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The Day after and My Return

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The Day After and My Return Home

As our tongues darted in and out of each others mouths, I could still taste Cumm from the Cocks that had ravished Trish and I as well as both Trish's and my pussy juice. I was a mess, Cumm was still leaking out of my ass, it was in my hair and all over my face, breasts, back and running down my legs. Trish was pretty sticky too and suggested a hot shower and a dip in her Jacuzzi tub. It was 3am and I was ready for that and some sleep.

Trish filled the jacuzzi tub, adding some herbal bath salts, lit some candles and climbed in. She looked heavenly, all wet with water and bubbles swirling around her fabulous body. She had a collection of vibrators and dildos next to the tub and was pleasuring herself with them while commenting on what a good fuck I was and how great my body looked for a 45 year old grandmother. I returned the compliment, massaged her breasts and kissed her deeply. I wanted to join her but I needed a shower and to brush my teeth.She asked me to hurry up so I could join her for a relaxing spa treatment.

I took a nice hot shower and soaped and scrubbed my body clean. After sucking and fucking 7 different Cocks that night plus eating ass and pussy for the first time it felt great cleaning up and brushing my teeth. I couldn't find my clothes, I think they were still in my big Cocks truck or lost along the way. Trish said she'd set me up with some sweats in the morning but she wanted me to be naked with her until then.

I climbed into the tub with her and it was real cozy. We kissed, stroked, and massaged each other for a while until I was about to fall asleep.It was 4:30 am when she led me to her bed. I needed to go to work at 1:00pm, it was going to be a rough workday! I fell asleep with Trish embracing me as we spooned, her fingers rubbing my pussy and ass.

In the morning I awoke to a wonderful sensation, Trish was grinding her pussy on mine in a scissors position moaning in pleasure. This woman was insatiable, and I now know what the clit ring was for! The sensations were intense and I could feel myself nearing orgasm. She had the ring squarely on my clit and was pushing her clit into my wet hole. I was blown away by this lesbian experience, my first ever. I've been a Cock whore for years and I getting off with this dirty MILF like I was being gang banged!

We were screaming in ecstasy as we came all over each others hot boxes. She moved her head between my thighs and lapped up my juices and I did the same to her. We kissed deeply again and held each other. This was so hot, men just don't kiss and cuddle like a hot woman. Why hadn't I done this before!

Trish got up saying she was getting the coffee on and asked if I wanted a bagel. It was 10:00am so I had some time to hang with her. I got up with her and we strolled naked to the kitchen. Yuuummm I thought,what a delicious looking middle aged woman! Pierced clit and nipples, a tramp stamp just above her ass crack of a snake, and a body a 25 year old would be proud of.

We sat down at the table with our bagels and coffee and started chatting. At the same time we asked each other what our story was.After all the nasty sex we had together we were like naked strangers! I said I'd go first and began with how I was on my 3rd marriage and may be on the outs with my current husband because of last night. He had seen me sucking her employees Cocks in their truck at the bar and left me there after they blew their loads in my mouth and on my face. I became a true slut -whore after my first marriage and couldn't stop my ways during my second marriage which led to our divorce. I took a break from marriage for 3 years until I met and fucked my current husband. I stayed faithful to him for about 5 years until last night. It was easy to stay faithful to him because he always had a big hard Cock and a talented tongue. Trish commented "maybe I should meet him, I could possibly help your situation," winking and licking her lips at me.

I went on saying I was a checker at a supermarket, mother to an adult boy and girl, and a grandmother to a grandson. I love going to rock concerts, sporting events and the great outdoors. I had never had sex with a woman before her and couldn't believe how satisfying it was. I was now a bisexual slut wife! I went on telling her about my younger slutty ways and she was impressed. I said "your turn" and leaned over kissing her wet lips.

She began telling me that she was on her fourth marriage and all were ruined by jealousy due to infidelity. Her current husband and her have been estranged for 5years.He moved to Hawaii with two women they met in a swingers group they belonged to and left her their business and house. The girls he moved with both have large trust funds and so he is living a life of luxury and debauchery. She became bisexual after joining the swingers group and said what I was thinking," I should of slept with women years ago!" She mentioned I would fit in real well with her swinger friends and asked if I'd like to go to their next party. I replied," I would" and began getting wet between my legs thinking about the possibilities.

She went on describing her business, she owned a carpet and flooring business, the Cocks that fucked all our holes last night were installers for her. She had 2 other sets of installers, one pair Black and the other Hispanic. They had horse Cocks like the two from last night That was a prerequisite for hiring, Big, Hard Cocks.She had her own stud ranch plus she had two salesgirls and a secretary-receptionist. Her employees attended the swinger partys from time to time and were real hits with the group because of their youth, good looks and how well endowed they were. She said the girls that worked for her had nice big tits and tight little asses. They all worked out at the gym and ran 10ks together and it showed in Trish's hot body.

She went on to say she was 51, a mother to one boy who was going to college at San Diego State, enjoyed country and classic rock, sports and the beach.

I looked at the clock and saw it was 11:00am and asked if she could give me a ride and something to wear. I needed to go home and get ready for work but I dreaded the thought of my husband confronting me. She said sure,and she was curious to meet my husband because of the way I described him. I liked that idea just in case he was real angry, maybe she could charm him.

We dressed , got ready and went out to her car, a nice new Cadillac. As we drove she asked if I would mind if my husband Fucked other women, and as I thought about it I was surprised to realize that I would mind. All the whoring and slutty behavior I had done over the years and I had hard time with the thought of my husband fucking other women! What a hypocrite I was!

I mentioned that my Husband wasn't aware of my sordid past but knew I must of done a lot of fucking because he said I was the most passionate,nasty piece of ass he ever had. I had wanted to cumm clean and tell him but thought it might ruin a good thing. Trish said I should tell him all the dirty details of my past and of last night as he might get turned on knowing what a slut I am. She said she had an idea on how I might save my marriage and be able to satisfy my sexual needs. She had helped a couple in her swingers group get through a jealousy issue and thought she should try the same plan with us. I asked what the plan was and she replied "I should trust her and do whatever she said to do". I was to be apologetic and submissive. She promised that if he was angry and violent she'd protect me as she was trained in martial arts.

We pulled up to my house at noon so we didn't have much time before I had to go to work. Luckily the door was open because my keys were wherever my clothes ended up last night. As Trish and I entered we saw him on the sofa talking on the phone. He gave me a dirty look but then saw Trish and looked her over real good telling whoever was on the other end that he had to go, his whore wife had finally come home. I had a bad feeling about this but Trish took control of the situation by moving over to him, introducing herself as "Your Wife's New Plaything", kissing and embracing him. My Husband was in shock, he couldn't talk, just started stammering and mumbling. She felt up his crotch and ass and said, "I know why you stayed faithful until last night you dirty slut". I could see the look of empowerment in his eyes after that comment.She went on saying "Your whore wife really got off last night, sucking 7 guys off, getting fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time while sucking my clit, and licking lots off assholes". She went on to tell him about how I turned tricks to save money to get out of a truck stop town and sucked guys off for drinks at bars before he knew me.

Now I was in shock! How in the world was this going to help by rubbing his nose in it. She continued saying "I think she should be punished for cheating on you in such a whorish way" while rubbing his swollen Cock through his sweats. He was still mumbling and I had a hard time not laughing. She continued saying "Have you been a good boy and been faithful to your Bride." He nodded yes. "Well then she should have to watch you have sex with other women." What was she up to? I had to go to work.

I mentioned the work issue and Trish said " Shut up you dirty whore or I'll tie you up and gag you ." I started to talk and she cut me off asking my Husband if he had any ties.He nodded yes and she told him to get a bunch of them and a couple pair of my panties. As he left the room I asked her what she was doing and she replied, " Just go with it baby, your Husband is going to have the time of his life and I bet you do too." I mentioned work again and she said, "Missing work to save your marriage is a perfectly good excuse don't you think?" I nodded yes as she handed me the phone and I called in sick.

As my Husband entered the room Trish was unzipping my sweatsuit to expose my breasts and hard nipples, sucking on one and then the other. She looked at my husband while sucking and licking my breasts and said," doesn't your wife have nice, big, tits!"adding "she liked sucking on things." He dropped the ties and panties and moved over to me stroking the nipple Trish wasn't sucking on.He then started sucking too in between Trish and him swirling their tongues together. Trish stood up and ordered my Husband to grab a tie and tie my hands at the wrists behind my back while rubbing his big hard Cock. It isn't as thick as the Cocks that fucked me last night but it's a good 8 inches and hard as a rock.

They pulled my hands behind my back and roughly tied them together calling me a dirty whore and other filthy names. My pussy was wet as could be and I wanted to rub it but I was tied up. It was a very frustrating and erotic feeling, wet pussy twitching with no stimulation. They pulled my sweats off and bent me over the arm of the sofa tying my ankles together. Trish spread my ass cheeks and started licking and sucking both my wet holes, much to my relief. Between licking holes she asked my husband how he liked knowing both of my slutty holes had multiple Cocks in them last night. She then asked, "How would you like me to suck that big hard Cock for you while your wife watches?" He sat on the sofa right in front of my face, Trish pulled his sweats down and out popped that beautiful Cock. I started protesting and Trish stuffed my panties in my mouth saying, " The only noise I want to hear from that hole is it's tongue slurping on a pussy or Cock." She sat on the sofa next to him and began stroking the man piston in front of my face. My Husband was moaning in pleasure and looking me square in the eye as I lay there needing attention. Trish stripped off her clothes and my Husbands Cock was twitching back and forth as he checked out that rock hard, pierced, tattooed body.

Trish asked,"How was I going to like watching her suck my husbands Cock? She wanted him to fuck both her holes in front of me too!" I remember watching her get fucked in the ass while sucking Cock last night and I liked it, but this was my Husband so it seemed too weird. She got up and grabbed the phone and leaned over engulfing the whole twitching Cock in one gulp. Looking right in my eyes she slowly lifted her mouth off of what was once my exclusive Cock and said "What a sweet tasting big Cock your Husband has, Its about time you shared him." Looking at him she went on, " I'd like to call some of my friends and have you guys invite them over for some fun and games." As she sat down next to my Husband and swallowed his Cock to the balls he moaned, "Sure baby, just keep working on my Cock in front of my whore wife." As she continued taking his Cock balls deep, her tongue licked his balls while her beautiful emerald eyes stared into mine. I was so in need of attention, I needed a Cock ,Tongue, finger or toy in my ass and pussy. I was tied up so tightly I couldn't move and the panties shoved in my mouth stopped me from communicating my needs. My Husband started groaning and said he was going to Cumm. Trish pulled her mouth off of it and stroked it as she pointed it towards my face. It began spurting stream after stream of hot cumm all over my face until Trish put it back down her throat, milking the last of his load and then saying," Wow baby, your Cock delivers a huge load of Cumm, Look at your slut wife's face." My face was completely covered with hot Cumm. He had never Cumm like that with me before and I was feeling a little insecure and helpless.

Trish began making calls reaching Anita first. She told Anita she had a nice big Cock to share with her. She mentioned how she made it Cumm all over his tied up wife's face and his wife was to be punished for her infidelity the night before. She then pulled the panties out of my mouth and told me to personally invite Anita over to Fuck your Husband. She held the phone to my ear and mouth and I said, "Hi Anita, I've been very bad, I need to be punished and my Husband needs to be rewarded. Won't you please Cumm over and Fuck my Husband while I watch?" A sexy, deep, female voice on the line said, "If I come over I want you to suck , tongue, and lick my pussy and ass, and after your Husband Cumms deep in my ass I want you to eat the Cumm out of it." I replied, " Oh please Cumm over, I'll do whatever you want!" I was getting into this submissive fantasy, and needed action.I gave Anita the address and she said she'd be there in a half hour.

Next was Sam, when the phone was put to my mouth I felt real nasty. Trish had told him she had this slut tied up that needed her ass fucked by a big black Cock. I asked, " Sam do you have a Big Black Cock you can shove deep in my ass? I need it bad and I want to suck the Cumm out of it after a good ass fucking." He replied ," Why yes I do and would love to help you with your needs but you will have to invite my bros too. We're hanging out together today" I asked, " How many Cocks are we talking about? Are they all big and black? Please Cumm." Sam said, " You'll get two black and two brown, we're installers for Trish, and I heard you Fucked the white boys last night. We'll be right over to tag team you." I gave him the address as Trish pulled the phone away telling him no condoms were needed, just bring lube and alcohol.

Trish put the phone down and asked my Husband if he was ready to Fuck. He was sitting next to me , big hard Cock inches from my tongue, with a shit eating grin on his face.She had him get up off the sofa as she knelt on it right in front of me. She spread her legs and rubbed her clit and asshole looking back at my Husband demanding to be Fucked. He moved behind her ass and began licking her asshole and pussy making them both sopping wet.I had a birds eye view of my Husband eating another woman's ass and pussy and felt no jealousy. I just wanted to join in.

Just as he slid his Cock in her wet hole the door bell rang. They continued for a few strokes and then stopped, Trish grabbing my Husbands Cock and leading him to the door. I heard a group of men entering laughing at the site in front of them. As they made it back to the living room they all hooted and hollered when they saw my predicament.I pushed my thighs together and ass in the air to show them what they could have. I wished I could spread my legs, how in the world was I going to be able to Fuck like this? I yelled out ," I need to be Fucked, Stick your Cocks where you desire." Trish pulled her mouth off my Husbands Cock to say, "Only Fuck her ass and mouth, shes been bad and needs to be punished. Fuck her hard and nasty."

On that note Trish was on all fours on the floor getting Fucked in her pussy by my Husband. He commented how good the clit ring felt when it rubbed his cock.I saw the four guys that were going to Fuck me and they were gorgeous, hunks of men.They were undressing when the front door opened and a hot sounding female said, "Cumm and get me!" They yelled to her to come on into the living room and when she entered she had quite a site to behold. Trish was now taking my Husband's Cock deep in her ass while rubbing her clit, screaming in joy. I was there hogtied, four naked men with enormous Cocks about to start punishing me. This must of been Anita, a hot, slutty looking girl with big tits she showcased and a perfect ass.

Anita looked a me and laughed saying," That's a lot of Cock you got there missy, sure you can handle it all. let me know if you need any help." But right now you need to eat my pussy and ass out as agreed to in our phone conversation.Then I'm going to have your Husband Fuck all my holes and Cumm in my ass for you to lick out. She started undressing and the Cocks lubed up my asshole.Before I knew what hit me I had a big, Black Cock being shoved in my asshole.It was huge ,a good 12 inches and thick. My asshole was stretched out from the night before and he commented his Cock had never entered an asshole so easy.His large hands spread my ass cheeks open as he began giving it to me, slowly increasing the depth and speed of my ass fuck.

Anita was now nude and was beautiful. She looked in her twenties, with long black hair, huge breasts with pierced nipples, completely shaved pussy with a clit ring like Trish's. As I was getting hammered in my ass Anita and the other three Cocks would take turns on my mouth.My hands were tied and I wanted to use them on all this Cock but having absolutely no control of the situation was a great turn on! I was so busy I wasn't paying attention to the Fucking my Husband was giving Trish. His Cock was going from hole to hole as she lay on her back, legs held high, as Anita's asshole was shoved on my tongue. I eagerly moved my tongue in and out of her hot ass as she fingered her pussy while sucking one of the big brown Cocks.The Cocks started tag teaming my ass and then moving to her mouth to lick the ass juice off. I was really starting to get off even though my pussy hadn't been touched.My tongue worked Anita's holes to orgasm as her juices spread over my face mixing with the cumm that was sprayed on it earlier. She got up and gave me a deep kiss tasting her ass and pussy as a new Cock entered my ass.I could feel an orgasm Cumming and it was amazing. All these Cocks were !0+ inches and were Fucking my ass hard , with no break. As soon as one pulled out it was put in my mouth and a new one shoved deep in my ass. Anita was cheering me on as she moved over to Trish and my Husband. She slid under Trish and licked her pussy as her ass was getting pounded. My Husband started pulling out of Trish's asshole to Anita's eager mouth every other stroke until he emptied a load of Cumm in Trish's ass.As he pulled out the spent Cock Anita took it in her mouth cleaning off the Cumm and ass juice.Trish had totally been Fucked, as the Cumm leaked out her asshole Anita licked it clean saying to me," this is what you're gonna do to me you slut.

Well I was to busy to respond, Big Cock after Big Cock fucking my mouth and ass had me delirious and when one of the Cocks put his thumb on my clit I had the biggest orgasm I've ever experienced.My juices were running down my legs as I screamed through the Cock in my mouth.As they kept slamming my ass and fucking my throat, I just kept cumming and cumming from just one touch to my clit.Brown Cock ,Black Cock, Black Cock , Brown Cock Yuuummm. Trish , Anita and my Husband were watching the action from the love seat on the other side of the room. They were saying things like," Take that big Black Cock all the way down your throat slut! Fuck her ass harder boys!" Trish and Anita started working on my Husbands Cock, alternating deep throating it and swirling tongues together while it was between their lips. Once it was nice and hard again Anita sat on it reverse cowgirl style and began fucking him like a wild woman. Her big tits were flopping up and down as she slammed her pussy up and down on what was once my Cock.She was calling out to me saying, "I love your Husbands Cock, Do you see me fucking it? I'm gonna slide it in my ass just like Trish did.

Meanwhile Trish moved close to me and shared one of the Cocks I was Sucking, telling the guys to, " untie the whore, lets see what she can do." Whew, finally I could spread my legs and use my hands.The Cocks surrounded me as I knelt on the floor in front of them, I started stroking two and sucking one making sure to get the fourth one in the action quickly. The different look of the black and brown Cocks was such a turn on. I tried to swallow them to the root but gagged on each one, my mouth was being stretched like my asshole had been.They moved closer together so I could put my mouth on two at the same time. The Cocks stretched my mouth open and both heads were in my mouth. God this was crazy , filthy ,hot sex. My world was the four Cocks in front of me, I didn't care what my Husband was doing or what he thought about what I was doing!

Over on the love seat Anita had lowered her ass on to my Husbands Cock and was slamming down on it while Trish straddled his mouth with her pussy. All I heard was grunting ,moaning, and screaming, very little talking was going on.I felt like I needed to compete with Trish and Anita to show who the biggest slut was so I got busy. I ran my tongue down the shafts, sucked the balls and then spread their ass cheeks to lick their assholes ,darting my tongue in and out to howls of pleasure.They put me on the sofa and I spread my legs as wide as they would go, lifting my ass up to expose both holes. Right away a big brown Cock was in my pussy slamming my wet hole. He Fucked my pussy nice and hard until I came again and then switched holes. Once again my ass was getting Fucked and I loved it! All these different Cocks Fucking me in the last two days,yuuuummm!

The other brown Cock sat next to me stroking his erect manhood as I took it in the ass hard and the black Cocks stood at the back of the sofa slapping my face with their massive tools. I started sucking those big black Cocks again as the big brown Cock in my ass pulled out and lifted me over the Cock sitting next to me so my asshole was perched right over it. He slowly dropped me on the big erection until it was deep in my ass stuffing his big hardon in my pussy as I continued alternating swallowing the 12 inch black poles slapping my face. Four big hard Cocks were slamming my holes and I was Cumming in bucketfuls.The sight of the black poles Fucking my mouth was mesmerizing. I've enjoyed servicing a few black Cocks in my days but most of the Cocks I've had have been white or brown. The biggest Cocks I've ever had have been white until now. I could only get about half of the black poles down my throat so I massaged the balls with one hand while the other hand was stroking the other.These Black Cocks owned me, from now on their wish was my desire. I have never, ever felt this way about any Cocks before. As they Fucked my mouth they called me their new white whore asking, " who had the best Cocks I'd ever sucked and fucked." As a black pole pulled out of my mouth, I gripped them both mumbling, "these two beauties" The big brown Cocks relentlessly continued me as one black pole lay on my forehead while I sucked the other. Then I'd switch to the other as the one I had down my throat slapped my face, Cumming to rest on my forehead. I was in another world, completely removed from what ever was going on with my Husband and the girls.

I heard Anita scream in pleasure while getting her ass Fucked by what was once my Cock. My Husband grunted and moaned while Trish ordered him to spew his load Anita's ass.Trish was still grinding her hot, wet box on his mouth as he yelled out, " look over here baby! I'm filling Anita's asshole with hot Cumm for you to lick clean!" He told Trish, "I love eating your pussy! Ride my mouth with it! Please let me tongue your asshole you nasty slut!" I didn't think he was angry any more, Trish and Anita had seen to that! I watched Anita slide off his spent Cock and lay back with her legs spread wide and ass held up so we could all see the Cumm leaking out. She dabbed her fingers in it and licked them clean while watching me with my four Cocks. My Husband sat Trish next to Anita, spread her legs, lifted her ass up to his mouth as he knelt in front of her. Trish told him, "what ever your short cummings Cock wise you make up with your tongue you nasty boy!" He has a good size Cock(8"), but compared to the monsters from last night and today it was small. His face was buried in Trish's crotch as Anita blissfully kept dabbing her fingers in the Cumm leaking out of her ass.

I finally felt the big brown Cocks both spasm in my gaping holes.Just like last night the feeling was exquisite,as I felt them both unload spurt after spurt of hot Cumm in my stretched out pussy and asshole. The brown Cocks continued staying hard for a few minutes as they emptied their seed completely, then fell limp,pulling out and replacing the black Cocks I so worshiped, in my mouth to lick clean. Even when spent, these Cocks were huge, but I was able to now swallow them to the root.

The big black poles pulled me off the sofa and put me on all fours, saying," Now its time for this white bitch to please us!" We're going to shove these babys all the way up your ass slut!" I replied, " Oh please do, Fuck me hard masters! Tear my ass up with those big black fucking Cocks! I had no control over what I was saying! I just wanted to please my masters Cocks, and before I could say another word one of those hunks of black manhood was buried in my ass to the ball sack! As soon as it entered my ass gobbs of Cumm leaked out of my pussy onto the carpet below me. It hurt at first but felt better and better as it slowly slid in and out. He kept the head in which aided in my enjoyment and increased the tempo until it was slamming my ass like a pile driver!

Anita moved under me and began licking the gobbs of Cumm on the carpet with an occasional lick and suck to my clit encouraging the black poles to fuck me harder.She then knelt in front of me shoving her hot ass in my face saying, " time for you to lick your Husbands Cumm out of my ass whore!" I said, " Oh yeah baby! Put that asshole on my tongue! I love it!" I proceeded to lick, suck and put my tongue in her asshole while getting hammered in the ass,when my Black poles switched and the Cock that was just in my ass moved to my mouth. I alternated licking and sucking ass juice off the big Cock and Anita's asshole,digging out plenty of my Husbands Cumm. I was having anal orgasm after anal orgasm as I felt the wonderful feeling of balls slapping my ass.!2 inches of thick, black Cock were buried deep in my ass as the other monster slowly slid into Anita's waiting hole in front of my mouth. I saw what it did to Anita's asshole and was amazed how it opened up so wide. My husbands Cumm was really leaking out now and coated the Cock so I asked to lick it clean. I was promptly rewarded with it being rubbed on my face and shoved in my mouth. The Cock continued to slide in Anita's ass and after one stroke would then go straight to my waiting mouth to clean. Anita was screaming ," Fuck my ass with that giant fucking Cock! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" The black poles traded asses and there Anita and I were, side by side getting Fucked in the ass, as our tongues met and explored each others mouth.

Trish, my Husband and the big brown Cocks sat on the sofa watching the action making nasty comments. She had stroked and sucked them until all three of them had erections. My Husbands poor Cock was dwarfed, yet it's still a fine Cock. Trish would suck and stroke a Cock, stop and make comments on how hot Anita and I looked with those big black Cocks in our asses, and then go on to another Cock. Anita and I continued kissing but would disengage when a deep thrust to our ass would knock us off balance.This was unbelievable! I was in heaven!

Trish was really working those three Cocks now. She had dropped to her knees in front of the sofa and was putting ever inch of Cock down her throat while furiously stroking the other two. She defiantly was the most talented slut in the room! I was impressed, and she was so beautiful to boot! Her Cocks were moaning, Anita and I were moaning, and the huge hunks of black Cock were laughing while high fiving each other!

I felt the Cock in my ass spasm and knew it was ready to blow, as I yelled out, "Cumm baby, Cumm in my gaping asshole!" Next thing I knew hot streams of Cumm were squirting in the air and as I turned to look they started splashing my face. I quickly moved my mouth over my black master's tool to catch as much as I could. It just kept Cumming and Cumming filling my mouth until it spilled out. I couldn't swallow fast enough and Cumm was all over my face, chest and back. Anita's Cock had pulled out and he was stroking it furiously as she opened and moved her mouth to receive her reward. She called me over to share in the explosion and I quickly moved into position. It blasted us both all over our faces as she grabbed it, pointed it to her open mouth and then my open mouth. Neither one of us could swallow quickly enough and Cumm was going everywhere, yuummm! We alternated sucking it dry and then we both moved over to my Cock and did the same.

Trish's Cocks were ready to explode now and all three of us girls knelt on the floor as all the Cocks surrounded us stroking their manhood. I couldn't believe the amount of Cumm that was splattered everywhere and we still had three Cocks to go! My black masters' Cocks were flaccid yet still were huge. They stood behind me watching the action rubbing their hunks of black meat in my hair. One of the massive brown Cocks started moaning as it began spurting all over us. Anita was rubbing the Cumm on her nipples and big tits as Trish and I tried to catch as much as we could in our mouths. Trish grabbed it and swallowed it to the balls as I sucked and licked Anita's big tits. Then my Husband and the other brown Cock started squirting their loads simultaneously all over our faces and into our open mouths. We were covered with hot Cumm and began swapping the cumm in our mouths by swirling our tongues together. Anita was rubbing my wet clit and shoving her tongue down my throat as I massaged her beautiful breasts. Trish began sucking all three of the spent Cocks to drain them of all their seed, back and forth, in and out, to the root she went. She was amazing! Man, had I been Fucked!

Laughter broke out throughout the living room as we all took a break. I laid on the floor between Trish and Anita, sopping up Cumm on my fingers from their bodies and licking them clean as they did the same moaning in complete pleasure.My Husband sure didn't seem angry any more! We just had our first orgy at our home! I hoped it wasn't the last! My Husband and the big brown Cocks went to the kitchen to get us some beers and cocktails as the big black Cocks stood above me with newly erect black poles saying, "We only came once whore, you need to take care of these before we go! God, I was worn out and my ass, pussy and jaw were sore but I'm a trooper and said, "I will masters, just let me have a cigarette and drink and I'll gladly make those gorgeous Cocks Cumm in any hole you desire!" They sat on my Cumm stained sofa stroking those big hard Cocks.I couldn't keep my eyes off them as Anita and Trish whispered in my ear what a lucky slut I was!

The guys came back with our drinks as we all went to the patio totally nude. I was the only smoker and lit up. To me there is nothing like a smoke after sex but after this session I should smoke a whole pack! Everyone was chatting like nothing freaky had happened and when I looked at Trish, Anita and myself we looked like we had been rode hard and put up wet! My masters moved over to me with their still erect Cocks mesmerizing me, holding shots of tequila and beers,and toasted me, saying,"Here's to our new white whore, man can she Fuck!" After they downed their tequilas they slapped their big hard Cocks on my face. I was totally focused on them and put both in my mouth at the same time. I thought to myself, I hope the neighbors don't look over the fence but fuck it, I love these Cocks!

As I sucked the black poles Trish said to my Husband, "Do you think she passed the test? Do you think you guys can be part of our club?" I listened to this while not missing a beat on my task at hand and became confused. He responded, " I knew she'd go for it, she has always been insatiable with me.I knew she wanted more than just my Cock and tongue." I was in shock! I had been totally fooled and felt like a idiot! Still, I never missed a stroke and swallowed even deeper as they continued to talk.I was moaning and so were my Cocks as she directed the conversation to me, saying, " Your Husband and I were a couple long ago after meeting at a swing party in Santa Barbara. We ran into each other a month ago at the DMV and he told me how he missed the lifestyle but had the woman of his dreams. We concocted a plan to see if you might like the lifestyle too. If you wouldn't of gone for my young studs at the bar the other night he wouldn't have pursued it any further, but when he showed up and saw the crowd around the truck where you were blowing those big hard Cocks and saw for himself, he called me and said continue with the plan. The old man at the fast food restaurant is in our club and the other guys have attended parties from time to time. We all get tested for STDs monthly by another of our club members who is a Doctor with his own practice. You need to go get tested to be in our club and be more careful with your desires, you dirty little slut! It won't cost you a penny, but Doc might want a blowjob!" I had a big hard Cock down my throat and another resting on my forehead as she was saying this and found it funny, choking and laughing.

My Husband continued ,saying, " My car didn't break down last night, I just wanted to see if you could resist the temptation of a couple young studs and if not, good!" I continued sucking those two, big black Cocks as he spoke to me like I was sipping tea. He continued, " I didn't think you would be quite as whorish as you were but you'll be perfect in the club if it's what you want." I had stuffed both Cocks in my mouth as he was talking and couldn't respond, but gave the thumbs up sign instead. Everyone started laughing! Anita moved behind me rubbing my shoulders saying, " Don't be mad, you had fun didn't you? I love you, your a hottie!" Once again I just gave the thumbs up sign as both cocks were moving in and out of my mouth. The big brown Cocks said, "Hang out with us baby, you're a great Fuck and we'd love to get a shot at DPing you again! We're all like family and there's more pussy and Cocks for you to meet." I couldn't believe what I was hearing and couldn't believe what I was doing with no inhibitions whatsoever! God I hope the neighbors weren't listening!

My Husband asked, " Honey, do you want to Fuck those big black Cocks again? Do you want to taste their Cumm in your mouth? They need to get off Baby, I know Trish and Anita would gladly take care of them if you're to worn out." I had switched to trying to deep throat one and then the other as my mouth was getting sore trying to fit them both in at the same time and mumbled in response after pulling my mouth off, " Oh yes honey, please let me take them to our bed and let them ravish me again! I'll make it up to you big time. Look at these Cocks honey, I can't believe their size! I'm so happy you and Trish fixed me up! I still love you and always will but my slutty ways just had to surface again. I'm so glad you're a male whore, thank God!"

With that said, my Husband told my masters to take me to our bedroom and Fuck me because it was getting late. Everyone had to work tomorrow and they needed to get off. I moaned in agreement, pulled the Cocks out off my mouth and grabbed them, pulling them to our bed. I started to get concerned that I might only want these big black Cocks from now on instead of my Husband but then thought of Trish and Anita .They had done every filthy sex act imaginable with my Husband and they were much hotter than me. I'm sure I could squeeze a sex session or two , or three in for Hubby during the week, if he wasn't to busy with them! There was going to plenty of sexual action for both of us if we could handle the emotional aspect of an open relationship. I was pretty sure I could deal with him Fucking Trish and Anita and hoped the other girls in the group were as friendly as them but all it would take is a possessive bitch to ruin it. The size of the other Cocks not withstanding, my Husband is a catch. He makes great money and is a very passionate lover as well as just a great guy!

I didn't have any more time to think about such things as my big black Cocks threw me on the bed and shoved those big, hunks of Cock in my mouth and pussy! In all my days of slutdom I had never Fucked anyone on my Ex's bed and it was a definite turn on! My head was hanging over the bed with a Cock Fucking my mouth like there was no tomorrow while the other was deep in my wet, well used pussy. I kind of hoped they'd leave my ass alone as it was sore from all the Cocks that had been Fucking it. I was able to get most of the black pole down my throat and was proud of myself. I was in heaven again! Slamming , jamming, ramming, Fucking A, I was cumming again! It didn't take long this time as they both started spurting Cumm in my pussy and mouth. Lots of Cumm was oozing out my mouth as I sucked and licked the Cock in my mouth clean. The one in my pussy pulled out and had me suck and it lick it clean too! Cumm was all over me again and I loved it! They both embraced me and thanked me, saying, "We hope you join the club, you're a fine piece of ass and guarantee we'll do you good any time you want it baby." I felt ten feet tall as well as completely satisfied as they walked out of our bedroom.

When I finally dragged myself out of the bedroom I found everyone out on the patio fully dressed having cocktails and smoking reefer. As I walked out, still naked,applause broke out! I felt like one of the sports hero's I so admire. One of my new black friends went and made me a drink as my Husband handed me a big, fat joint to smoke. He asked, "How did you like the experience baby? Do you want to continue seeing my friends? They think you're great." Trish and Anita came over and began massaging my breasts purring in my ear, "We love you honey, join us for more fun and games." I nodded my head in agreement and took a big hit of weed sending my brain to Nirvana. My black friend handed me a drink and said, "Your Husbands a cool dude and you're a great match for him. We all make sure we help our couples stay together. This club is about having wild, uninhibited sex with no strings attached in a safe environment. You're a perfect couple to join us. My girlfriend attends many functions and we've been together four years." Everyone else except Trish and my Husband, also talked of their significant other and how they all swapped partners. This really made me feel more secure and ready for joining this nasty family. What a mind blowing experience! I sat there dumbfounded with Cumm leaking out my pussy and drying on my face and body.

After a while everyone said their goodbyes and left us alone. We had a long talk about what just happened and our sordid pasts, cumming completely clean. He was almost as big a slut as me! We both concluded we should of been honest with each other as ourselves and the last five years, although wonderful, could of even been better. We both had felt the other wouldn't accept what each of us had done in the past and would of moved on. Wrong! We now were actually closer than ever, and after some hot showers we made passionate love falling asleep in each others arms.

The End

My future writings will be both of my past and experiences with my new friends. Also, I may write in the third person regarding my Husbands experiences, now that I know what a slut he was! He doesn't have the time to sit at the computer and write. Also remember to cover your furniture if you have a orgy, my new sofa and love seat were ruined!

Luv and Blow Jobs Mrs. Sancho

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