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The Masquerade Party

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The Masquerade Party

We were invited to attend a masquerade party. Costumes required. I looked in the closet and couldn’t come up with a single idea. I was just about to give up and go down to the costume shop when Keith walked into the bedroom with a shopping bag.

“Here is your outfit for tonight”, he said. He pulled out what looked like a cheerleaders outfit, only more parochial than a typical cheerleader. The skirt was a pale blue plaid in a wrap around kilt style, with a pin on the front holding the skirt together. The top was a plain white cotton button down blouse with full length sleeve with dainty buttons on the cuffs. From another bag he pulled out a pair of white bobby socks with a bit of a fringe on the top, a pair of saddle shoes and some plain white cotton panties.

“I’m going as a sixth grader?” I said.

“No, you’re going as a nubile young woman who is ready to have her first sexual exploit”, he said with a huskiness to his voice. “Get ready….and no bra”.

I put on my outfit, wondering what he was going to dress up as. The principal no doubt. But when I came out of the bedroom, I saw he was wearing his usual uniform of jeans, a blue work shirt and loafers with white socks.

“You’re not dressing up?” I asked. He replied his that he would be changing once he got to the party.

We drove to a large house where dozens of cars where parked in the driveway. There was a valet service and I was handed out of the car to an attendant dressed as Zoro. We climbed the stairs to the front entrance, and walked into a large foyer filled with people in all sorts of various costumes. People were laughing and talking, and sipping on drinks. We walked deeper into the room, Keith holding my hand like the nervous teenager I felt like. This part of the act was real. I did feel self conscious and out of place. Keith seemed to know a few people already, and who he didn’t know he made new contacts easily. He left me standing by a cluster of flamingo dancers, a cat woman and what I could only assume was a pink powder puff with tassels on her nipples and the most outrageous pink lipstick I had ever seen in my life.

I looked across the room and surveyed the scene. There was a large fireplace at the end of the room. The flames were reflecting in the beautiful mahogany wood that framed the fireplace. An immense four poster bed rested against the north west corner of the room, with a beautiful brocade bedspread and voluptuous pillows casually thrown at the head of the bed. A fully stocked bar with a half naked bar tender was mixing drinks and smiling; talking casually to guests that chose to saddle up to the bar. In the middle of the room was a heavy, cherry wood desk. Like everything else I had seen so far, it was massive in size and incredibly expensive looking. Oriental rugs were well positioned around a couch and two pairs of side chairs, where more people were casually talking. The walls and the ceiling were paneled with more inlaid mahogany and the flooring was a gleaming parquet wood of a lighter color. Whoever owned this house had old money – and provincial tastes.

I scanned the room and spotted Keith standing between a man and a woman. He was talking and laughing with the woman, holding a rum and coke in one hand and exploring an exposed breast with the other. A burn reached my face, as I felt ignored and uncomfortable. I wondered what to do, and considered leaving the party and calling a taxi to get myself as far as I could from this situation. Why had he dressed me up in such a childish outfit? I felt insignificant and unattractive next to all the sexually explicit costumed women that surrounded me.

Just then Keith caught my eye, and quickly excused himself from the couple he was warming up to, with a comment casually thrown over his shoulder that he would be back in a minute. He came up to me and took my hand, and kissed me full on the mouth. His tongue went deep in my mouth and he cupped my breast through my blouse. He whispered in my ear. “Trust me”, he said. And looked deep into my eyes for what seemed like a full minute. Taking my hand, he led me over to the desk in the middle of the room. Placing his right hip on the edge of the desk, he positioned me between his knees and slowly started to unbutton my blouse, positioning it around the sides of my breasts so that I was fully exposed. He kissed my nipples until they grew hard, and then abruptly stood up and turning me to face the desk. “Lean over the desk”, he said.

I was leaning on my elbows, with my breasts hanging down; my nipples almost kissing the dark gleaming mahogany beneath me. Slowly, his hand started exploring my thighs from behind. He slid a finger into my panties and gently started exploring my labia and clit. Barely touching me, but finding me wet and excited. His teasing continued, and I spread my legs wider. Wanting more. He continued to probe between my legs. Light as a feather. Wetter still, I pushed my ass into his hand, begging for more. I was throbbing and ready to be taken, when suddenly he stopped, leaving my skirt hiked over my hips, with my ridiculous white panties exposed to the whole room. He leaned down and whispered in my ear. “Don’t move. Stay in this position. Stay right like this”, and he walked away.

I couldn’t see where he went, but was anxious for his return. I stayed that way for just a minute or two, when I felt someone’s jean clad thighs on the back of my ass. Hands, a man’s hands, slowly started to pull down my panties down around my thighs. One hand found its way between my legs, and like before, slowly started rubbing my wetness. This time it was a bit faster, probing more deeply and drawing out more juices. Not Keith’s hands. I waited and stayed in my position, with my breasts hanging down.

I looked up and I saw Keith in front of me, about 15 feet on the other side of the desk. He was wearing nothing but a pair of chaps and boots. His cock was standing at full attention, and the couple he was talking to earlier was on either side of him. The woman began to caress his dick with her fingers, as they looked over at me and smiled. The woman kneeled down on the floor and took him in her mouth and started to suck on his dick, while playing with his balls. He spread his legs, standing there in the middle of the room, while her husband looked on.

I was getting wetter and wetter, and hoping the man behind me would fuck me with his fingers, but was afraid to ask for more. His rubbing became more urgent when suddenly he stopped, and fully removed my panties from around my thighs. As I stepped out of my underwear, I could hear him unzip his jeans. Just as he pressed his hard cock in between my thighs, Keith pulled the woman giving him a blow job off her knees and led her over to the desk, with her husband in tow.

“Excuse me, but may I cut in?” Keith said to the man who was behind me. “I would like to do the honors, if that’s no problem. It’s my wife’s first time”, he explained. Suddenly, I felt Keith’s familiar hand. He was standing sideways next to me, fondling me, pushing two fingers deep inside of me with his right hand, while the woman resumed her position on her knees in front of him and continued to give him a blow job. With his left hand wrapped in a fist full of her hair, he was navigating the woman’s speed and depth. I glanced back and saw her eagerly trying to please him, when Keith said to her, “That’s right. Prepare me fully to fuck my wife. You decide when I’m ready.” The woman started to lick and tease him, and after a few more minutes, she stood up and turned Keith towards me. She gently played with his balls from behind, grabbing his cock from behind, as she positioned his cock into my exposed wet pussy. She said to him, “You start fucking, and I’m going to be sure you get every ounce of cum out” as she started to gently squeeze his balls from behind.

The woman’s husband was now standing in front of me on the other side of the desk. He was naked from the waist up, his shirt unbuttoned down the front. He was fully hard and erect. He reached down and started fondling my breasts, just as Keith lifted my ass in the air and started fucking me deeper and deeper from behind. I heard him groan. Keith lifted me off me feet and slid me up on the desk so that I was fully lying across it, with my chin nearly off the other side of the desk. The man on the other side of the desk placed his cock against my lips, and I heard Keith say, “I want to see that cock in your mouth. I want to see him fuck your mouth while I fuck your pussy. I want every orifice filled with cum”.

The intensity rose and I got hotter and hotter. Keith sliding in and out of me, while my mouth was taking in another cock. I felt someone place their hand under my thighs and rub my clit, gently at first, then faster and faster until an explosion of mutual pleasure overtook me. I had to breathe. I wiped cum off my chin as Keith remained still inside me, pulling me back across the desk, deeper into him. We stayed that way for several minutes, breathing slowing down. Elbows aching. I needed to stretch. Keith slowly withdrew his cock from me and pulled my skirt down over my hips, leaving me panty-less and dripping with cum. He pulled me around and kissed me.

“That was really hot”, he said. “You excited everyone in the room. Feel like a drink now?” Feeling fully relaxed and a lot less self conscious, I replied, “Sure do. Make that a diet coke with a lemon twist”, and smiled at my husband.

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