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The Hunt Club

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It was a usual Thursday night, I met my friend Rich after work for happy hour. The conversation was nothing out of the ordinary, sports, family, work and even though I knew Rich was bisexual we laid heavily on the subject of women . I asked Jules what he had planned for the upcoming weekend. He smiled and said that he was off to a friend?s house for a club that he belonged to. When I asked him what type of club it was, his smile grew wider but just said that it?s something I wouldn?t be interested in. I didn?t reply, just took another gulp of my rum and tonic. After happy hour turned into happy hours, I couldn?t help but wonder what type of club Rich would belong to that wouldn?t be of interest to me. So, I asked. His reply was ?seriously Jeff you wouldn?t be interested in it.? Well intrigued as I was I couldn?t let it go, so I asked if he was able to take a guest. He replied, yes and actually it?s part of being a member, that you need to bring one new guest each year and this was his time to fulfill that requirement. Well that really perked me up and I spoke right out and said ?take me!? He laughed and said ?no I don?t think so, it?s really not for you.? Well I just couldn?t let that go so I said ? I?ll tell you what Rich, if you tell me what the club is, invite me and I turn you down, tonight?s happy hour bill is on me.? He looked at me intensely without his smile and said ?OK, but I?m betting you?ll turn it down immediately.? Nervously smiling I said, ?ok, let?s go, tell me what it is.?

Rich grinned slightly and spoke quietly, ?you know I?m bi correct?? I looked at him and said yes of course. Rich continued ? well the club I belong to is called the Hunt Club.? Blankly staring at him I shrugged my shoulders and said, ?yeah so, it?s a hunting club, I know I never got into hunting but I can be your guest.? Rich had a big smile on his face and said ?Well Jeff, it?s not actually your typical hunting club. It?s more of a sporting challenge. Kind of a game of adult tag and hide and seek.? Still with blank emotion I said ? Well there you go, I loved playing those games as a kid so I want to be your guest!? Rich?s smile turned to a slight laugh and said ?well, that?s where it?s a little different, and if I?m getting you to pay for happy hour, I guess I?m going to have to tell you.? Rich continues ?So as you know I?m bi and I have a pretty good imagination. Well this club I belong to hunts naked men.? As Rich spoke those words I was taken back in surprise. ?What do you mean hunts men!? I raised my voice. ?Shhhhh? sighed Rich. ?It?s not actually hunting, but more like hide and seek.? ?Well, ok? I said. Tell me what you mean.? Rich continued, ?well as I said each member has one month per year that he is supposed to bring a new guest. Once that guest completes the hunting game he?s entitled to a member ship? ?So how?s the hunt played?? I interrupted. Rich smiled evilly and continued. ?Well we put a cotton tail on the mans ass and bunny ears on his head. Then he?s sent off into the woods to hide. We run after him and when we catch him we mark him with our assigned number that we get from a lottery draw before the hunt?. ?Wait a minute? I exclaimed. ?I thought you said naked men?? Well I did said Rich. I guess you?ll just have to see it to understand. So now that I told you what the club is, do you want to be my guest, or should I get the bartender to give you the check? I looked at Rich for a moment while he relished laughing at the thought of me turning his invite down. ?OK, YES? I raised my voice. ?What do you mean, you really want to go through with this?? said Rich. ?You do understand that this is also sexual in nature right?? I looked at Rich and thought for a moment then said it, ?YES, I get it, not exactly sure how it?s sexual but, we racked up a hell of a happy hour bill, so I?ll do it just to get out of paying the bill.? Rich looked surprised as he spoke, ?Well ok then, I?ll pick you up tomorrow around 1 pm. Just wear a pair of sneakers, shorts and a tee shirt. It?s gonna be a hot day, in more ways than one?? as he chuckled.

Well tomorrow came quicker than I thought, Rich pulled up in my driveway right at 1 o?clock. I came out and got in his car. Rich glanced at me and said, ?are you sure you still want to go through with this?? I smiled and said yes, I was up all night thinking about what was going to happen. I was excited, turned on and yet tense with the thought of not knowing. We pulled out of the driveway and I asked Rich, ?so where is it that we?re going, where is this club?? Rich told me that this was a long time friend that came up with the idea. He lives on 5 secluded acres that is fenced in all around the perimeter. I looked at Rich questionably, ?so what?s the point of it being fenced in?? Rich smiled as he placed his hand on my knee, ?it?s do the rabbit doesn?t escape? Rich said with a slight laugh. Well that just sent shivers up my back. I couldn?t imagine what was actually going to take place, but one thing for sure, I was definitely excited, and I think Rich saw that. So I shifted my position and crossed my legs thinking of other things.

We entered a back country road and came upon a dirt access road. Rich looked at me and said, ?Well this is it, this is his driveway. No turning back now? I nervously smiled and said I wasn?t thinking about turning around. We came up to a tall gate connected to a fence that looked about 8 feet tall. Rich pulled up next to the intercom and pressed the button. A voice came over the intercom asking who was there. Rich spoke up ? Hi Gene it?s me Rich, and I have the rabbit.? The gate slid open and Rich moved the car forward in a slow but deliberate manner. We slowly drove up a winding gravel road until we reached a really nice house. There was a long wraparound porch that seemed very welcoming. I felt more at ease.

As we pulled up to the front step, a beautiful scantily clad girl came out to greet us. Rich put the car in park as the girl opened his door. Rich stepped out and handed his keys to her. She gave him a slight kiss on the cheek and said ?it?s great to see you again Rich.? Paying attention to what was taking place with Rich, I didn?t even notice that two voluptuous girls were standing outside my door. As I turned my head to get out of the car, it felt like my jaw must have dropped wide open as I looked at them. God they were gorgeous. As I got out of the car, Rich yelled out, ?Leash him girls!? What did he say? I thought to myself and before I knew it a dog collar was wrapped around my neck by one girl as the other snapped on a leash. Now that?s not something I was expecting! Rich walked around the car as I stood there motionless thinking, I was just dog collared and leashed by two very hot women. This is going to be a wild time!. Rich came over to me and took the leash from the girl. As he said thank you, both girls gave him a kiss, looked and me, smiled, giggled and ran away. Ok, now I had no idea what was going to happen next, but I have to tell you, I was really excited, nervous, but excited.

Rich grabbed the leash, looked me in the eye and said, ?from this moment on, you are known as Rabbit?. He jerked the leash and said, ?well let?s go.?

We walked up the steps and entered the house. It was amazing. The entrance led to a wide open first floor. Hardwood floors, wood walls with sconces for lighting, on the left side was a beautiful hand carved dark wood bar with two gorgeous girls dress in bikinis tending bar. I looked around and noticed that the only women hear seemed to be working as bar tenders, greeters, servers and walking around with trays of appetizers. The guys, about 15 or so of them were all loosely dressed in shorts, tee shirts and running sneakers. But I really have to say all the girls I saw were absolutely gorgeous. Nice bodies, scantily dressed and they looked like they were really having fun with what they were doing. My eyes went toward the back of the room and I saw the whole back wall was sliding glass doors leading to a porch and down to a wide open sunny lawn. I was intrigued by all that I saw. Rich pulled my leash and said ?come on, let me get you a drink before the hunt? He led me over to the bar as one of the girls bartending came over with a huge smile. ?Hi Rich! Is this the rabbit?? Wow he?s really cute. This might be the best rabbit yet? I just smiled at her as Rich said we?ll take two Molson Lights. As she walked away I couldn?t help but to stare at her hot ass dressed in a Brazilian bikini. I then looked up on the wall behind the bar and noticed about 10 pictures of guys. Each in different poses, but all showing their bunny ears. Rich notice me looking and said, ?Well in a couple of hours, your picture should be up there? As he pointed to the pics, I noticed one of them was of him. He looked at me and said, ?yep, I too was a Rabbit, that?s how I became a member.? Well now I felt really at ease. Rich was a rabbit and he lived to tell. So now feeling more at ease, I let my guard down and as the bartender brought our beers I smiled and asked her name. She smiled back and said ?Amber, but you know you?re not supposed to speak to us. At least not yet. Maybe you and I can talk more later this afternoon when the hunt is over? She winked and walked over to get another guy a drink. Wow was I ever intrigued. I was shaken in my seat by a loud bell being wrong. I looked toward the sound and there stood a man on a small stage with a microphone in his hand and a camera in the other. Once the bell stopped ringing he shouted out. ?May the good member with the rabbit please bring him up on stage.? Rich stood from his bar stool, tugged my leash and said, ?no turning back now, don?t disappoint me.? I looked at him and asked ?what do you mean disappoint?? Rich stopped in his tracks and turned around to me and said ?If the rabbit doesn?t go through with it, or gives up, the member who brought the rabbit loses his membership. Don?t disappointment me!? Nervously I shook my head and said , ok. Rich led me across the room and up on stage. Once on stage he handed the leash to the master who looked at Rich and said, ?prepare the rabbit.? Rich took a few steps toward me and positioned me on front of the stage looking out at the audience. There stood the 15 men and the 5 or so girls that were working the party. All smiling with big smiles and a few giggles. The master spoke into the microphone, ?Strip the rabbit!? Rich was standing in back of me and I could feel him pressing against me as his hands reached around and pulled off my tee shirt over my head. He then slid his hands down from my shoulders across the front of my chest and towards my hips. I could feel my cock starting to swell from watching the crowd gaze upon me and Rich?s hands sliding over my body. He then slipped his finger into the front of my shorts and slid them around my waist as he started to slowly lower them. Caressing my thighs as he slid my shorts down past my knees to the ground I stood there naked except for my shorts around my ankles and my sneakers. Rich guided my feet up over my shorts and removed them. Now there I was completely naked with only sneakers, in front of the crowd. My cock slowly started to grow so to stop the possibility of embarrassment I started to think of other things. But it wasn?t working. I could see the girls and guys? eyes fixed on my stiffening cock. The master spoke again, ?Tail him!? With that Rich grabbed my arms and spun me around and bent me over so my naked ass was facing out over the stage. The master reached into a box and pulled out a large cotton ball. It must have been about 5 inches around. He held it up to the crowds cheer and I watched him squirt something that looked like glue on to one side.

He handed Rich the cotton ball and then I realized it was going to be my tail! Rich took the ball and pressed in onto my lower back, just above the crack of my ass. I felt my cock reach it limits in growth and I knew I was now going to be standing in front of everyone with a raging hard on. Giving the cotton ball one good press, he then lifted me up at the same time the master placed rabbit ears on my head. ?the rabbit is prepared for the chase, let?s move to the lawn? the master spoke. Rich took my leash and led me out the glass sliding doors, down the porch and into the lawn. As I stood there naked, my cock throbbing with excitement, the guys all formed a circle around me as the master entered the center.

Looking at me, he began to speak. ?rabbit, this circle is the beginning and will also be the end. When the circle opens you will have a 5 minute start. At which time I suggest you run, run as fast as you can into the woods and find a hiding spot, or several spots. At the end of the five minutes we will begin our hunt. Each member has been assigned a lottery number, 1 through 15. When they catch you they will paint their number on your body. This will be of significance when you enter the circle again. You will run and hide until all 15 huntsmen find you, or until 4 o?clock at which time the hunt is over. If you are captured and painted by all 15 hunters, you will enter the circle. If by chance you are not found by all 15 hunters you will be declared the winner and you will be in the center of our circle but you will have won control. Beware, that no rabbit has ever gained control.? With those last words the circle parted, a gun was fired and a whistle blew. ?RUN RABBIT RUN? yelled the master. I stood motionless for what seemed minutes, but then I realized I had better start running. And like Rich said, I didn?t want to disappoint him.

So off I ran. As I ran as fast as I could my still stiff cock was bouncing up and slapping my stomach with every stride. The sun was starting to warm the air as beads of sweat began to drip down my naked body. It was kind of exhilarating running naked through the field. Then it occurred to me that I had better conserve some energy. This was a two hour hunt! As I approached the woods my I gazed over my shoulder and noticed no one was chasing me yet so I thought I was in good shape. Into the woods I went, looking for places to hide. There seemed to be a path and I thought it would be best to go off the path. As I ran through the trees, jumping over rocks and fallen trees my balls and cock bounced giving me a good feeling. However that feeling was quickly quieted with the thought of not knowing what was going to take place. I glanced over to the left and saw a newly fallen tree full of leaves and thought it would be a good 1st hiding spot. As I spread the limbs and leaves I crawled in and stooped down. The humidity was picking up and my body glistened in the streams of sun light. It felt good to settle down a bit, catch my breath. My cock lost its stiffness as I ran the last few minutes and now sitting in the shadow of the falling tree, waiting, my mind started to wander. I kept thinking about what possible could happen at the end of this hunt. My imagination went crazy and the thoughts of possible scenarios started my cock to stiffen again. I kept picturing those gorgeous women back at the club house, hoping somehow they must be involved. My hand slid down across my thigh and I touched myself, felling my cock swell. Instinct took over and I slowly stroked my cock. This was the first time I was naked in the woods and getting harder as I stroked really started to feel great. I picked up my stroking pace a little as my balls bounced against some of the loose leaves on the ground. Then all of a sudden I heard it, the first footsteps of someone looking for me.

The footsteps came closer and closer till I thought they were standing right in front of me. I looked around and to my left I saw a figure through the heavy leave covering. I tried to stay perfectly still, my hand lay motionless on my hard but shrinking cock. With one quick swoop the limbs parted and there he was, the first hunter to find me. He reached in with a marker and drew a red 12 -1 on my bare chest. With that he left. No what do I do, stay there or look for another hiding place? Was someone following him? I made up my mind to stay put. I didn?t hear any voices or footsteps, thinking once a hunter found me they weren?t allowed to assist others. Seemed like a few minutes past when I heard several people walking across the ground cover. Closer and closer they came and with another quick swoop the limbs of my hiding tree were parted. This time several hands reached in and started pulling on my arms. Not giving too much resistance I was pulled out from my hiding spot. As one hunter held me one by one they drew their numbers, 9-2 on my lower back with red marker, 3-3 was drawn on my left thigh with red as well and 6-4 on my lower stomach right above my cock with a blue marker with blue. With that I was left standing alone as they walked away. What was the meaning if any of the colored markers? I?m guess their number is followed by the dashed number of the order they found me, I just can?t imagine what the colors mean. Well, couldn?t stand there too long. My goal was not to be found by all the hunters in the two hours and win. I certainly didn?t want to lose and find out what was going to happen to me, or did I, picturing those girls back at the club. But, enough pondering and off running.

I knew there were only two hours to this ?hunt? but it had already felt like four hours. I was exhausted, sweaty and not to mention extremely horny for wondering what was next. In the next few minutes, I was surrounded and numbered by numerous men until all numbers from 1 to 15 were marked on me on various parts of my body. With the final marking placed on my naked body, I was ?captured? by several guys, placing a collar around my neck, attaching a leash and leading me back to the club house. As we approached the open lawn of the house my body tensed with a hesitant but excited emotion. My cock started to swell from the excitement but my hands trembled with the unknown. As I was pulled to the center of the long yard, I saw the other guys coming from the wide back porch of the house. All of them were laughing and seemed to have a exuberant smile from ear to ear. They seemed to meet us right smack in the middle of the yard. I was tugged to a sudden stop as all 15 men surrounded me in a circle. I saw Rich coming from one end of the circle, walking with a cockiness towards me. Upon reaching me the guy who had my leash in hand, stretched out handing the leach to Rich. Rich looked at me devilishly smiling, and it was at that very moment that I knew that I was in trouble, good trouble, safe, but oh yes very much in trouble. Rich?s hand stretched out grabbing the leash with authority. He took the leash firmly in his hand, tugged me and led me in a parade around the inner circle of men. With the final circle completed he led me back into the center. I could hardly keep up with his motion as he whirled me around. With one steady strong thrust on the leash he forced me to my knees. And with a auctioneer voice he yelled ?I got a blue number 1!? With that a muscular man with dark hair and beaming dark eyes started walking towards from the circle. Walking with his broad shoulders back, he stripped himself slowly with every step until he was standing in front of me completely naked. Rich smiled looking at me as he handed this guy the leash. He took the leash in his hand and yanked me towards him. ?Suck my cock? he demanded. At that time, I knew what was in store. I was going to suck off all 15 guys in the number they found me. I never had a guys cock in my mouth, never even thought about it. Well ok, yes I did think about it a couple of times when I laid in bed playing with myself, but never ever thought I would actually have it happen. And now, here I am, naked in the middle of a 15 guy circle knowing that I am going to have my face cocked fucked and there was nothing I could do. The anticipation, fear, excitement and heart beating overtook my body as I opened my mouth and let this tall dark haired guy slip his soft cock in my waiting mouth. I hesitantly accepted his cock. My tongue reached out, running down his stiffening cock. As he grew harder and harder his body started to sway back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I was being face fucked for the first time, and wow, did I like it. Faster and faster he pumped until he pulled his hard pulsing cock out of my mouth and jerked off in front of me. His hot cum shot onto my still open mouth, down my chin and dripped onto my chest. My own cock started growing stiff as I realized everyone was watching me. I was the center of attention and boy did I love it!. I looked over and saw the girls sitting on a bench with drinks in hand, smiling, and watching. With the final squirts of cum hitting my lips, another guy walked forward. His cock was already hard and sticking right in my face. But instead of fucking my face his swiftly grabbed my leash and pulled me so fast that I didn?t have time to react. I fell forward following him on my hands and knees as he paraded me around the inner circle. As he led my past the circle of guys they each reached down and spanked my ass. With the final round he lead me toward the middle again and did a quick loop that forced me around facing away from him, I could feel his hard cock press against my ass. He shouted out ?I am number two!? and with that, his lubed cock pressed against my ass and forcefully but slowly entered me. My body tensed but immediately relaxed and I let him enter me. His large hard cock slid slowly deep inside me. I felt a fullness within me. Nervously my body shimmered, but my cock grew instantly hard. His cock started sliding in and out, in and out, faster and faster. I started to really get turned as I looked up and saw everyone staring, watching me get fucked. Oh my god was I turned on. I have always loved the thought of being in the middle, the center of attention of a group. It was always guys and girls. But now, I was being used by 15 guys and what a turn on. My head jerked back and I pushed my ass harder back onto his hard cock. His rhythm with my rocking body was making his balls slap against my ass as his stiff cock fucked my ass. He started moaning and with a few more hard thrusts he pulled out and shot his warm cum all over my tanned ass and back. As I felt his cum landing on me I looked up to scan the circle to see who was next, who was walking toward me. They must have been behind me because I didn?t see who it was until my leash was yanked around, spinning me naked on the ground. As I lifted my head up to look, I saw my friend Rich and another guy standing in front on me. Both of their cocks were massive with erections. Rich reached down and grabbed my leash hard, pulling me up to his cock and shouted ?suck it?. My mouth opened and his cock was shoved in my mouth. The guy standing next to him reached down and grabbed the leash pulling me up. With Rich?s cock still in my mouth I was forced to a kneeling position. The guy then grabbed my hand and placed it on his huge cock and started using my hand to jerk him off. Rich?s cock started pumping faster and faster as he watched my hand sliding back and forth of the other guys stiff cock. I looked up and saw Rich?s eyes fixated on my jerking hand. I got even more excited knowing he was watching me jerk off the other guy. As my hand started slipping over the hard cock faster and faster, my mouth, lips and tongue started sucking faster and harder. With that Rich yelled out ?whose number 5?? I didn?t have time to look but felt my other hand being raised and placed around another hard pulsing cock. With that, I looked up at Rich. Being naked, kneeling on the ground in the hot sun with one hard cock sliding in and out of each hand and Rich?s hard cock fucking my mouth, my eyes connected with his as he smiled at me. Somehow he knew, he knew how much I loved being the center of attention. And I give him credit. Although I have fantasized about being used by several guys, I never knew how much I would love being in the middle of what was a gangbang!

I was so turned on that I almost didn?t notice that another hard cock slipped inside my lubed ass. There I was outside naked on my knees in the middle of a yard, with a hard cock in each hand, one fucking my has and Rich?s 8 inches fucking my mouth faster and faster. Soon they were all picking up their pace. As I looked up at Rich, he pulled his cock out of my drooling mouth and his hand pushed my shoulders back. All the guys pulled away as I fell on my ass. Sitting naked, leaning back, the four guys surrouneded me and started jerking off in front of me. I looked up at their pulsing cocks, their hand jerking back and forth, faster and faster. I was licking my lips with anticipation. And then it happened almost simultaneously, their pulsating cocks shot hot cum all over me, my face, my lips, my chest and stomach. They continued jerking off on my till the last warm drip of cum landed on my chest, running down across my nipple, down my stomach and pooling at the base of my own hard, heart beating cock. As they walked away high fiving each other, Rich yelled out ?number 6, your turn?. Cock after hard pulsing, cum shooting cock I licked, sucked and got fucked in my mouth and ass until all 15 guys were complete. Not one cock shot inside me. All of them shot their hot wet cum all over me. I was covered. Sticky and glimmering in the sun. I felt my leash tug from behind. As I spun around I saw one of the girls from the bar pulling on the other end. The pulled up on my leash guiding me up to stand and pulling me forward. Leading me toward the house a few other girls met her as they led me into the house. We walked in from the porch, and across the open ballroom floor. There were about 15 ? 20 other people in the bar area with their eyes fixed on my cum dripping, hard cock body as I walked across the wood floor. We reached a stairway and the girls continued to lead me up to the second floor and into a marble shower room. Entering the room they closed the door, One of the girls pressed a button that turned on several showers. My leash and collard was removed and I was guided into the streaming cool water. The girls stripped naked and surrounded me. Each of them slowly and methodically ran a soft soapy wash cloth over my body, wiping away the drying cum. Soon I was glistening with cool running water. I was clean. And as I thought of what had taken place and how nice it was to be clean, the girls started running their hands all over me, caressing every inch of me. Two of them kneeled down in front of me as the cool shower water ran over my body. They both took turns sucking and licking my cock as it grew hard again. My body started swaying with ecstasy. I felt the urge to cum and all of a sudden the water shut off, the girls stopped sucking and stood up. The collar and leash was reattached me and I was pulled out of the marble shower room. I was dripping wet as they led me down the stairs and into the ballroom. I saw all the guys and the other people standing in front of a platform. They parted as the girls led me up a few steps and onto the platform. My cock was soft with nervousness. I saw that the girls were still naked as they led me to the center of the stage and pulled me down into a sitting position facing the crowd. The leash was dropped onto my lap as I sat there naked in the floor with all eyes fixed on me. Then I saw my friend Rich walk up the step to the stage and grab a microphone. He began to speak. ?I?d like to thank everyone for their participation today in our rabbit hunt. I appreciate very much the comments you have given me to finding this rabbit. I hope each of you have found pleasure in today?s hunt. And now, let?s us watch the rabbit perform.? Rich looked at me and said, go ahead, release yourself. I thought for a moment about what he was saying, then I realized that everyone was standing there watching me, wanting me to stroke myself off. I was so excited from the day?s events that it didn?t take but a few second s for my hand to work my soft cock into a raging hard on. I looked at the crowd watching me and really got into it. My hand started pumping faster and steadily faster. My balls were bouncing hard against the wood stage. The crowd?s eyes were fixated on my pumping cock. My excitement grew and it seemed my cock got harder than it ever had been. My hand picked up pace and I leaned back, stroking faster and faster. With my balls bouncing harder and harder, my cum built up and soon I leaned back a little further and shot my hot wet cum up onto my stomach. I continued to jerk my cock. My cum flying all over my naked body, splashing on my stomach, chest, nipples, neck and chin. As my cum drained from my hard cock my hand slowed to a soft gentle stroke, and the eyes of the crowd followed the motion of my hand. Rich walked forward to me. Lifting me by my arm, guiding me to stand, I stood cum covered again, still hard and looking at the smiling crowd. Rich lifted his hand holding the microphone and again, thanked the crowd and said ? Please welcome our newest Hunt Club member Jeff. The crowd clapped and cheered. However this time I was not led to the showers. I remained cum dripped, naked to mingle with the crowd in the bar. I remained that way for a few hours, drinking and being grouped, molested by everyone in the crowd as they introduced themselves and welcomed me.

It was a usual Thursday night as I met my friend Rich for happy hour. We had a few cocktails and talked about sports, work and life. Rich then smiled a big smile and said, ?so, whose your rabbit??

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