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The Empty Nest- Forty-something Wife and Husband Learn to Party

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Sometimes, I admit that I?ve had a wandering eye and a curious mind about expanding my sexual experience, even while married, but in the end, we?ve both always been faithful to each other. That was true of 25-years of marriage, but that radically changed for both of us last summer. I am sure my husband didn?t mind. Actually, I?m sure he liked what happened. So I really want to share the story.

He and I had raised three kids, and they were all off to college, and we felt an exceptional urge from our new-found freedom to take a trip to someplace romantic and new. We ended up in Put-in-Bay on Lake Erie. It was a three hour drive from our place, with a short ferry boat ride, and I?d heard that it was a fun and lively place. Actually, I?d heard it could get crazy.

I had warned my husband, Rhet, that it was sort of wild, and that the two of us were in danger of growing stale if we didn?t expand our horizons. I told him that we needed to get into a new ?sexy groove?. He raised his eyebrows and asked what I meant, and I told him that Put-in-Bay was notorious for topless women and late night parties.

He smiled and asked, ?Honey, ?you sure we?re ready for this? After all, you know I love your body.?

And, he did, I knew that, even through the years of raising kids when they were younger we had very good sex, but when the kids were teenagers, our sexual activity dropped off to maybe once a month or even less. We were both exhausted, but still in love.

He was a professional in a large city, and traveled about 6-weeks out of the year, and I had noticed on some of his hotel bills that he had watched some porno movies. For a year I debated on what to do, if anything. I knew he must be jacking-off in the privacy of his room, and to tell the truth, the discovery, and the knowledge that he was seeing and doing naughty things sort of turned me on. I decided to not say anything about it, and let it go.

Then, it was my turn, and I started going on very infrequent travel, mostly personal trips to visit some family. I always preferred staying in hotels, except when visiting my parents, for my own privacy. That?s when I watched my first hotel porn, and well, I really got turned on by it; partially because the sexual activity was fascinating and hot, and the guys and girls had such great bodies, but it was also sort of naughty to be cheating on my husband, getting aroused and spanking the monkey without him (just like he had been without me for quite some time).

Confession - It was fun. But I digress. The point is that I knew we both had a horny, naughty streak that neither of us had ever really discussed with the other, and well, now that the kids were out of the house, I really wanted to exploit our mutual, but still un-discussed lusts. The trip to Put-in-Bay was very contrived by me to have both of us fall into a lusty situation with strangers, and I for one, was willing to let new experiences happen.

But, not being real party-goers, to most people, I?m sure we would be considered boring. We like a slower approach to life, and well, staying up late just to stay up late wasn?t a practice of ours, so, as our habits directed, we decided to get dressed for some warm sunshine, and to walk around the little island village ? in the middle of the afternoon. Sheesh ? what were we thinking?

Anyway, we started to get ready to go out into the village of Put-in-Bay. Rhet has a very attractive face, with salt and pepper hair, and bright green eyes, which radiate in stark contrast to his nicely-weathered golfer?s tan. He was preparing to wear his favorite sandals, cargo shorts and a polo shirt, when I stopped him and said, ?Hey big boy, remember, we?re going to stop the clock on some of our habits. Take that underwear off, then get dressed. Hangin? free and easy is the way that the exciting crowd does things.?

?Mia, I?ve been missing this naughty side of you. Your wish is my command.? He smiled beamingly at me, and dropped his cargos, then his whitey-tighty briefs.

Did he look slightly swollen? I thought so, but his cargos were already on their way back up, as his nicely shaped wiggle-worm danced haphazardly and out of synchronization with the rest of his jostling body mass. Then it disappeared with a small slapping sound as he whipped it in before zipping up. I was always fascinated at that little vicious act.

As for me, I had on some new, shorter than normal cargos of my own, and instead of a polo, I was wearing an athletic t-shirt, which pressed rather nicely against my bra, enhancing the shape of my fairly ample, but somewhat aging breasts.

Once dressed, I grabbed for my day-purse and suggested that we leave, but Rhet pulled me close to me and gave me a nice kiss on the lips. It was tender and provocative ? a hint of the boy I married.

?Fair?s fair. Right? Take off the bra and panties.?

My heart leapt. I had never considered walking around so provocatively, and so, well, vulnerable. I had been thinking mostly of looking at the other women and guys, but not being a spectacle myself. Now Rhet was provoking me into new territory. I felt my tummy begin to tingle deep inside. This might be fun. Very fun.

But then, I was back to reality. My breasts, are 38DD, and my nipples are rather, well, long and pointy, and my aerola is dark brown and at least as large as the palm of my husband?s hand.

?Oh, I couldn?t Rhet. My nips will show through this white t-shirt.?

He put his hands on my breasts, and rolled his thumbs over my nipples. Even through my bra, I could feel his practiced moves were on target.

He whispered, ?Mia, take off the bra for me. Show off a little. This place has a wild reputation. Fit in.?

I hesitantly agreed, but I changed my t-shirt for a black one, so that only the vague shape and hard pointiness of my nipples could be seen. I also slipped my panties off, and well, the two of us newly radical middle-aged people, launched into the hardly sexually riveting daylight of Put-in-Bay.

I was so disappointed. No one except shriveled-up old people were out and about. The outdoor bars were deserted. Judging by the looks of Rhet, I could tell he was disappointed and soon-to-be bored too. We were both daringly dressed for the warm sunshine and I had grown comfortable with the idea of being ogled by a sexy guy or couple, and now there wasn?t a sexy person in sight.

?Sorry Hon?, I whimpered to him. He just smiled and squinted off into the sunny horizon toward the marina.

?Well, let?s walk out to the marina and check on the boats.? Rhet was the typical guy. He loved trucks, airplanes and boats. And, he pointed out that there were some nice private yachts out there. ?Rich people,? he said. ?Maybe some sexy old rich people.?

We both laughed, and set out for the marina area.

As we walked down the floating pier, I noticed that indeed there were some very nice boats and yachts. Occasionally we noticed people sitting in their outdoor saloons, and there was a nice mix of young attractive couples, and some older couples too. Some in their forties, like us, and some who must be in the mid-fifties. They all had such nice tans, and well, there was no wanting for ladies in bikinis.

There must have been forty boats tied up, and very near the end of the marina the biggest yachts were moored. A couple of them were over 60-feet. Rhet even exclaimed that such big private yachts weren?t usually seen in the Great Lakes.

When we reached the end of the marina, I noticed a yacht named ?Just Chillin??. It had a very luxurious look to it, and well, this story isn?t about boats, so I?ll cut to the chase. It?s engines were idling low, and there was a man untying its lines.

There was also a woman up on the flying bridge watching him. She had on a visor, and because of the boats construction, all I could tell is that she had on a bikini ? a bright yellow one.

As the guy walked back toward the stern, where we were standing, he looked down at us with a natural, beaming smile and said, ?Hey there folks. Nice day for a cruise on the lake. Just about to get underway.?

?Are you the owner or the crew?? Rhet asked.

?Both!? He laughed. And as he did so, he paused, and I could tell he gave me a quick looking over, then he looked at Rhet. He never dropped his smile.

?You OK down there?? The lady on the bridge hailed the man.

?You bet honey.?

The heavy boat had a slow, barely perceptible shift along the pier as it rode the gentle waves in the Bay.

?You flirting again Ted? Invite them aboard.? She laughingly called back to the man.

?You folks want to go for a day-ride on the Lake? It?s a perfect day. Just my wife and I on board.

?Yes!? I exclaimed before checking it out with Rhet.

He looked at me somewhat quizzically and confused, but Ted stretched his hand out to me before we could discuss it any further. And, that?s how we ended up riding the ?Chillin??.

The three of us did quick introductions, and then Ted turned and picked up an intercome handset, ?all set Honey. Take her out.?

Without an audible response from the bridge, he hung up the handset, and the engines of the yacht surged a little. I could see out of the corner of my eye, the boats around us started to slide away. We were underway, and the lady in the fluorescent yellow bikini seemed to be deftly handling the yacht. We learned later that she was a practiced mariner.

Ted motioned for us to enter the rear of their open-air living room, and then we entered and moved through a luxuriously appointed salon up to a spiral staircase that led to the sun deck. From there we moved forward to the open bridge, where a very lovely, suntanned beauty of 50-years was piloting the yacht.

Ted introduced us to his wife, Lisa, who was quite occupied with navigating out of the bay into the lake. Nevertheless, she took her time to shake both our hands, and welcomed the two of us to their boat. Her hands were leathery, but lean and sexy looking to me. The rest of her was tanned, and I could tell, she had no tan lines. No doubt she?d had some surgical help with her breasts, but her ass and legs were naturally lean and beautiful.

I felt a little out-classed to be honest, but her scanty bikini, waving, jiggling ass and bare feet were quite worth ogling, and I decided to myself, ?hell, I?m here to see and be seen. I?m going to enjoy this.?

At that moment, I knew I wouldn?t leave this boat without taking my clothes off. Don?t ask me why, but I knew that?s where things were going to end up. And, I felt my body?s passions begin to burn.

Ted suggested we stay on the bridge, and that he?d be right back.

Lisa returned her attention to ship-driving, and I looked at Rhet, to see him looking at Lisa?s legs and ass. When he noticed I was looking at him, he quickly looked away.

I grabbed his arm and whispered, ?It?s OK. She?s sexy to me too.?

He shot me a look and a smile back, and seemed to settle into the same mood that I was in. I guess I can best describe this mood as ?it?s OK to feel sexy.? Both of us later learned, that we each had silently and wordlessly given each other permission to have fun. Again, we hadn?t quite risen to the point of sharing our thoughts totally, but we were on our way to full disclosure. That comes later.

Ted returned with a tray, with some wine glasses and a bottle of merlot, and smiled again, saying, ?to our guests. I hope our little jaunt is fun and enjoyable. It?s our very own label, from Washington State.?

?Wow,? Rhet exclaimed, ?you?re a long way from home. You must have . . .?

Ted cut him off. ?Yes, we took it through the canal last year, and have motored our way almost 15,000 miles since then. Spending the summer here in the Great Lakes, then we?ll head down to the Caribbean in the winter, and then back to the west coast next year sometime.?

I took the initiative to pour, and made my way over to Lisa, but she sweetly declined, waving me off with a smile. ?Mia, not until I?m out in the open water, then we?ll find a nice place to drift and I can be a better hostess.?

She had a beautiful face with a golden tan. She must have been a natural blonde at some point. She had crystal blue eyes, and long platinum hair, that poked out the back of the visor and looked silky. I wanted to touch her pony tail, but realized I might come off as a weirdo and resisted.

?You?ve done this a lot. I can tell.? I didn?t know where to start, except with the obvious.

Lisa had a confident look about her, and though she was no longer looking at me, she answered, ?Ted and I have been sailing the ?Chillin? for about six years. When we retired, we wanted to spice up our lives, and decided to live on the water. Best decision we ever made.?

Lisa then spun the wheel of the boat, and her very round breasts bounced nicely. ?Maybe they weren?t plastic after all.? I mused to myself.

?We?re not retired, but the kids are all in college, and we had the same idea. Time to play. It?s been a while since we really had ?just-us-fun.?

Lisa laughed, ?I know the feeling. We raised two, and it took us a while to give ourselves permission to have fun. Now the kids fuss that they can?t keep up with us!? Lisa chuckled sweetly again, as she leaned over the wheel and turned the boat in the other direction.

Her yellow bikini was quite small, and made of very light-weight material. I could only imagine how sexy such a tiny patch of material over my vagina would make me feel.

I sipped the wine and complimented her on their label. It was wonderfully flavored, with some sort of berry and a slight sparkling flavor. Quite easy to drink.

?Thanks. It?s Ted?s vineyard. I was originally against it, but he started it about 10-years ago, and well, he doesn?t make much wine, but what he makes is stunningly delicious.?

?I?ll say.?

?There,? Lisa exclaimed, ?we?re in the open water. Maybe 30-minutes from here, at speed, we can come to an all stop and drift for a while. Say, you?re pretty.? She looked me over. It was strangely exhilarating for me to hear that from her.

?I really like your legs,? she smiled and paused, ?and your . . .? another pause, ?figure. Sorry if I?m too forward. We?ve been in Put-in-Bay for a month now. Might be a bad influence on me.? She chuckled again, and returned to navigating.

?I was admiring your bikini. It must feel deliciously naughty. Hardly a thing there.?

She didn?t answer me, but I saw her smile.

I thought to myself that I wanted to be a little more flirtatious with her and Ted, and weighed whether or not to open up to her. Bad judgment and hormonal activity prevailed, and I decided to go for it.

?To be honest Lisa, we also came to Put-in-Bay for some of that naughty influence. Rhet and I decided it was time to re-kindle our passions for living.?

?Nice. Well then, if you think this little bikini makes me feel sexy, I?ll only say that it?s even more exciting to take it off out on the lake.?

?I knew it. No tan lines.?

?You?ve been paying attention?? She gave me a sly look as she studied the wheel and compass.

?I had hoped it might be obvious.? Again, she looked my way, and responded, ?I caught Rhet eyeing me too.?

?I said he could.? Now, I could tell I was creaming my cargo shorts. I didn?t know what to do. This was going rather fast.

?Mia, I love that name by the way, so if I slipped out of my top, Rhet wouldn?t mind??

I smiled back at Lisa, ?I don?t think he?d mind, but you should know he?s not wearing any briefs under those shorts. It might be awkward.?

?Come here and undo the knot on my top, would you dear??

I hesitated at first, because I couldn?t quite believe my ears.

She noticed and said, ?it?s OK. Come pull the knot out for me, and let this thing falll off. I need to tan myself a little as we motor out.

At first, I sheepishly walked up to her, but decided this is part of what I?d hoped for, and I pulled the end of the bows, and her top folded down. Without her asking, I un-did the back not, and well, it fell to the floor around her feet.

?Pick it up for me would ya Mia??

As I leaned forward, I caught a glance back at the guys, who, up to this point had been chatting, looking off the port side of the yacht and pointing at this and that. Now, as I bent over, I noticed both men were watching me and Lisa. They had stopped talking abruptly. Trouble? I wondered.

As I grabbed Lisa?s top, I realized just how sheer and light-weight it was. I also noticed her lovely manicured nails, and her tanned, athletic feet. She looked so perfect.

She took it from me and tied it loosely around the base of the compass, and she smiled, ?here take the wheel.?

She pulled me by the shoulder, and before I knew it, I was steering the boat.

She moved in behind me, and put her hands on my arms, and said, ?see the compass. It?s pointing NE, or 045 degrees. It?s like steering a car. Just play with it a while and you?ll catch on. Our radar says were OK for about 10-miles. I?ll be back in a sec. Gotta pee.?

I felt her breasts against my back and they felt so wonderful. They were squishy, and I decided they were real. If only I could touch them and maybe suck them. I was getting really horny.

As I tried to focus on the compass and wheel, I noticed that Lisa had stopped to talk to the guys. I caught a look at Rhet, and he was all smiles, and to my surprise, not that nervous. Cool, I thought to myself. That?s cool. And of course, I noticed that Lisa?s bikini bottom was crawling up her ass as she walked, and that compelled me to feel her body even more. I was a bit shocked at myself, because I hadn?t really thought of being with a woman on this trip, but now I thought it was more of a mission to do so.

Lisa glided down the spiral stairs, and Rhet moved over to me and whispered into my ear from behind. I could smell the merlot on his breath.

?You should take off your top honey. It?s OK. Ted told me pretty much, he and Lisa are used to total nudity on the boat. Even with friends.?

?We?re strangers though.?

As we talked, Ted waked up and said, ?Mia, I wanted to let you know that if you want to take your top off, it might let Lisa feel a little more comfortable. We?re sort of used to that, in fact we like topless and bottomless when the weather?s nice.?

I gulped and Ted noticed.

He and Rhet exchanged knowing glances and Ted moved toward me. ?Rhet, take the wheel. May I help Mia out of her t-shirt??

?Sure. You bet. What course ya steerin? Hon??

I couldn?t believe my ears, but Rhet eased me aside as if it was some sort of watch turnover, and before I knew it I was face to face with Ted.

I felt my face flushing, but I must have had a silly, inviting grin, because without further discussion, Ted simply said, ?arms in the sky lady.?

And with a single smooth motion, he skinned my top, and I was topless in front of this stranger.

I was in shock. Disoriented and instantly stupid, I reached for my merlot and gulped it down. A drop or two ran down my mouth and neck. Ted wiped it with his hand, slowly and provocatively, and said, ?relax Mia. You?re among friends. Like my wine??

?Yes. I like the wine and everything.? I couldn?t believe I said that. Even more, I couldn?t believe I said it while I was looking deep into his grey eyes.

I was wet, very wet, and hornier than I?d been in a long time. My head was spinning with lust as I pondered the situation. Here I was in my mid-forties, topless on a yacht, with another topless beautiful woman, and her husband had touched me, and I I liked it, and I as much as told him so.

At first, it wasn?t easy to relax. I didn?t know if I should sit down, stay standing. Walk around. Talk more to Ted. Talk to my husband. I was flustered. But, one thing I knew for sure, it was quite fun and arousing. I just needed some time to channel my sexual energy and focus on my feelings and thoughts.

Lisa returned to the bridge shortly, and seeing me topless she said, ?Oh Lisa, I?m so glad you decided to join me. I don?t like being the only naked woman you know.?

?She?s beautiful isn?t she?? Ted said about me in a rather admiring way to Lisa.

?I love them,? Lisa said softly. Again I flushed as she openly looked at my breasts, nipples erect and deep red.

?Mia, help Lisa out of that mean old bikini bottom.? Ted was matter of fact about the desired act.

And so, I did. I stepped over to her, kneeled down on the bridge floor and slipped her bottom knots and the small patch of garment was in my hand just like that.

Lisa was shaved bare, and had no tan lines to speak of. She had beautiful, smooth skin, and a lovely vulva. I wanted to lean forward and smell her. She was only six inches away from my face. My mouth watered, and I felt a strange burning and lustful sensation in my breasts and my womb.

She leaned over and whispered lightly into my left ear. ?Let me slip you out of your cargos. Let?s be naked together. Then we can undress the men.?

So, Lisa returned the favor, and as she did so, I stepped out of my shorts as they were on the way down. In so doing I raised my right leg in a way that essentially spread my pussy, and I felt air down there, and it was exhilarating. I know there is a difference between nudism and exhibitionism, and I figured I was a closet exhibitionist, right then and there, coming out right then and there.

?You look very nice honey.? I heard Rhet?s voice speak to me encouragingly.

Lisa and I stood there facing each other, and I could feel and see my breasts heaving and swaying as I breathed deeply in excitement.

Lisa spoke first, ?OK Mia, I think you must be enjoying this. You pull off Ted?s clothes, while I get Rhets. OK??

?Oh yes.? I heard Rhet behind me exclaim again.

I turned to Ted who was already topless, and was only wearing a pair of swim trunks. I yanked them down in a quick move, and his erect cock jumped out at me, having first hung on the waist band. It hit me just above my right eye, and I could feel his cool pre-cum on my forehead.

?Whoa, girl, you really are excited about this aren?t ya?? Ted spoke with humor in his voice.

I stood and said, ?Sorry. I didn?t mean to break anything.?

?Let?s leave them on the bridge and I?ll take you on a tour of the Chillin.? Ted grabbed my hand and led me down the stairs.

I turned briefly to say, ?see you later Rhet. Takin? a tour.? I didn?t wait for his answer, because I could see that Lisa had his full attention. She was on her knees behind him, pulling down his shorts. His shirt was already off, and with my last glimpse of him he was stepping out of his cargos, now piled at his ankles. I hoped to myself that he was going to have fun. I knew I was going to.

Back in the luxurious salon, I stopped Ted, and asked him, ?You?re not just nudists are you? I mean, this isn?t just sun worship were doing is it.?

He stepped up to me, and gently, but purposely thrust his hand down to my trimmed vulva and pressed his fuck finger against my labia lips and clitoris.

?Would Rhet be OK with swinging??

I began to pant with lust, and said, ?we set out to find a couple like you who would help us expand our horizons.?

?Lisa and I have very open sexual boundaries. I am completely at ease for her to fuck the two of you, if you are nice people.? He paused and looked at me again, and said, ?and, you are both very pleasant on the eyes.?

I brazenly began to thrust against his finger, and said, ?I want to fuck you.?

He leaned forward and kissed me deeply, and said, ?call the bridge and ask your husband if it?s OK.?

This is where the ultimate test of my intentions, and to learn of his intentions was going to occur. I had a flood of doubts come across me, but then, Ted moved his finger across my clitoris with firm, slow pressure.

?Where?s the phone?? I whispered huskily.

I picked it up, and it automatically dialed the bridge.

Lisa picked it up.

?Can I talk with Rhet?? I asked, nearly out of breath.

?He?s left the bridge Mia. He should be nearer to you.?

I looked around, and Rhet was no more than five feet away from me, watching Ted moving his hands between my slightly parted legs.

He was erect, and had a look of lust and passion in his eyes.

?Looking for me??

Ted spoke and he too was starting to breathe deeply. ?Mia has a question for you.? He kept up the stroking. I was going crazy.

Rhet began to lightly stroke himself. ?You have a question??

My mind was spinning again, I was out of control, and I was loving it. My husband could plainly see I was on the verge of a sexual explosion, and I knew deeply he was in agreement before I asked.

?I want to fuck Ted. I want him to cum inside me. I want to spread my legs and let him cum on me, and in me. Say its OK.?

?I want him to cum in you, and on you. I want you to be wild and carefree. Have excellent, wild sex with Ted.?

Ted began to increase the speed and pressure.

Rhet continued, ? and I want to have Lisa. Do I have your permission to fuck your wife Ted? Can I cum in her like you are going to cum in my wife??

?Oh yes, Rhet. Make her happy. Make yourself happy. And later, we can do it again, the four of us at sunset tonight.?

?Take me to a bed quickly please.?

Ted led me to the master stateroom, and just as I threw myself down on my back, I heard the propulsion motors go silent. I knew what that must mean for Rhet ? the boat was going to drift, and he was about to have Lisa.

I lay on my back and said to Ted, ?right now, I want some cock right now.?

With little fan fare, he climbed between my legs, and I wrapped them hard around his body. He was leaner, and narrower than Rhet, and as he entered me, I could tell he had a cock almost identical to my husbands, but I was looking at a man 10-years my senior, and he was very handsome, verile and starting to fuck me nice and slow.

?You are only the second man in my entire life. And . . . oh, that feels good. I am feeling very naughty and hot.?

?I love your look Mia.? He was taking nice long slow strokes, deep and grinding.

?You?re what, Italian??

?Fucking Italian Ted.? We both laughed. ?Ooooh, mmmm. I wanted that cock from the time I saw you throwing off the lines. Oh yeah, I can feel it all the way up to my, uggghh, that?s so good.?

I started to get into it and I could help, but thrust shameless back against him, pulling him down for a deep kiss, grinding my clitoris against his shaft with furious needful bursts of strength. I was ravenous for cock and cum.

?I love Italian skin and pussy. So smooth and dark. Your tits, wow.? He leaned down and sucked one, then the other, nibbling on the tips, now very long and hard.

?Arrrgggh. Oh yes, I?m so fucking hot . . . do it again, oh, I?m so close.? I was grinding relentless against him. I could feel the thunder building inside my vagina. I was totally lost in my own pleasure.

?Oh, shit, I?m gonna cum. Mia, I?m . . . gonna . . . cum . . . in your pussssssseeeeee. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. He grunted in powerful spasms and I felt his cum shoot into me, and that drove me over the top too.

I squealed with delight as I felt a powerful wave take over me down there, and was at a lost for words, and made animal sounds that I?d never heard myself make before.

After the panting and heaving subsided, and only after Ted finished pumping some latent cum into my pussy did he pull out and roll over to the side of the bed.

?Mia, I, er you were wonderful, and I had an awesome orgasm. Wow.?

I was in a powerful after glow, and simply smiled at him and pulled him back to me for some more kissing. I didn?t want, or need another pounding, not right then anyway, but I did want to cuddle some more.

We didn?t speak for the next several minutes, and Ted took my cues to simply cuddle and pet me as I came down off my high.

Once I felt settled down, I whispered, ?Ted that was so hot. You say there is more of that tonight??

We both laughed. ?Oh yes. As much as you can stand, though, I suspect, Lisa will want all four of us to romp a little.?

?Is it safe out here on the lake at night??

?We have an anchorage. It?ll be very safe.?

I pushed Ted onto his back, and straddled him. I figured why not.

?More?? Ted asked with a little concern in his eyes?

?No, I think you need a re-charge, but I want to be naughty and this seems naughty. Don?t you think??

At that point I heard Rhet?s voice again, ?Looks nice and naughty to me.? I turned with a little shock and saw him standing there with Lisa in the door way of the master stateroom.

?Can we join you?? Lisa asked.

?Sure,? Ted explained.

?Oh, look, is that you leaking out of Mia down there?? Lisa seemed to like shock value.

?Sorry,? I exclaimed. I was a little embarrassed.

?Looks very naughty and nice to me.? Rhet replied. He crawled onto the king bed right next to Ted and said, ?lay down between us.?

I?ll get a warm cloth to wipe you two down,? Lisa announced and headed into the stateroom water closet. I heard water running for a minute or so, then she returned and said, ?OK Mia, lay down and spread a little. I?ll clean you up first.?

I did as commanded, and found myself between Ted and Rhet, and as I spread my legs, they rested on the laps of both men. Lisa crawled up between my legs and slowly, and non-provocatively wiped me down with a nice warm wash cloth. It felt so nice, and so very erotic at the same time.

?She?s quite lovely down there Ted.? Lisa complimented, then moved to Ted and took his now limp, but swollen shaft and wiped him down with another cloth. Then, when she was done, she let it slap down onto his belly. Ted gave a small grunt.

?Make room for one more. Now let me see, I want to lay between Rhet and Mia. Move over now.? Lisa wriggled in between me and my husband, and immediately turned to me.

?He?s quite a sexy man Mia.?

?Well, Ted and I had quite a ride too. I felt so hot and crazy.?

She leaned forward and kissed me. ?I smell Ted?s cologne. He kiss you too??

?Hmmm,? I cooed. He?s a good kisser. And, well, I loved his cock. Lots of cum. Very nice.?

She kissed me more, and I felt that stirring again.

I kissed her back, and then felt her hand on my breast first, only briefly, but then she moved down to my pussy.

?Later, can you and I slip away someplace on this big boat of yours, and make love?? I was getting crazy, over-heated again.

?Rhet honey, snuggle that thing between my ass cheeks would ya?? Lisa never left my lips as she talked to my husband.

?What?ll the boys do?? Lisa asked.

?Who cares?? I was going crazy. She looked briefly at Ted.

?You and I can have this room later, and we can take our time. Sound good??

?Hmmm, I?m feeling pretty hot right now.?

?Me too, Mia. Your hubby?s cock is hard again. Sliding between my ass cheeks. His cum is still in my pussy. Didn?t have anyone to clean me up.?

?Lay on your back Lisa.? I demanded, more than asked.

She did so, and Rhet lay on his side and began to stroke Lisa?s breasts.

I moved down between her legs and spread them gently, and said, ?It?s my husband that?s made this mess, so I?d be happy to clean you out, er, clean you up sexy lady.?

?Mmmm, sounds so nice to me.?

I looked fully into the eyes of all of three of my partners, and dove down for my first lick of a woman. It was a huge thrill, I confess, and I?ve never tasted a man?s cum before either, so it was like a double whammy. I loved the slippery, hot feeling of her lips, and the indescribable mix of man and woman as I licked with firm, slow pressure against her clitoris.

?Suck them boys, suck them while she licks me.? Lisa was obviously heating up.

She began to buck against my face so I increased the speed and pressure of my ministrations. I could tell my tongue was going to get tired, so I began to hope she?d cum quickly.

This went on another minute or so, so I decided some additional stimulation was called for, so I slipped my thumb down onto her slippery rear entry, and put gentle, pressure, making slow circular motions on her anus. The bed was really shaking. I could tell she liked it. She spread her legs wider, and seemed to invite me to penetrate her as she thrust her ass against my thumb.

I kept my tongue going furiously as I thumbed and poked her ass, and then I plunged my thumb deep into her anus, and I felt the ring of muscles tighten furiously, and felt her vagina lips stiffen, and then in a wave of shrieks and gasps, Lisa had a huge orgasm, and it seemed to go on and on, and on.

I kept my tongue going, in long slow gentle motions for a couple moments as she came down from her climax. Eventually I looked up, and saw two fresh puddles of cum on her breasts, and both men were still on their knees, stroking the last drops out onto her.

Lisa was laying calmly on her back and both men were now starting to relax from their own climaxes, and eased themselves away from her.

?I wished I could have seen that,? I said with a smirk.

?Well, we?ve had a few firsts today, Hon. I never jerked off onto a woman?s chest before, and I damned sure never did it with another man.?

?If I have my way, we aren?t done yet either,? I said with a giggle.

So, later that day, Lisa and I did go off and eat each other. We did several positions, including 69, each taking a turn on top. My favorite position is face to face though, before and after the eating. I love the kissing I can have with another woman. It sort of surprises me now that I think of it, because, I could never do without my man, but the lady-to-lady thing has its own unique attraction to me now.

We also did a full-foursome together in the bed, and I watched Rhet do Lisa from behind, on top, on bottom and 69. Ted and Rhet both managed to do me and Lisa at separate times that night as well. It was a total sex-fest, and we had a super terrific time.

The thing that amazed me about Rhet, was his openness in front of Ted. In fact, both men seemed quite at ease showing their dicks off, hard or soft. I?m beginning to think Rhet may have more experience to this than he ever shared with me, but I?ve decided not to ask him.

On the other hand, I can honestly say that he and I have talked about this in great detail, and we think this will be a regular part of our lives.

And . . . Ted and Lisa have asked us to visit them in Mexico this winter. They found a great uninhabited island where several other swinging yachts have learned to anchor out and have parties. I can see where that invitation will lead. Perhaps more reporting this winter.

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