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The Lady In Black - Story First Swing Experience

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After much conversation Judy had agreed to meet a nice couple for some very safe adult fun. Judy had many reservations about the whole thing, but in the end wanted to give Ron the chance to live out some of their fantasies. Judy had often fantasized about making love in front of others. Ron was possessed by the thought of seeing his wife with another man or being pleased by himself and another. The thought of seeing his beautiful wife giving and receiving pleasure from others was overwhelming for him. Judy may have harbored similar fantasies about being with others, but she is very modest and was extremely reluctant to live them out for many good reasons. Ron could always hope, but he was extremely grateful to his loving wife for meeting another nice couple for some light fun.

Ron really looked forward to Saturday. He and his wife Judy, whom he adored, had been married 17 wonderful years. They were going to meet Debbie and Steve for the second time. They were a really nice couple and the four of them enjoyed eachothers company very much. They had originally met online and seemed to have much in common. At their first meeting, Debbie and Steve had invited Judy and Ron back to the room for a few drinks and some adult fun. The ground rules were clear. Watching and touching were permitted. There were two double beds in the room. Each couple had their own bed. After some fun conversation Steve and Ron each offered their wives a nice massage. The ladies gladly accepted this offer. All four got naked and the massage began. The evening progressed to each couple making love in front of the other. Everyone had a great time and found it quite a stimulating experience.

As Saturday approached, Ron thought about the possibilities of the fun that was in store. He hoped that the four of them would have as much fun outside the bedroom as in. It seemed from their first meeting that everyone hit it off well and that both couples shared many interests and values. Chief among those was family. The hope was to build a long-term friendship with an occasional get together. As all four were very athletic, possibly some golf, tennis or beach outings would be planned.

Saturday came and after checking in, doing a bit of shopping and resting the couples met at 6PM for a drink. After some nice conversation, the four went to the Japanese restaurant where they had dinner at their first meeting. Judy looked stunning in a black shirt and skirt outfit with no stockings and sandals that revealed her pretty feet with red painted toes. Ron was always a legman and he loves when Judy shows hers off. Debbie was more conservatively dressed and looked very nice. But Ron was turned on by his wife. He loved that she was the girl next-door type, but also loved when she stepped out of character and became a hot sensuous woman for him and others to behold.

Dinner was very nice. The chef came to the table and put on a great floorshow while preparing the meal. The focal point of the show was a volcano he built of onions, which exploded in flames to the delight of the patrons. Ron could only think about something else erupting later that night.

After dinner the two couples went for a stroll and then Debbie and Steve invited Judy and Ron back to their room for the nights pleasures. Judy and Ron went back to their room to get some of the wine they had brought for the evenings fun. They got to Debbie and Steve's room at about 8:30PM. Drinks were served and the conversation was light with talk about the usual things family, kid's sports and work. At about 9:30PM Steve decided to get the ball rolling by stripping and lying on the bed. Judy and Ron have enjoyed nude recreation on many occasions so the conversation just continued with Steve lying on the bed naked with no one paying Steve's condition much attention. Time passes and Ron figures that the whole group should join Steve in his state of nakedness. With Steve pointing out that they had purchased some nice scented body oils, it didn't take the ladies long to shed their cloths and get ready for a nice massage again. Judy was in an especially good mood for the evening and was making many jokes about this and about that. Ron was very happy to see Judy so free and enjoying herself.

Ron enjoyed helping Judy strip. He loves to share the sight of his wife's very beautiful with others. She is 5'4", 115# with short dusty blond hair, sparkling blue eyes and a charming smile. She has small but very firm and beautiful breasts and a nice dark bush which Ron had helped shave earlier to help her lovely womanhood stand out. Ron could tell that Steve was very turned on by Judy. He could not help but notice that Steve really enjoyed Judy in the outfit she had worn to dinner by the glances he would periodically steal. Steve's eyes were now riveted to Judy's nakedness

As before, there were two beds in the room with one couple on each for the massage session. The ladies were enjoying the loving touches of their husbands. Ron loves to rub the oil all over Judy's body but especially loves to give her beautifully shaped buns a good rub. After completing with Judy's back, he had her flip over to massage her front paying special attention to her breasts. As before, Debbie and Steve were progressing beyond merely massage faster than Judy and Ron. Debbie who has what appears to be an insatiable appetite for sex and orgasms was through with her massage and proceeded to go down on Steve. She even had Steve's cock dipped in wine to suck it off. After completing Judy's massage Ron was caught up in the moment and worked his way down Judy's body, sucking and licking her breasts and tasting Judy as he licked his way down to her pussy. He loved the feel of her smoothly shaven outer pussy lips. He slowly licked her clitoris and sucked her pussy lips into his mouth. Judy arched her back a bit and began to breathe deeply. Ron noticed that Judy was massaging her own breasts while he continued to work on her hungry pussy. Ron loves to watch Judy play with her breasts and remembered that Steve had mentioned that he enjoyed watching Judy do that in their first meeting. Ron knew the sight of Judy lightly playing with her breasts and nipples was probably turning Steve on and in turn that turned Ron on even more.

As Ron continued his tongue bath on Judy, Steve and Debbie suddenly joined them on their bed. The couples continued to play separately right next to eachother for some time. Judy was enjoying Ron's attention, while Debbie, who is very orgasmic was probably cumming for what seemed to be the 10th time in the first hour with Steve playing her like a fine instrument. Neither Judy nor Ron could quite believe just how orgasmic a person could be until they met Debbie. She was 5'4", 105# with shoulder length dark hair and dark eyes. She has a slender body, lovely breasts and she has a very closely cropped pussy. She comes across as a sophisticated librarian type. But boy once she is in bed she surrenders herself totally to sensual pleasure. Debbie also has the very rare ability for a woman to ejaculate while having an orgasm. This was quite a sight to both Judy and Ron who had never seen or heard of such a thing even in X-rated movies. She can have one orgasm right after another and spew her female ejaculate like a small fountain. It was quite erotic to witness such a thing.

As Ron continued to pleasure Judy, he noticed that Steve had taken Judy by the hand and had her reaching in the area where Debbie and Steve's genitals met. Ron could not see what was going on exactly from his vantagepoint between Judy's legs, but his imagination ran wild. The effect must have been powerful for Debbie because she was cumming even faster than before. Ron's hard on stiffened further at the thought of where Judy's hand continued to play. Then he saw something that really turned him on. Steve, who was working his cock in and out of Debbie, had shifted his upper body to the right and as Ron looked up he saw that Steve and Judy were now kissing. Ron could not believe his eyes as he witnessed for the first time his beautiful wife kissing another man, but his penis approved wholeheartedly. He heard Judy moan softly as she was now being pleasured orally by the man she loved on her vagina and by another man on her sensuous lips. Her pussy expressed its pleasure with extra juices flowing onto to Ron's tongue as Steve and Judy's mouths continued their sensual exploration for several minutes. Judy is an excellent kisser and she had discussed before what she liked best about one of her old boyfriends was the way he kissed. She looked so beautiful, completely sensual and into the moment. Judy and Steve's lips finally parted and Judy beckoned Ron to enter her now extremely moist vagina. With all this excitement it was all Ron could do not to cum when the tip of his penis entered his sexy wife. He mounted his wife and they kissed passionately.

After making love for some time with Debbie and Steve next to them, Steve needed a break and that left Ron with both of the ladies. Ron and Judy were on their knees exchanging a kiss and fondling eachother. Ron then reached down to massage Debbie as well. He played with her breasts and worked his way down to her moist pussy. Debbie moaned with pleasure and came almost instantly at Ron's touch spewing further her warm ejaculate. Ron was playing with Debbie with his left hand and with Judy with right hand. As he was playing with Judy he felt something that really took him be surprise. It was another hand groping. It was Debbie's hand and he thought it was trying to find his cock to return the pleasure he was giving her. Instead and to his complete surprise, Debbie's hand was groping for Judy. Ron nearly came right there and then. Ron was so turned on by the thought of Debbie exploring the feel of another woman for the first time and Judy enjoying a women's soft touch for the first time while Ron kissed his lovely wife. He wasn't sure how Judy felt about it, but she made no move to leave Ron's kiss or Debbie's soft sensuous touch. This was more than Ron could ever have dreamed of (and boy he dreams a lot about this). Ron massaged Debbie's pussy, while Debbie did the same to Judy for what were probably only a few minutes but it is one that will be locked in Ron's memory for eternity. Steve reentered the room and proceeded to give Debbie some attention from his tongue. Meantime Judy and Ron got up from the bed embraced and danced a little. The feeling was electric for Ron and Judy.

The couples then took a break and Steve took the opportunity to get a shower. Judy was making jokes again and thoroughly into the fun of the evening. Ron thought to himself just how hooked he was on Judy. She was his partner for life and knew there was no one better out there. She is smart, beautiful and at this very moment and forever the sexiest woman on earth to Ron. They were both exploring new sensual adventures together. He loved Judy so much and knew he was a very lucky man.

Steve returned from his shower and took up his position on the bed. As with Ron, he had not cum yet that evening. The guys were trying to save themselves to keep the fun going. They had done a pretty good job because it was now past 12:30AM. Steve asked for both the ladies to join him and make him cum. Debbie took up a position between Steve's legs and began to give oral pleasure to Steve. Judy meantime was getting oil on her hands to help massage Steve's cock and balls to bring him extra pleasure. Steve's back arched and he let out a muffled groan as Judy applied her oily hands down the shaft of his penis and gently stroked his aching balls. Ron can tell you that Judy has to be one of the best hand job practitioners in the world. Ron's eyes were fixed on his wife's hands working the length of another man's shaft and placing Steve's cock in Debbie's eager mouth. Ron watched the action proceed and slowly stroked his own cock. Ron left the room briefly and when he returned he found Debbie still between Steve's legs sucking his cock while Judy massaged his balls and sensuously pleasured Steve's lips with hers. This sight was too much for Ron to stay out of the action. Judy's buns were arched in the air as she continued to kiss Steve. Ron then rubbed his now aching cock against Judy's now dripping pussy. The thought of her receiving his cock while she fondled the balls of and made out with another man was one of the most erotic moments in Ron's life. Judy was so sexy to Ron right then, he felt as thou he was in a different world. If possible, his loving wife of 17 years was now even more appealing and sensuous to him. He cannot explain it and Judy may never come to comprehend it, but it is true.

Ron and Judy left the room about 1:30AM. They made their way back to their room where Ron couldn't wait to get his hands on Judy. Once back in their room, Ron took Judy to the bed and kissed her breasts and lips while massaging her juicy pussy. Ron felt like a kid again. He was full of energy and wanted to be with his wife like it was a first date. He worked her clitoris in circles and up and down in varying rhythm. Judy's breathing got heavier and Ron knew she was enjoying this. He teased her sweet pussy and then picked up the pace and felt her body stiffen as she does when she approaches orgasm. Ron loves that feeling. Judy's breathing becomes irregular and every muscle in her body is bracing for its release. Judy started to let out a deep moan as she came in Ron's loving arms. Ron then entered his very stiff cock into Judy's inviting pussy. With all the thoughts of the evening still fresh in his mind it didn't take Ron long to have a big climax and feel his love juices mixing with Judy's. Judy drifted off to sleep, but Ron could only rest and think of all that had just happened. He played every moment out in his mind.

At about 6AM, Ron could stand it no more and he needed to have sex with Judy once again. He woke her and this time he spread her legs and licked and sucked her beautiful pussy. She tasted so good to him. His tongue glided slowly across the face of her pussy. He heard Judy's breath slow and heard little moans as she exhaled. Ron looks up at Judy's face while giving her head and stared at his wife with her eyes closed absorbed in the pleasure Ron was giving her. As Ron work her clitoris faster and harder he knew that Judy was building to a great climax. Then her body tensed and let out a big exhale going Ohhhhhhh. Ron could taste the juices flowing from her now extremely moist pussy. Judy then relaxed and then rolled Ron over and lightly stroked his hard cock. She then mounted Ron. Her pussy never felt so good to him. She slowly took his cock in and out as she rode him. They were kissing with incredible passion. Their bodies were on fire and worked as one. She worked Ron's cock for 20 minutes until Ron exploded with one of the most powerful orgasms of his life. Ron felt like a firehose putting out a fire as his cum filled Judy's eager pussy. Judy could feel his cock pulsing as it continued to spew Ron's sperm. Judy collapsed onto Ron and they kissed again.

Ron and Judy met Debbie and Steve for breakfast. They enjoyed some conversation and then it was time to say goodbye for now. As they drove home, all Ron could think about was getting home and making love to his wife. He hopped that the kids were not yet home. As luck would have it they found the house empty and Ron offered Judy a massage. As he stroked ever inch of her body he thought about how beautiful she truly was. He finished his massage with his tongue on her hot pussy. It didn't take too long and Judy was cumming hard again. Judy then told Ron to get on his back and she proceeded to give him one of her hand job specials. Ron just loves to have Judy handle every inch of his penis slowly while she gently kisses Ron on the lips and they caress eachother's tongue. Judy massaged Ron's cock and aching balls for about 10 minutes and finally Ron erupted sending large amounts of cum all over his chest and belly. It was time for a shower and to take on the rest of the day until night when they would be able to be in eachothers arms again.

Night came and Judy found Ron naked and hard again on the bed. They were like college kids again. It had been many years since they had enjoyed this much sex in such a short period of time. The most orgasms by Ron in one day were 3 back in their college days together. He was about to smash that record at 40 years old out doing the man he was almost 20 years earlier. Ron could not remember the most Judy had cum in one day, but after bringing her to orgasm with his tongue again that night that made 4 for Judy. After cumming, Judy beckoned Ron to lay on top of her and give her his manhood once more. He felt so hard in her she thought. He thought how moist and inviting her pussy felt to him. They made love to eachother as if dancing to slow music. Finally with thoughts of the last amazing 24 hours running through his mind, Ron could hold back no longer and exploded in his incredibly sexy wife's loving pussy. They then fell into a deep-contented sleep where Ron could only dream of the lady in black.

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