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The Cabin couple, bisexual, group

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one weekend in september these three couples decide to have a weekend getaway for just them. so the arrange for their kids to stay with family for first weekend in october.

they decide to rent a 3 room cabin in the mountains.

reservations are made, plans all set and shopping for food and stuff all done. they all leave for the cabin friday after noon. by late afternoon they are at the trail head and start to hike in to the cabin. after arriving just before sundown the ladies cook a fine italian inspired meal of lasagna, fresh bread sticks, and anti pasta salad. then they all settle in to roast marshmallows by the campfire. after awhile Susan says "why don't we play flashlight tag like we did when we were kids?" her husband Richard nods in agreement and goes into the cabin to find 6 flash lights packed in their stuff. then Andy speaks up and says "why not play coed naked flashlight tag?" his wife Patti giggles and says "sounds like fun to me" then Tina says "what are we waiting to get naked for? christmas" then her husband Roger says"whoo hoo lets do this" so everyone gets naked. they all decide that Patti should be it first since she is so excited about the game. so they all go hide as she counts to 100. then patti starts running around in woods looking for them all. she comes across Roger first and says "tag your it" and runs off to hide. then Roger starts looking for everyone and comes across Susan and says "tag your it" and runs off to hide. after a while Susan finds Andy hiding behind a tree because his raging hard on is sticking out and gives him away. she says "that looks tasty, mind if i taste it?" Andy says "by all means be my guest" just then Patti pokes her head out from behind another tree and says guess, since you two are busy I will have to be IT again" and Andy speaks up "yep i guess so since I am suppose to be it right now but kind of hard to look for the others while getting a blow job" and Susan nods while bobbing up and down on Andy's hard cock. so Patti runs off in search of the others. shortly after leaving Andy and Susan she finds Richard and says "tag your it" and Richard says "I thought Susan was it?" Patti giggles and says "she was until she spotted Andy's hard member sticking out from behind the tree and wanted to taste it" and Richard says "darn I want a BJ too" and runs off to find one of the others. then he finds Tina and says "tag your it" she looks him over and see's his soldier at full attention and giggles and says " can i have some of that before I go looking for the others?" and Richard says " I would love a Blow Job, since Susan is already giving Andy one" so Tina drops to her knee's and gives it her all. then a little while later she says "wow that was great, well I best be off we are still playing tag" and runs off in search of the others. shortly after leaving Richard hard and wet she finds Patti and says "tag your it" Patti looks at Tina with a naughty little smirk on her face and says " can I eat your pussy?" Tina was quite surprised by this up front question but was horny after giving Richard a bj and says "sure you can its already dripping wet" so Patti squats down and starts licking and nibbling. after what seemed like an eternity Susan, Andy, and Richard slowly approach Tina and Patti mesmerized by what they see playing out in front of them. Susan speaks up and says "I want some of that too, how about if i eat your pussy Patti while you eat Tina's?" Patti replies "absolutely sweety dive right in" then roger wonders up and is stunned by what he see's a short while later as the scene plays out in front of them all 3 men start to masturbate. then Tina speaks up saying "Roger come over here, I'll give you a blow job while Patti continues licking my wet pussy" so Roger all excited obliges. by this time Andy is so horny he turns and looks at Richard and says " can I suck your hard cock?" Richard replies "only if i can return the favor" so they lie down on ground and start to suck each others huge bulging pulsating members. after a few minutes go by Patti and Susan come up for air only to realize what Andy and Richard are up to. so they watch for awhile. Roger speaks up and says " Tina sweety you got me all worked up, now how do you want it?" Tina says "doggy style while i pay back Patti for the fantastic licking she did, Susan you can sit on Patti's face so she can pay you back, we must not leave you out of the fun." so they proceed with Tina's idea's. after awhile Andy and Roger take a break and watch the others. then Susan says "come over here Andy i want to suck your cock while Patti licks my clit" then Roger speaks up and says "we can't leave you out Richard, come here and let me suck your juicy dick while i fuck Tina from behind" finally Tina has a earth shattering orgasm and it vibrates through to Patti then Susan like a shock wave. then Patti says "why don't we take this party inside, i have brought some party favors for just such an occasion" so they all go inside the cabin after collecting their cloths and making sure the fire was out. once everyone is comfortably seated and ready Patti pulls out this paper sack and asks the men "have you three ever heard of the halls treatment?" they all answer with a ringing "No what is that" Patti responds "then it's time you were educated, the halls treatment is oral sex with either a male or female with a hall's cough drop in your mouth, but remember once your finished washing right away is a must because it will start to burn" so Patti passes out 1 hall's cough drop to everyone and says "pick a partner, and have some oral fun" so Susan says "I want to suck Roger's juice cock while he suck's Andy's big dick, while Andy licks my clit" Roger and Andy Chime in "lets do it" so the three of them lie down on the floor in a triangle and begins slurping, licking and sucking. meanwhile Tina says "I want to lick Patti's pussy while she gives Richard head and he licks my juicy wet pussy" so these 3 pick a spot on the floor and lie down in a triangle also and commence to licking, sucking and slurping. after about 10 minutes of all this action everyone decides to take a break and go wash up. everyone was so surprised at the sensation halls give to oral pleasure, they all thanked Patti saying that was a mind blowing experience. Patti says "just you wait till tomorrow night i have other goodies." then to cap off the evening everyone had a night cap or two and started to feel aroused all over again. so Richard speaks up and says "Patti what position you want to try with me?" Patti replies "missionary is my favorite" so they pick a spot on the floor and begin a slow grind. then Susan speaks up saying "Roger come here and ill ride you" so Roger obliges and they r hard at it when Andy say's "Tina how would you like it?" Tina says "I just love doggie style!" so they pick another spot on the floor and have at it. after twenty minutes of hard work everyone comes to a climax at almost the exact same time. after another night cap and ten minutes of relaxing everyone drifts off to their own rooms. Susan and Richard begin immediately having sex doggie style then collapse and fall fast asleep twenty minutes later. Tina and Roger snuggle for a little while then start having sex in missionary position and ten minutes later fall asleep embracing each other. Patti throws Andy on the bed as soon as they enter and straddles him and begins to ride his hard cock. after ten minutes she stretches out her legs and he begins to fuck her in reverse missionary from underneath. then they roll over after a few minutes and he finishes up in missionary position. they fall fast asleep in each others arms. the nest morning Roger, Richard and Andy decide to go down to the lake and go fishing. so the girls decide to go for a nature walk. the whole time the ladies are walking they discuss the events of the night before. after about an hour of walking they decide that they are bored and go back to the cabin. meanwhile the men are also discussing the events of the night before. andy speaks up and says "I never knew you both were bisexual, we could have been having lots of fun if i did" Roger speaks up " yes i'm bi but don't go around telling everyone, some men are homophobic if you know what I mean" Richard says "I know exactly what you mean, several years ago I made the mistake of telling my best friend at the time that i was bi. he really freaked out and ended up severing our friendship for good over it." Roger speaks up and says "Tina and I met Richard and Susan at a swingers meet and greet party. we hit it off really well and that's when we found out that all four of us are bisexual and we been hanging out ever since" Andy says "well we met all of you at a house party Susan and Richard threw last year, we knew you were all swingers but never dreamed we were all bisexual" Richard says " I kind of figured you were bi also Andy, after awhile one kind of gets a sense for who is and who isn't, i call it" meanwhile the girls are really bored sitting around drinking coffee, so Tina speaks up and says "why don't we have a fashion show, we can each take turns showing off the lingerie, clothes and what not we brought with us." Susan says "that's a great idea" Patti says "and if we are lucky the guys will walk in on us showing off some sexy lingerie...hehehe" so in turn each of the three ladies starts modeling their different outfits. after awhile Susan comes out in a black shiny micro bikini and Patti and Tina start cheering, cat calling and whistling. then it was Tina's turn and she came out in a Black leather corset and crotchless panties with thigh high fishnet stockings. she sat down and while Patti was changing Susan squatted down and started licking Tina's clit. Patti comes out in a purple and black teddy with purple garter belts and black thigh high spiked boots. Patti gets one look at the other two and says "Tina, you want to lick my clit while Susan licks yours? Tina says "sure do but lets move to a bedroom and get on the bed and comfy so we can all three eat some pussy at the same time." Susan perks up and says "great idea, last one there has to eat a chocolate syrup and whip cream covered pussy" Patti says "Susan have you been peeking in my paper bag?" Susan says "nope i was just kidding" Patti says "well i do have all the fixings for a pussy" Tina says "that sounds like a desert i can really sink my tongue into...hehehe" so Patti grabs all the fixings and next thing you know all three ladies are chin deep in pussy sundae's. just then the men get back from fishing with enough trout for dinner. they start cleaning them and preparing them for dinner. after cleaning up they begin to wonder where the girls are. they search room to room, finally they find them in mid pussy sundae brunch in Tina and Roger's room. all three of the guys stand and watch the show for awhile. finally Richard says " i want a pussy sundae too...hehehe" this startles the girls they had no idea they were being watched. then Patti says "come on over here Richard I'll set you up with a pussy sundae." then Andy excuses himself from the room and returns a few minutes later with Patti's paper bag.

he looks at Roger and says "ever had a Pop Rocks Blow Job?" Roger says "can't say that i have, what is it?" so Andy pulls out a package of Pop Rocks candy and says "remember these from back in school?" Roger says "I sure do" Andy speaks up and says "well not too long after Patti and I started Dating she showed me this trick, Mind if i show you?"

Roger says "sure be my guest" and drops his short to reveal a raging hard on. Andy places some Pop Rocks on his tongue and begins sucking Roger hard cock. Roger's eyes roll back in his head and he exclaims "wow that feels awesome" then Patti cleans up Tina's sticky pussy and says "Andy give me some Pop Rocks" he obey's and hands her the package. Patti says "watch this" she also places some Pop Rocks on her tongue and starts to eat Tina's pussy. Tina screams with delight as she approaches a huge orgasm. next thing everyone knew they were all in 69 position playing with Pop Rocks and switching up partners every so often. after over two hours of this pleasurable fun everyone needs a breather so the all hopped in the big hottub on the deck naked as jay birds. they all relaxed awhile and had a few drinks and soaked in the tub. then the men went to fix the trout for dinner and the ladies help with the side dishes homemade mashed potatoes and roasted corn on the cob. to cap it all of they drank a nice french white whine with dinner. after dinner they sat around the living room chatting over a few drinks. then Patti excused herself for a few moments and when she returned she had her paper bag again. Patti said " i Brought something special for tonight" and she pull's out Twister the game and says "lets play coed naked Twister!!....LOL" everyone else spoke up at once saying "yeah sounds like a barrel of fun to us" so everyone got naked and Patti spun the needle and said "Susan right hand blue" then passed the spinner to Andy who spun the needle and said " Roger left hand red" then Andy passed the spinner to Tina who spun the needle and said "Patti right foot green" then tina passed the spinner to Richard who spun the needle and said "Andy left foot yellow" this went on for about half an hour until everyone was entangled on the Twister mat. at this point everyone was beginning to feel horny again. Richard reached over and started stroking Andy's hard cock. meanwhile Roger buried his face between Susan's legs in her sweet wetness. then Tina started sucking Roger's raging hard on while he was eating Susan's pussy. then Patti wanting to join in on the fun so she sat on Andy's face and just then Richard started sucking Andy's erect member. then Richard got up and went over and started eating Tina from behind while she was sucking Rogers hard cock. then Susan got up and sat on Andy's huge cock and began playing with Patti's huge breasts as Patti grinded her pussy into Andy's face. then Richard started to fuck Tina from behind while she sucked Roger's hard penis. then Patti And Susan got up and began to eat each other out with Patti on top. then Andy began to fuck Patti while they 69ed. then Tina got up and laid down in missionary position and Roger started fucking her, then Richard put his cock within reach of both of them to lick and suck on. then Andy got up and patti and Susan switched places, and Andy and Richard switched places. Richard started to slowly fuck Susan while she and patti eat each others soaking wet pussy's. Andy was in heaven getting sucked and licked by Roger and Tina each taking turns sucking while the other licked Andy's shaft. Andy came in Tina's mouth while Roger was licking his aching balls. she swallowed every drop just like a pro. just then Tina climaxed and clitched her pussy down on Roger's huge member and he busted a huge nut inside her. across the room Patti climaxed at exact same time Susan did. Susan shook with aftershocks for several seconds then suddenly she clinched down for what was a huge orgasm and Richard shot his load all inside her wet wet pussy. then everyone got up. then Patti said "Roger and Andy come here, Andy sweety lets fuck reverse missionary and take turns sucking Richards hard dick" Susan and TIna decided to shower together and get cleaned up for round two. so Roger got up and offered his hard cock still dribbling cum to Richard to suck while Patti and Andy fucked and sucked Richard. after returning from the shower Tina and Susan began to eat each other out with Tina on top. then Roger switched places with Richard who let Patti and Andy suck his cock while they fucked and Richard sucked Roger's hard penis for awhile. then Roger got up and went over and started to fuck Tina from behind while she and Susan 69ed. then Tina and Susan got up and layed down on their sides and went right back to eating each others pussy's. Roger began to slowly fuck Tina in a spoon position and Richard got up and came over and did the same with Susan. so Tina and Susan each eating pussy while getting fucked slow in a spoon position reached climaxes together and clintched down their pussy's simultaneously causing both their husbands to ejaculated inside their sopping wet pussy's. just then patti began to moan as she watched the others from her perch on top of her husband. she grinded her pussy against his hard member harder and harder until she orgasmed causing him to bust a nut deep within her sloppy wet pussy. afterwards everyone took turns showering and getting ready for bed. they all had a night cap to relax. then turned in for the night. everyone was so exhausted that they were still asleep at ten am. when they did finally get up the ladies fixed a omelet brunch for everyone. then everyone took one last dip in the hottub to relax before the long drive home.

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