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The Naughty Family

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My friend Jeff told me this story. If you like it tell me at

The Naughty Family.

I was recently visiting a local adult store was looking around. It is very intresting to see what type of the people are at the store. Usually it is men looking around or going to the video booths. Couples looking for toys or sexy clothings. Sometimes you see a female alone but she keeps her head down so guys don't hit on her. So there I was looking at the fetish Dvds and a couple walked in. They looked in theri late 30's early 40's and they were looking at the new release. The guys was in jeans and a -shirt and the female was in a tight dress very short with low cut. I kept looking at them and they were looking at me. I kep mobving over and so did they. So now we were looking at the same Dvds. There was a title called " Daddy's little Girls#15" and the female goes " We don't need this you have the real thing home" And he smiled and I was just stand there looking at them. Then the guy goes" Hi, I am Jim and this is my wife Lauren" I say"hello, I am Jeff and I must say your wife is very attractive". Jim said" Well thank you, I think so too" and then they kiss each other right in front of me. Lauren says" So Jeff what kind of porn do you like? I am standing there thinking and I say" Well I like threesomes and role playing fanatsies" Jim said " We are into that too" and Lauren says" I love threesomes and we love helping cute guys with their fanatsies" Jim then says" Sometimes my wife can't control herself" I smile and look her up and down again and Jim looks at me and smiles when he sees me doing this. Lauren then says" Jeff should come over to our place and you can see what we are really into" I say " Okay, I am Game" I put down the DvD and follow them home. They have anice size house , two floors and they invite me in. They bring to the family room in the basement. There is ahuge tv, lots of Dvds and family pictures. I see them with two girls and a son. So I am sitting on a chair and they are sitting together on the couch. They ask me about myself. I say I am 26, a single male who works for as a Marketing assistant. Jim says he owns his own construction company and Lauren works for him in his office. They tell me they each turned recently turned 40 and they have 3 children. They have Jessica who is 18, Diana who is 16 and James who is 14. I feel very comfortable with them. Then Jim says" You never thought a couple would bring you home from the porn shop would you? . I say " Not for real only in my fanatsies". Lauren says" What happens in these fanatsies? I say "I smile and say where do I start? " Lauren says " Well start at the part which turns you on the most" I then says "Well, in my fanatsies, I meet a couple and they invite me over and they are very kinky. They want me to watch them have sex and they invite me to join. In the fantasies, the womenloves being cummed on and being fucked by both guys etc and that usually what happens". Lauren smiles and says" You just met me, how can you fanatsize about me already". I notice her nipples hard and notice JIm has a bulge too as do I. Jim Says" Do you ever picture more than a couple sexually" I says " I have fantasized about meeting a family who were nudists that played with each other. Lauren then says" Jeff, you haven't met my family and you have already thought about us". I then was very turned on and Jim gets up with his hard on visiablt through his pants and grabs a phto alum and tells me to sit on the couch between them. I look at Lauren and her nipples are rock hard poking through her dress. I open the phto album and there ia a current picture of all of them naked. They tell me who the girls are and their son and then the phot album is them when theya re younger. They tell me how lauren grew up in a nudist family that played with each other and how Jim also played with them. They told me how they still play with lauren's sister who is 42 and her children Peggy who is 22 and Marcus who is 19. I am just looking at that pictures and getting very turned on. The pictures are just normal of them nake but verysensual. I say" So does everybody play with everyone" lauren smiles and says " yes, the girls do lick each other and the boys do suck cock" I smile and Says" So do you meet other familes into family fun? Jim Says" Yes, we do , A lot of people are into what we are into" Lauren says" If my family like you, you can be Jim's long lost brother and join in " I sit there saying to myself , wow what a lucky day. I then say, Are we alone/ " Lauren says" No the girls are naked upstairs probably online flirting as usual but James is with his aunt for a couple of days" JIm says" Should we meet the girls?" lauren goes of course he wants to meet them, they arenaughty like me" Jim smiles and gives Lauren and big kiss and takes her dress off. All I can say his " Damn" Jim smiles and says "Wait to see our daughters' " I then says " Should I get nakes too" Lauren and Jim look at each other and say " Of course. So all threee of us our naked and we walk upstairs first to Jessica room, The door is open and JEssica is at the computer naked like her mom says. Lauren says" Hi honey , we want to meet our friend Jeff. Jessica gets up and she is very tall and skinny, She has black hair and small perky breasts with hard nipples. Shaved like her mom and litle hips. She says" hello Jeff, I am very glad to meet you and states at my cock" Jim says" We will be calling you in a little biy to join us. Jessica smiles and says" Mom you better not wear him out" Lauren walks over to her and gies her hug and says"Don;t worry baby, you will get get to have some fun with him" Jessica smiles and goes back to the computer. We then go to the Diana's room, and see is laying on the bed on her stomach naked. She looks very curvy and she is reading a book. Jim Says" Diana we want you to meet out friend Jeff" Diana lays on her side and her sayd" hello, she has brown hair big boobs nice ass, she looks like her mom and actually has bigger boobs than her. She has a pierced belly button and Lauren says" We will be calling you to come dowen and join us" Diana says" good, I ahve been wet all day" Jim then playfully spanks her ass and Diana smiles and says" I hope there is more of than downstairs"/ I am rock hard at that moment and JIm says, " Lauren I think it's time you suck his cock, our daughters have made him hard". Lauren smiles and says" I ahve been wanting to since he checked me out at the store". So we are naked and don stairs and lauren is sucking my cock, Jim is next to me stroking his cock and says" Jeff do you want to be really kinky" I smile and say"At this point I will say yes to anything". Jim takes my hand and puts it on his cock. I start stroking it and Jim moans. Lauren looks up and smiles and strokes me harder. lauren then gets on the couch and starts stroking each of us. She then takes turns sucking our cocks. Lauren then gives me a big kiss and Jim starts playing with her boobs. Jims says" Lauren he said he likes to watch". Laure smiles and then gets on Jim's cock and starts pumping herself up and down. I sit there wand watch Jim fuck her. Lauren moans Fuck me hard and JIm keeps her on his cock and pouts her on the couch and fucks her deep she is moaning and jim pullls out and says " Your turn Jeff" I get on top og f her and start fucking her, She is moaning and grabbing me saying fuck me baby fuck baby. Jim is standing there stroking his cock and then Yells' GIlrs come down here" I keep fucking Lauren" and then I se Jim sit down and Jessica on her knees sucking his cock. I see Diana come up to us and say" Mom, can I suck some cock" Lauren says of course and Diana gets on her knees and lauren grabs my cocka nd first rub it's on her dian's big breasts and then guides it in to Diana's Motuh. " Suck his cock your little slut" and she grabs her hair and forces her head on to my cock. I see Jessica sucking on Jim and then I see lauren get under jessica's pussy and start licking her daughter. I moan louder as diana keeps sucking. I then hear Jim say I am going to cum and lauren says" Says Jessica make daddy cum" and Jessica starts sucking harder and faster as she is grinding on her lauren's face. I am still be sucked on by Diana who then takes my cock out of her mouth and gives me a kiss and says lest watch Jessica make my dad and mom cum". So we are siting there watching caressing each other as Jim gets ready to cum on Jessica. Jim is moaning loader and Jessica is still riding lauren's face and Laurne is moaning and fingering herself. Jim then strokinghis cock and his cum is squirting all over Jessica's face ,, Jessica is licking it up smiling and it is drippingdown her and then Jessica then gives lauren a kiss and then starts licking her pussy and moans" Mommy your turn" So Jessica is licking her mom's pussy ,Jim is watching and Diana is stroking me and watching. I start puling on Diana's belly button ring and she starts moaning and start caressing her thigh. Jessica is licking her mom like crazy and Lauren can't stand it. Lauren's moans I am going to cum!!!!!!! and Jessica keeps lickign as he rmom cums on her face. Dians whispers ot me" Isn't that hot ho Jessica makes my mom and da d cum, She desrves to be fuckes doesn't she" I smile and Jessica is laying there and diana said" Spread your legs sis, your turn to be fucked" Jessica lays back and spread's her legs. She is so petite and I slide my cock in. Her pussy is so wet and so tight and Jesscia wraps her legs around me as Diana kisses her and caresss her tiny little boobs. I see Lauren nd Jim sitting there watchign and smiling. Then Jessica says" Diane needs to be fucked, my big boobed sis needs to cum" So I lay down and Diana gets on top of me. Her pussy feels so good and I love how her boobs boucne while I am fuckign her. I feel jessica's tongue on my legs and she is licking her sister while she is being fucked. I look and I see Jim is hard and Lauren is stroking his cock. While I am fucking diana I play with her belly button ring. She moans every time I do that. Jessica then starts kissing me while her sister fucks me. Jessica then whispers," Diana loves having ehr bely buttonring pulled and she loves being called a slut". I then pull on her ring pull her closer sucked on her boobs and say" Fuck me Slut".. Diana goes wild up and down really fast, moaning loaudly. Jessica moans and say" Make him cum baby". I am getting fucked hard by a 16 year old. I scream I am going to cum!!!!!!!. Jessica then starts sucking me.... Dians says you have to eat me now and make me cum So she sits on my face and Jim and lauren are watching... Jessica keeps sucking and dians moves to a 69. Jessica goes " come on diana this is for you baby" and I start squirt all over Diana. Diana rubs her boobs on my cock and you can see the cum on them........ Jessica kisses me and Lauren and jim suck her boobs... Jim is rock hard again and Says" Jeff Welcome to the famiy, wait till james comes home:

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