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The Lake

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As the sun began to set lower in the sky and it was the end of a warm sunny day, temperatures began to cool but it was just too nice to go inside. After a long day of fishing on the lake with Cher, Dan, Ann and Tom, it was time to relax. While everyone was sitting on the Deck, Cher grabbed some logs and sticks to build a fire in front of the lake. Dan went in and grabbed some Beers for everyone. The fire was soon roaring and crackling and smoke was rising straight up. As the sun went lower and lower into dusk, the glow of the fire became ever more vibrant. All picked up their chairs and moved around the fire.

Tom and Ann were talking about the day and the fish that had been caught. Dan couldn?t get over the big one that had got away. Cher was just happy sitting around the campfire. This was the second meeting between Cher/Dan and Tom/Ann. All had met for dinner one night to begin discussing fantasies that had said on SLS. That night was successful and had ended by meeting again to discuss more in detail.

All day was spent fishing and swimming and very little had been discussed. Ann then just blurted our her concern for anyone being jealous after anything began. Everyone agreed, but Dan had an idea to test out everyone?s feeling and he suggested that Cher go over to Tom and kiss him deeply in front of everyone. Cher looked a little nervous but saw that Ann was motioning her to Tom.

Cher then got up and went over to Tom and began kissing him deeply. Cher and Ann watched intensely as Cher continued longer and deeper. Hearing nothing from anyone and Cher was getting a little aroused, she remembered that she had wanted to feel Tom?s cock and decided to move her hand down to his shorts. When her hand arrived on top of Tom?s cock she could feel that it was already hard. She began messaging his cock through his shorts up and down.

Ann and Dan continued watching this new activity while Dan was realizing his cock was getting hard. Ann had squirmed a little in her chair but remained silent. Cher suddenly decided to quit. Tom just leaned back in his chair and looked at Ann. Ann said out loud to all, that was really exciting for me. Cher looked at Dan and Dan just reached over and took Cher?s hand and moved it towards his cock. When Cher?s hand arrived on top of Dan?s cock, she realized that it was as hard as a rock. Cher said out loud, Dan doesn?t have a problem with it, he?s HARD!

Ann then laughed and said well, two more to test and she stood up and walked over to Dan. She leaned over him and began kissing him deeply. Ann didn?t waste much time before moving her hand down to Dan?s cock. She felt his hard cock and began rubbing softly and up and down. Dan was just too aroused to let Cher have all the fun and reached up to Ann?s breast where he began fondling them softly at first. Ann began messaging Dan?s cock harder and harder while Dan?s hand began rubbing Ann?s breast harder and harder until Ann pulled herself back with a gasp to catch her breath.

Ann moved back to her chair and looked at Tom when Tom then just reached for Ann?s hand and moved it towards his cock. After Ann could feel Tom?s cock was throbbing hard she said Tom has no problem with this. Dan had been looking at Cher while Ann got her answer from Tom. Cher just smiled and had been rubbing her pussy. Cher just looked at Dan and smiled. She was thinking I can?t wait to get something.

Then it was decided that no one appeared to be jealous and it was decided to take the next step and plan a night for Ann and Cher to swap houses. After the discussion was over Dan got up from the fire and took drink orders and left for the house to mix some new drinks. Shortly after Dan had left, Ann got up and said she was going to help. As Ann walked up the stairs, Dan had heard Ann coming and when she reached the top of the steps he whispered to come here. Ann was a little surprised as it appeared that Dan was motioning her to come into the bedroom.

Ann went in and heard Dan saying walk here towards the window. Ann then realized Dan was looking out the window. She then asked what are you doing. Dan said I just want to watch and see what they might do. Ann laughed and said ?good idea, I like to watch as well?. After a minute, Dan said ?darn, they are just talking?, when suddenly Tom?s hand moved on top of Cher?s leg. All 4 chairs were close together facing the lake and the fire, so it was easy to reach another.

Both Dan and Ann said wait, lets see where it goes and after a brief moment Tom?s hand began messaging her leg. Cher was wearing a shorter Sun Dress that gave Tom access to most of her leg. He began messaging Cher?s leg up and down and then began inside her leg. Dan and Ann then watched Cher slide slightly forward in her chair which pulled back her dress a little and inviting Tom?s hand for more. Then Tom moved his hand slowly up the inside of Cher?s legs closer and closer to Cher?s pussy. As he got closer and closer, Cher?s hand began to inch closer to Tom?s pants until just as Tom?s hand reached Cher?s pussy, Cher?s hand reached over to Tom?s cock.

Tom began rubbing Cher?s pussy harder and harder, Cher began messaging Tom?s cock harder and harder. Dan and Ann were watching silently from the window above, when Dan put his arm around Ann?s waist. Ann then just leaned a little towards Dan and Dan?s hand fell lower until he was messaging Ann?s ass while watching Tom and Cher go at it. Ann moaned and reached for Dan?s cock.

Ann then said, wait, let?s just do this right. Let?s mix the drinks and interrupt those two. Dan agreed and as the drinks were being poured, Ann said you whisper to Cher that we are both going up to the bedrooms to swap tonight. Dan said ?Ok? and Ann exclaimed that she will tell Tom the same.

Dan and Ann both picked up the four drinks and headed to the campfire, when the door opened to go outside a slight commotion was heard. While walking towards the campfire it suddenly got quiet until Dan and Ann reached their chairs and handed out the drinks. All four were sitting at the fire enjoying their cocktails. The light that the fire gave off was a low orange light. After 5 minutes and it looked like everyone was close to finishing their drinks, Ann leaned over to Tom and began whispering in his ear.

Dan knew this was his cue to do the same and leaned over to Cher and began to whisper, ?Cher, you are going to take Tom up to the master bedroom and do him good, while I take Ann to the guest bedroom also?. Cher looked back at Dan with a little surprise, but knowing how bad she wanted to cum after being felt up by Tom, she just stood up and said to Tom. LET?s GO. Tom laughed and got up and followed Cher. Ann just smiled at Dan and said shall we? Dan said let?s go.

Tom and Cher arrived in the bedroom first and just after entering Cher shut the door behind her. It was more than 5 seconds before Cher had removed Tom?s shorts. Her pussy was so wet from being felt at the camp fire. She couldn?t wait to have that cock in her mouth. Just as soon as his shorts were down, Cher was kneeling in front of Tom and she grabbed the shaft of his cock and thrust it deep into her mouth.

She began sucking on his cock softly at first and then moving her head back and forth as she sucked Tom?s cock. She began using her right hand up and down on his shaft while she moved his cock in and out of her mouth. Cher moaned out with delight while she began sucking his cock harder and harder.

When Dan and Ann arrived at the guest bedroom doorway, Cher?s moans were easily heard and both laughed as they entered into the bedroom. Dan decided to shut the door also and quickly began undressing Ann. Dan wanted to go down on Ann quickly. As soon as Ann was undressed, she layed back onto the bed and Dan began kissing her legs, slowly and softly on the inside of her leg. He began slowly licking the inside of her leg and ever so slowly moving up.

As he moved up more and more, Ann?s moans grew slightly until Dan?s tongue reached Ann?s pussy. She moaned with delight at the first lick. Dan?s tongue slowly licked around Ann?s clit, softly all around and in an upwards and downwards fashion. Then he moved down a little lower and pressed his whole tongue into Ann?s hot, wet, pussy, licking in a circular motion.

Meanwhile, Tom couldn?t take it any longer and pulled Cher onto the bed. He began licking Cher?s legs, but Cher would have none of this and wanted that tongue deep in her pussy. She pulled Tom?s head up until his tongue reached her pussy where he began licking and sucking Cher?s pussy all around at first. Then he too, moved his tongue deep into Cher?s hot, wet, pussy.

Cher moaned out in delight and Tom then licked up towards Cher?s clit where hit begin licking and sucking harder and harder. Cher?s hips where thrusting up and down in conjunction with each of Tom?s licks. Tom then moved both hands under Cher?s Ass to hold her as he worked her clit with his tongue harder and harder. Cher was holding back until she screamed out I?m going to CUM. Tom just kept pulling her deeper into his face until Cher squirted out and screamed in delight.

At this time, Dan was also working Ann?s pussy with his tongue. Ann was quiet and moaning softly with every lick. She could feel Dan?s tongue work her clit harder and harder. All she could think about was cuming and then getting that big hard cock deep into her pussy.

Hearing Cher in the other room screaming out was exciting Ann further. Ann soon exploded and just after decided she couldn?t wait for a new cock any longer and pulled Dan straight up on top of her. Ann reached for Dan?s hot hard cock and pulled it into her pussy. Dan thrust his cock deep into Ann?s pussy where Ann moaned out softly and then saying ?Yes?.

Meanwhile, after Cher had squirted, she pulled Tom over and positioned herself on top of Tom. She grabbed Tom?s cock and positioned her pussy right over his big hard cock. Then she slowly sat down on Tom, taking his cock deep into her pussy. Cher then began riding his cock and rubbing her clit on Tom. She started slowly and in an up and down fashion. Pulling her pussy up to the top of his cock and then thrusting it deep into her pussy again.

Cher was fucking his cock up and down, up and down, faster and faster, then harder and harder. She couldn?t take it any longer and grabbed Tom?s hands and began rubbing her clit to get that tingling feeling. Tom?s cock felt soooo gooodddd. She was rubbing it all harder and harder. Tom then reached up towards Cher?s breasts and began messaging her breasts harder and harder and squeezing her nipples.

Dan was thrusting his cock deep into Ann?s pussy. Ann was so wet already. At first in and out, in and out, slowly at first then harder and harder until Ann?s hand were firmly holding Dan?s Ass pulling him deeper and deeper into Ann?s pussy. Ann then moved her legs higher and wider to receive every inch of Dan?s hot hard cock. Dan began pounding Ann?s pussy harder and harder.

Ann was pulling Dan?s Ass towards her more and more with every thrust and then began pulling him faster and faster. Dan was fucking Ann?s pussy as hard and as fast as he could. Ann kept wanting more and more. Ann then reached down to her clit with her right fingers and began rubbing her clit hard and fast, moaning with every new thrust. After a minute more, Ann held Dan?s Ass hard wanting him to just stay deep in Ann?s pussy while she came all in one motion.

Cher was still riding Tom?s cock rubbing him while she thrust her hips up and down on him until the tingling feeling could no longer be taken and she stopped while moaning her enjoyment. Tom then seized the moment to roll Cher over to her back. He then moved on top of Cher and with Cher being so wet, when his cock attempted to enter her pussy it just slipped straight in.

Tom pushed it in as deep as he could. Cher then pulled her legs back high and wide to get all of Tom?s cock deep inside her. Cher then realized Tom?s cock was much wider and filled her hot wet hole. Tom then began thrusting Cher?s pussy in and out, slowly at first and then harder and harder. Cher now was holding her legs back as high and as wide as she could. She wanted to feel every inch of Tom?s big hard hot cock pounding her hot wet pussy.

After Ann?s orgasm, she wanted Dan?s cock even harder and moved herself into a kneeling position towards the end of the bed. She wanted Dan to fuck her pussy hard from behind. Dan quickly moved his cock back deep into Ann?s wet pussy. Dan grabbed Ann?s waist to hold Ann while he began thrusting his cock in and out. Ann was so wet from her orgasm that Dan pulled his cock completely out of Ann?s pussy and then thrusted it back into her pussy.

Ann moaned out in delight and wanted that a few more times. Dan then held Ann tightly and began to pound her pussy harder and harder from behind. Until soon, Dan was just fucking Ann?s pussy as hard as he could from behind. Feeling Ann?s excitement, Dan reached around Ann?s waist until he could reach Ann?s clit. Dan began rubbing her clit harder and harder while still fucking her pussy from behind.

Now Cher?s legs are still being held back high and wide while Tom is pounding Cher?s pussy with his thick hard cock. Cher can?t take it any longer because it feels so good, she moves her finger down to her clit and begins rubbing it harder and harder. Tom continues to pound Cher?s pussy hard until Cher squirts in a large stream right into Tom?s throbbing cock.

Cher is extremely wet which excites Tom even more and he begins to pull his cock completely out of Cher?s pussy and then thrusts t straight back in. Softly at first and then harder and harder while Cher is moaning in delight. Cher then decides it?s still not enough and wants to feel his cock pound her from behind. She then crawls out from under Tom and positions herself on her knees where Tom quickly reinserts his throbbing hard cock back into Cher?s pussy.

Dan is still fucking Ann?s pussy hard from behind while rubbing her clit with his finger. He keeps pounding and rubbing until he feels Ann?s cum squirting and her moan of ecstasy. Dan can?t take it any longer and rolls Ann onto her back and crawls on top. He begins pounding Ann?s hot wet pussy hard and Ann pulls her legs back high and wide to receive every inch of Dan?s cock.

Dan then moves up on his hands to start pounding Ann?s pussy harder and harder. Ann moves her finger onto her clit and begins rubbing harder and harder. Ann wants to squirt one more time before she receives Dan?s hot load. Dan is pounding her harder and harder and then Ann screams out while she squirts all over Dan?s cock. Ann?s pussy is soaked and Dan continues to fuck that pussy harder and harder until he shoots his hot load deep into Ann?s pussy.

Meanwhile, Tom is still pounding Cher?s pussy hard from behind. Cher is moaning with every thrust of his cock. Cher heard the moans in the other room and wants to squirt again. She reaches up to her clit and begins rubbing it harder and harder. Feeling Tom?s hard hot cock fuck her pussy harder and harder from behind, her clit aches for her fingers faster and faster until she starts squirting all over the bed.

She continues squirting more and more while Tom continues to fuck her pussy as hard as he can from behind. Tom?s been dreaming of cuming in a women from behind and he knows he?s close. He keeps fucking Cher?s pussy harder and harder until he shoots his cum deep into Cher?s pussy. As he does so, he holds his cock deep in Cher?s pussy while cuming and his cock is throbbing.

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