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The Long Trip Home

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I was patiently waiting and worrying that I was going to miss my connecting flight in England, after seven long months in Kandahar province, Afghanistan I was longing to get home to my wife. Eventually, the flight was called and a few hours later and a couple of beers I found myself somewhere over the polar ice-cap as the plane carried me back home. "Ladies and gentlemen, from the flight deck - we will be landing in Ottawa in just a couple of hours, weather on the ground is . . ." as the boring flight announcement continued on my cock was stiffening as I remembered the last time I'd passed this point heading away to the war. I felt my cock grow even harder at the fond memories of my sendoff party in January, Tammy had tried to stockpile orgasms during the last few days before my deployment and now with every passing mile I was getting closer to the sweet cocksucking lips of my wife and I grew even more turned on. The magical memories of just how much she liked to play with my cock and the way that we had recorded the memories on our digital camera allowed for some very explicit memories indeed. During the time in Afghanistan, I was particularly fond of one photo where Tammy was swallowing my cum deep in her mouth, her lips were halfway down the shaft and the excess cum was spilling from her lovely mouth and it was an incredible photo.

Sitting uncomfortably in the airplane seat I tried to adjust my cock in my pants without attracting anyone's attention as it was really quite tented now. Knowing that the long absence would make for an all too fast orgasm I wondered if I shouldn't head into the bathroom and have a solo mile-high club initiation to ease the tension for a while.With a smile on my lips I moved into the bathroom thinking about the first time I made love to my wife. I could still remember sitting on the couch, watching a movie after an extremely highly charged erotic dinner at the local steak and pizza restaurant and I remembered how nervous she was when I had reached over, stroked her arm and made a tentative first step. I remember how she had responded - how she had turned her lips to mine and offered her sweet mouth in deep passionate kisses. How she had squirmed on the couch as we exchanged long, slow kisses and how he she bucked backward the first time I lifted my hands beneath her bra and felt her breasts.

She had eagerly lifted her body to me then and offered me full access to her sweet tits. Pinching and tugging at her nipples under her shirt and bra and the way she had kept stroking my arms and the first gentle caress through my pants as she rubbed her palms over my stiff cock. I had been overwhelmed with her open desire for me, how she had started squirming as her pussy moistened and she pushed harder against my cock. She had lifted her shirt over her head and offered herself to me, pushing her hot body against mine, she had moved faster then, reaching down, pulling open the button-fly jeans and releasing my cock which she slowly started to jerk. She had seemed hesitant at first and unsure what to do with it as she admitted she was not all that sexually confident at that point in her life. But at that point in time you would have never thought that - her slow jerking and unbridled enthusiasm would have marked her for a pro. As she had lowered her lips to my cock for the first time I shuddered- although inexperienced, she had obviously watched a lot of porn in her life as she slid her spit-slick lips down my shaft and took me into her mouth. My god could she suck a cock - her one hand was tickling my balls as her other slowly tugged at me as she drew me deeply into her mouth.

After she had sucked me for a few minutes we rose from the couch and slowly pulled off our clothes. My unfamiliar hands had traced over her bra and slowly undid the catch and I slid my tongue over her straining nipples. My god was she hot - her tits were so sensitive and she bucked under my lips as I slid my hands down into her pants and slipped them over her hard ass, freeing her panties to my touch and with a slight push to the side of her panties I saw her magnificent pussy - glistening with her juices as I started to stroke her clit and rub the soft lips with my finger before I pushed her back and took her into my mouth.

Her sweet pussy juice had been fantastic - the musky feel as I slipped my lips down her warm pink flesh for the first time and inhaled her lovely scent had my cock so hard as I suckled her clit. With my free hand I stroked her lovely ass and pushed one finger and then two into her tender pussy.

I started pushing my tongue in and out of her faster now - her hips lifted higher off the ground and she grabbed my hair and pushed me deep into her as her breathing quickened. This made me want her even more and I reluctantly took away my lips and started trailing back up her body with my tongue, slowing at her nipples as I chewed the rubbery tips and started to bring my cock to her pussy. I slowly dragged the tip against her lips and began to sink my cock into her. Teasingly though, I withdrew my cock from her and she let out a small sigh. Reaching around she grabbed my ass and tried to forcefully pull my cock back into her. Please fuck me she moaned - I need that cock so bad.

I was amazed - never before had I been with such a sexually charged woman. Her frank and direct 'fuck me' was intensely erotic - I had never had a girl who was so fucking hot. She pulled her legs up and extended her knees behind my back and forced my cock deep into her. 'Oh my god' was all I could think as I slowly began to fuck her. Tammy moved faster under me and I could feel her pussy clenching at my cock as I drove deep into her. She quickly rolled me over and began to mount my prick. Resting her hands on her knees she lowered herself onto my cock faster and faster - 'mmm, squeeze my tits' she cried as she started to buck in an orgasm. I grabbed tightly onto her nipples and twisted them back and forth and the additional touch on her pliable skin was enough to drive her over the edge and she screamed out in orgasm. The additional grab of her pussy muscles as she clenched my cock deep inside her was enough to trigger my own orgasm. Knowing full well that I did not have on a condom it was difficult to get Tammy to dismount long enough and when she did it was just instants before my hot cum began to spurt all over my stomach as she straddled me. Tammy softly stroked the jism into my skin with her fingers and loving tasted it on the tip of her tongue.

I think that I'm going to be with you forever she sighed as we relaxed on the couch - utterly spent. I could still remember exactly what my feelings were about this incredibly hot woman- how could one girl be so beautiful and so fucking hot. Little did I know, and never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that one day she would be teaching me how to suck on another woman's pussy or that there would be five and six people in a bedroom enjoying passionate sex. In the life that followed Tammy would teach me more in the bedroom and expand my own boundaries.

One particular fond memory was of a hot and sultry night in Ottawa. Tammy had received a telephone call from a couple of people that we had met the previous month at the local swinger's club during a special night there. We had met Trudy and Brian after Tammy had danced during the amateur strippers night at the club (a fantastic duet with her friend Darlene on the dancefloor). Trudy had tracked us down immediately after the show and invited us back to their house. I thought of that first evening together where Tammy had lain Trudy back on the floor - Trudy was in hear late thirties but had the sexiest 'schoolteacher' glasses and Tammy had stripped her naked in the living room and ate her out on the floor while Brian and I had sat on the couches, enjoying the show. What had followed that evening had been quite enjoyable for all and even though it had been very late at night it was quite intense. Tammy had easily been able to take Brian's cock all the way down in her mouth as his cock was not particularly huge but apparently he was quite sensitive judging by how Tammy could get him to cum deep down her throat. Tammy had obviously enjoyed going down on another woman that night - her skin had been quite soft and she had beautiful breasts with extremely reactive, rubbery nipples. I remember just how easily Tammy had been able to get Trudy to scream in orgasm as she had taken her over the top with her lips on her pussy.

That memory was what had brought us back for a follow-on visit to their house. As we approached the door Tammy reached over before knocking on the door and forcefully grabbed me, pushed me against the wall and gave me a deep kiss and squeezed my cock - don't forget that this is just for fun she smiled. I pushed her hand harder against my cock and looked back at her - nothing here is about love - just sex - and don't forget how much I LOVE watching you cum.

We knocked on the door and were invited into the living room. After a couple of glasses of wine while the sauna warmed up they made small talk and laughed about a few things and then there was an unexpected knock at the door. Another female friend of Trudy and Brian showed up, glitter makeup on her chests and cleavage and you could see at a glance that she was primed for fun. Mindy had her own agenda, her relationship with her own husband was very unique to the lifestyle in that her husband liked her to go out, get fucked and then return home, reeking of sex and often dripping with cum when she got home. Tammy laughed, to each their own she thought and she smiled as she thought of just how much fun that there was in sex when there weren't the emotional hangups involved. She was in love with me but she also found that she loved sex too much to even try to restrain herself.

Shortly after, the sauna had heated up and they all began to strip and put on warm robes to make the cool trip through the backyard. The five of us quickly walked into the backyard through the snow to the sauna and soon enough Tammy was the center of attention - just the way I liked it. She was sitting in the hot room - profusely sweating and the girls on either side of her were running their hands over her and teasing her nipples and sliding their hands down and slowly stroking her lovely pussy. I sat near the door and slowly squeezed my cock, I wanted to stroke it while enjoying the view but I also wanted to hold back a little.

Tammy was moving a little quicker on the bench and the heat was getting to her, she needed to get some fresh air and she needed to get her pussy eaten out by these lovely ladies so she stepped up off the bench, squeezed my hard cock on the way by and led us outside into the cool night air. The shock of the cold air hitting my naked body was quite refreshing and we quickly streaked through the backyard and into the house. Soon enough, we were all sipping on wine and making small talk while the sweat stopped (for now anyway). Trudy stood up and announced that she was going upstairs with the girls to get them ready for the men. With a smile all three of the girls got up, exchanged a quick kiss in the living room and skipped upstairs.

Knowing that my beautiful wife was about to get into a wicked threesome with two other girls only added increased pressure to my cock. Brian gave me a beer in the living room and we sat in the living room and discussed a few things. Brian told me that he and his wife were actually nudists as well as swingers and that they loved having fun with other people. Still slightly new to the lifestyle, I wasn't sure of the etiquette of looking over at another man's cock (that was noticeably hard) and I was a little uncomfortable as he sat naked in the living room, taking the occasional sip of beer. I knew that Tammy had always wanted me to try to give another man a blow job but I was far too nervous and assumed that my host would probably freak out if I raised the idea. From the upstairs bedroom, the noise of the ladies was starting to rise noticeably and the sounds were driving me nuts as we waited downstairs. Quickly finishing off my beer, I looked over at Brian and together we made our way up the stairs to see in person what was going on.

I turned the corner in the master bedroom and my wildest dreams were exceeded, the three women were intertwined on the bed and I could see that they were right into it. Tammy had her mouth securely attached to the nipples of Mindy and Trudy had her head buried in Tammy's snatch and I stared in fascination as she bucked her slippery pussy lips around in front of her bisexual friend's mouth. I smiled as I looked over at the strap-on dildo that lay discarded on the floor, I could tell that it had been recently used and I could still see the glistening pussy juices that coated it and I wondered who had been giving and who had been receiving.

The three-way all female fun on the bed rapidly turned into a complicated five-way with the addition of myself and Brian to the mix. I felt Mindy wrap her lips around my cock as Tammy and Trudy continued in a sixty-nine and Brian slid his cock into his wife from behind and I could only imagine that Tammy was also giving his cock the occasional lick from below as she continued to suck on Trudy's pussy. As they broke and came up for air, Tammy leaned forward and gave me a deep passionate kiss, her cheeks still damp with pussy juice and her chest flushed red with excitement. I watched as Tammy slowly took charge of the situation with surprise, although she was the least experienced swinger (other than myself) in the room she has a natural leadership ability and when she knows what she wants she is not afraid to do whatever it takes to make it happen. As she was directing Brian's cock into Mindy's pussy Trudy asked Tammy if it was alright if she could fuck me. Tammy was still in charge of the situation and told her that we had set a couple of guidelines regarding full-swap at the time and that she wasn't comfortable with that - but anything else was quite all right and she kissed Trudy and pushed Trudy's mouth towards my straining cock. Brian was pounding hard into Mindy from behind and with a cry he started to come in her from behind. Without a word, Mindy got out of bed and slipped out and went home to her husband. To each their own I thought, who was I to comment on what was weird or not.

Tammy reached down and started sharing my cock with Trudy; the two of them were working the shaft and my balls and running their hands along my body. Tammy pushed me back on the bed and quickly mounted, what a rush - I was so turned on from all the preliminary show, anticipation and the fantastic double blowjob that I was getting that it only took a minute before I was bucking on the bed underneath her. Tammy started screaming in orgasm and the rapid clenching and unclenching of her pussy walls sent me over the top and I came inside her so hard that I thought I was having a heart attack.

Slowly, Tammy crawled off and moved onto all fours, Trudy had been watching from the side of the bed and had surreptitiously put on her strap-on and she approached Tammy from behind her on the bed. Tammy dropped her head to the pillow and with a rapid push into her sperm-soaked pussy Trudy impaled her with the strap-on. The mixture of cum and her natural juices lead to no resistance at all and Trudy rammed the 7" cock into her in a frenzy. Flipping her over onto her back, Trudy mounted her missionary style and sawed the cock into her while Brian and I slowly stroked Tammy's tits and I sucked on her nipples. Trudy continued fucking her for another few minutes and Tammy came again even harder, I couldn't believe how erotic it was to watch my wife getting absolutely nailed by another woman. After a few minutes rest Trudy approached me and started me up again by tickling my cock and balls with her well-manicured fingernails until my cock was poking straight up again. She wasn't interested at all in small talk and she just sucked and jerked my cock until my eyes nearly popped out of my head again. I could hear Tammy doing the same thing to Brian on the far-side of the bed and when I was able to open my eyes again I watched as Brian dropped his cum all over Tammys breasts.

The seatbelt sign lit up in the bathroom and the Captain announced we were just commencing final descent. I slipped my hard cock back into my pants, I knew that I was going to save this load of cum for Tammy and as the pre-cum leaked out and my balls jerked up tight I knew that it was only going to be a couple more hours until this load of sperm was being sucked into the loving mouth of my wife. I had been away from home for so long and been nearly killed twice while overseas that I wanted to savour every moment that I could with my wife.

We would eventually push the boundaries with Trudy and Brian and I eventually got the chance to nail Trudy while Brian was fucking her in the ass and she was eating Tammy out but that wouldn't happen until I'd been home for a couple of months...

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