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The Camping Trip

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The Camping Trip By BigSwede Gently edited by KnightRain

It all started when my wife, Mary, and I decided to take a camping trip. My best friend, Don, and his wife, Sam, had talked to us about camping together for two years now and it seemed like a perfect timing with both of us having vacation the same two weeks in July. As we were preparing for the trip I asked my neighbor Phil to borrow his tent and some other camping accessories that he had.

As we talked about camping he showed interest in joining us with his wife, Carol, so I asked them to join us. The six of us attended several parties in our neighborhood, so I felt like it would be a good mix and there wouldn?t be that awkwardness of strangers. I was really pumped to go camping, my wife and I had camped quite a bit when we were first dating and married but hadn?t since we had our son who is now 10. We dropped him and his sister off at my wife?s parents and came home to pack on the day before we were to leave.

It was great having some time alone in the house. I was so excited when we got back to our house I practically jumped my wife. I was really disappointed when she told me she had a headache and wasn't in the mood. As usual when she gets in these moods I went into the shower and jacked off.

My wife is 5?10?, 135 pounds and built like you wouldn?t believe, 36C-24-34, blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She keeps her pussy shaven and I love it. We have a pretty normal sex life for a couple in their mid-30s, once or twice a week pretty vanilla stuff but I don?t mind it as she is so hot. She gets attention when ever she enters a room and I love that feeling of having a trophy wife, especially since I am pretty average looking, 6?3?, 180 pounds, brown hair and blue eyes with an average sized penis, about 6?.

Don owned 10 acres of land in Northern Michigan that he hadn?t developed other than to put in an outhouse and clear about 30 feet for pitching tents. There was great fishing on the lake and not many cabins, just about 10 and they were all on the other side of the lake. He told me it would be really roughing it, which is something I looked forward to but my wife was a bit anxious about. In fact, the morning we were to leave she told me she wasn?t sure she wanted to go, I told her that the others were counting on her and we had even number of couples and I would feel stupid without her. She agreed to go.

We had got up at 5 a.m. to meet our friends at the rest stop halfway up to the camp. It was a brisk morning but supposed to be a really hot week up at the lake. We threw our gear and tent into the minivan and headed out for a week of the relaxing outdoors. I noticed that Phil still had their lights on when we left but I thought nothing of it as I knew he would catch up with us as he drives like a moron.

We were the first to arrive at the rest area and sat in our van and I was talking about how much fun it was going to be. I didn?t care that they weren?t there yet, after all it was a three hour drive and to time it to the minute wasn?t likely. My wife said she wasn?t all that excited about going as she hates fishing and most things about the outdoors but thought it would be a great chance to hang with her two girlfriends, Sam and Carol, her best friend. We waited about 30 minutes when Don pulled up in his car and I could barely make out the passenger and it wasn?t Sam. It was Phil, our neighbor who was going to join us.

My wife jumped out of our van and ran over and said . . . ?Where are the girls??. Don told us that they changed their minds about an hour into the trip and took Phil and Carol?s car back to town. They claim that Carol got sick and Sam had to drive her home.

My wife was really pissed when she came back to our car, she went into a tirade, I am not sure I have ever seen her that pissed. She said she knew Carol wasn?t sick, they just didn?t want to go. Carol and Sam had been hesitant all week my wife said. My wife only went camping so she could hang with them and now they backed out and left her without any choice unless she wanted to hitchhike home.

All the rest of the way up to camp she bitched and moaned about these two broads and I politely listened. I told her it wouldn?t be too bad and she should just enjoy the outdoors. When we got to camp the shit hit the fan, apparently Carol had drove home with their tents in her car. My wife whispered to me that there was no way those two guys were going to sleep in our tent as our tent was quite small and we couldn?t all comfortably fit in there. Phil and Don quickly agreed to sleep outdoors, I didn?t know if they heard her or not but I was embarrassed at how selfish she sounded.

We set up camp and decided to eat dinner. Fortunately, the beer was in our car so we had plenty of it. We made a campfire and drank pretty heavily. Mary had calmed down by now and seemed to be enjoying the conversation and the beer, of course. She was very happy that there was an outhouse and she didn?t have to go in the wild.

Around ten, she said she was going to bed and asked me if I was going to join her, I knew by her tone she wanted me to but I wanted to stay up and bullshit with the boys so more, so I told her to go to bed without me.

We sat there another hour or so and suddenly we heard a clap of thunder and light sprinkles. Phil said we can?t sleep out in this and suggested him and Don go to the minivan and drop the seats and sleep there. I don?t know what came over me but despite my wife?s warning, I told them they should sleep in our tent as it was so hot that they would suffocate in the van. They both agreed and then I began to wonder what did I do, my wife was going to be so pissed that I invited them into our tent.

Fortunately, she is a heavy sleeper so I told them to quietly climb in the tent and not to wake her. I opened the flap and there she was lying right in the middle of the tent on top of her sleeping bag with just a sheet over her. Her ass was hanging out a bit from under the sheet and I realized she had put on that short nightie of hers that drives me nuts as I could see the fringe of it sticking out from under the sheet.

I motioned for Don to lie down to the left of her and for Phil to lie widthwise at our feet as I crawled on the right side of her. It was so hot I pulled my shirt and jeans off and just laid there in my briefs and I saw the other guys do the same thing. We didn?t have any more sheets and I knew it was too hot to have them use a blanket so what could I do.

It suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks that there were these two guys laying there in there underwear within inches of my wife who was in a short teddy that had inched up her ass and no panties or bra. I was embarrassed and wanted to tell them to go sleep in the van but how could I now after we were all situated, I didn?t want to make the situation any more awkward so I decided to just lay back and go to sleep and hope that my wife wouldn?t kill me in the morning.

It wasn?t that dark in the tent and after my eyes adjusted I could see pretty well for darkness but when it would lightning the whole tent light up like daylight. As the storm wore on I thought for sure it would wake my wife, I guess she got a little more drunk than I thought, I know I had a quite buzz and I guessed so did Don and Phil.

I closed my eyes and started to think about sleep when after about ten minutes I heard Phil kind of giggling. I sat up and looked down at him and I noticed he was staring right at my wife?s ass which was uncovered just then a bright flash of lightning struck and we could all see her ass totally exposed as she laid there in the fetal position. All I could see was her creamy white buttocks but I knew that Phil and Don got the full monty. I looked over at Don and saw he was smiling.

Now what was I going to do, there was my best friend and neighbor staring at my wife?s shaved pussy unbeknownst to her. I looked back at Phil and glanced down at his mid section and saw he had a hard on that had poked out of his briefs through his fly, I knew he must have been jacking it as he looked embarrassed when I looked back at his eyes.

I then turned my attention over to Don and saw he had his cock out as well, but what shocked me was the size of it. It had to be 9 inches long and the mushroom head as thick as a coke can. I had never seen him hard before and was shocked at how big he was.

He quickly tucked it back into his briefs, as much as he could anyway. Lightning seem to be coming left and right as both of them kept there eyes glued to her illuminated ass and pussy. I suddenly felt this surge in my own groin and looked down and realized I was hard as hell. The dampness of the rain, the look of my wife?s beautiful ass and I have to admit my best friend?s hard cock sitting within four inches of my wife?s pussy just got to me. I started to stroke mine and with that signal Don took his back out and began jacking off again.

I couldn?t believe how risky this was yet such a tremendous turn on, if my wife woke and caught us jacking off it would probably be divorce for me but sexual desire was too strong to stop now.

I looked back at my wife?s ass and sat up a little so I could see her pussy, it is the finest pussy I have ever seen. It just perfect, about three inches long and softest lips protruding slightly. I love to eat her pussy and she loves to have it eaten. Since she has had our kids it isn?t the tightest pussy in the world but it is still hotter than hell.

Phil motioned to Don to rub his cock on my wife?s pussy and Don looked at me for permission. I froze as I laid there thinking, part of me was so turned on I really would love to see that, especially given that huge cock he had, the other part of me knew that I would be killed if she woke up.

I looked at my wife and she seemed deep asleep and I knew she was the deepest sleeper I know but she would surely wake up if a cock was rubbing her pussy. Then there was the concern over pregnancy, she wasn?t on the pill since I had a vasectomy. I reasoned that since he wouldn?t actually penetrate her that shouldn?t be a problem, especially given the size of that cock head there is no way he could stick it in without waking her. I am sure he wouldn?t dare cum on her; I pictured him pulling it back as he came and shooting on his stomach.

I don?t know what came over me but I nodded yes and Don smiled as he slowly slid his cock up next to her pussy lips. I couldn?t see very well so I sat up completely now so I could get a good view of this once in a lifetime occurrence, another man?s cock up against my wife?s pussy. I motioned for Phil to turn on the flashlight and point it at her pussy. This was the perfect light and didn?t bother her as the light was blocked from the top of the tent by her ass.

Don placed his cock on her right cheek first to see if she would move and she didn?t, he then slowly slid it up to her lips and held it there for about 20 seconds. Meanwhile, Phil and I were stroking our cocks and watching with great anticipation. Don began to rub his cock head up and down my wife?s slit, before long we could see the moisture of his pre-cum and what looked like her natural juices shinning in the flashlight beam. I looked down at her and she had a half-smile on her face and I knew she was enjoying this in her unconscious state.

I was close to cumming so I took my hand of my cock and just watched, Phil was still stroking and really into it. I loved the way my wife?s pussy lips had slightly parted with each stroke up and down her pussy. More and more moisture was building and I couldn?t tell if it was Don?s pre-cum or my wife?s pussy juices. He then pushed his head all the way down to her rectum and pushed gently on it, she let out a moan and we all jumped.

I have never had anal sex with her, although many times I have asked , she always refused, but I know her anus is sensitive. I shook my head no at him as I thought he was thinking of fucking her in the ass. Part of me wanted to see him slide that cock in her pussy and fuck her silly and part of me wanted to call a halt to it.

He slid his cock back to her pussy and rubbed up and down some more, each stroke his head parted her lips more and more. I was shocked at how deep his head had penetrated her pussy; he had to be in a good inch and a half in. I looked back at her figuring she was going to awake any minute but she was just grinning with a huge smile and then I saw her lick her lips and I was afraid she was going to awake.

I looked back at Don and he had his eyes closed and was moving his cock up and down her slit pretty steady now. His cock head was beet red and I could tell he was close, I was trying to get his attention to motion for him to roll over and cum on his stomach, he was way too deep for my comfort to cum on her fertile pussy.

Just then I heard my wife let out a huge moan and a sigh, I looked back at her pussy and realize Don had penetrated her about four inches and was driving deeper. He had slipped past that barrier I had counted on to keep him from actually fucking her and her pussy was now his for the taking.

I didn?t know what to do. I couldn?t talk as it might wake her but I had to stop him, this had gone too far. I tried to reach him to push him away but it was too late he let out a gasp and I saw cum started to ooze out of her totally stuffed pussy, he pushed in deeper and his whole body stiffened. My wife?s moan got louder and I panicked as I knew he was cumming in her fertile cunt and any second she was going to wake and KILL ME.

I finally got my hand on his thigh and gave him a shove, he opened his eyes and looked startled and quickly pulled out of my wife, I guess he got carried away and I couldn?t blame him. As his huge pulsating cock was pulling out I could see more cum shooting out of his slit on to her pussy.

It was the hottest thing I had ever seen there was my wife?s bald pussy covered with cum on the outside and globs of cum oozing out of the inside. I was in shock I couldn?t believe his huge cock had slid in her and especially didn?t wake her.

I quickly fell back down and thought my best defense was to pretend like I was sleeping in case she awoke. I laid there for a second and then got up enough courage to look at her and was totally freaked when she opened her eyes and winked at me.

What in the world was she doing? How long was she awake? Did she realize Don had just cum inside of her? Or was she still out of it enough that she thought it was me that fucked her.

I had forgot all about Phil when I heard him let out a gasp as I glanced down there I saw him starting to cum, he must have been turned on or had one hell of a prostate as he was shooting ropes of sperm three feet high in the air. Don was still stroking the last few drops of cum out of his cock. I could smell the sex in the air and realized my own cock was throbbing with excitement.

I wanted relief but didn?t know what to do. I looked back at my wife and she had closed her eyes and just laid there with a smile on her face. I decided I better get these guys out of here and hide what had happened. I motioned for the guys to go outside and we all got up and ran to the car to avoid the rain.

I still had a raging hard on as I sat there in disbelief at what had happened. Both Don and Phil were grabbing Kleenex and cleaning themselves up. I still couldn?t believe how big Don had got and the thought of whether my wife had ever been fucked by such a big cock before entered my mind, I don?t know why.

Don spoke first and said sorry about fucking your wife and cumming in her pussy he said he didn?t plan too he just couldn?t stop himself. I told him she was fertile and I was in big trouble but that I understood what happened, I don?t think I would have done anything different had it been me. Phil said it was the hottest thing he had seen in his life and he wish it had been in Don?s spot. They both went on and on about how hot my wife is and how surprised they were to see her shaven cunt.

I told them I thought she had the perfect pussy, and how I love to eat her pussy. Of course, they both said they would love to eat her too. I told them they better stay in the car the rest of the night as I was going to try to pretend like it was me that fucked her and hope she didn?t know otherwise. Don said cool but Phil wanted his shot at her pussy. I told him no way and slipped back into the tent?

There I sat, totally turned on, hard as hell, the rain tapping against the roof of the van. Don and Phil were in the back still wiping the jism off their cocks. I had just witnessed my best friend fucking my wife. I just kept picturing his cum dripping out of her fertile cunt. I knew I should be pissed and worried but every time I envisioned his cock shooting her full of his seed my cock throbbed harder.

I had to have relief, I couldn't jack off in front of these guys in the van and I didn't dare go back in the tent and jack off. I was so afraid to go back to my wife, what if she had fully awakened and realized what I let happen. Surely, she would kill me. Mary is so pure and even prudish, no way would she ever fuck another man than her husband who she had promised to love, honor and cherish forsaking all others. How did I let this happen, I said those same vows ten years ago.

Don and Phil's animated conversation about my wife's shaved pussy brought me back to my dilemma, Phil kept telling Don how lucky he was to fuck that beautiful pussy. I wondered do I go into the tent and wake her and confess that I sat there and let Don cum in her pussy or do I say nothing and hope that that wink she gave me meant she thought it was me that fucked her. I decided not to say a word, after all, there was no way for her to clean herself out, I am sure she didn't bring a douche. I had to accept the fact that I let my best friend shoot his seed into my fertile wife and had to take the consequences.

I looked back at Don and began picturing him as the father, he looked close enough like me that I might be able to get away with it, he has brown hair just a bit lighter than mine, his eyes are bluer than my hazel eyes but that shouldn't be a dead giveaway. I am taller than him but that would be years before she would realize that discrepancy and do all children grow as tall as their dad?

No, the best thing is for me to say nothing and hope she doesn't get pregnant or realize that I let my best friend slip his cock in her pussy. As I sat there I couldn't believe what I had done ? I LET MY BEST FRIEND SLIP HIS HUGE COCK IN MY WIFE'S PUSSY! My thoughts kept vacillating between absolute panic and sheer lust. I was so confused. I finally just said fuck it, I am not going to sit here and resolve these feelings at 1:00 a.m. I better go back to the tent.

All that sole searching had made my cock limp again. I told Don and Phil, that I didn't want them to mention a word about what had just happened to anyone and act as if nothing happened when they see Mary in the morning. Phil complained that he didn't get his chance at her. He told me he wanted to follow me back in the tent and take his turn at her pussy. Part of me really wanted to let him, but I was freaking by this point and told him no way.

Phil kept up his request and finally told me if I didn't let him he was going to tell my wife. I was shocked, I guess you really don't know a guy until sex enters the picture. He told me that my wife's pussy was the hottest he had ever seen and he would do anything to fuck it. I explained to him that his wife wouldn't be too happy if I told her what he had demanded. He just laughed and said he didn't care, he wanted my wife's pussy and he wanted it now.

I finally let my good sense take over and I called his bluff. I told him no way was I going to let him have at her. He shocked me when he opened the van door and said he was going to wake her and tell her what happened. I motioned for him to get back in the van. I thought to myself how hot it would be to see her get it again, after all the horse is already out of the barn, so to speak.

I was trapped, I had to let him have a go but how? I began to feel heat growing in my groin again and knew it was hopeless I had to see him fuck her and then take her myself. I told him it was alright but he couldn't cum in her. He protested a bit but then promised he would pull out. Now the question was how to arrange this again.

It was still raining when we got out of the van to go back in the tent. I told Don to stay in the van. I slowly opened the flap and saw she had rolled over the other direction but still had her ass hanging out of her nightie, I motioned for Phil to slide in next to her careful not to wake her. He did, I then knelt by the opening in the tent and grabbed the flashlight. If he was going to fuck her I was going to watch I decided.

I was still semi-erect when I flipped the switch and shined the light on her pussy. I went completely hard when I saw her pussy lips still stained with Don's cum and a bit swollen. Phil pulled his shorts down and was holding his nice sized cock in his hand. A thought raced threw my head, was I smaller than average. I suddenly felt inferior, I realized that I had a much smaller cock than either of these guys.

I looked back down at my wife's face and she had that smile on it again. I glanced back at her pussy, that sweet shaven pussy, that had never know another cock but mine. Until tonight that is. Phil placed the tip of his cock on her lips and held it there to see if she would jump or move. I was looking at her face looking for any clue that she was going to awaken. She started to move her ass gently back up against Phil's cock and I saw him lean in to meet her thrust. Just that quick he was in her. As he slid in and out I saw Don's sperm oozing out, more and more.

I thought to myself, holy shit did he cum a ton in her. I usually just let out a few drops and am done, he must have poured a soup can full of cum into her. Phil and Mary started to moan at the same time. Mary was now moving her hips to meet every thrust that Phil gave her. His cock was totally buried in her snatch on every thrust. I tried to get Phil's attention to remind him not to cum in her.

I totally was engrossed in the site of this big cock plunging in and out of my wife's bald swollen pussy. I could still see a slight remnant of Don's cum on Phil's cock as he pulled out. He was pistoning her pretty steady and her moans were getting louder, I knew any minute she would awaken and there I would be on my knees with my cock in my hand while our neighbor fucked her pussy. I was dead but I didn't care, the smell of sex permeated throughout the tent I was on the verge of the relief that I so desperately needed.

It was then that I realized that white gooey stuff on Phil's cock was multiplying, at first a little than a lot. It hit me just as I was shooting my load that he was cumming in her. That bastard, I knew I couldn't trust him. It was the most intense orgasm I have ever had, I was filled with fifty different emotions at once as I shot my first wad two feet in front of me followed by a second and a third. I had never cum so much or shot so far in my life. I looked down at Phil and he was pulling his cock out of my wife with cum still oozing out the tip.

I looked down at the sleeping bag he was on and saw this huge wet spot, between Phil and Don's cum and my wife's juices they had really done a number on my sleeping bag. I looked down at my own limp cock and felt a sense of pride at how much cum I had shot. It was then it hit me like a locomotive what I had done. No longer feeling the rage of testosterone I realized I had let two men cum in my fertile wife's cunt for my own pleasure. What kind of sick person was I?

It was no longer exciting to me, a feeling of tremendous guilt overcame me. I motioned for Phil to leave. He pulled his shorts up and slipped out of the tent back to the van, I thought how good it must have been for him. I slid in next to my used wife and stared up at the ceiling. I was afraid to look at her, what had I done, surely she was awake for this. There is no way even as heavy of sleeper as Mary is could she have slept through that.

Did she know what was happening and wanted it? Did she feel how big their cocks were? Maybe she could never go back to just my little 6 incher. No, if she knew what was happening she would have gone nuts, she is so prudish; she would never let another guy fuck her. But how did she sleep through two big cocks in her pussy?

I finally mustered the courage to look at her, I rolled over and looked her in the eye and was shocked as she wink at me again. Just like she had after Don fucked her.

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