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The Cookout Club 2

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Maria awoke with a gasp. She screamed, or at least she thought she did, but Joe just lay there sound asleep. She quickly reached down and felt the hot juices between her legs. She let her palm brush her clit as it went down and her whole body shuddered. Yep, she was sopping wet and had yet another orgasm in her sleep thanks to those vivid dreams she now had so regularly about her cookout buddies. She knew Joe enjoyed the group activities just as much as she did, but she worried that if he knew what kind of dreams she had, and just exactly how frequently she had them, he might begin to kindle some feelings that she was taking it past just the sex that it was. So, to disguise the events of the morning, she did the only thing she could think of. Maria threw back the covers, grabbed Joe?s cock and swallowed it. It grew quickly in her mouth and as she released it for a moment and stroked it with her hand, she kind of smiled and giggled as the thought passed through her mind that maybe dicks do have a mind of their own because her favorite one stood there before her tall, proud, and completely awake while the master of it continued to snore. She stroked it just a few more times before swallowing it again and as she did, Joe began to stir. Quickly, he came out of his groggy slumber to realize what was happening and just smiled down at Maria.

?Good morning,? she said with a rather distorted, muffled sound thanks to the dick that was impeding her tongue movement and she closed her eyes and really went to work. Maria didn?t ordinarily enjoy fellatio, but she was good at it and Joe loved it. Before long the usual morning weakness and stiffness wore off and Joe decided it was his turn to have a taste. He pushed Maria straight backwards on the bed so that her head hung off the foot and began outlining her lips with his tongue. Within seconds it was quite apparent how wet Maria was and he raised his head and said, ?My, some one has had a busy mind this morning.?

Maria raised her head to meet his gaze and just grinned that sexy half smile and dropped her head again. Joe wasted no more time with just licking around her pussy. He went straight in with his tongue as deep as he could. His tongue fucked her for several seconds before he gently worked his way up her slit and sucked her hard, pebble like clit into his mouth between his teeth. As he held it with his teeth, he worked it feverishly with his tongue. At this, Maria drew her heels up to her ass and arched her back into the air. This was the most sensitive part of her entire body, Joe knew, and with as excited as she already was, countdown to blast-off had begun.

As Maria?s hips rested on the bed again, Joe readjusted his position so that as he delivered his tongue lashing, he could also fondle Maria?s supple, silky smooth breasts. As he did, her nipples began to swell. He had a breast in each hand and he rolled her nipples, lightly, between his thumbs and forefingers as he continued to ravage her pussy with his tongue. With just a few more tongue lashes, Maria?s hips began to rise slowly, her whimpers got louder and in one great explosion, she screamed, ?Yes!!!?, and then there was silence as she lay lifeless on the bed.

After she had seemed to regain control of her breathing, Joe slowly began crawling toward Maria?s head, his tongue working its way up the soft, smooth skin of her stomach. He paused for a moment at her left nipple, took it into his mouth and then immediately released it. He then proceeded to gently blow on it. As his breath cooled the wetness from his tongue, her nipple stiffened and stood erect. He did the same with her other nipple and then proceeded to kiss up her chest to her neck where the kissing became more of licking and sucking until he made it all the way up her chin and passionately kissed her lips. Maria wrapped her arms around Joe and pulled him down on top of her and darted her tongue into his mouth. She tasted her pussy on his tongue and moaned as she did. As they continued to kiss, her tongue kept darting in and out, each time with a fresh sample of pussy for her enjoyment.

The idea of tasting pussy, her own or any one else?s for that matter had always been a turn off for Maria, but that ended some weeks ago when she tasted it for the first time. Now, it was a favorite bed snack, no matter who?s it was.

?Fuck me, my love.? She said as she looked into Joe?s eyes. Joe could see very deep passionate love in his wife?s eyes as she looked into his, but he could also see the pure lust that burned in them that simply said, Give me your dick. Joe liked both moods, and obliged.

His dick entered his loving wife?s pussy effortlessly as she was so wet already that the sheets below them were saturated. Wet and ready though she was, Maria gasped when she felt her man enter her and then the gasp turned to moans. Joe wasted no time in pounding her as hard as he could. This was sex the way Joe liked it. Sloppy. As Joe slid his hand under Maria?s ass, he realized just how sloppy it was. There was a steady stream of juices flowing from Maria?s pussy right down the crack of her ass and he made use of the lubricant as he slid a finger into her hot asshole.

?A little early in the day for that don?t you think?? Maria asked as she looked at Joe.

?Only if you think its too early for a window shattering orgasm.?

She grinned and giggled and went back to moaning. As they had discussed their activities, Joe slid a second finger into Maria?s ass and was now mercilessly fingering her asshole as his dick pounded her pussy. Finally, when Joe saw Maria start stroking her nipples, he knew it was time. He pulled his fingers out of her ass so he could devote all his energy to her pussy. He wrapped his arms around her thighs with her calves on his shoulders and began thrusting like a raging animal. In seconds, Maria?s moaning turned to screams as she shouted, ?I?m cumming, I?m cumming!? and with that Joe let loose with what seemed to be a gallon of cum. By the time he finished shooting his load, it was already running out of her. He collapsed on the bed beside her and she reached down, ran a finger up the underside of his dick and licked both of them off her finger. ?I love you my darling.? Then they just layed there.

After several moments of regaining themselves, Joe and Maria got up and started their day. Many times on Saturday mornings the two of them would enjoy a shower together, after which, usually led them straight back to the bedroom for some romping, but this morning Maria hit the shower first and Joe went to the computer to do a little bookkeeping for his construction business.

Once in the shower, Maria began washing her body. Even with the great sex they had just had, Maria managed to turn herself on again as she washed her pussy. This seemed to happen every Saturday morning when she had more time than usual that she could enjoy in the shower. As she felt herself beginning to moisten again, she reached between her legs and got another finger full of juices which still contained a little of Joe along with her. She savored the taste for a moment, and then continued on with her shower and got out.

Joe hopped in and got cleaned up and then they started their day. They had some things to do before they came home and got cleaned up this evening. They had a get together next door on Jim and Nancy?s new porch.

It was about 6:30 as Joe and Maria were getting ready. Both had hopped back in the shower to make sure they were as clean as possible for the event, and both had made sure they shaved all the right spots. Slick skin, they had discovered was very conducive to the new found style of friendships they were involved in and made for some much added pleasure, both in touch and sight. Joe sat on the bed, watching Maria get dressed. It was fall outside, but Jim had assured them that the porch would be very comfortable and for them to wear whatever they wanted and were comfortable in. Maria already had on a black lace push up bra and a lacy button up tank top, which was unbuttoned far enough down that you could catch just a glimpse of her bra, but she still was walking around completely nude from the waist down.

?Ya look great just like that babydoll.? Joe said with a grin. ?Lets just go on over like that!?

Maria quickly sent Joe that all too familiar, lovely middle finger as she started going through her drawers looking for the perfect pair of jeans. When she finally found the pair she wanted and put them on, Joe decided that they had been worth every second of the wait. They were a pair of old worn out jeans that were snug enough to show that sexy ass off, but loose enough to slide out of without too much effort. Obviously, Maria had put some thought into her attire for the evening, and just for some icing on the cake, they had a split just under the left back pocket so that, when she bent just right, it gave a perfect little view of that pantyless ass.

With the pain and torment of getting dressed behind them, it was time to go next door.

?Well, we were getting worried that you had gotten lost on the way over here!? Joe and Maria heard as they walked up on the porch. Everyone laughed.

?We had some serious wardrobe problems!? Joe exclaimed. Everyone laughed except Maria, who was suddenly loosing control of that damned old middle finger again. Then, she laughed too. Jim, Nancy, Frank and Emily were already sitting around enjoying some drinks and Joe and Maria joined them.

Jim had kept true to his word about the porch being comfortable. He had stapled thick heavy plastic up over the screen and had opened up all the doors and windows leading into the house and cranked the heat up inside.

Nancy had disappeared into the house a few minutes previously and a voice came from the kitchen that dinner was served. Everyone went in the house and came out a few minutes later with plates full of baby back ribs and all the fixins.

?Damn, Emily, all we had at our place was burgers,? Frank said. ?I think we?ve been out done.? Every one laughed again and set to gobbling down there dinner in almost complete silence. The speedy eating could be explained by two different theories. One, the food was wonderful and every one thought they could eat until they burst. Two, everyone knew what was sure to ensue and couldn?t wait. After the meal, everyone just sat around chatting for a little while until Nancy decided that the food had had enough time to settle and she hopped up and said, ?So, who wants to see the surprise??

Everyone except Jim looked a little puzzled so she said ?Follow me.? Slowly, everyone followed her around the back corner of the house, still inside the massive porch, and Nancy flipped on some lights. There, sunken into the floor of the deck was the biggest Jacuzzi any of them had ever seen. It could easily seat 20 people and was sitting there already running and waiting for them.

?Holy shit that things huge!? Maria shouted.

?How did you get this thing in here without any of us knowing?? Joe asked.

Jim just grinned, nodded at Nancy and said ?She?s discovered she can get a lot done with that body.?

Nancy was slapping the piss out of Jim before he even finished his sentence and the rest of them were horse laughing. They all knew that what went on among the six of them stayed with them. No one else was invited or included.

?Well I?m real glad y?all like the hot tub,? Nancy said. ?But that ain?t the surprise.? Without another word, Nancy pulled her one piece dress over her head, reached down and spread her pussy apart and showed everyone the surprise.

?Oh wow!? Emily squealed. ?You got your clit pierced!? Every one moved in close for a better look and Nancy just stood there beaming like it was her birthday.

?Is it still sore?? Maria asked.

?No,? Nancy said, ?but it sure is sensitive.?

With that Maria dropped to her knees and licked it. Nancy shuttered and then moaned. Maria licked it again with the same effect. Without another word, Maria stood, quickly stripped and stepped into the hot tub. She patted the deck if front of her and Nancy sat down and spread her legs. Everyone else quickly filed into the hot tub and assumed a comfortable position.

As the four spectators sat on the other side of the tub just watching, Frank decided he needed to join the spectacle. He slid across the tub with only his head above the water so that his face was perfectly in line with Maria?s moistening snatch. Almost as if she were expecting it, as soon as Maria felt someone?s touch, she arched her back to point her ass even higher into the air. Frank grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them and dove as deep into her hot box as his tongue would allow. He licked furiously up and down her now dripping slit as she continued tongue fucking Nancy with the expertise that only another woman can possess. Frank reached around Maria with both arms. With one hand, he began caressing Maria?s breasts which instantly brought her semi-hard nipples to full attention, and with the other hand, he began fingering Nancy?s pussy. With Maria?s tongue action and Frank?s large fingers, Nancy was soon shaking all over and began moaning louder and louder.

The entire time this scene was playing out, Joe, Jim, and Emily were still sitting on the other side of the tub watching. Emily was in the middle and had a rock hard cock in each hand. Joe had two fingers in Emily slowly working them in and out, almost in a subconscious state while watching the show. Jim was a little less interested in the main feature as he was busy devouring Emily?s rock hard nipples.

Back on the other side of the tub, Nancy?s moaning had transformed into wild gyrations and borderline screaming when all of a sudden she gasped and became almost lifeless. Frank backed away, Maria?s vicious tongue fucking became a more loving kiss of Nancy?s pussy and then as she worked her way up Nancy?s stomach and breasts, Nancy slid into the water and just sat there with a tired but pleased look on her face.

From out of nowhere, Emily breathed a deep loud sigh, and as everyone looked her way, she shuttered a little as Joe pulled his fingers from her pussy. Everyone sat in comfortable silence for a few moments and then Nancy, who had apparently regained her senses and composure piped up and said, ?Let?s try something new. We have all had our ways with each other more than once in water, lets try it on a nice warm bed in the house.?

Everyone sort of looked at each other for a minute and then said, ?Sure.?

As they filed out of the tub, one by one, it became apparent that the plastic screen coverings weren?t as good of an insulator as Jim had thought. Two by two, nipples became instantly hard and erect and penises just sort of withered away. The group quickly filed into the house and the doors and windows were shut.

As Jim and Joe went around closing all the blinds to ensure the group there privacy, the girls went off to the bedroom. In just a few seconds, they returned with several quilts and blankets and began spreading them on the floor.

?We all decided the floor would be more comfortable and accommodating. That way no one can fall off and get hurt.?

As the girls finished covering the floor with blankets, Frank layed down on his back, grabbed Maria and pulled her to him. Obviously he had already been planning his move because his massive dick was already rock hard without any coaxing from the ladies.

?Have a seat little lady,? he said as Maria straddled him and began to ease herself onto his club.

She was evidently just as ready as Frank was and it took little to no effort to engulf him fully inside her. She was facing him, and as he took a tit in each hand and started groping them, she began riding him like a borrowed horse. As Maria rode up and down on Frank?s rigid fuck pole, Emily crawled up behind them and started licking both of them. On the up stroke, she would wrap her tongue around Frank?s shaft. Then as Maria came back down, she would start slurping at her dripping, wet cunt. As Emily continued her tongue orgy, Nancy placed her wet box over Frank?s face, on which he started feasting immediately. She then ordered Jim in front of her and she swallowed his cock into her throat and began sucking his balls through the head of his dick. As Maria?s legs began to grow tired she slowed her movements, so Frank started his. As Maria stopped moving and Frank started, Emily shifted her position to behind Maria, rather than under her, and picked a new target. Emily began licking around Maria?s asshole, letting her tongue just brush her entrance from time to time which sent Maria into an instant orgasm. Maria jumped and screamed, but as she settled back down to earth, Frank never missed a beat. Emily resumed her reaming, and Joe set up behind Emily. He began rubbing the pre-cum soaked head of his muscle on Emily?s slit and as he did, she leaned back into him, forcing him to enter her. From the time Joe?s cock entered Emily, he didn?t stop his forward progress until his hips slapped against her ass. She moaned and arched her back when they made contact and she thought she would explode right then and there. Joe pulled back out and reentered Emily and began his slow, rhythmic motions and Emily returned to licking Maria?s wet ass. She had ceased light teasing of Maria?s ass and was now tongue fucking it for all she was worth. Then, with no warning, Emily buried her pointer finger into Maria?s ass and began fucking her that way. As Joe was thrusting in and out of Emily, he began teasing her ass with his thumb. She seemed to like this. Joe conjured up a large amount of saliva on his tongue and bent over to place it directly onto her asshole for some good lube. He rubbed it around for just a moment and then slipped his entire thumb into her ass. Emily pressed back against him hard, then turned her head and with a devilish smile said, ?Fuck my ass big boy.?

?Then pull out and come in my mouth.? Nancy piped up as she pulled Jim?s cock from her lips. ?Jim, fuck me!? With this, Nancy got up off Frank?s face and got down on all fours beside him with her ass sticking up in the air.

As Joe pulled out of Emily?s pussy, he got up and walked over to Maria who was still riding the hell out of Frank. As soon as he walked up, Maria took his dick in her mouth and licked every bit of Emily?s love juice off of him, which is exactly what he was wanting anyway. ?Damn she tastes good!? Maria exclaimed as she turned slightly and winked at Emily.

Emily had gotten down on her hands and knees and was waiting for Joe to join her. As he did, he bent down and began licking all over her crotch, being sure to leave as much lubricant on her as he could. When he finished that, he scooted up behind her and put the head of his throbbing dick against her tight waiting hole. She moaned loudly as he began to push. Emily?s hole was so tight that it looked like her entire ass was trying to implode when finally, he broke through her muscle and the length of his dick seemed to just fall in. She screamed as Joe buried his cock balls deep in her ass and her screams were joined by Maria.

?I?m cumming! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Yesssss.? As Maria writhed around like a woman possessed, Frank?s balls tightened and he let out a grunt as his dick exploded deep inside her cunt. He ejaculated for what felt like hours. When he finished, Maria climbed off and cleaned off his cock.

In the mean time, Joe had been pounding away at Emily?s ass with a vengeance and she was screaming at the top of her lungs with her second orgasm of the night. Joe couldn?t take anymore of her tight asshole and as his balls tightened and his dick began to swell, he pulled out of Emily?s ass and headed for Nancy. Nancy opened up and swallowed him to the hilt just as he exploded. Everyone could hear Nancy swallowing as fast and hard as she could to keep up, but still yet, cum began to drip from both corners of her mouth. Maria quickly crawled over to Nancy and began licking all the extra off her face. They both looked at Joe with contented smiles on their faces as they swallowed the last drops of his load.

When Nancy had finished her cum shot, she turned her attention back to her husband who was fucking her silly now. She began meeting him at every thrust with one of her own and in no time they were both cumming violently. When Jim finished, Nancy stood and straddled Frank, who was still laying on his back, and began pushing the cum out of her pussy and onto his stomach. Emily and Maria quickly swarmed to it and sucked it down like honey. Round One was over.

Nancy ran out of the room and returned seconds later with soapy wet washcloths and towels for everyone to clean up. As they did, Emily looked around and said, ?I want all five of you at one time.? The rest of the group looked a little puzzled, not knowing how to accommodate this, but Emily spoke up again to explain. ?Jim, I want you in my ass. Joe, you get the pussy. Frank, honey I want to swallow you balls and all. Girls, I want one of you at each hand.?

Everyone was still standing around trying to wrap their minds around what this was going to be like when Jim broke the silence and said, ?Ah, what the hell.? As he said this, he laid down on his back and started stroking his meat. Emily knelt down beside Jim and started sucking his cock both to get it hard faster and to get lubed up. When she felt it was ready, she straddled him and lowered herself down to Jim. As Jim?s dick made contact with Emily?s tight little asshole, she slowed her descent and lined up. She relaxed as much as she could and began to slide over Jim?s waiting shaft. Penetration came much smoother this time as this was the second time tonight Emily had taken a hard dick in her ass, and she let out a moan as the last inch of Jim?s cock disappeared. Emily began to raise and lower on Jim?s cock and when everything was in place, she layed back onto Jim, looked at Joe, and said, ?Your turn sexy.? With that Joe, got down on his knees between her legs, smeared his cock around her sweet, oozing slit, and then plunged into her. This seemed to take her breath more than when Jim had pierced her ass, but she was soon in control and getting pounded like a true slut. As Frank, Maria and Nancy gathered around to watch the festivities, Emily reached out cupped Maria?s soaked pussy in her hand. Emily rubbed her hand around Maria?s crotch for a moment and then pulled it away. Her hand was drenched, and she started licking it all up; enjoying the taste of Maria?s sweet potion as well as her own husband?s cum that still dripped from within her.

Maria took a moment and stepped out of Emily?s reach and walked to the other end of the action. She stood in a mesmerized state, almost, just watching her husband?s cock pound her friend?s tight pussy. This aroused her more than she could explain and just knowing that that was ?her? cock in that other pussy made her want to cum. She bent down where she could get a better view, and enjoyed the scenes of two cocks, four balls, and two widely stretched holes working in stereo. She began paying more attention to the glistening juices that covered everything she was looking at, and then could no longer control herself. She knelt down on her knees behind her husband and started licking. She started at Joe?s asshole and went down, she suckled his balls and then moved down his shaft. She stopped licking and started sucking when she got to that no man?s land between Emily?s ass and pussy. The amount of and the taste of all the mixed juices was incredible. After savoring the flavor for just a moment, she continued on her way down. Her tongue lashed out to Jim?s shaft and then down where she sucked on his balls as well. Then she finished by making the line to his asshole.

When Maria took her place back and Emily?s side, everyone else was already in their place. Now the circle was complete. Emily had a cock in every available hole, and a pussy in each hand. As Emily was getting pounded from all angles, she found it difficult to concentrate, but she finally found Maria?s clit and really started working it. When Maria looked over to see how Nancy was being treated, she realized that Emily actually had her entire fist inside Nancy?s pussy. Maria needed nothing more. Her orgasm brought her to her knees.

About this same time, things were heating up on the lower end too. Joe and Jim had found a nice rhythm and between the friction of their two tight holes and their dicks rubbing together with only a thin membrane separating them, they were nearing their climax. They quickened their pace and Emily began moaning. It grew louder as they went and her arm seemed to be connected to her voice. As she grew louder, her fist rammed Nancy harder until she was moaning too. Emily started gyrating with her moans and soon pulled her fist from Nancy?s stretched box. Frank grabbed his wife?s hand and licked it clean just as Emily started screaming ?Oh, FUCK, YES FUCK!!!!? With that Jim and Joe both released massive loads of cock cream that spewed deeply into Emily?s insides. With his blow job falling by the way side, Frank pulled his dick from Emily?s mouth, grabbed Nancy, put her on her knees and shoved his dick into her pussy. Taken some what off guard, Nancy screamed when Frank?s large cock pushed its way in, but after just having Emily?s hand in there, it really didn?t hurt. Frank was on a mission. He needed to blow a load in some one quick and he wasn?t wasting any time. He pounded Nancy furiously and in under two minutes, his balls tightened again and he filled her to the brim and then some. Frank?s cum was oozing out by the time he pulled his dick out and Maria was there to clean up the mess.

As everyone paused to catch their breath, Maria said, ?I want all three of you men, but not like Emily. I want all three loads of your cum inside my cunt.?

Each man looked around to pick out his next partner and as the women all layed down on their backs side by side the men played musical sluts. Without any spoken decisions they all picked their own spouse.

They layed down between their women?s legs and all three began eating pussy. The air in the room was thick with hot, musty sex and the scent just got stronger the more they ate. Each pussy was full of hot juice and cum from more than one cock, but they gobbled it down just like ice cream on a hot summer day. Finally, Frank mounted Emily and the other two followed suit. The sex, while still hot and erotic, was slightly lower key than the time before. The crew was quickly running out of steam. Joe was the first to be ready, ?Are you ready for a present, my darling wife?? ?Give it to me,? Maria said in a raspy, voice. With that, Joe blew a load into his wife?s waiting cunt that she thought had filled her to the top. As soon as he finished, Joe pulled out and Jim took his place. As he drove his dick into Maria, he could feel his friend?s load squirting out around his dick. He took no time at all in delivering his load to Maria and when he pulled out, cum poured from her onto the blanket.

?Ooh! Don?t let that go to waste!? Emily exclaimed as she dove between Maria?s legs and started slurping up the cum on the blanket.

As Emily finished her clean up duties, Frank lined up for the finale. The sloshing sounds could be heard all through the house as Frank poured his dick to Maria with everything he could muster. As he screwed her silly, he raised her ass off the floor and slid a finger into her ass. Maria could take no more and let loose with an orgasm that shook the windows. As she clinched Frank?s dick in her cunt, he took all he could as well. Frank tossed his head back, closed his eyes, gave it one last push and blasted off a load of cum that Maria thought would knock the bottom out of her belly. They both fell to the floor, limp as rag dolls.

Nancy and Emily crawled over, cleaned Maria?s pussy one last time; tasting every drop of Maria and their men as they swallowed.

Everyone slept where they dropped. The next morning as they began waking, they gathered their clothes and their wits and went home. No one spoke, but everyone knew the next get together was already being planned.

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