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The New Club

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Misty and I decided to go out to a new club that just opened downtown. An old girlfriend of Misty's had found her on Myspace and wanted us to come down to see this new club that she was actually the owner of. Misty looked fantastic as we were walking in the club, Misty was wearing a new outfit that we had just bought the day before.

Misty's hair was done just right and what little bit of make up that she had put on it really brought out all the beauty in her face. I think I was more turned on because she was also wearing a new bra, that wasn't padded like her normal bras, I talked her into that with a few winks and pleases. Misty also had on a super hot new thong, it would have held dollar bills easily.

I watched her getting dressed and tried getting to taste her before she put her new black pants on. But she wasn't having it hehe. The top we found for her was also extremely hot and it fit her tits perfect actually showing off her cleavage and it let her gorgeous nipples almost show right thru cuz it was kind of a lacy material. I complimented her the whole time we were getting ready and even showed you my hard-on trying to further my cause. All she told me was to save it for later.

We finally found the place, the entrance was on the back side of Main St. and it didn't have a big sign or anything just a normal looking sign that was small and just above the door. We walked in expecting to to see a club full of University students but when we got in the first door there was a very large dude in a black leather jacket sitting on a high stool beside an old table. on the other side of him was another steel door. He asked us in a rough voice "What's your name?" Misty gave him her name and he shuffled thru a ledger then he said "Ok you both can go in, have fun". I thought it was a bit strange but it was cool you were on the list and we started thru the next steel door.

We entered thru the door and found ourselves in a stairway that was leading down with old brick walls and we could hear the echo of music as we walked down you said we must be going to the way. The stairs stopped and turned right down a long hallway with a few unmarked doors along its corridor. The music was getting a bit louder and it sounded cool echoing in the hall like that.

We came to a double set of doors with another big guy wearing a black leather jacket as we approached he opened the door for us and just nodded at us. Finally we could see inside of this club that seemed to be in a highly renovated basement. The interior was very classy with marble statues and and paintings of nude women done tastefully hanging about the room. The lighting in the place was also very cool, there were red and black lights instead of any white lights and it really set a sexy mood in there. I asked you what kinda place was this? Misty said she wasn't sure but we were about to find out.

The room opened up to the left and it was a pretty good sized room. We noticed there were no chairs only these round style mattresses about 10' foot in diameter and lots of pillows with a small round table set in the middle of each mattress. There were only about ten of these set thru out the room. And about five of them had groups of people sitting at each one. It was kinda dark only candle light was shimmering inside of this large room.

The bar was on our left and as we approached it we heard a woman's voice call out Misty's name. Misty and I turned to see that it was April, the woman that invited us in the first place. Misty introduced me to her and then she just said "follow me I'll take us where we can get more comfortable". We went the round setting area near the far side of the room. She said we could take off our shoes if we liked and just relax, we all sat down around the short small wooden table it had a very cool set of candles and incense burning in small ceramic dishes.

April was a very attractive woman very large breasts and she was wearing a very sexy black see thru top with a long flowing skirt, I noticed right away both of her nipples were pierced and she had gold nipple covers over them. She was very complimentary to Misty telling her how gorgeous she thought she looked tonight and that she was very happy that we had decided to come down. Another woman approached us wearing almost the same outfit as April but she had on a very, very short skirt that barely covered her thong under wear. She asked April would you like anything at this time? She said "it's ok Carrol I will take care of this couple tonight" Carrol responded with a yes ma'am. Thank you ma'am. I thought it was nice that the owner was going to take care of us for the evening.

April asked us what we would like to drink, Misty said how bout aWhite Russian and I asked for a Vodka with lemon water. She asked "are either of you hungry we have a chef on hand if you're wanting anything to eat" we both said no that the drinks would be fine for now. She stood up bending towards Misty as she did with her breasts fully in front of her face giving us a great look at her massive tits. She started towards the bar and Misty said to me "wow those are new, and that she didn't remember them being that large".

We both just kinda looked around as she walked away and got familiar with our surroundings and we both noticed that at a few of the round sitting areas the people were sitting naked and that each table had the what we assumed were the waitresses or bartenders sitting with them. They were wearing the same type of see thru tops that April was wearing. We also noticed that at one of the tables there was about eight of the waitresses and bartenders standing around it. Then two of them stayed and the rest of them walked back towards the bar area. I asked Misty again "what was this place?" Misty said she still wasn't sure yet.

April was on her way back over to us but with again what I counted to be eight people all wearing the same outfit but this time they were all women. They were carrying a full bottle of vodka and what looked like a blender and a rack full of glasses. April sat back down with us and the waitresses placed our drinks in front of us. but stayed standing around us.

April then asked Misty first "Misty which one would like to stay and serve you for the night?" Misty said "it's ok I can pour my own drinks" April just smiled at you and said no honey this is a very exclusive private club and you get keep your server for the night" Misty looked at them all and pointed at one of the blondes and said how bout her? damn she was sexy. April said "ok Melissa will you please stay?" She said yes ma'am, thank you ma'am" and sat down beside Misty and began pouring her a drink.

April then asked me "which one for you Ty?" as my eyes scanned them the short red head shot me a look that my cock twitch so I picked her. April then said "Tonya will you please stay?" She said "of course ma'am, thank you ma'am". She did the same thing, sitting beside me and pouring a drink for me. Then April said "tonight I will choose you Brenda" "Brenda will you please stay?" a very sexy brunette responded with " yes ma'am with pleasure ma'am". And Brenda did the same thing also sitting quietly and pouring a red wine for April.

Misty asked April "why do we get to keep our servers?" April got a coy looking smile on her face and said "Misty this is a very exclusive club that all of our customers pay 10,000 dollars a month to visit". "You and Ty are my guests and are always welcome for free as long as this club is mine". Misty said "whoa 10,000 dollars a month to have a server sit at your table all night?" April responded "Misty these servers do not just provide you with drinks or food they will service your every desire all night long until seven in the morning if you like". "Think of them as your beautiful submissives for the evening". but please no pain or potty sex." We both kinda looked at each other shocked and obviously turned on at the same time.

Misty told April "Thank you but what did we do to deserve such a treat"? She replied "out of all the women I have been with in my life you were one of my favorite lovers, and since you are with Ty and I believe he has good taste in lovers and I wanted to invite you both to as many wonderfully sexy nights with me as you would like". We both said "Thank you" then Misty asked her "why was I one of your favorites?" April replied "you had the best tasting cum to ever touch my tongue ever". I agreed with her and let her know I felt the same way.

April then asked Misty "is Ty a good lover?" Misty replied "Yes he has made me cum in more wonderful ways then any other man, he is gentle and loving as well as the sexiest man I have ever been in a bedroom with". April smiled at me and said " Wow I may have to try him later if you wouldn't mind" Misty replied with "We all can share him, he is also the horniest man you have ever met" Everyone laughed and then April said "Ok girls you can get whatever you would like to bring back to the table, and oh Brenda will you please grab my box of goodies please?" Brenda responded with an "of course ma'am."

The servers all walked away. And then Misty leaned over and kissed April on the cheek saying "thank you again, this sounds like its going to be a fun night" April leaned back towards Misty grabbing the back of her hair pulling her lips to hers kissing Misty so softly and seductively I couldn't take my eyes of either of them". She finally released her with a sexual sigh and said "I am sure this is going to be a night that no one at this table will ever forget". Misty and I both looked at each other and kissed each other with such passion it was a highly intense kiss and I could feel her inhibitions fall away.

Then Misty asked me "are you going to be ok with this?" I smirked and said "hmmm sharing hot sex with such a beautiful lover as you and all of these other beautiful women I will be fine, but are you ok with it?" Misty kissed me again flicking your tongue on mine then saying "I can't wait to show what a wonderful lover you are to all of these women, I want you to do whatever feels good to you tonight". I replied with "I want you to do the same and pushed my tongue into her mouth for another wonderfully sexy kiss"

Our servers were returning with more bottles of different drinks and a few small duffel bags. This was obviously going to be a very interesting evening.

We all just sat and started talking, sipping on our drinks. Melissa asked Misty where she would like her to sit? Misty had her sit between her and April, leaving me sitting directly beside Misty and I was glad I wanted to be front row to her and this pussy eating extravaganza. April then asked "girls what all did you bring in the bags?"

They all opened the bags they had brought out with them and started to place the items on the table. There was every size and shape of dildo we could imagine, many different lubes, a few strapons, butt plugs, feathers, and lots more. Misty said right away that " she didnt really like dildo's but asked if they had any small bullet vibrators?" Brenda said of course all you have to do is ask and we will do anything you want". I watched Misty wiggle in her pants a bit I think she may have just came from thinking about what was about to happen tonight.

April asked the girls to go ahead and get undressed and they did. Then each of our servers asked us if they could remove our clothes also? We all said yes and it was so fucking sexy watching our table become completely naked. As Tonya pulled my pants off April asked Misty "How big is Ty when he is fully aroused?" Misty replied with "He has a really nice cock it is almost 9 inches long and as thick as a pack of cigarettes" then she said "I recommend his big cock to anyone here". My face would have been flushed if my dick wasn't already beginning to swell. Our table got really hot really fast.

Misty whispered something into her server Melissa's ear and she layed down on the table in front of her placing a pillow under her ass putting her pussy at a perfect angle for Misty to eat her. April kissed Misty and they both rubbed each others bodies for a few moments then I heard her tell Misty "go ahead and show Melissa how good you can eat pussy". Misty got onto her knees giving me an excellent view of her hot ass while she began kissing Melissa feet, ankles and working her way to her thighs.

I watched Misty and couldn't take my eyes off of her being so gentle and sexy, warming Melissa up for a superior climax. April told Brenda to assume the same position and to hand her the medium sized strapon. She did as she was told placing herself on the table and speading her legs all the while beginning to rub her nipples and warm up her clit. April put the strapon around her tiny waist and tighten the straps. I asked Tonya to sit on the other side of me, then I asked her to just slowly massage my thighs and let me rub her ass for now. I wanted to be a voyeur for a few and just take it all in.

Misty's mouth was fully engorging Melissa pussy and she began to writhe under the pressure of her tongue and mouth. April was kneeling with one knee on the table telling Brenda to "suck her cock" and Wow what a turn I found that to be. I again whispered into Tonya's ear asking her if she would "sit doggy style on the table and to place her pussy in a good position to have it licked from behind" I watched her climb onto the table beside Melissa. She was already moaning from Misty's tongue licking away on her mound and burying her face into her. Tonya did as she was told and sat anticpating my next move I told her "to take Melissa's nipple into her mouth so I could watch it get stiff "

I placed my hands on Tonya's ass cheeks rubbing my hands all over her skin. She commented on how hot my hands were and Misty peeked up for a second and said "he is an inferno and is always hot". I had her blood beginning to flow exactly where I wanted it. I slowly lowered my lips onto her cheeks kissing softly and rubbing her all over being carefull not to touch her tiny asshole or her swelling mound.

The table was full of moans of pleasure from everyone and then we all heard April tell Brenda "fuck your mouth with this while I slide this big dick into you, I want to hear your moans muffled by that cock" Brenda placed the medium sized life-like dildo into her mouth and began sucking it off like a champ, her moans were muffled as April pushed her strapon into her well lubed pussy. Everyone seemed to react from that including Misty as she started to insert her fingers into Melissa's fleshy fold Misty moaned and told her that she tasted great.

I spread Tonya's ass cheeks apart wide and began running my tongue from her tight ass down to her hood that was trying to hide her already stiffening clit. I kinda lost myself for a few moments licking her until she was panting and getting close to cumming. I used a ton of saliva on her ass and slowly worked my pinky into her extremely tight butt. Making her squeal and wiggle I heard her ask for more. I raised my head for a moment hearing Misty moaning louder and saying " yes eat that pussy oh god yes" She had moved into a 69 with Melissa pressing her dripping wet snatch onto her face.

I let my tongue go wild on Tonya's pussy and quicky had a mouth full of her cum and almost my whole pinky stuck in her rear. She let it out that she was cumming and she was pushing her pussy into my mouth allowing me to lick almost all of her cum out of her hot box. Misty and Melissa were next to cum almost in unison Tonya and I watched them both shiver and shake releasing an orgasm onto each others mouth's.

April said "good girls get those pussies all wet and ready for more" then she started pounding that strapon into Brenda, fucking her really hard and pulling on her tits and nipples. Then telling her "I want your cum all over this cock so you can put it into my mouth next" Thats apparently what Brenda wanted to hear and she shuttered and said "Oh yes yes April I am cumming on your cock". Brenda shook and came then we all watched as April pulled the strapon off and licked it completely clean commenting on how sweet she tasted and thanked her for cumming so much.

We all sat up for a minute took a drink and admired how damn sexy our table was. I gave Misty a kiss and we exchanged our partners wet cum onto each others lips. We both said how good it tasted so I pushed a couple of fingers into Tonya's wet slit again and coated them with her juice and pushing them into Misty's mouth.

She licked it clean quickly and returned the favor with Melissa's juice into my mouth. We did that for a few minutes basically fucking our submissives into a climax again. They both came so fast I told them to feed us their juices and we were all loving it. Brenda had April on her knees in front of her while I watched her shove a butt plug into her own ass and fingered April's clit at the same time.

Watching Misty enjoy licking their cum so much I told them scoot over and let Misty lay down on the table. I then asked Misty who she wanted on her face first? Misty said "I will try your server's next" so I instructed Tonya to sit on her face and Misty told Melissa to rub her nipples and twist them. Everyone was once again starting to moan with pleasure. I then asked April "are you serving us tonight too?" She said in a sexy voice " I will do anything you or Misty ask me to".

Misty was busy sucking the cum out of Tonya's juicy pussy and quickly showing signs of having a dripping wet pussy herself. So I said ok April "Misty really needs to have her pussy licked until she is wet enough to take my cock as deep as it goes in one stroke". She got inbetween Misty's legs fast and starting lapping away, she was squeling almost. I then told Brenda to fuck April with the strapon doggy style while she please's Misty with her mouth." I was really liking this being in charge stuff.

I watched Tonya wiggle and push down on Misty's face and Melissa was pulling on both Misty's and Tonya's nipples and slowly inserting a small vibrating silver bullet into her own pussy. They were all trying to please Misty in some way. It was an amazing sight I then asked Brenda how wet was April? She said dripping and April responded with " yes yes I am so fucking wet I love how Misty tastes God I have missed her".

I whispered to Brenda to climb over and fuck Melissa till she cums with that strapon. And she did, leaving April's dripping wet pussy open for my real cock next. I was going to show her thanks for a wonderful night by shoving my thick hot cock into her from behind. I grabbed her hips and she knew immediately what was coming for her next, she pushed her hips back and took my cock deeply. She was so vocal saying "Oh god yes Misty, his cock is thick and long". Misty blurted out "Fuck her good baby with that big dick of yours fuck her good" it was kinda muffled by the dripping hot pussy spread wide on her face but I think we all knew what she said.

I was so fucking hard from all the hot bodies fucking before my eyes and I was fucking April deep and hard. Taking long deep strokes changing my angle and trying to find her spot. Reaching around and cupping her big ass tits. I kept pounding my dick in and out of her steaming wet sex.

I saw Tonya cum all over Misty's face it was dripping down her chin and onto her neck. She pulled off her face and began kissing Misty with such lust, licking her own juices off her face. Melissa was helping to lick all of her cum off of you while Brenda had her cumming all over the strapon within minutes of her lapping the cum from Misty's sweet body. I was loving watching Misty receive so much pleasure.

April was bucking on my cock like a wild whore taking it so deep. I saw her slip her thumb into Misty's ass and fuck that tight little hole until Misty was screaming "Oh fuck yes, yes I am cumming". Misty came for what seemed like minutes. April was still licking her thighs and her ass cheeks trying to lick up every last bit of the tasty cum that she loved so much just like me. I kept pounding my dick into her deep. Making her cum too flooding, almost squirting out of her as I shoved my thumb up her ass as well. Misty asked me if I had came yet? I said "no"

Then she told Tonya to get over to me and that you wanted to see her deep throat my cock but not to let me cum yet. She did as she was told and went to her knees and began stroking and sucking my cock. She said " Oh god he is completely covered with April's tasty cum and he is so fucking hard oh god I am going to cum just blowing him" She kept sucking my dick deep into her mouth and she did actually cum from sucking me. Misty helped her of course by inserting a pair of fingers into her snatch and massaging her clit. Misty then told Brenda to be a good girl and take my cock into her mouth next. She of course did what she was told, and wow could that girl suck cock.

As they all rested a little bit they were all staring and commenting on how she was just making my thick shaft disappear into her throat. Misty came closer to me and started pulling on my nipple rings and fingering Brenda's ass telling her how good she looked taking my cock into her throat. Misty made her cum too from the excitement of my stiff rod tickling her tonsils and her fingers filling her tight ass. Misty then said "ok Melissa I want you and April to take this big dick for a few minutes please". They were both on their knees in front of me, taking turns between my balls and shaft to head. April was amazing taking almost all nine inches balls deep. Misty was beside me and watching them try and suck the cum out of me. Telling me how nice my dick looked in their mouths.

Misty asked me where did I want to cum? I replied "my first cum tonight I want it to be special, I want to cum in your ass". Misty moaned and whimpered that my dick was too big for her ass. I said "that's where I want my cum to sink into first". Tonya said she could help Misty take my cock up her ass. She layed Misty back on the table putting two pillows under her ass.

We all were watching her get you ready for this, all the girls got around me and were taking turns stroking me and sucking me. They were telling how much they wanted to see me unload my balls into Misty's ass so that they could each take turns licking it out of her. She took normal KY jelly and applied a liberal amount to her hand then she started slowly working in one finger then two, under a minute she had her thumb buried in Misty's extremely tight ass.

Tonya asked Brenda to find the little green dildo for her and she did. It was about as thick as her thumb but almost 7 inches long. Tonya worked that in easily wiggling it side to side you were already panting and breathing heavy. Next she pushed in a little larger gold colored stiff vibrator into her ass and it too went in easily. She worked it and wiggled it then left it buried in your cheeks and told us all that Misty's ass was ready to be stuffed by my thick cock.

They all surrounded Misty as my dickhead homed in on her tight hole. They pinched, tickled, licked all over her body as I pulled the gold vibrator out and pushed the head of my cock into Misty with ease. She arched her back and told me to "Stuff my tight ass with that big dick yes" I pushed in until I felt her sphinchter holding tight I held it there until I felt it relax and allow my cock to pass. Each of them were taking turns tasting her pussy by pushing their fingers in and out of her sopping wet slit while I eventually worked my entire cock into her ass for the first time ever.

They all cheered Misty on "Now you got him!!" "Squeeze the cum out of him" "Milk his big dick with your ass" We both were loving it, My cum was on the verge of spilling into you, Misty looked up at me with and orgasm on her face as well. I heard her yell " Yes oh god baby, yes fuck my ass I am loving it fuck me, empty your cum into my ass"

Thats what I needed to hear and I shook and quivered unloading a full load of my juice into her tight little ass. The other girls all got onto their knee's to suck my cum out of Misty's ass when I pulled out. I went over to the side of Misty's face and shoved my cock right into her mouth telling her to "lick it off" and I watched her cum again from all the mouths on her body licking and slurping the cum from your ass. My cum covered shaft being licked clean by her mouth and I suppose April frigging the hell out of herr clit might have had something to do with it too. They licked Misty completely clean. And we all rested for a few.

What happend next I will save for Part 2.

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