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The Neurosurgeon and My Wife's Strange Nervous Condition

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We?re one of those couples who have had a difficult time transitioning from fantasy to reality in swinging. We?re an odd couple to begin with; I?m in my late forties and my wife is twenty years younger, and though I work hard to keep trim and in good shape, there is still a difference that makes finding a compatible couple a challenge. Plus we?re both terminally shy; we find it easy to talk about adventures that we?d like to have, but it?s tough for us to take the plunge; especially since we?re both pretty high profile people in our community. I own one of the most prominent restaurants in a city where there are lots of good restaurants and my wife is on the radio many times a week talking about her women?s retail store.

I tell you this just to show that opening up our sex lives hasn?t been an easy task. We actually did find one couple that seemed to work for us and met them for drinks on a couple of occassions, but we discovered that we knew too many of the same people. What was worse was the it turned out that the male of the couple worked in the same industry as I did and I think that just made it uncomfortable. However, we all liked each other and developed a social friendship; we get together every now and again to play golf or have dinner but we had pretty much agreed that nothing more was going to happen. It did make it interesting when we ran into each other in other social contexts. I know that both my wife and I got a kick out of thinking ?we know what you guys would like to get up to? whenever we saw them.

We made arrangements to have dinner with Sally and Jack one Friday night when we got a frantic call from my brother-in-law who is a bigwig with the convention bureau. He had a guy come into town who was representing a group of neurosurgeons who wanted to have a 1000 man convention to next year. The organizers of the convention were a group of restaurant groupies so when my brother-in-law mentioned our relationship this guy went crazy and begged for an introduction. He was leaving the next day back to San Diego and my brother-in-law made outrageous promises if we would agree to have dinner with this guy. We really didn?t feel like cancelling our dinner with Jack and Sally but my brother-in-law has done a lot for us in the past and I owed him, so I agreed to have his neurosurgeon join us for dinner.

We met at a colleague?s restaurant for dinner. When you?re in the business you generally get pretty special treatment and we had just sat down to appetizers when Ben joined us. He was younger than I would have thought for a successful surgeon, probably early thirties, and was tall, dark haired and slim. Most people in the high profile service industries as pretty good social extroverts, and Jack and I were quick to make Ben feel welcome. My wife, Rita and Sally always get along great. Sally is in public relations and has a very womanly figure. I mean she?s not fat in any sense, but before we met we had exchanged nude pictures of each other and Sally?s body was what you would call richly curved. She has dark hair and is about 5?9? and I?d guess she weighs 140. Her boobs are definitely lush, and I remembered that she had dark fairly large areola?s with long nipples. Her pussy had lips that stuck out a good half inch, and her clit was big enough so that you could see it hidden in her folds even when she wasn?t having sex.

I guess that was one of the things we enjoyed about having dinner with Jack and Sally. I knew, for example, that Jack was about seven inches long and that his cock curved up slightly. His greatest fantasy was to have one woman rim him while the other sucked his cock. How could you not love having dinner with someone who had written his sexual fantasies to you in an email?

Rita is pretty much the opposite of Sally. She?s a little shorter and has an athlete?s body, small hips, tight ass, 34 B titties with tiny coral colored areolas and nipples that are an almost transluscent pink. She has always shaved herself completely and when she?s standing by the bed her pussy is almost a perfect peach, lips hidden entirely inside, her slit a smooth promise of hidden delights.

In any event the owner of the restaurant, James,was there. He?s a junior chef who I think does a great job. This is his first name restaurant and I?ve done what I can to help and encourage him. When he came to the table, I introduced him to Ben and told him the purpose of Ben?s visit. We opened the floodgates of good food. James insisted on doing a taster?s menu, multiple courses of very small portions, each course sufficiently different from the previous that it awakens a new selection of taste buds. Each course was accompanied by a different wine. The food was stupendous, the wine delicious. Ben turned out to be a great dinner companion. He started telling stories of his internship that had us all laughing, and both of the girls were watching him with shining eyes. Probably half way through the dinner I realized that we were well on the way to being drunk. Not sloppy drunk, but definitely have a great time, regret it the next day drunk. DWI is no fun in our town, so I discretely asked James if he could phone a limo company that we both knew and get them to send a driver. By the time the dinner was done, not even the excellent coffee and pistachio sorbet could put us right for the road.

I suggested that we go to the local dance club since all of us were feeling great; it was one of those memorable evenings where everybody is getting along so well that you just hate to break it up.

Rita said, ?Oh while you were arranging the limo we agreed that we would go back to our place. Our music will be better and we can continue to enjoy ourselves.?

I thought this was odd, but I didn?t think much of it. We piled into the limo and had him take us to our home. We live in an old part of the city; two and three story antebellum mansions; small private yards, old oaks and old money. When we arrived home, I fetched a couple of bottles of red and we went into our front room. Now one of the ways that Rita and I stay in shape is yoga and our front room is where we practice, so it?s a pretty tranquil space with a great sound system. There aren?t any sofas but there are big soft pillows everywhere, a nice fireplace that does a great job of keeping off the chill of a fall night.

Ben was as much of an entertainer as we were, so between the three of us we did a good job of keeping the girls laughing. We all seemed to play off one another; part of it might have been the wine but we were certainly having fun.

Ben asked the question as to how we had met, and Sally blurted out the truth which gave us all a good laugh, but in some strange way making this admission to a complete stranger seemed to shift the energy of our little party. I know it shifted for Rita and I because I looked over just as she licked her lips. That?s the not so subtle indicator she always gives when sex is on her mind, and she caught me looking at her just as she did it and then she smiled at me, as long married couples often do when they have one of those wordless shared thoughts.

I don?t know who started but all of a sudden, Ben was giving a lecture on anatomy and nerve endings. Sally and Rita were both lying on pillows facing the fireplace and before we knew it Ben had Sally?s arm in his hand and was explaining the incredible complexity of something as simple as a nerve impulse in a finger, and tracing it up her arm. We were all amazed when Ben pulled a pin from behind his lapel and explained that a pin was the universal tool of all neurosurgeons, because it could be used to stimulate individual nerve endings. We watched him slowly touch his way up her arm with his pin. He would make the most delicate touches, never breaking the skin, but I saw Sally cross her legs as he reached up her arm. He let her arm go and looked into her eyes and said, ?well that?s my lecture.?

Rita looked at him and said, ?What other secrets of our nervous system can you reveal?? Her words weren?t out and out provactive, but the way she said them, with a deep throaty purr, was unmistakable.

Ben moved onto his knees and said, ?What would you like to know??

Rita said, ?Well there is one thing that I?ve always been curious about.?

Ben said, ?I?m your neurosurgeon for the night.?

Rita sat up and looked first at me. I smiled at her, saying silently, ?Whatever you want is ok with me.? I know she got the message, and she looked briefly at Jack and Sally.

Jack said, ?Well I?m curious now too.?

Rita laughed, ?Well this sounds silly, but whenever my nipples are kissed, I mean really kissed, after a minute or so I can feel the sensation directly on my clit. I mean not just a vague exciting kind of thing but as if it were one nerve. How is that possible??

There was a tense expectancy in the air as Ben sat back. I know my cock immediately made its presence known in my trousers and as I watched I could see Ben?s trousers tenting.

Sally noticed it too and said, ?Well we now have a direct connection between your vocal chords, Rita, and Ben?s dick. Your words have certainly produced a nervous reaction.?

Ben said, ?You know I can go into the specific nerve pathways, but it?s always possible that we have something unique here. Maybe you?d consent to be an experimental body.?

Sally laughed and said, ?come on Rita, this has got to be good.?

Now one of Rita?s sexual secrets is a desire to be submissive. She loves to be told what to do during sex. It?s odd because she is normally very much an in control person, but she really likes being made into a passive object. Additionally she has a very strong streak of exhibitionism, and I could imagine all of the little sexual pleasure buttons that Ben?s suggestion had pushed.

Rita looked at me and I could tell just what she wanted. ?Come over here and let me prepare you to be the model in our lesson.? I used a stern voice. She scooted over and I said, somewhat brusquely, ?Turn around.? I reached for her zipper with thick fingers. Each tooth made a separate sound as it ground down towards her buttocks. She quickly stood up and let the dress fall. She wore a tiny black thong and a lacey bra that pushed her breasts into two compact mounds. I could see her nipples peaking the fabric. She modestly crossed her hands in front of her mound as she waited further instructions. I spread out one of the thin silk comforters we kept folded in the corner and motioned her to lie down.

Sally and Jack moved closer, and I could see the bulge in Jack?s trousers. We all were quiet for a moment as we studied the pale beauty of Rita?s body.

Ben said, ?First I want to show you something. Rita, roll on your side away from me.? He took his pin and said, ?I?m going to touch you repeatedly and I want you to tell me when I?ve moved the pin.? The first touch was just below the shoulderblade and then he touched it a quarter of an inch away. ?Same place or different place??


He moved it another quarter inch.


Another quarter inch.


Ben said, ?You see the back has a low density of nerve endings, so there is quite a lot of skin covered by one receptor. Now lay on your back again.?

I could tell Rita was in bliss, especially when Ben put his large hand on her shoulder and squeezed. He picked up a hand and said, ?Same test.?

He moved the needle in a smaller patch and the distance between separate sensation was much smaller. ?We have a higher concentration of nerves here. Tell us where you feel the sensation.?

?Just in my fingers.?

He tested various areas on her body, showinng us the areas where the nerves were concentrated. I wondered what he was leading up to, but then he said, ?So now we?ll move to the areas that have the greatest concentration of nerves.? He looked at me, ?Would you like to remove her bra??

Rita lay motionless while I lifted one shoulder and unsnapped the clasp. I pulled the back straps out to the side and then slid the shoulder straps down, so the bar loosely covered her. Sally leaned forward and moved the fabric cup down slowly, rubbing it over her hard nipples, which had contracted her areolas into tight little puckers. Sally leaned down and breathed onto the closest one.

Ben leaned forward, his sharp needle held delicately in surgeon?s fingers. He licked his lips as he said, ?Very pretty.?

They were pretty, compact mounds centered on her chest, no sag at all, nipples and breasts pointing straight to the ceiling. As the needle approached one nipple, I could see her back stiffen as her breast rose to meet its sting.

?The nerves are very close together here. Now we need a volunteer to stimulate the nipple so we can observe Rita?s experience.? Sally leaned forward and extended her tongue to lick her right nipple and then sucked it into her mouth.

?Are you feeling the phenomenon?? Ben asked.

?No it has to be both and for some time. And hard.?

Ben looked as me and said, ?May I??

I nodded my approval and he dipped his mouth to enclose her left nipple. Both Sally and Ben mimicked each other, sucking the nipples and then running their teeth and tongues over them. Soon Sally was saying, ?Oh yes I can feel it now, right now.? She moved her hips and Ben and Sally sat back.

Ben said, ?Shall we examine the spot where you feel these sensations?? He nodded to Sally and together they rolled her thong down her hips and off. I noticed that it was slick with moisture and I also noticed Jack lift it to his nose and inhale deeply and then hand it to Sally who did the same, and who then passed it under Ben?s nose. Ben said, ?Now let?s examine this.? He and Sally each took a knee and spread them. We could all see her slit, and the wetness that slicked her lips. Ben very delicately took one side of the peach and Sally took the other and they slowly pulled them apart. There, in the center of two hidden inner lips was the hard pearl of her erection. Ben reversed the pin and touched the tip of her clit and then moved it around. The smallest movement and Rita moaned, ?different, different? He then reversed the pin and used the sharp end. No matter how small the movement she could tell. He leaned back and said, ?Now we need the nipples stimulated while we observe the location of these sensations.?

Jack was obviously feeling left out and he moved around to occupy the breast that Ben had sucked. I moved over to her right nipple and Jack and I grinned at each other as we bent to our task. After sucking for a minute Rita started moaning, ?Now I feel it now.?

Ben leaned over and said, ?Tell us exactly where you feel it.? Jack and I leaned back, playing with her nipples with our fingers, stretching and pulling them while we watched Ben?s pin.

Rita moaned. ?There, there oh there.?

Ben said, ?How about here?? and I saw him slip a finger inside.

?Oh I feel it there now.? We resumed our sucking and I watched Ben?s finger slide in and out.

?What if I curl it up, does it feel different there??

We heard Rita gasp, ?Oh right there, that?s where its strongest.? Her hips were coming off the floor now, bouncing to meet his thrusting finger. He withdrew it and she whimpered. ?Try it at the bottom.?

Ben motioned to Sally who placed her finger at the bottom of her slit. Rita moaned and I saw Ben re-insert his finger, pulling upward, touching, I knew, her g-spot. Rita started bucking as Sally moved her finger back and forth along the bottom of her slit. I motioned Jack to resume his sucking and did the same, and I saw Rita?s hands clench handfuls of the quilt as she started cumming, waves of pleasure causing her tits to flush and her breath to shorten. As she lay limp we all sat back and grinned at each other.

Rita opened her eyes. ?That was a wonderful experiment.?

Sally said, ?I?ve always been curious about male anantomy. Can we do the same test to Rick??

Ben said, ?I don?t see why not.?

I didn?t need a second invitation and quickly stripped naked, laying back on Rita?s quilt.

My cock pulsed in time with my heart and a thick clear drop of pre-cum dripped to my stomach.

?Now let?s see where the nerves are here.? Ben said. He touched a spot on my balls and then I felt the needle move. The gaps were very small but the sensitivity diminished as he moved to the shaft. He put his hand around it to hold it still and I could feel my cock swell with the erotic image. When he reached the little band of skin right under my cock hole the sensitivity increased tremendously. I felt Rita?s mouth enclose a nipple and then looked to see Jack licking the other one and then both my nipples were being sucked. The sensations were incredible and after a few seconds I could feel them echoed in my cock. The needle probing continued until I identified the spot where the nipple sensations were strongest. I felt my cock licked and felt Sally?s hair on my thigh. I felt one strong hand encircle my balls and then I felt a mouth engulf me and a tongue rubbing up and down the back of my cock. The mouth came off and I saw Ben?s finger sweep up the wet covering my cock, and then I saw Sally?s leg sweep over me and I felt the soft glove of her pussy cover me. She was so wet that her pussy made a sloppy sound whenever she drove down to the base of my cock. She started riding, her pussy muscles milking every stroke and then I felt a pressure at my ass and realized that Ben had stuck his wet finger inside. Sally slowed her movements and started grinding her clit on the base of my cock. The sensation of Ben?s finger was uncomfortable and I was on the verge of asking him to stop when he obviously found the spot he was looking for. An incredibly intense pleasure started working its way up from my toes. I could feel myself start to explode at the same time that Sally started shaking, her large tits bouncing. Jack and Rita had left my nipples and each had one of hers in their mouths. Sally started shouting a truly amazing string of profanity as she came. The intensity of her spasms was almost painful on my cock until I grabbed her hips and plunged into her so hard that she seemed to relax and collaspsed against my chest. When she lifted up she stayed over me, while ropes of my cum dripped out of her onto my chest.

I looked at Rita who sat back with a grin on her face. I leaned up on one elbow. ?I think it?s Ben and Jack?s turn and I know just how I want to see you.? I walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a bottle of lubricant. Jack and Ben had wasted no time in shucking their clothes. We had already seen pictures of Jack?s cock, though it looked larger in real life. Ben was slightly smaller, but of impressive girth. It was a tough decision, but I had Jack lay on his back and then motioned Rita to straddle him. I lifted his cock and watched her slide him in. He filled her nicely, and his shaved balls were tight against her ass.

I looked a Sally. ?I think we should all take turns relaxing her ass.? I put my hand on her so she fell against Jack?s chest. I could see his hands cupping her nipples and saw him move so her could start sucking. Her ass was lifted, and she was making small motions, sliding Jack around inside when I leaned forward and stuck my tongue deep inside. She froze and I heard a moan escape her lips. ?Oh that feels so nice.? I moved my tongue in and out and then flattened it, licking up from Jack?s balls to the top of her crack. I moved out of the way for Sally to do the same and then Jack took his turn. ?It all feels so different. I can feel the different ways you guys tongue me.?

I put a big dab of lubricant on her ass and Sally smeared it in, inserting her fingers and making sure it was deep inside her. Two fingers were next and then three. I put another glob of lubricant on my hand and covered Ben?s cock, rubbing my hand up and down in a spiral manner, making sure it was really wet. She was ready, and Ben moved between her legs. Sally and I saw him tease her rosebud, and then he slowly forced past her spincter muscle. A moan and a cry, ?Oh shit, it?s so big.? And he was now slowly moving in and out. Rita raised herself slightly and now the two of them picked up a common pace and moved inside her.

Jack said, ?God Ben I can feel your cock in her ass.?

Ben laughed, ?I know I can feel your cock moving on the underside of mine. What a sensation.?

I lay back and looked at Sally, who came over and spooned next to me. My cock had stiffened and I slipped it into her, while she spread her legs, so that the trio next to her could look and see my cock slipped into her folds. When she saw Ben looking she started touching herself, moving her clit with her fingers, pulling her lips. It seemed forever, but it probably wasn?t more than ten minutes before the three of them started mutual climaxes. I think Rita was first, judging from her moans and squeaks and I suspect that the spasming of her pussy set Ben and Jack racing to fill both holes. Much shouting and they all collapsed. Sally and I were still watching, moving slowly, her fingers still playing with her clit when they all separated. Rita staggered to her feet and came, standing over us, cum dripping out both holes onto Sally?s tits. When she was satified with the quantity she kneeled and started rubbing it in, pulling Sally?s large nipples, lifting and dropping her tits and then she started lapping the dried and sticky cum off. Ben was the first to harden again, and moved down between Sally?s legs. I was still moving slowly in and out of her very wet pussy when I felt his tongue start to work her lips, my cock and her clit. Her orgasm follwed shortly and her heels drummed the floor. Rather than pausing however, it became obvious that she was capable of a sustained repetitive orgasm. She flipped around on me and told Ben to stick it in her ass. It was obviously not a comfortable fit and she said to me ?Quick, flip with Ben.?

She leaned forward over Ben and lifted back and I could see a little space, so I told her to move up until he was just outside. I grabbed both his cock and mine together and told her to sit back. Both of us were now inside her pussy. I could feel the solid mass of his cock and the flared glans as my longer rod slipped by him. I looked over to see Rita and Jack in a 69. Her ass was pointed ot me and I saw his tongue flicking between her asshole and her pussy, sucking out their remaining cum. Ben and I sayed inside unitl I moved back a little too far. I readjusted and sank balls deep into her ass. She moaned and started another continuous orgasm. We were just about to cum when she hopped off and lay down. ?I want you to jerk each other off on my tits.? We stood and reached for each other. It didn?t take long before ropy streams were covering both tits. Jack and Rita moved over towards us and started licking the cum off and then Rita was between Sally?s legs, toying with her clit. Her butt was in the air and I took the opportunity to lean down and resume licking her ass. Sally started cumming again and Rita was close. I looked over and saw Jack and Ben with their hands on each other?s cocks. My butt was in the air, and before I knew it, Ben was underneath, his tongue first on my dick and then he moved up to suck on Rita?s pussy. I could feel his cock underneath mine and then Jack?s hands wrapped around both of us, slowly rubbing us together.

It was just after three in the mornig when we mutually declared that we were all fucked out. We went up to bed. I woke the next morning to the sounds of Rita and Sally in the shower. The three of us waited patiently until they finished and then we told them to put their hands on the bathroom counter. We did an assembly line fuck, moving between holes every five minutes. At the end of half an hour we had each cum into their sloppy pussies twice, and we cleaned up and called taxis to take us back to our vehicles and a life now enriched.

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