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The Cookout Club

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My wife and I are a very happily married couple of four years. We are pretty close to about as normal as people can get in every aspect of our lives. Average house, average jobs, the low end of average income and average, ordinary looks. We find each other extremely attractive, of course, but modeling agencies aren?t beating down our doors with contracts. I am average size, both in stature and endowment, but my wife has 34D breasts that draw attention where ever we go even though she denies it. She also has the hottest pussy I have ever had the pleasure of entering.

That being said, we probably have the high side of an average sex life. We might go for a while without it from time to time for one circumstance or another, but then we most certainly always try to make up for lost time when we can. Like I said, pretty average. Until the day we met Frank and Emily, our new neighbors across the street. That is when average went out the window.

Our neighborhood is probably about like any other one anywhere in the country that you would like to imagine. Fairly quiet and peaceful with a wide array of inhabitants. Plenty of retirees to give it that slow, laid back appearance who are always doing something, but never very much at one time. You know, the kind that always make your yard look bad because you don?t mow it three times a week. Then there?s the young punks who are renting the condos and married or living together at the age of 19 because they never got the timing down pat for ?pull out?. Then there?s that average crowd where we fit in. There?s a few of us on our street that form our own little group because we?re no where near retirement and constant lawn manicuring, but we?re far past working double over time at Burger Barn just to pay the rent and feed the baby.

So when we weren?t working or trying to keep up in the lawnmower race, we liked to get together at each others houses fire up the grill and talk. Conversation was never very serious or heavy tongued, but the usual banter was to be expected. Jim and Nancy had just added a covered, wrap around deck to there house and really enjoyed it. They said they could sit outside now and enjoy a drink without being serenaded by the mosquitoes. Of course, I already new about the new addition and was pissed because though Nancy had never figured it out, at least to my knowledge, I could see straight into their bedroom before, and now the sight of watching her lie on her bed masturbating on the nights that Jim worked late were gone forever. But anyway, like I was saying, cheerful, meaningless banter. Straight talk with never the slightest deviation into anything inappropriate for mixed, polite company.

Then one day, here comes a moving van down the lane and backs into the driveway of the house across the street from ours at an angle. In trail, right behind the moving van was an SUV with Nevada tags.

?Nevada huh??, my wife Maria said as she stepped out on the porch beside me. ?This could be interesting.?

As I looked over at my wife I realized she had just stepped out of the shower and had obviously not felt like wasting time drying off. She stood there beside me, hair wet, shorty shorts that made me hard every time I saw them because of the trashy, yet sexy way they showed the bottom of her ass cheeks, and a white wife beater that looked like it had come through the shower with her. Her nipples were hard from the light fall breeze that whisped over her wet shirt and you could see every inch of her pink nipples and aereolas. I wanted nothing more than to bend her over and fuck her right there, but I didn?t want to make Mr. Henry next door crash his brand new Murray. So I just took the opportunity to do a little picking.

?Well honey, if they?re lookin? over here, they may be thinking the same.?

She quickly shot me a bird and went back inside to paint her nails.

I stood and watched as the moving van crew began their God awful job of unloading a truck full of housewares and furniture. The position that the SUV had parked at, I couldn?t see who got out or what they looked like. But I could here them talking and though I?m not a student of dialects and accents, I didn?t think they sounded like Nevada natives. As I stood there surveying the activities, it occurred to me just how much like an asshole I probably looked like just standing there staring so I decided to be neighborly and go introduce myself. I started to step inside and get Maria, when the wet T shirt passed through my mind and I decided to go alone. When I stepped around the corner of the moving truck I saw a rather large man directing the traffic that steadily flowed off the truck and into the house. He appeared to be in his mid-thirties, 6? 1? or so and thick. Not like someone who worked out a lot just to look good, but some one who had acquired there physique through years of manual labor. I walked up and smiled, but before I could get anything out of my mouth, he extended his hand and said, ?Howdy neighbor, I?m Frank.?

?Joe? I said as I took his hand. To my surprise, the texture of his hands, did not relate to my impression of his looks. They were certainly large, to fit the rest of him, but were softer and smoother than I had expected. We stood and chatted a little and I found out that he had grown up digging wells with his dad, but for the last fifteen years had been selling real estate. I told him I was a contractor and that maybe some time we should get together and do some business dealings. He stood silent for a moment as if he were mulling the idea around that big head, and just as he started to say something, a shrill scream came from around the corner.

?Frank! What the hell did you do with my special box?? As she came around the corner, I laid my eyes on Emily for the first time. Five foot if she stood up straight, a waist the size of one of my legs, tits that were too firm to be genuine. Not that I touched them or anything, but they stood there loud and proud with obviously no help from Victoria?s Secret. She had fiery red hair and on my first impression, an attitude to match. Her ass could only be described as a petite ghetto booty, and it appeared that my darling Maria had found her long lost sister. Not that there were that many similar physical characteristics aside from looking extremely fuckable without trying, but Emily had on little cotton exercise shorts that showed the bottom of her cheeks, and a white wife beater, dry of course.

She seemed to blush a little when she realized I was standing there and stopped screaming and said ?Oh, hi.? Frank introduced us and then asked if I had a better half. I said I did but she was in the house treating her self to a day of self-indulgent laziness and pampering. Emily piped up and said that?s what she would be doing if she could find her box. I was curious, but for the time being I felt I shouldn?t ask. Frank told Emily he would find her box, and I excused myself back across the street to my house where I found Maria in a slightly more self-indulgent state than I had anticipated. Just inside the front door, and out of view, she had her shorts hiked to the side and two fingers inside her pussy.

?Did you miss me that bad baby,? I asked as she licked herself from her fingers.

?Who are they, and where?d she get them tits??

Anytime she had been asked, Maria had always completely denied being bi, but I had always known she liked to look and if the right pussy was put in front of her mouth, she would feast.

?Frank and Emily. He sells real estate, and I don?t know where she got ?em, but there nice.?

?What the hell were you lookin? for??, she said with a devilish grin.

?Same reason you were, baby. And oh by the way, you both seem to have the same fashion designer. Titty teasers and fuck shorts!?

Once again I got that all too familiar middle finger as she rolled her eyes and walked away.

The next couple of weeks went by with no real differences. We waived to each other occasionally in passing, but didn?t talk much as they were always busy getting there house arranged and up and running. Then one evening, there was a knock on the door. Maria got up to answer it and as she opened the door, I could see Emily standing there. She was dressed about the same as usual. Shorts and a tank top. Either she was naïve as hell and didn?t know what she did to people, or she was horny as hell and enjoyed it. Either way she and Maria stood and chatted for a few minutes and then I heard Maria say, ?Saturday at seven, sounds good. See ya then.? She closed the door and came back into the living room and said we were invited to a party at Emily?s house on Saturday. Nothing big just comfy, casual dress and some hamburgers.

?Sounds good to me.? I said and went back to the football game on the tube.

The week rolled on slowly as usual and when Saturday evening rolled around, I had almost completely forgotten about the party when Maria came strolling out of our bedroom looking quite casual but had a certain sexual look to her. She was wearing a tank top as usual, although it was slightly thicker than her wifebeaters and she had on a pair of cut off jean shorts that weren?t actually cut off, just made to look that way. They didn?t show her ass cheeks unfortunately, but were still short enough to be interesting. I looked her up and down trying to determine what it was that made her look so extraordinarily sexy when I realized, it wasn?t the look at all. It was the smell. I detected just a faint scent of the perfume that she only wore when we went out somewhere special with the intentions of returning home for a romantic or wild evening.

?Anticipating something later?? I asked and she smiled that shy half grin that was so sexy to me and said ?Just depends on the mood, it might be sooner than later.?

I knew immediately she was quite taken by one of our new neighbors, but didn?t know which one. Any way to make a trashy little comment like that, I knew her panties, if she had any on were already wet.

I cleaned up a little and threw on a clean t-shirt quickly and we were out the door. As we walked across the street, we were joined by Jim and Nancy who said they had been watching for us to go so that they didn?t go too early. I didn?t even know that they were invited. Not that I minded, but I was disappointed because I thought that might throw a kink in whatever the plans were that Maria had for herself, which might later in the evening effect me.

As we walked up the Frank and Emily?s house, Frank opened the front door and said come on in. He led us all through the house to the back yard. There we found Emily flipping hamburgers on the grill and sipping on a long neck Budweiser. She looked to be just as comfortably dressed as the first time I met her. Braless wife beater, only this time it appeared to be a little more damp due to the perspiration caused by the grill. Her nipples stood straight out and looked hard as rocks and you could actually see how pink they were. Without trying to stare, I moved my eyes down her body and saw that once again, she was wearing short cotton shorts and you could see just the crease of her ass cheeks. I quickly looked around the rest of the yard to make it seem I was just checking out everything, but when I looked over to my wife, she was contentedly staring at Emily?s chest, eyes looking like they were going to pop right out of her head. Finally, Emily looked up and caught my wife gazing at her.

?Busted !? I thought to myself with a smile. But then Emily just winked at Maria, walked over and gave her a hug and said, ?Hey there sexy. How are ya??

She then walked over to Nancy and gave her a similar greeting and then looked at me and Jim and said ?Howdy boys, how are ya??

She told us to have a seat, and as we did, Frank took over the grilling and Emily took drink orders. She brought our drinks and about that time the burgers were ready. We all sat and ate and chatted and of course the majority of the questions were just to get acquainted. By the time the burgers were gone, we were all on at least our second beverage, except for Emily and Nancy. They were both half way through their third Bud each, and both were getting a little giggly. Frank lit the tiki torches and we chatted the evening away until about 9:30 when a silence seemed to fall over everyone. About the time I was beginning to think the evening was over, Emily piped up and said, ?Why don?t we all hop in the Jacuzzi??

I hadn?t even noticed that there was a Jacuzzi in the back yard but she ran over and flipped on the dim runway like lights around it and sure enough, there it was.

?We aren?t wearing swimming suits,? Jim and Nancy both exclaimed at almost the exact same second.

Neither am I Emily shouted as she walked back over and stood behind Frank. She slowly pulled her tank top over her head and rubbed the back of Frank?s head with incredibly large, incredibly perky, incredibly REAL breasts. The rise in Frank?s pants was immediately visible as was Jim?s and mine. Nancy was already in an alcohol induced agreeable state, and as she stood and stripped completely, I just smiled. It had been a while, thanks to that damn deck, since I had seen Nancy?s body. As I looked to Maria, her eyes were darting around everywhere taking in all the flesh, as now everyone except her and I were naked. When her eyes finally fell on me I said, ?What do you think??

She got that little half grin on her face, slowly stood and dropped her shorts. She wasn?t wearing any panties and I thought I was gone right then. I quickly recovered and hopped up. We both finished stripping and made a B-line for the tub. As we all got in and situated, I realized that Emily had squeezed between Jim and Nancy. Suddenly, both Jim and Nancy?s eyes lit up as Emily started hand fucking both of them at the same time. I could tell that there wasn?t going to be any wasted time chatting so my hand dove straight for my wife?s crotch, but her hand had already beat me there. She giggled and removed her hand and I went to work instantly. I was deeply involved in my work, as was Emily. Jim and Nancy were seemingly incapacitated and I suddenly felt sorry for Frank. I looked up at him and noticed his eyes were closed and realized that Maria, my wife was fisting his cock like there was no tomorrow. Though we had never swapped partners, or even ever had sex with any one else before, we both seemed to know what to do. Erotic isn?t even the word. I looked up again and Saw that Jim had turned around and was pounding Emily?s pussy and Maria said, ?Nancy looks lonely Joe, I think she needs one of your tongue lashings.?

No need to tell me twice, I had watched this woman frig herself silly for three years, and had always wanted to fuck her. As I moved toward her, she opened her legs, grabbed my head and shoved me under water. I wasted no time plunging my tongue as deep into her box as I could. Unfortunately, I couldn?t taste it because I was under water. I stayed down on her as long as I could, and when I came up, she said ?Now, isn?t that better than watching?? I couldn?t believe it she knew. Oh well, no time to talk about it now. I spun her around and just as I was about thrust into her, I heard Maria scream. I turned around to see the absolute biggest cock on the planet enter my wife. Maria must have been gushing wet because she took it all on the first try and Frank immediately started hammering her full speed ahead.

I turned back to my current subject and slid in. Taking Frank?s lead, I started pounding Nancy as hard as I could immediately. I knew Nancy wasn?t going to last long, but I knew I would be even shorter, so as I kept pounding, I started teasing her asshole with my thumb. She pushed against me and I took that as permission. With the next thrust into Nancy?s hot pussy, I shoved my thumb into her asshole and she came immediately. I filled her cunt with what felt like a gallon of sperm. As I pulled out, there was Emily. ?I want to taste her pussy!? She said in a husky voice and grabbed my shrinking dick and swallowed it.

?I want to taste his cum,? I heard Maria say from behind me. She swam around me, grabbed Nancy?s legs at her knees, lifted her pussy out of the water and started slurping my juices out of her pussy.

By this time, Emily had taken my now hard again cock out of her mouth, but still held it in her hand. She led me to the side of the tub where the deck came to meet it and layed down. I started to go down on her when she stopped me and said, ?No. I want you to fuck me.?

So I climbed a little higher and entered her already waiting pussy. I decided I might take a little more time with this one and use some skill. As I was working in and out of her pussy, Maria walked up beside me and started sucking on Emily?s nipple. I instantly ran my hand up Maria?s leg and started fingering her. There was more in her pussy than just her own juices, and I realized that Frank had stayed in her till the end. This made my cock swell ever larger, especially when she looked at me and gave me that smile again. Before long, my little Utopia was interrupted as Emily said she wanted me in her ass and Frank in her pussy. We agreeingly complied. I was on my back with Emily on top of me and Frank slid in her pussy from on top. I pounded Emily?s tight asshole with all I had while watching Maria and Nancy work all over Jim like experts. Before long, I blasted off for the second time of the evening. I immediately made my way to my wife, as she was the only one left I had not fucked for the evening. I started licking her from head to toe. My mind was reeling as I tasted all the juices in her from all the other people in her pussy. She pulled me up and kissed me passionately tasting herself along with everyone else on my lips and then said, ?Fuck my ass.?

Now this had always been a touchy subject in the past, because she said she was nervous about the whole idea, but clearly, her inhibitions had left her for the night.

I turned her over and ate her pussy a little more, making sure to smear her juices over her asshole for good lube. I slowly pressed in a finger and she tensed and then relaxed. Nancy and Emily were now on each side of her stroking and caressing her. I slid my finger out, took position and slid the head of my cock into her tight, waiting ass. She gasped as I entered her and then relaxed again. Emily leaned over and licked my shaft as it slid in and out for lube. Before I knew it, Jim had slid up under Maria and was fucking her pussy while I nailed her ass. We both exploded and as we pushed her up off our dicks we poured out of both her holes. Nancy and Emily were there to lick up anything coming out before it hit the water and was wasted. They then turned their attention to cleaning me and Jim. As they finished we all climbed out and said our goodbyes for the evening.

Since then, we have all hosted cookouts and they look like they might last all the way through the winter.

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