either. Dave pulled out of me and I opened my eyes. I saw Tom walking over as I looked down to see that his cock was hard and wanting a piece of me too. I didn?t care. I have already gone this far. Soon, I saw Chris come over too as the woman began a make out session of their own fondling and playing with each other as Melissa joined them. I was on the floor with Tom, Dave, Chris and Sam. As Chris lay on his back on the floor Tom helped me over to straddle him. Without a care in the word I began sinking my ass on Chris allowing him to enter me. Chris was average size similar to Dave but the sensation was still different. I began to pump Chris as I felt a pressure on my ass. I felt my husband begin to enter me and I felt an pain that later felt good. I was being double penetrated and I felt so full. Dave and Chris were pumping me harder and harder as my whimpers continued to increase. I felt Dave pull as I continued to fuck Chris. In moments, Chris gently moved me off of him and laid me on my back. It was Tom?s turn. As I looked at Tom I could see his thick cock waiting for me. Tom knelt down and pulled me close. As he entered me I could feel myself stretch to the max he was huge and it hurt for a few moments until I adjusted. He began thrusting in me as I attempted to take him further he felt the best of all of them. In a few moments, Sam instructed all the guys around me. Sam once again placed his cock inside of me and began to thrust back and fourth. Dave, Chris and Tom were jerking off over me and I began to come?So intense that I cried out and felt my body burn. It was the best feeling I have ever had and then I felt the warm come off all of the guys shooting over me as Sam pulled out and shot his load on top of me. I was covered in white and it felt so good. The woman climbed out and helped me up. I was sore but in a good way. They took me to the bathroom and began to wash me in the shower. All the woman washed me with soft sponges and fondled me.

The night was good as we left around 4am to go home. We plan to come back and experience this once again. Our life has never been more exciting and loved the experience we shared. I dont want it to become a routine so we agreed once a year we would participate again.

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