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The Gentleman

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The gentleman as always, he arrives early to pick her up. My goodness he looks extra yummy tonight. Is he really, or is she just extra hungry? He thinks to himself, goodness she is stunning...must have got that outfit out just for this night!

Her short skirt teases him on the drive over, and his hand caressing her thigh already has her breath escaping in quick gasps and soft moans. He drifts in thoughts, just the memory of those lush lips on the head of his dick is so inviting he cock begins to stir. As if she was reading his thoughts she takes his hand and brings his fingers to her wondrous mouth. Licking at his fingers and then swallowing one of them completely...WOW! He knows without any doubt that tonight will be one wild ride!

There are already several couples there when they arrive. Saying hello to all the new faces, some names they know by former chats and conversations online. Some are totally new to them. For a while everyone simply lingers about, talking, laughing getting to know each other.

The two of them separate for now, mingling in the crowd but the occasional stolen glance tells the other whom in the room they would enjoy getting to taste. She continues her teasing foreplay by stopping by for deep kisses and grinding her ass to his pelvis.

He enjoys watching her "work the room? laughing and talking with others, giving them some of her lusty heat with just her smoldering eyes. He watches the other men and women as they appreciate her as well. Many are instantly drawn to her colorful tat, which she loves to show off each time she is asked about it. Soon though, she grows in her boldness and her love of display and teasing foreplay. She begins to tease him, and any others that are nearby, with quick flips of her skirt. Revealing her sweet ass, sexy stockings, and lacy thong.

He notices her watching the door...waiting for the arrival of Carol &

Joe. The couple he heard she had so much fun with in Angelo. She is standing near him, when he feels her squirm with delight...that must be them at the door.

As Carol approaches he is excited to see a very erotic tongue kiss exchanged with both Carol and then Joe. And then in greeting and fond memories she flips her skirt at Joe and he happily smacks her on the ass. He is thinking to himself "WOW! Carol has some nice tits". And Trish reaches up to fondle them.

Some time later Red looks about for Trish, there she is leaning over the couch deep in conversation & kisses with Carol. Her skirt is even more teasing in this position, the lace top of her stockings just peeking out, so naughtily, and her firm ass so inviting. Her approaches her from behind, grabs her hips and grinds his swelling cock against her. She leans back into his chest reaching up to kiss him deeply. "Is kitty hungry?" He asks. "OH yes." she moans. He reaches down and quickly finds her clit, she inhales sharply and quivers, and he confirms her statement by the wetness of her pussy.

Carol teases her with "you ARE ready aren?t you baby?" "Yes!" a more animalistic groan escapes her. "Don't make me wait baby,? she pleads, as she is already unzipping him and leaning further over the couch. She starts kissing Carol again and reaches back to pull her panties aside revealing her dripping wet pussy. Her fingers linger there, teasing her own clit. Watching this unfold before him is so erotic and he is too much the gentleman to make her wait. He enters her in one quick stoke. Buried to the hilt he can feel how hot all her play and teasing has made her. She is quivering and contracting pussy muscles instantly. Some guests hearing her cries of pleasure gather about to watch. Most continue with their talks. Her pussy is so hot now, getting tighter with each thrust. Red is lost in his own world of pleasure and lust. Only aware of the warm pussy sucking hungrily at his cock; and the site of Trish kissing on Carol's breast and her hand in Carol's jeans.

Both women are now moaning and writhing in pleasure. Red feels her pussy getting hotter and he knows just what to do to send her headlong (screaming) over the edge. Reaching forward he finds her clit once again and soon the moans she had been attempting to keep soft change to guttural screams as her pussy starts to convulse harder than ever washing his dick with her cum as it runs over his fingers as well. He continues but slows his thrust, feeling her calm some after such a hard orgasm. Removing his still stiff cock he begins to dress. OH NO! She will have none of that. Wickedly she grins at Carol "Don't you need some of that Beautiful cock?" She purrs. "OH YES, Please?" Carol moans.

They decide to move to a quieter location. Trish makes quick work of Carol's clothing...and soon has her tongue buried deep in her pussy.

Both Red & Joe are joining them, but are taking their time at disrobing, enjoying every minute of the show. Red moves to enter Carol, as Trish teases the head of him with her tongue. Then she takes him in her hand and guides him into Carol?s pussy. Teasingly licking at her clit as he slides slowly in, stretching her tight pussy to its max. Then Trish feels Joe behind her...his breath on her cunt is hot. He licks her slow at first tasting her juices from her earlier orgasm. She is sweet and juicy. Trish is kissing Carol with full long tongue kisses. Oh my but Joe is good with that tongue! She asks Joe to move closer to Carol, guiding his cock to her hungry mouth. Carol quickly devours it. Moving closer Trish purrs in her ear "Share dear?" Soon both girls have Joe in their mouth, how wonderfully erotic for him to have both women licking and sucking his cock. Tongues flicking as they meet at the head for deep kisses. Joe stiffens and his balls are hard as rocks. Trish wants to feel him inside her. "Will you cum in my ass?" she asks.

Just hearing her say that, sends a tingle of delight through him. She moves to seductively stick her ass in the air near him. She is so wet from all the fun, her juices have run down her ass and it is glistening in the dim light. So inviting looking. He enters her slowly, but soon she relaxes and is thrusting back to him. Soon it is Joe lost in his own world of pleasure. Looking up Trish sees Red, and the pleasure on his face, Carol is moaning in her multiple orgasms from the deep fucking of Red?s cock. She starts licking at Carol?s breast when she Gasps, Joe too found her "button" and the feeling of him in her tightest of places, and the touch at her clit, the erotic pleasure of watching Red & Carol...sends her headlong over the edge. Her screams soon cause Joe to cum deep within the tightness of her firm ass. Hearing her cum so massively sets Red off and his warm splash of juice makes Carol cum as well.

They lie rest a bit then dress to join the others, returning to the party for more tasty delights. Red experiences more pussy than he thought possible in one night. And watching Trish lick them all is so hot. Several women he just teases with a few strokes of his long cock, some he fucks more thoroughly. Sharing some of them with Trish, sometimes he just watches her with delight from across the room as he is deep in another, and others are enjoying her talents. That mouth and hot pussy are hard to deny. Several times he hears her screams of pleasure and quietly gets that knowing grin.

Soon it is nearly morning, and they decide to sadly say goodbye to new friends and head to the hotel. A shower sounds so inviting...they both need, and want one. They decide to share, soaping each other?s bodies as she is kissing him deeply and begging to be touched. He is amazed she is still horny. How is that possible?

They dry off and lay in the bed, caresses and back rubs as they talk about the night of pleasures. Soon she has her fingers at her clit again (dose she never stop?) He grins at her and quickly plunges his fingers deep in kitty, giving her what she needs to sleep. Finally she quietens down some. "Can I sleep with those right there"...giggling she turns and drifts off to warm wet dreams.

The feel of her warm wet mouth on his cock, awakens him, and soon her skillful tongue has him at attention. "Red" she purrs so softly in his ear. "You are the most gentle man I know. Will you do something for me?" "Will you make love to me?

Soon her mouth and pleas overwhelm his hesitations and wrapping his arms around her, he enters her slow and sweet, with soft kisses and gentle caresses. His hands seem to be all over her at once. Soft but urgent are his caresses and even when she tries to hurry him, he wont budge from his pace of slow and gentle. This actually makes her even hotter her orgasm builds slowly this time as her entire being is set on fire. Finally she reaches that point of no return. Though she is quieter than ever, her orgasm this morning is more profound than any she had the night before. Soon, he joins her in the bliss of pleasure and release.

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