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The Elevator Adventure

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We finished the meeting at seven. Six of us waited in the lobby for the elevator. My senior partner, fifty, silver hair, craggy chin, twinkling eyes, one of my junior attorneys, thirty, intense, slim and fit, our two athlete clients, one of them a pro golfer, the other a linebacker for the Miami Dolphins, now retired and carrying a little weight, and my secretary/assistant. It had been a difficult negotiation and we were all glad it was over, but we wouldn?t be smiling and slapping hands until the doors closed on our Japanese hosts.

The doors opened and we all turned and gave the little half bows that protocol demanded, but just as the doors closed we saw the lights in the lobby give a little double blink and darken. The elevator started down the fifty stories to our offices on the twentieth floor. Jim the golf pro grabbed me around the waist and planted a kiss on my cheek.

?You were marvelous. I don?t think they?ll ever be the same. You got us everything we?d been asking for.?

I had to laugh. Negotiation with the Japanese was an art. You had to carefully weigh your alternatives before the meeting and decide on a strategy, but once you were in the meeting you had to be unbending. My clients had stuck with me through the tough points, though I new that Jim in particular had been afraid of losing the deal and had been willing to bend. At forty I was a seasoned negotiator, but still this had been a tough one. I?d dressed very carefully for the meeting, business severe with a twist. My jacket was collarless grey flannel, but if I twisted carefully a fair bit of cleavage showed. I?d only felt sufficiently confident about my sexuality to start using it constructively for the past year. My husband laughed when I showed him a few of my tricks, but he knew that deep down I was a chicken.

I looked at Rob, the senior partner. Everyone was chattering when the elevator lurched, but we all became immediately silent. It lurched again and started to free fall. I looked at the indicator. We were on the sixtieth floor and now the elevator was picking up speed. Shouts and screaming. Part of my brain was saying that the emergency grabbers should cut in. I was closest to the front of the elevator. Everyone was starting to float in the negative g?s, screaming and crying. I remember noticing Julie floating up towards the ceiling, her print dress billowing above her waist. She wasn?t wearing any panties, and oddly enough, I was amazed to see that she was completely shaved. Funny the things that go through your mind. I was hanging on to the waist height metal rail that surrounded the cab. Rob was on the other side of the cab, similarly hanging on. His mouth was open and I noticed that he was staring at the buttons. It brought my attention to them. The elevator was continuing to pick up speed and was now rocking side to side, a metallic keening sound coming and going as it bounced against the rails. I reached over and stabbed the red emergency stop button thinking that it was a waste of time, nothing could stop us now. My mind was going a million miles a minute, but I heard the brakes start to engage and felt a little tug of gravity. I reached up with my free hand and grabbed Julie around the ankle, tugging her down. Her legs kicked but then her ass was against my face, rubbing its way down as I pulled harder. She pulled herself down and clung to me like a monkey. Rob was shouting at the others, grabbing a leg, pulling them down. The clicking grew louder and turned into a screaming wail as metal bit the rails, forcing us all into an untidy pile. Jim came down on top of Bret and then the cab was jerking to a stop.

Bret stood up and got his fingers into the doors. I don?t know how he did it but he got them far enough apart so that he could get his shoulders inside. There was an inner door at half height and he seized the opening arm and wrenched it. His strength was amazing. The inner door slid open and we all crawled out. We were only one floor above our own. The lights were out, but we made our way to the emergency stairs. Rob had the key to our door.

?My god that was a close call.? Rob was shaking. We were all shaking. We walked to his corner office, feeling our way down the dark halls. The lights in the city were out except for the car lights and flashes of emergency vehicles, Some kind of power failure. Rob picked up the telephone. No signal. Cell phones came out, but no one was able to get a line.

Bret came over to me, ?That?s twice in one day that you saved our bacon.? He wrapped me in his arms. My god it felt good. I patted him on the back and he let me go.

?I thought there was supposed to be a safety mechanism that prevented a free fall.?

Rob laughed, ?If you hadn?t hit that button we?d all be dead.? He walked over to his cabinet and opened a drawer, pulling out a bottle of Crown. ?Drinks??

?The city looks in bad shape.? Jim was standing at the floor length window. My assistant Peter as his side. Julie came over to me and grabbed my hand.

?Thanks for pulling me down. I can?t imagine what would have happened if I?d fallen that distance.?

I had to smile. She was a pretty young thing, about twenty-three, runner slim, her brown hair cut in a bob. ?I didn?t imagine I?d have your ass in my face when I came to work this morning.?

She put her hand to her mouth, ?And I?m not wearing panties. I?m so sorry.?

Now I was laughing, ?We nearly died and you?re apologizing for not wearing underwear? That was the only funny part about the whole experience, seeing you floating with your dress above your head.?

The building was getting warm, I guess from the failure of the air-conditioning and I took my jacket off. Rob came over, handing us both a drink. He took my chin in his hand and said, ?Thank you.? Then he kissed me, on the mouth, crinkly eyes and silver hair, and my mouth opened and I felt his tongue touch mine. All the fear seemed to melt and I felt warm and wet. The kiss seemed to go on forever but then he backed up and I tasted the Crown from his lips. I looked down to see the tent on the front of his pants and almost without thinking I reached down and wrapped my hand around him, feeling its heat. I heard him groan and looked up. Jim was only a foot away, and Julie said, ?Oh my.?

I could see why. He was hard too, a long shape against his pants.

Bret came over, ?I think it?s a reaction from near death.?

Julie moved close to me and whispered in my ear, ?I?m so wet, I think its running down my leg.? Julie was a little under five feet and her head fitted under my chin. Now she was close to me and she looked into my eyes, her mouth open. I leaned down and she kissed me too, her hand on my breast, pinching an already hard nipple. Her tongue was more urgent than Rob?s had been, hard pointed and darting, tasting my lips. She was playing with my buttons and then my shirt was open and her little hand had found a bra strap. She continued to kiss me as she peeled it down and then I felt the weight of my breast in her hand and felt a mouth around my nipple. Rob?s silver hair, was bent over my breast and I felt shivers of electricity run down my tummy to my mound. Julie?s hand was wandering lower now and fingers were at my skirt, up the side slit, finding me. I was as wet as she.

Other hands were on me now, from all sides, and I felt buttons pop and zippers run as my clothes were shucked to the ground. Julie left my mouth and I looked up. I was naked, as was she along with three men. Peter was standing by the window, clothed, but his hand was in his trousers. Julie sunk to her knees and I felt her hands on my panties and then a tongue separated my curls. I sunk down. Both nipples were being sucked and my mouth was being kissed again. I was delirious with sensation and then I started cumming. All of the terror was there and then it was gone in a building climax.

Julie was beside my face then, her mouth again on mine. I tasted myself and then kissed her small nipples, her breasts fitted like small apples in my hands. She was moving over me now, presenting her petals to my lips, a strange taste that was exotic and sweet. I don?t know who was the first to penetrate me, but my god he was big. I had my tongue deep in Julie?s hole, so couldn?t cry out, but it felt so good, and then he was moving, lifting my hips off the floor, my ass cheeks being pulled by large hands. My pussy being stretched and filled. He didn?t last very long, but he didn?t cum inside me, because a few seconds later I opened my eyes to see Bret?s balls and cock above me, sucked into Julie?s mouth, and then he was shooting ropes of cum on her small breasts. One string fell on my face and then I was tasting it along with her pussy juice as she started her orgasm.

She moved off me then, but she was on her knees beside me when I saw Jim approach and penetrate her. Her small tits shook with the force of his pummeling, but then Peter was between my legs and I felt his cock in me. Rob was still playing with my tits, but now he sat up and his cock, large, with a purple head, was in front of my mouth and I sucked him inside. Peter was still pounding me, his hands on my breasts, pinching my nipples and I was cumming again and then I felt a warm salty flood and I was draining Rob, every drop going down my throat. This set Peter off and I felt his cock spasming against my cunt walls.

Peter pulled out but then Bret was there, flipping me over, putting me on my knees and I was shouting ?Fuck me with that big cock? He did just that while once again Peter and Rob concentrated on my tits, though I did see Rob slide down to suck my clit while I was being pounded. I don?t know how many times I came but I know I had at least three loads from each of the four men. Julie said she?d had just as many. In the end we were all exhausted and coated with each other?s fluids. The lights did come on and then we heard the repair crew arrive. I know we must have presented an odd sight smelled even stranger. Later, after the lawsuit, we all got together and did it again, but this time there wasn?t that incredible urgency. Maybe we?ll go on a roller coaster next time.

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