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The Halloween Toga party

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A friend was having a Halloween party at his house recently, and there were about 30 to 40 or more people there. The theme of the party was a Roman Toga party.

So the wife got a couple of white sheets and did us up Toga style. Now she is quite shy (until she gets drunk then all inhibitions are off) So she is wearing panties and a bra under the Toga. I should premis this by saying that my wife is a BBW with nice big breasts.

Anyway, we get to the party, the booze is flowing quite freely. We had agreed that since she was able to get drunk the nite before at her friends Halloween party and I was the designated driver, that tonite I get to drink and get drunk. Well, as it turned out we both got pretty drunk that nite.

The Host has a few "special" events planned and one of them is a "Gladiator" event. This is where entrants show off what they have "package" wise... But without actually exposing it. Except the chest, legs and ass... One guy actually exposed his cock and balls.. (The wife commented in my ear that she would love to suck on those.) Hmmmm.

And there was one female entrant and she showed off her beautiful legs and her very small breasts... Nice but I'm a boob man.. The bigger the better for me...

There was a Lickabilty contest where selected females got be judges and got to lick what ever they wanted to on the "Gladiators" (I tried to get my wife to be a judge but she refused. She still didn't have enough booze in her yet.)

At a later point of the evening the Host and his wife announced that there was to be a "Wet Toga" contest.

The Host has a very nice heated pool and a Hot tub that is adjacent to each other. So the idea was that everyone was to go down to the pool (or hot tub) and get wet.

Well by this point the wife was at the point of limited inhibitions. (she would not initiate anything but would be willing to follow...) Well the Host's wife took off her Toga to reveal the most beautiful natural breasts that I have ever seen on a woman (Besides my wife) She did have on a nice pair of string panties which barely covered her pussy. She was stunning! her Husband doffed his Toga as well and was sporting a tight speedo and His bulge was quite evident. They both dove into the pool and when they emerged they shouted out for everyone to join them.

Well, the wife saw that another woman had doffed her toga and was topless so she decided to go ahead and at least remove her Toga. I followed suit. Leaving me with just my tighty whities on and I was sporting a nice hard on too btw.(which the wife immediately commented on.)

We then dove into the pool and when we came up we embraced and kissed. I noticed that the Host's wife was deeply engaged in some heavy kissing and groping with a guy who was not her husband, and her husband was also deeply engaged with a rather large breasted woman who was completely naked.

I pointed that out to my wife, who cocked an eyebrow and made a facial expression as if to say (How interesting...)

We resumed our kissing and fondling of each other, then I felt a naked body brush up against mine from the side. We broke from our embrace to find another couple were completely naked and deeply kissing each other. They moved away and we resumed our kissing. I was rubbing my wifes clit and managed to push her panty aside enough to get a finger or two inside her pussy. She was getting hornier by the minute. I should say too that Water makes me horny as hell. I love sex in the water...

The water was beginning to get a bit cold now, and folks were migrating over to the Hot tub. By the time my wife and I got over there, there was no room left. But two gents (nicely built ones) did make just enough room so that my wife could sit between them. They looked to me as if asking if it would be ok. I indicated to them that it would be fine if my wife didn't mind. She was a bit embarrassed at first but once she was settled in between them she was fine. They both tried very hard to keep from touching the sides of her breasts with their arms but given that there was very little room it was impossible.

One of the gents got my attention and asked if it would be ok if he could have a peek at her breasts. I knelt down and told my wife what he had asked and she responded with "if it's ok with you... sure.." I gave him the go ahead and he pulled her bra back enough so that he could see her breasts.

He then asked if it would be ok if he could fondle them. I relayed his request to my wife, and again the wife responded with "if it's ok with you". So he pulled her bra straps off of her shoulder and she shrugged them off, then he pulled her bra down to expose her big beautiful breasts. He took one in his hand and began to gently squeeze and fondle it. the guy on her other side pantomimed to me asking if he could also have one of her breasts to fondle. I indicated to him yes, go ahead.

My wife at this point was in heaven. she rolled her head back and I lay on the side next to her head and we kissed deeply. Her hands were on my head pulling me hard into her kissing her mouth.

I whispered into her ear if she would like to take their cocks in her hand, to which she pulled away somewhat and gave me a questioning look. I told her that it would be a huge turn on for me if she did. She then vigorously shook her head yes.

I asked each gent if it would be ok if my wife could stroke their cocks. I got a very enthusiastic "yes" from both. They stood up and both removed their underwear, and sat back down. First one then the other gent guided my wife's hand to their respective cock. Then they both resumed their kissing, sucking and fondling of my wife's breasts. Once again her head lolled back and she and I resumed our kissing deeply.

Then she jerked a bit and gasped... I noticed that one of the gents had pulled her panties aside and was fingering her clit. Then the other gent joined in and they both helped her out of her panties. Once her panties were off completely then they resumed their minustrations on my wife. One was fingering her clit whilst the other one got first one then two fingers into her pussy. She started bucking to all of the attention that she was getting.

I noticed that there was a guy sitting directly across from us who was watching the show with intense interest, his hand was on his cock and was stroking it nice and slowly. Our eyes met and I smiled at him.

I could tell that my wife was getting close to an orgasm since she could barely focus on our kissing. I decided that I needed some relief so I pulled my underwear off and knelt next to her head. I then guided her mouth to my cock. Sensing a cock she immediately took it in and began sucking on it for all of her worth.

I nearly came straight away! I was so hot and horny watching my wife getting finger fucked and worked over by two other guys.

Then the gent on her left, gently guided her over to "sit" on his lap. His big fat cock was poking up thru the water. He guided her down onto his cock and then she began to ride that fat cock hard. I then noticed that others were coupling up, there were two women, (the host's wife and another woman) sucking and eating each other out. There were two other guys that were giving it to a BBW that was also in the Hot tub. Two guys were kissing and stroking each other. It was like a scene right out of Caligula.

I moved around so that I was positioned in front of the wife while she was fucking the guy that was sitting. I took one breast in my mouth while the other gent that was to her right took in her other breast and began sucking on it. It was hard since she was bouncing up and down on that cock pretty hard. In what seemed like an eternity, I heard him groan that he was about to cum, so I pulled her off of his cock and positioned her over the edge of the hot tub and offered the other gent her pussy to fuck. which he accepted with out hesitation, and began fucking her from behind. (her favorite position) His cock was long and somewhat skinny. The guy that she was fucking moved so she could finish him with her mouth. She did so with vigor. He came hard in her mouth.

I was in awe, looking at my wife getting drilled by two strangers. I was also still very horny. I felt soft hands reach around and take my cock in hand. I turned and there was the BBW that was getting fucked by two guys a minute ago. I turned to face her and we kissed deeply and then she turned around and offered her ass. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks so I could get easy access to her ass hole.

I started slowly with just my cock head then gradually got all of the way in. We just stayed very still for a few seconds then she started bucking hard into me. She was screaming "Fuck my Ass Hard!" So I obliged her. I pounded her ass good and hard, sometimes pulling all of the way out, then slamming back in hard. It was not long before I was ready to cum... And she could sense it. So she grabbed the guy that was looking at my wife earlier and had him position himself to receive her from below.

He got up on the side of the hot tub and she straddled him, then I re-entered her from behind and while he fucked her pussy I was fucking her ass.

She was like a wildcat, bucking and twisting, it was hard to keep my cock in her. Likewise for the other guy. She then turned around and mounted him facing away, and motioned me to fuck her pussy now. She leaned back against him so I could get easier access to her pussy. So now he is in her ass and I'm fucking her tight pussy. I could feel his cock the entire time. I maybe got 4 or 5 strokes in her pussy then I came hard. The other guy was not long following me. Soon he was cumming in her ass.

I pulled out and immediately began eating her pussy, sucking on her clit, she was bucking hard pushing her self against my mouth. The guy moved to her side and they began kissing deeply and he started squeezing her breasts.

It was not long before she had another orgasm, and I was sucking and licking up as much of our combined jiz as fast as I could.

I then noticed a nice small cock (about 5" and skinny) near me. The guy was waiting his turn to fuck the BBW. His cock was just inches from my face so I took it in my mouth and began sucking on it. I fondled his balls and worked that cock of his. I could tell he was just about to cum so I guided him to the BBW's pussy. He entered her fast and within a few strokes was cumming..

I turned around to find out what has become of my wife, only to find that she was now in the pool with yet another guy and he had her straddling his cock while in the water. So I got back into the pool and moved up behind her and held her while she was getting fucked by this other guy. I played with her tits, squeezing them and gently pinching her nipples.

It was not long when this guy was ready to cum, and when he did he came in buckets inside her. I was hard again and ready to fuck her pussy. We moved over to the steps for the pool so she could straddle me. Her pussy was so full of cum that I barely felt any friction going in. It was wonderful... I noticed one of the guys that was giving head to another guy had entered the pool and swam over to where we were.

He moved up so his cock was near my mouth. I took it in my hand and stroked it. It was soft yet hard. It felt wonderful. I guided it over to my eager mouth and began sucking it. I swirled the velvety head of his cock with my tongue and was rewarded with a taste of his pre-cum. Soon I was sucking it and playing with his balls, while the wife was fucking my cock.

All the stimulation was overwhelming, and I came again. I stayed on the guys cock until he came in my mouth. We french kissed and I shared some of his cum with him.

The rest of the evening was a blur after all that. The only thing that is somewhat clear is that I remember the wife and I getting out of the pool, grabbing towels and heading up to the house. When I awoke the next morning, It was me, the wife and the guy that was looking at us earlier in the evening. The wife was sandwiched between us and we were on a hideaway bed.

I woke up with a major hard on...

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