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The Avon Lady Awakening - 2-3

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#2 of a series. Curiosity drives transformation & change.

The following Monday Paula called me (much to my surprise), asking if she & Helen could come visit again. I told her that I would like that, and that tomorrow would be fine. We set a time for 10a.

The doorbell rang promptly at 10a, and once again I let both ladies in while being in my usual fully nude state. They were a bit less shy this time, but still mostly averting their gaze, occasionally making overt glances at my nudity. As before, we settled down in the living room.

Paula explained how she had shared her last visit with me to Helen. Both were intrigued, and very curious. I began to explain the basics of the Naturist Lifestyle. That the core concept behind Naturism (a.k.a. nudism) is body acceptance. They both perked up when I mentioned this, and became extra attentive. I told them about the biggest Naturist organizations, the AANR and TNS. And how there were a number of resorts (even cities, like Cap d'Agde, France) around the world that were either Clothes Free (CF), or Clothing Optional (CO), and explained the difference. I also emphasized that in these settings overt sexual activity was generally prohibited. That in these environments sex & nudity were typically kept very separate. I also went on to explain that there were exceptions to these rules, that it depended on the facility, and the type of crowd that they catered to. They were full of questions. I patiently answered until they were satisfied.

Helen piped up and said, “Paula told me about your visit with her on the deck. Can we all try that again?” “Of course,” I replied. “I anticipated your request and left some towels on the bed, feel free to change there and meet me on the deck.” They readily agreed and we went in different directions. I grabbed some wine coolers and headed for the deck.

They soon joined me, all wrapped up in the towels. Helen had an air of shyness and hesitancy about her as they joined me on the deck. Paula however wasted no time in shucking her towel and settling down in a chair. I assured Helen that there was no pressure, that she only had to participate at her comfort level. I admired Paula’s nakedness. The gentle sway of her full DD breasts as she moved about, and the sturdiness of her thick and very pleasing body.

Helen once again put out a question, “Paula told me how you let her feel your shaved bits, down below. Would it be OK if I had a feel as well?” “Sure,” I replied, and got up to stand next to where she was sitting. Helen was mesmerized as she fondled my cleanly shaven cock and balls. “I’ve never seen or felt anything quite like this before. It is simply amazing!” she commented, in a somewhat breathless tone. I was definitely beginning to get the feeling that Helen had a sexual animal waiting within that was dying for release. It was a perfect Spring day, and the deck was fully bathed in warm sunlight, with a gentle breeze wafting in and out.

After I sat back down Helen blurted out, “Well! I just have to try this.” She stood up and removed the towel, arranging it on the chair. Bent over with her back to me I could not help admire her lithe frame, full C-cup breasts, trim waist, and fabulously wide hips and ass. Her bush was a delightful honey color, and thick.

We chatted some more. They asked about my situation. I explained how I was divorced, and currently without a girlfriend. Eventually they got bolder and asked about my sexual experience. I revealed that I’d had a number of lovers, in a variety of types. They both had only been sexual with their husbands, who they both admitted had not truly satisfied them in quite a while. They were intrigued by all my experiences. I suspected they were getting a bit excited, as I noticed with both of them that their nipples had become swollen and tight. I popped back into the kitchen to get another round of drinks. When I returned, I noticed that they both had very sheepish grins, like the cat who ate the canary.

From what they felt comfortable sharing with me, I got the distinct impression that their husbands did not appreciate them very much, and that their sexual experience was very limited. Eventually Paula asked, “Do you mind if I have another feel of your nether regions? It really is an unusual experience for me.” I obliged her. She spent a bit more time feeling the entire length of my cock, and gently massaged my balls. I could feel my cock starting to swell from all the attention. “That is much larger than my husband,” she murmured. In her somewhat absent minded reverie she then cooed softly, “I wonder what it tastes like.”

“You are welcome to try it, if you like,” I replied. Paula looked up at me with a startled expression. I made a quick glance over at Helen, who looked equally startled. “Did I say that out loud,” Paula blurted out. “Oh my! How embarrassing!” I assured her that it was OK. That I understood her curiosity, and that it seemed like a perfectly normal desire coming from a woman that was as healthy and sexy as she is.

Paula blushed and squeaked out a somewhat indistinct reply, something along the lines of how wrong it would be. Not letting go of my cock she gave a quick look towards Helen, possibly looking for some sign of approval. By now Helen was developing a look of pure lust, one hand pinching a nipple, the other idly wandering down to her thick patch of honey colored pubic hair as she began to softly massage her puss with an open hand.

Paula gave me a plaintive look, then gazed longingly at my now rock-hard cock. With only the slightest hesitation she drew me into her warm, wet mouth. She explored all of my cock and balls with her mouth, and soon had a good rhythm going. I have to say, this mature Avon Lady had some surprising cock sucking skills. By now Helen was deeply fingering herself, I could hear how wet she was. Paula continued working on my cock with her mouth, and eventually was manipulating my cock and balls with one hand, while fingering herself with the other. From the sound of things, both women were getting quite wet.

Helen eagerly requested a taste as well. The transformation from shy, demure woman to lust filled slut seemed complete. I moved over to where she was seated and fed her my cock. She was soon enjoying herself quite thoroughly, enthusiastically sucking my cock with wild abandon. I was incredibly turned on by these two seemingly demure ladies having a sex-fest in my backyard. It occurred to me that even though the neighbors could not see, if they were out, they almost certainly would be able to hear what was going on if we got much louder. After a few minutes Helen stopped long enough to say in a raspy voice, “I would really like to feel this inside me. Is that OK?”

I responded by guiding Helen up and bending her over the table. With her hands firmly planted on the table I stepped up behind her and spread my feet enough so that I was able to slide my cock between her legs and across her soaked pussy lips. (Women in their 40's are the absolute hottest!) Her wide, fleshy ass looked amazing on her thin frame. She reached under with one hand and deftly guided my cock into her. Her pussy was incredibly hot and wet. I immediately slid inside her to the hit, with minimal resistance. She let out a deep moan. The feeling was ecstatic. The view spectacular.

In no time we had a good rhythm going. I had no trouble gripping her wide hips as I drove into her. Each time our bodies collided her ass rippled in the most amazing fashion. She would grunt & coo in reply. Occasionally I would give her ass a good slap, which would only drive her into more frenzied actions and sounds. The pale, soft skin of her ass cheeks began to get a bit of a red glow to them. The sights and sounds were incredible. Paula watched us intensely with pure lust, as she earnestly worked over her pussy and tits, occasionally making guttural sounds of a primal nature, in response to the lewd scene before her.

It did not take long before I felt that familiar pressure in my balls. I warned Helen that I was about to cum and with a choked voice she commanded me to cum deep in her pussy. As I let loose with my load, that action triggered her own orgasm. Watching us definitely had Paula well worked up, and she came as well, with her fingers thrusting deep inside her.

As I softened some, I slipped out of Helen’s pussy, my cock covered in our combined juices. Helen, a bit weak in the knees, sat down to catch her breath. Paula immediately asked if she could clean my cock off, which was dripping with cum juice. She deftly licked and sucked me clean. I was still quite sensitive, so the sensations were mind boggling. I steadied myself by gently resting my hands on her head as she worked over my cock with her inviting mouth.

When Paula was done I suggested that we go inside if we were to continue. They agreed, and the two ladies led the way to my bedroom. Paula asked if there was any chance I could get hard again soon, as she was really hoping to try my cock out too. I said that with their help, that was a distinct possibility.

I lay in the middle of the bed and had them get on either side of me so that I would have full access to their pussies and nipples. Their asses were near my face, their mouths sharing my cock. They both went to work on my cock as I began to fondle their breasts and play with their pussies. Helen was sopping wet and leaking cum. Paula was also very wet. They both responded well to my actions.

It did not take that long before I was ready for action again. I had Paula ride me cowgirl style, and instructed Helen to sit on my face so the ladies were facing each other. Paula very unceremoniously impaled herself on my rock-hard cock, and immediately let out a low and plaintive moan. She paused for a moment, but soon worked herself into a frenzy. “I’ve never had a piece of man meat this big inside my pussy,” she blurted out. “I just feel so wonderful!” She continued on like this, winding herself up to a major orgasm.

Helen in the meantime planted her puss on my face and I went to town. I was in heaven. I eagerly lapped up our combined cum juices, and applied my tongue to every part of her love flower. The feedback was amazing. It was quite clear that the way I was licking her pussy, she was thoroughly enjoying it. The two women held onto each other for support as we wound ourselves up towards an Earth shattering climax. I grabbed a nipple or breast at every opportunity, and ran my hands over every part of their bodies that I could reach.

Paula announced in a clipped voice that she was going to cum, and immediately began to pound herself on my cock with great fury. I stepped up my efforts on Helen’s puss and focused the pressure of my tongue directly on her clit, lashing at it vigorously. The pressure in my balls was volcanic.

Within seconds of each other, we all experienced mind numbing orgasms. We were all totally spent, and the two ladies collapsed on either side of me. This time Helen offered to clean my cock off. It seemed she just could not get enough of it. Meanwhile Paula and I began kissing passionately. When Helen was done cleaning my cock we all snuggled up and cuddled and kissed.

We idly discussed what had just happened, and all agreed it was a simply fabulous experience. With the women making comments like: “I never knew that sex could be such a powerful experience.” And: “That is the best sexual experience of my life!” It was quite the awakening. All the while both women were fondling my cock and balls. My willie remained a bit swollen, my balls still felt quite heavy.

We were all kind of a big hot mess, so I suggested that we all get cleaned up together. It turns out that neither of them had ever showered with a man before. In my roomy walk-in shower the warm water cascaded over our bodies as we helped clean each other off. There was plenty of fondling and teasing play going on. As soon as the water was shut off I quickly dried off and left the ladies to dry their hair and freshen up as I went to prepare some refreshments.

Just as I was finishing my preparations the ladies entered the kitchen, looking fabulous, still naked, and carrying towels. They had remembered one of the golden rules of naturism: “Always carry a towel” (mostly to sit on, or use as a quick cover-up when needed). We sat at the table and continued to discuss our recent playtime, and how things were evolving. We all agreed that we did not want the fun to stop.

Eventually they announced that they had to get going. The decision was made unanimously to keep having play dates. I waited in the living room while the ladies got dressed. As they left they each gave me a hug and a kiss, as well as giving my cock a playful squeeze before they left my embrace.

Over the next two months I would get regular visits from one or both of them. It was some of the best sex of my life. (Again, women in their 40’s are the absolute hottest!) By mid-Summer the three of us were all quite comfortable and familiar with each other. What would come next was another mind blowing experience.

= = = Luv2was = = =

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