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The Bank Note

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I never thought i would be writing an erotic story about my wife. Don't get me wrong she is beautiful and very sexy with a 34D 23 35 figure after 4 kids. She is 37 and we have been married for 17 years. she was raised in a very religous family and when we were first married she thought sex was only in the dark and not meant for the women pleasure. She did not have her fisrt orgasam until we had been married 2 years and she felt guilty afterwards and cried. We have gone way past that point to now where she will weven play with her clit as I am fucking her. but she still insists that the lights be off and the door alwys locked.

On to my story.

2 years ago we were in O.C. California, where both our families are from. I was 35 with a sexy wife and four great kids, but I was not happy with the direction of our lives.

I made an offer on a golf course in a small Arizona town outside Tucson. My wife thought I was crazy but being brought up the way she was, knew she had to support my decision. So we moved to Tucson and took over an almost bankrupt golf course.After selling our house, We put a down payment and agreed to refinance the remaining balance in two years.

I did not know what I was doing at first and was soon over my head. My wife had started driving the beer cart to help save on payroll and make food and bill money with the tips. I had to replace most of the previous employees as it was easy to see why the course was in the red. I had hired four illegal immigrants (not knowing of course). they turned my course into fantastic shape in only a few weeks.I also had to make the course more enjoyable during the Hot Arizona summers. I have always been handy with a hammer, so with help from the Mexicans I built six cabana's around the course. I installed shade and fans in all of them and water in two(we need the beerand soda sales).Also against my wife's wishes I put cameras in them as I still was used to the crime rate of So Cal. She insisted that Arizona was much nicer and safer and there was no way we could afford them.

Now April was turning onto May and the Tempature was approaching 95 degrees, old men stopped playing golf. i had to find a way to let them know our course was nice even in the heat. the cabana's made the front page of a small local paper and tee times increased. We were now only eating off my wife's tips. some how we made it thru that first summer with the money she brought in. she would only sell about $150-200 a day in sales but would bring home sometimes over $200 in tips. She loved being the breadwinner in the family, I was thankful we could pay the bills and feed the kids. i was relly questioning my decision about buying this business.

The one the one thing that improved with the move was my wife's attitude towards sex I was getting it more and more. She loved being dressed in shorts and a thin tank top all day and making money showing her body to strangers. (she would say nobody noticed her they were just thirsty).

One day in August of our first year I was in my office looking at the camera monitor and was thinking what a mistake installing them here in Arizona. then I noticed that one of the camera's was tilted out of position, it was pointing too another cabana (one with out water or a camera). The camera hid the golfers but showed the beer cart with my wife driving, I watched as she put 2 beer cans on her shelf then to my shock she pulled her tank top off over her head and showed her tits to the golfers. I was in shock but my cock was instantly rock hard. she kept her top off for about aminute until I saw a pair of hand feel her breasts I could not see anything but the guys hand as they fondled my wife's tits after about a 1 minute message he put a bill into her cleavage and she put her top back on. Got into her cart and drove off.

I was in disbelief. But still rock hard. I did know what to think. I checked the tee time chart and figured out who was on the course at that cabana. It was either 2 seniors or 2 middle aged guys. I made a dash to a card and went to the cabana and then the next hole. It was the old guys. Now I needed to know how long this has been going on. when she got back after her shift I inquired about her tips. She said it was only an average day, about $125. That told me my wife had become an exhibishionist to halp feed our family. I never loved her as much as I did that day. I really fucked her that night. I decided this was her secret as if she wanted me to know she would have told me.

Early the next morning I moved every camera to the next cabana without the water coolers, I also tried to figure a way to buy more cameras, as I was becoming a Voyeur. it was Sunday and In Arizona you cannot sell beer until after 10am, so she got to take the kids to church before she had tobe on the course working. We were set to have a great day based on tee times already reserved. As the golfers all came in I noticed that most of them were old guys at least sixty. All of them could not wait to get on the course, neither could I. We had hired a high school kid to help in the pro shop on the weekends. I told him I would be on course and took a walkie talkie if he needed me. When my wife came in and loaded her cart for the day she was getting waves from the golfer on the driving range. Why was I not suprised. Soon she was off to the course, as she made her way around she sold =drinks at every hole and ws very professional with everyone, I got to thinking yesterday was a fluke. Then on her second time around the course she stopped at a cabana (without a camera)that had 2 elderly golfers enjoying the shade. She pulled up to the cabana went in and came back out with her top off, got 2 beers and went back in. I had my bi-nocs and could see everything, both the men got up to meet her and then they each took a turn with her tits. The whole exchange took about 2 minutes and she was off to the next hole. I was close behind with a throbbing cock. At the next hole she sold drinks to a foursome, but no show, she did talk to them a little longer though. then to the next cabana, (with a camera) with 2 men waiting she went in and stood under the camera out of view and let the guys fondle her fantastic tits, same routine same result. I pulled my cock out of my pants and came in under 30 strokes think about my hot wife shpwing her tits to all these old guys and making money for it.

the next 3 stops for her were uneventful, as she conducted business and moved to the next hole.Then she came back to that fooursome from before, they were waiting at a cabana w/o a camera. they wer all setting at the table under the fan and she wentin put their beers on the table it all looked innocent until after everyone had their beer she then took off her top and exposed het breast to all of them, she walked around the table, letting each of them fondle her, then she went back out to her cart and started to take off her shorts, i was in shock again she went back into the cabana and was wearing only her bikini under wear clearly showing her trim bush. Once again she went around the table and all the guys grabbed her breasts again and she put her ass and bush infront of all of them but no one dared touch. She collected her money and walked back out to the cart, put her clothes back on and went to the next hole. I was rock hard again, I needed her right now. I called her on her walkie talkie and asked her where she was. She told me she was headed in to get more Ice as it was warming up. I met her in the back of the restaurant and told her I was horny and needed to fuck her right here, right now. she grabbed my crotch and told me she was busy today and making very good tips and needed to get back out there.

Flash forward to the next April, winter was very good and she cut way back on exposing herself as she get very cold. but her tips were still healthy, I had installed hidden mikes in the non camera cabana's to hear the give and take between her and her guests. she treated each man like he was the only one and she enjoyed ever squeeze of her breasts, this is why during the winter she would tell them summer was comming. In April the tank tops returned. Business picked up right away. So did our sex life at home, she was hot every night for the first few weeks of summer and her tips were approaching $200 a day. The kids were well taken care of at night and the elderly population of Tucson during the day. she was now offering the guys advice on what gifts to buy their wives and sex advice for the old men, she was very popular even when she did not remove her top.

June and the extreme heat came to the course, even the regulars were now skipping their weekly tee times. It was a real hot summer. I had hidden camera and mikes in all the cabanas by now, so I could hear everything when she was up to her antics, she really cared about our business as she asked each golfer what would they like to see to keep them comming back. they all loved the place since we took over and told her to be patient and the heat would subside.

In July we got a note from the bank informing us we needed to have the refinance done in 18 months instead of the original 24. We were shocked. But my wife knew just what to do. she took the tee book and started making phone calls to all of our regulars, in less than 4 hours she had sold memberships to over 60 elderly men for $15,000 each. she invited all of them out for a big thank you bar-b-que. when the dinner was over she gave me a bunch of checks for over $860,000. It was enough to pay off the course and do major upgrades. She said she had a few ideas for the upgrades. She took the cabana's that did not have cameras and had them enclosed with we installed new A.C. units in each. these cabana's were less than the size of a small porch so the AC units worked great. She also stared serving drinks and showing off her body to all our new golfers, not just the elderly gents. Business was booming so much so that we had to hire new beer girls. My wife coached them, but gave away none of her secrets, instead she became the exclusive beer girl for our investors. As we were now very busy and making money she took time off to be with the kids and only worked on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. She was still letting her elder guests fondle her in private and life was real good. Then one day a gentleman shows up plays as a single, she says hi to him when he gets there and that she will have a cold one ready for him later. I thought nothing of it as I knew his hands would soon be all over her tits. he starts his round and she fills her cart. About 45 minutes later I get a call from my new course super (one of the mexicans) he tells me the single player is holding up the course. I tell him to let the next group go ahead and the single will fall in later. I was too busy to check the camera, I just assumed he was just having an extra long feel of my wife.15 minutes later my super says all is well and that the old guy just walked off the course, saying ge was tired. Again I thought nothing about it. later that same day another single showed up to play, later that same two more singles played about an hour apart. All of them investors. My wife served each of them. that night I made the comment that so many of our elderly had started playing solo lately. She responded thatshe was suprised also but they were all great old guys and they were the reason we were now loving Arizona more the ever. She was right. Our sex life was also fantastic I got layed as much as I had time for which running a sucessful business was not nearly enough as I would have liked, but my wife was getting her needs net by the old guys every day telling her how pretty she was and feeling her tits and peeking at her bush on special occasions.

summer is now long gone and business is booming. Our investors are all playing as singles at a rate of 3-6 a day on days that my sexy bride drives a cart which for the winter has been changed to M-F with weekends off. then one day I am bored with all of our sucess and an alarm goes off.Its the camera tape its almost out of tape a new one is needed. I decided to look at my wife enteraining and elderly gent and rewound the tape a third of the way and pulled my cock out of my pants to jerk off to my wife exposing her tits to another man. I hadn't done this in over 6 months and I wanted to catch up. As I stopped and pushed play I was once again shocked as an older gentlemen was pounding his cock in my wife as she was bent over the table. he was bent over her with his hands all over her familar tits and his cock ramming her wet cunt, he exploded into her less after less than 20 of tape running. My cock was throbbing as I rewound the tape to when she walked into the private cabana, she handed him a beer and he tried to pay her, she would not accept his money and went to her knees and unzipped his pants and pulled out a soft cock and wrapped her lips around it. It was hard in less than 30 seconds with him pulling her up, I guess before he shot off into her mouth, she pulled her shorts off and her under wear and bent over the table and pulled his hard cock thru her legs and eased it into her hot snatch, he lasted about 3 minutes before he exploded in to her. she licked off his cock and put it back into his oants and he again made her take his money. she dressed and after small chit chat she left. he hot up and immediately left the course. I came iwthout touching my cock. I checked the date of the tape, July 29th 3 weeks after our big infusion of cash and the 2nd day after the AC unit was installed for the comfort of our guests. It was now December 2nd. I ran to the desk and got the old tee time books and ran back into the office I was already hard again, with the book in hand I rewound the tape to coincide with the single tee times, I was shocked as I watched my wife get fucked and fucked and fucked as much as 6 times a day for at first 3 days a week but since October 5 days a week. She would almost always start with a blow job to get them hard the she would insert their cock into her pussy in the first dew weeks she was very involved and the men came in seconds then for the next month she just layed ther and let them take their time and enjoy her hot cunt. For the past month They and her are both more into giving each other pleasure, also for the past month the men are all lasting a lot longer and she is enjoying their cocks more and more (Viagra?). It was after 7pm when I decided I needed to go home I had skipped forward and backward on the tape and I imagine I only touched the tip of the iceberg as to the amount of cock my wife had taken care of in the past 5 months. When I got home she asked what kept me so late, my mind was blank I did not have an answer for her. We ate a fantastic dinner she had made for us, she out the kids to bed and told me to meet her in our room in 10 minutes. I went into our room and she was wearing a sexy outfit from Victoria Secret, she was hot, she pulled my cock out of my pants and swallowed it and when it was hard as a rock she told me to fuck her hard and fast as she needed it now. She had been fucked at least 6 times today and she still was tight as my rock hard cock pried its way into her hot box. I pounded her and pounded her for around 15 minutes she had at least one big O and was on her way to another when I started asking as I was fucking her if she needed more cock because I was too busy to fuck her as much as we used to, she told me to shut up and fuck her, that my cock was the only one she ever wanted, I came the hardest I have cum in over 20 years, she noticed this also an had an explosive orgasam along with me, we slept in each others arms the rest of the night. I got up and went to the course early to watch my wife get fucked and fucked and fucked, by 9am I had already masterbated 3 times watching her satisfy our investors. then at 10:30 she comes in and says she has to take care of a foursome of investors, as she has never fucked more then one at atime and each one thinks he is the only one (the recordings). I wonder what she is doing enteraining a foursome. As I had already beat off 3 times today I needed to catch up on paperwork I was burried in my work when 3 hours later I got up for a drink, when I came back to my office I decided to turn on the camera and see her show Once again as only she can I was in disbelief, she was walking out of the cabana when I noticed that the elderly gents were replaced by 4 very good looking either high school or college boys, they were high fiving each other and there was beer cans all over the place. Time to rewind the tape and I also rewound the tape recorder. I had to release my cock from its confines also. Appearently she was suprised when she brought the first 4 beers into the cabana and found 4 college boys waiting for her.she said she was expecting another foursome and she would send the regular beer girl right away. just then one of the biys got up and handed her a note. she read it and a smile crept accross her face. She then locked the door and started pulling her clothes off as it was December she had layers on. One of the guys says they need music for her striptease, she says she will make a note of that. By the time she is down to her bra and panties the guys are all supporting big bulges in their pants. She does the same routine with the young ones as with the old guys lets each one touch and feel her tits and admire her bush, then she pulls the kid with the note and says your first, dhe gets on her knees and frees his cock from his pants she swallows the whole thing and he exploded into her mouth in under 30 seconds "just like your grandfather" she says. thne she goes up to the next guy and repeats the same routine only this kid had a monster cock she licked her lips and went after it with a vengence, but he too lost it in about 2 minutes, on to the next and another good size hard cock and this kid could handle her mouth better the the previous 2 he lasted over 5 minutes beefore he emptied his load down her throat, ;eaving only one left she went to him and he had already cum in his pants, He was very embarrassed, not to worry she assured him, and went down on him abd had him hard in less than a minute, she made him lay in the floor and she got over his body and gave the boys alesson in making love to a women saying that if you need to last longer let the lady on top and she'll do the work, sure enought this kid thought he was in heaven as he fucked her for over 20 minutes, before she got off him and layed on top of the table and had him pound her standing up he shot a huge load into her 15 seconds later. I was engrossed I could not take my eyes off the monitor as she took on the next one. the grandson he immediately layed on the ground with his 7 inch cock sticking strait up she lowered her mouth on it first the sat on him an did her thing for about 15 minutes then stood him up and had him fuck her from behind, the whol timeshe is taking on one of them the others are all hard and ready but she says early on that only one at a time, so they watch and masterbate as she fucks their friend, then she asked #3 get ready as he is next, which makes the monster cock mad as it should be his turn next. She informs him that because of his size he will stretch her and not make it fair for the others to have tight pussy. She also tells him she has special plans for him, as the grandson is still fucking her from behind, she calls mr monster over and grsbbs his cock and starts to suck on it and time his thrusts to her swallowing of his huge cock, monster cock also has his hand all over her tits and soon explodes a huge load down her throat. Soon after grandson fills her box with yet another load of young cum. She then sends on of the others to get more drinks, she wants water the others want beer as the newby goes the long lasting nice cock is approaching saying it his turn, she once again reminds him she is a lady and should treat her like one and not to expect anything. he starts to pout when she reaches for his hard cock and stood him up and grsbbed his cock and pull him all the way into her, he yells he has never fucked a girl as wild as her and he is loving it. he then stops her cold and tell her to lay on the table, she does and he goes down on her and brings her to an explosive orgasam in less that5 minutes, right as hers subsides he mounts her and proceded to fuck her as hard as she has ever been fucked before. they both explode in a few minutes. She tells him he has what it takes and to refine his manners and he will have no problem with the ladies. She is spent laying on the table, when the monster cock appears hard and ready at the entrance to her just fucked cunt, she climbs up an the table so her head is falling of the end and motions for hin to come around so she can stuff his cock in her mouth, while she regains feeling in her cunt. She swallows his monster at first only going thru ther motions, but soon remembering what she has at hand or mouth, and really gets into sucking this huge cock soon he has his big ball slapping her chin and he is begging her to stop so he can finally fuck her like the others, she'll have none of that as this is th largest cock she has ever swallowed and he was balls in. she was gonna empty that load right down her throat and soon he did and he was empting his load the others were all exploding on her breasts and all over her pussy. She swallowed all of it not losing a drop. As soon as her mouth fell off his monster cock the four of all applauded, she stood up and told mr monster that he still had to fuck her, he told her he would need an hour to recover from that blow job, she said he would be ready to pound her and thats what she wanted to be pounded. In under five minutes, she was right as she swallowed his cock and had it rock hard in about 4 minutes, she layed him on the ground and sat on his monster and jumped up and down on it for a good five minutes the she mpotioned for the others to line up and as she fuck the pole in her cunt she swallowed each one till they exploded in her mouth after the last one came in her mouth she got off the pole and layed on the table and had him now pound her, and pound her and pound her she was screaming as he emptied a huge load in her gaping cunt. he was still cumming when he pulled out 30 seconds later. Just then I was touched on my shoulder, it was my wife, she had been there watching me watch her get pounded, she saw my hard cock and immediately locked the door and swallowed my cock till I exploded down her throat. After wards she told me my encouragement for her to open sexually, let her express herself in front of the older gents and that they always from the begining had been offering her mnoney to fuck them, and she only let the touch her until the bank sent the letter. Then she knew she had to do something because she loves Arizona, and never wants to leave or stop fucking. I was hard again and pounded the loosest pussy I have ever pounded.That was 3 week ago and business is better than ever. Happy New Year

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