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That old time Swinging

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I was reading some of the posts in the forum section of a swinger’s website one snowy day. It seemed that a number of those posts were from couples interested in swinging and wanting information on the subject.

While I would have to say I’m no expert on the subject, I have been where those couples are now. Time and methods aren’t the same today as they were when Linda and I first got involved in the lifestyle. However, I do think that the questions, fears, and apprehensions are identical to what we faced so many years ago.

I think to understand what our feelings and mindsets were when we started exploring swinging you would first need to have a little background on our relationship. I’m sure that we weren’t the couple you first think of when you think of a couple involved in this pastime, I don’t think you could find a more vanilla couple than what we were back then.

When Linda and I first met she was a seventeen-year-old Junior in high school, I was an eighteen-year-old freshman in college. We met on a double date with her best friend Pam and her boyfriend, a guy I graduated from high school with.

That first year at college was one of the best years of my life. I was having more fun that year than I ever thought possible. I was living in an off campus apartment, dating a number of different girls, doing good team roping and on the rodeo circuit which was making me enough money to enjoy life.

The one thing I wasn’t interested in during that time in my life was a serious relationship.

I can’t explain what it was about Linda that was such an attraction for me. Oh sure, she was a very pretty girl, in fact she was beautiful, she was the kind of girl that makes you proud to be seen with her on your arm. However, it was more than that, I was accustom to dating pretty girls, and none of them had the effect on me that Linda did.

I guess there is any number of quotations you could use to describe our first meeting. You could call it love at first sight, lust at first site, infatuation at first site, I think however the most accurate would be best friends at first site.

After that first date with Linda, my primary desire in life was to spend time with her. Sure we had other interest in life, we both just wanted to have the other involved in those interests.

It was sometime after her eighteenth birthday that summer that she finely gave into me and we started having sex. I was her first and as young as I was, I had only been with a handful of girls before her.

Together we learned how to please one another as we turned the backset of my ’65 Mustang into our love palace, ok it was a ’65 Mustang so it was more like a love nest.

That September I went back to college. I was home every weekend and Linda started telling her parents that she was spending the night at Pam’s during the week and would come to my apartment to be with me.

At my apartment, we were having that wild monkey sex, that headboard banging, orgasm screaming, sex in every room, kind of sex. It was the best sex I had ever experienced in my life. Sex with that girl was all I wanted out of life.

It was about mid-December when Linda called me crying. The fruit of our wild sex life was materializing she was pregnant. She wanted to keep the baby; I wanted to keep both of them, so we eloped in February.

We went to Las Vegas, were married, and moved into my apartment. She was eighteen, I was nineteen, she was pregnant, and I didn’t have a job, what could possibly go wrong with that scenario.

To tell the truth I was loving life the semester after we got married. We were having that wild monkey sex just about every night. Any time we were alone inside our apartment we were naked and chasing each other around having sex in whatever room that we were in when we caught the other.

At the end of that semester we moved into my room in my parents’ home for what I thought would just be the summer, after which we would move back to college the next fall. I got a job that summer and soon the two of us became three of us.

I was coming to the realization that I was going to have to get a full-time job to support my family instead of going back to college. My parents weren’t charging us anything to stay with them; however, I knew that being I was now a family man I was going to have to pay my own way.

The other thing that motivated me to make it on our own was the fact that our sex life had changed while living with my parents. It was no longer that wild monkey sex, it was now the, “be quiet, your parents will hear us,” kind of sex.

I got a better job and by that fall we had our own apartment, however, our sex life didn’t change that much, it was then “be quiet, you’ll wake up the baby,” kind of sex.

I kept looking for better jobs paying more money. I was going to school at night working on my degree and kept trying to get ahead in life. Our lives changed from that carefree college life I had known and loved to the grind of family life.

Four years after our daughter was born I had a good job, Linda was about to have our second child, we had just bought our first house. She gave birth just before we moved into that house.

At that point in my life, I was twenty-three years old, married with two kids, had a thirty-year mortgage, and was feeling like I was fifty-three.

Over the previous four years our sex life hadn’t changed all that much, it was still that be quiet you’ll wake-up the kids, the “what are you doing the kids will see us,” kind of sex. I loved my wife, I loved my kids, and I didn’t mind working hard to provide for them. I just really craved that wild monkey sex we had enjoyed when we started our relationship.

I came up with the idea that maybe we could put some money aside for just the two of us to take a vacation to some exotic location. We talked about some of the places we would like to visit and rekindle the sex life we had once known and enjoyed.

I learned a new phrase during that point of our lives, “planned obsolescence,” every time I tried to plan something exciting, something I owned and needed would experience obsolescence.

I wanted to spice up our sex lives. I tried to put together vacations for just the two of us to some exotic location. Every time I planned something, it seemed something would break, the refrigerator would go out, the TV would go out, the car would breakdown, whatever it was it would always take the exact amount I had saved for our exotic vacation to fix.

I don’t think you could find a more vanilla couple than we were. It seemed like all of our time, was spent on either work or family. We were so vanilla, some of our friends wouldn’t invite us to their parties because they thought those parties would be too wild for us.

One day when I got off work, I stopped by a liquor store to get a six-pack and a pack of smokes. On the way out, I stopped by the magazine rack to check out the latest sports magazines.

As I was standing there, I glanced over at the adult magazine section. They had Playboy, Penthouse, hustler, and all those magazines. I noticed a magazine that was smaller than the others were it was Penthouse Forum.

While reading the cover of the Penthouse Forum something caught my eye. It was concerning an article on a club in New York City called “Plato’s Retreat.” Just out of curiosity I picked-up the magazine and skimmed through the article on Plato’s Retreat.

I had never heard of such a place. Just skimming through the article, it was telling about some of the amenities like the bar, the dance floor, the orgy rooms, the semi-private rooms, and the hot tubs where people would soak in the nude with people they didn’t even know. Something about that concept struck a chord with me so I bought that magazine to read the whole article.

The concept of this kind of activity was alien to me at that time. It might have been the way I was raised or the rural area I was raised, whatever it was the fact is I had never heard of this kind of activity much less entertained participating in this kind of activity.

When I got home I hide the magazine until I could get a little “alone time” where I could read the entire article.

When I finely got some time by myself, I read every word of that article, twice. Just the thought of going to a place like that was exciting to me; even if we didn’t participate in any of the activities; it would be fun just to check it out in person.

I checked out the forum section of that magazine and found stories written by people telling about some of their sexual experiences. There were stories about 3-somes, 4-somes, and more-some’s. The more I read about these activities the more they excited me.

I started to fantasies about Linda and me engaging in that type of sex with other people. I started fantasying about seeing her having sex with another man while I was having sex with another woman.

Looking back on it the strangest aspect to this completely new concept was that jealousy never entered my thoughts. I wasn’t that far removed from the guy in high school that was ready to fight if somebody even looked the wrong way at the girl who was with me. I was now fantasizing about seeing my wife having sex with other men and that fantasy generated a sexual excitement within me that I had never experienced before.

I wanted to broach the subject with Linda. There however lay the problem, how to broach this subject with my straight-laced wife. I gave the idea a lot of thought, in fact I thought about it for a few months. I guess the truth was I was afraid to say anything about it to her.

I kept my fantasies to myself; the first part of every month caught me at the liquor store waiting for the latest edition of Penthouse Forum to come out so I could checkout the latest stories.

I couldn’t come up with anyway to broach this subject verbally with Linda where I didn’t fear that she would reject the subject out of hand without me even getting a chance to talk to her about it.

What I finely settled on was trying to see if she would read some of the articles in the magazine with me when we were in bed some night.

The thought of sharing this fantasy with Linda really scared me. I didn’t want her to think it was just me wanting another woman, because it wasn’t.

Although the thought of having sex with another woman was exciting, what I really wanted was to stimulate Linda back into having that wild sex life with me, the sex we had when our relationship began.

The feelings that I had are hard to put into words. It wasn’t like going out individually having sex with other people or having an affair. It was bringing other people into our sex lives as a stimulus for our sex lives.

Some people use adult movies, sexually explicit literature, toys, or any number of things to spice up their sex lives. In the swinging lifestyle you are using other people as stimulus for your personal sex life between you and your spouse, at least that was how I looked at it.

I finely got the nerve to approach her on the subject. The kids were asleep when I said “let’s go to bed early tonight, I have an article about a place that will blow your mind.”

She knew me well enough to know that if I wanted us to go to bed early it was pertaining to sex. She didn’t ask any questions, she just got that sexy smile and said, OK.

When she was in the bathroom getting ready for bed I dug out the article on Plato’s Retreat and waited for her in bed. While lying in bed waiting for her my mind was racing, fearing she would reject the subject all together.

Linda exited the bathroom clad in only a pair of panties and a smile. She climbed into bed, and snuggled up next to me and said, “Ok what is it you want me to read.”

I opened the magazine to the article, and with her head on my shoulder, she started to read. About half way through the first page she looked up at me and said, is this for real, do they really have a place like this?

Yea, from what it says they do. Linda continued to read the article, her only comments after that were to ask me to turn the page.

After we finished reading that article Linda looked at me with a smile and said, real people don’t go to places like that do they. According to the article, it says that place is full every night they are open, so I guess real people do go to places like that.

Therefore, you’re telling me that people go to a place like that and get naked in front of strangers. I think they are doing a lot more than just getting naked in front of strangers, I replied.

We talked about Plato’s Retreat for a while longer then I told her about the stories in the forum section where people tell about some of their adventures.

I found one of the stories about a MFM three-some and we started reading it together. About half way through that story Linda started tracing the outline of my cock through my boxers.

Between, the stories and Linda rubbing my cock I was having trouble holding the magazine still enough for her to read so she took the magazine from me and was holding it so both of us could read the story.

With my hands now free, I slid a hand down her abdomen and into her panties to feel her pussy. She wasn’t just moist from reading those stories, she was flowing, she let out a low moan as I ran a finger over the lips of her pussy.

After stroking her for a few minutes, Linda laid the magazine down beside her and pulled her panties off. She rolled over on her side and told me she wanted my cock inside her.

I pulled my boxers off, moved behind her in a spooning position and as I slid my cock between her legs, she guided me into her pussy. As I slowly stroked my cock in and out of her pussy she picked up the magazine again, and started reading the story we had been reading again. It didn’t take long at all until Linda had her first orgasm, after which she continued reading the story. Linda had two or three of the strongest and loudest orgasms that night that I can remember her having in some time.

I was feeling great because I felt that this type of sex turned her on so much that she would be willing to try it. We went to sleep that night with my arms wrapped around her and my cock still in her warm pussy.

It was a few days later I got my first chance to talk to her about swinging. We were alone in the car going somewhere, I said, those stories we were reading the other night sure seemed to turn you on.

Yea, well they turned you on too. Sure, that whole concept turns me on, maybe that’s something we could look into trying sometime. Oh, I could never really do something like that, it’s fun to read about but it’s not something I could ever do.

“Why,” was the only response I could come up with at that moment? It’s just a fun fantasy, if somebody ever found out that we did that it would embarrass me to death. Just as I was thinking this might happen she threw cold water on that idea.

As time passed, we continued reading those stories in bed. They continued to turn her on at night, however in the light of day she kept insisting that she could never do anything like that. I kept getting conflicting signals from her for months.

Linda’s conflicting reactions to swinging and my inability to find out how to explore it even if she ever agreed to it, seemed to doom any chance to experience swinging other than in my fantasies.

I couldn’t find any information on how to meet people into this kind of thing and I couldn’t find any place in the local area or even in the state like Plato’s Retreat. I just kept buying Penthouse Forum every month and we kept enjoying reading those stories in bed.

I was in the liquor store one day in front of the magazine rack checking to see if the latest edition of Penthouse Forum had come out yet. I was also checking to see if I could find any other publication pertaining to swinging. I was starting to think of swinging in the same light as unicorns, you keep hearing about it but can’t find one anywhere.

I happen to find a magazine called “Adam” that contained something about swinging on the cover. I skimmed through one of the “Adam” magazines, just to check it out. This was the first time I had ever run across that magazine and I was blown-away by what I found.

Adam not only contained articles about the swinging lifestyle, forums written by readers, it was also like a Sears Catalog for swingers. A large portion of the magazine contained profiles of people looking to meet other likeminded people.

By today’s standards, that magazine wouldn’t get a second glance. The profile photos were grainy black and white pictures too small to get much detail. The process you had to go through to contact a couple in a profile was cumbersome. However, in my mind on that day I thought I had found the holy grail of swinging.

After buying both the Adam and the latest copy of Penthouse Forum magazines, I drove home. As I did, my mind was racing with anticipation of what Linda’s reaction would be to a magazine that actually posted profiles from swinging couples looking for new playmates.

I knew the stories turned her on; however, I had no idea what her reaction would be to something that might take us a step closer to turning this fantasy into reality.

That night when we got into bed, I told Linda that I had bought two magazines today and she wasn’t going to believe one of them. OK, she said with a smile, let me see what you have now. I pulled out the Adam magazine and opened it to the listings of profiles from couples in California.

As she started scanning the first page she asked, what are these? They are profiles posted by couples looking for other couples, I replied. You mean they are, and her voice trailed off. Yea, they are swingers looking for other swingers.

Linda sat up in bed and turned on the reading light on her side of the bed so she could examine the profiles a little better. After reading several of the profiles she looked and me and asked, are these for real.

As far as I can tell they are, I replied. If they are for real, how do you contact them, there are no addresses or phone numbers in the profile? You have to wright them a letter giving them your contact information, then you mail the letter to the magazine and they will forward it to them.

We found a few of the profiles that we both found interesting, those couple were good looking, their profiles were interesting, and they were close enough to make meeting them a possibility.

Linda was having fun reading the profiles and pointing out those that as she said, looked like a nice couple. We checked out all the profiles that were in our area, we checked out the ones that were too far away for any possibility of meeting, just to see all the couples into this stuff.

After reading the profiles, we read some of the stories in the forum section. Afterwards we enjoyed some very passionate sex. Just before we drifted off to sleep that night Linda asked, are we going to answer any of those profiles?

I was thinking about it, I said. She was silent for a few moments before saying, they all said they wanted pictures when you answer their profile and I’m not going to take any of those pictures, that you have to have developed.

I just chuckled and replied that’s why they invented the Polaroid camera. She thought about that for a moment looked at me and said, but we don’t have a Polaroid camera. We will tomorrow, I replied.

The next day I bought a Polaroid camera along with several packs of film. I also went by the post office and rented a PO Box, I was leery about giving my home address to people I didn’t know.

The next Saturday we had a private photo shot. We took some “G” rated pictures to start with and as we continued Linda willingly had us progress to some very sexy nudes. It surprised me just how turned-on she got taking those sexy pictures.

That afternoon we wrote the reply letters to the profiles in which we had the most interest. Linda took an active role in wording those letters and picking out which pictures, we should include in our reply letters. She reread every profile we answered as we got the membership numbers to address each letter to.

I figured that it would take from three to four weeks before we would get any replies from the letters we sent out, however, that didn’t stop me from checking our PO Box every day after about two weeks.

The first returns that we received were our letters coming back marked “return to sender.” There seemed to be a number of profiles that either, gave the wrong address, or had moved before we sent them our letter. With the number of letters coming back, I was starting to think this whole thing might be fake.

Then one day we received a letter back from a couple replying to our letter. I was so paranoid that somebody would see me reading that letter, and know what we were into, that I rushed out of the post office and didn’t open the letter until I was in the privacy of my car. It was a very nice letter from a couple named David and Diann, who were living about an hour south of us. Dave and Diann thanked us for responding to their profile and said that they thought we were a couple that they would enjoy meeting. They included their phone number and a few pictures of themselves. The pictures gave a better indication of what they looked like than the pictures they posted in the magazine.

Thinking about it my first thoughts about them was somewhat funny; I thought they looked like a normal couple, like a couple next-door. I don’t know what I was expecting them to be like. When it turned out they were just a normal every day couple next door, it surprised me.

I couldn’t wait to show the letter to Linda. That night after the kids went to bed, I told her that we had received a reply to one of the profiles that we had responded.

Linda examined the pictures that they had sent before she read their letter. She looked over at me after studying the pictures for a little bit and said they are a nice looking couple aren’t they. That’s what I thought I replied.

After she read the letter she sat it down she asked, well what are you planning to do next? I don’t know they seemed like a nice enough couple I thought maybe we could give them a call and maybe go out to dinner or something to see what they are like in person, which is of course, if you want to. Sure, we could go out to dinner with them that sound like it could be fun, you know, just to see what they are like.

We sat there not saying anything for a few minutes each lost in our own thoughts. Linda looked over at me and said, “When are you going to do it?” “When am I going to do what,” I replied. Call them, she said.

I don’t know I haven’t thought about it, I guess we could call them tonight I don’t think it’s too late to call do you. I don’t think so, she looked at her watch, it’s just a little after eight, I don’t think that’s too late.

I don’t know why I was so nervous about making that call, but I was. I looked at the phone for a minute before I said; I’m going to get a cup of coffee first.

When I sat back down, I asked her for the letter so I could get their phone number. When I started dialing the phone I hid the fact that my hand was shaking a little bit. I really didn’t know what to expect from that call and that unknowing factor had me nervous.

The phone rang a few times before a guy answered in a little bit of a gruff voice, Hello. Hello, David, I asked. Yea, was his response, this is DB and Linda; we just received your letter and thought we would give you and Diann a call.

Dave’s voice changed a hundred and eighty degree’s it was now a much happier and friendly voice. How are you two doing he said, glad you called we were hoping you guys would call.

I talked to Dave for several minutes, just the first time you talk to somebody conversation, getting to know a little about each other. Then Dave said, Diann is right here would you like to talk to her? Sure, I replied.

I talked to Diann for a few minutes when she asked if Linda was there. Sure, I said, would you like to talk to her? I would love to she said. Linda was shaking her head “no” when I handed her the phone, she was mouthing the word “no,” I said, here it’s Diann she would like to say hello.

Linda gave me a dirty look, took the phone, and in a shaky voice said, hello. In just a few minutes, Linda was laughing and talking to Diann as if they were old friends. The girls talked for several minutes before I heard Linda say, sure.

She was silent for a moment then said, well hello to you David, how are you. She and David talked for several minutes before I heard her say, we would enjoy that, let me put DB on the phone and you two can talk about the details. She handed me the phone and told me that they would like to get together over dinner and want to set-up the when and where.

I talked to Dave for a few minutes and by the time I hung up we had agreed that we would meet them at their place the following Saturday at six and go out to dinner with them.

After I hung up the phone, I looked over at Linda and said, “We don’t have any plans for next weekend do we?” Linda laughed and said, I guess we do now.

That week we didn’t talk much about the upcoming weekend’s dinner with Dave and Diann. The first time we talked about anything to do with meeting them was on Tuesday night. I was watching TV that night and Linda had gone into the bedroom. After almost an hour and her not coming back into the den, I went to see what she was doing. I found Linda in the bathroom standing in front of the full-length mirror on the door in a cocktail dress. There was a stack of dresses on the floor beside her and it was apparent that she was upset. What are you doing? I asked.

Her voice cracked a little bit, she threw her hands down to her side, and in frustration announced, “We can’t go out with them this weekend I don’t have a thing to wear.”

I knew better than to laugh when she gets in those moods, I’ve done that before and you only have to do it once to know that’s not the thing to do. I also knew that this wasn’t the time to point out the fact that she had a closet full of dresses that she looks great in.

I told her, hon you have a checkbook in your purse, take that checkbook, and go to the mall and buy whatever you need tomorrow. We can’t afford that she whined.

What we can’t afford is not having any fun, now if you don’t go buy you something tomorrow I’m going to buy you something to wear this weekend and you know what little taste I have when it comes to your clothes. OK, she said with a little smile, if you think, we can afford it.

The next evening when I got home from work she couldn’t wait to model the little black cocktail dress she bought, along with the pair of CFM shoes, the shoes I really liked.

I told her she looked beautiful in that dress, and she did, I didn’t tell her I couldn’t tell much difference in that dress and the three other little black cocktail dresses that she had tried on the night before. For the longevity of a relationship, it’s sometimes more important to know what not to say, than it is what’s important to say.

As the week progressed, I noticed that Linda’s excitement of going out that weekend seemed to grow. I was also looking forward to that weekend. I didn’t know if anything would happen between the four of us or not, at the least I knew it was the first step in a fantasy that I’ve had for some time.

As much as I tried to temper my anticipation for the upcoming weekend those fantasies kept creeping into my thoughts. The thoughts that we would be having sex with another couple and living out our own version of those stories that we had been enjoying in bed might soon become reality.

That Saturday morning we took the kids to Linda’s mothers for the night. When we got home again, Linda seemed to want to talk about anything except that night.

About midafternoon I told her it was time to start getting ready, we didn’t want to show up late. Linda said she was going to take a bubble bath and set off to start getting ready.

I took a shower, dressed, and was ready to go in about half an hour or so. It took Linda well over an hour before she made her way into the den where I was waiting for her.

In that little black cocktail dress and CFM shoes she was dressed to kill. The bubble bath, with the bathing oils had her skin looking so soft and just begging to be touched. Her hair and make-up were just perfect, the overall effect was breathtaking.

I had estimated that the drive to Dave and Diann’s would take about an hour. Linda and I had engaged in a little chitchat that afternoon as we drove, predominantly though we were lost in our own thoughts.

I was lost in my own thoughts and feelings about what may or may not take place tonight when Linda said, you do know that we aren’t going to be doing any of that stuff tonight don’t you.

I felt like somebody had just thrown cold water down my back. We aren’t going to be doing any of what stuff I asked in the most innocent sounding voice I could muster.

She cocked her head just a bit and gave me that, “you know what I’m talking about” look. We aren’t going to be doing any of that swinging stuff; we are just going to be meeting these people for dinner and see what they are like.

Well sure, I replied, what did you think we were going to be doing? OK just so you understand, she added, I’m not comfortable with the rest of that stuff we’ve been reading about, at least for tonight.

Well, that put a major blow on what I had been fantasizing about all week. I accepted the fact that nothing other than meeting a new couple for dinner was all that was taking place tonight. My thoughts now were, I hope that we hit it off with Dave and Diann to the point that something may materialize in the future.

We made good time and were about forty-five minutes ahead of schedule when we got to the gas station Dave said would be a good place to give them a call to get turn-by-turn direction to their house.

I gave Dave a call, I apologized for being early telling him if we were too early, we could stop somewhere and get a cup of coffee if they weren’t ready yet. No, you’re fine he replied and gave me the directions to their house.

We pulled up in front of Dave and Diann’s home and as we were getting out of the car, Dave came out of the front door to greet us. As we approached him Dave asked how our drive was as he stuck out his hand to me, great I replied as we shook hands. So nice to meet you, Dave said to Linda as he gave her a friendly hug.

Dave ushered us into the house with his hand lightly on the small of Linda’s back. Their home was a nice upper middle class home; Dave led the way into a den which centerpiece was a sunken conference area with a couch, and love seat facing each other. As we entered the den, Diann joined us from a hallway that I presumed led to the bedrooms.

Diann gave both Linda and myself a hug and welcomed us to her home. Diann was a very pretty woman; she had a great figure, and a contagious smile. She was also a body double for Linda. They were both the exact same size and both seemed to have the same dimensions.

We went through the customary greeting and introductions process, then with Linda and me on the love seat, Dave and Diann on the couch we chatted and got to know one another.

What struck me most was how normal the interaction was. I’m not sure what I was expecting but this interaction was no different from any number of first meetings I have experienced.

Time flew by as we laughed, joked, and got to know one another. At one point Dave looked at his watch and said, where would you guys like to go for dinner?

I glanced at my watch and was surprised to see that we had been talking for almost an hour. I told Dave that we didn’t care, we were open to just about anything, and where ever they wanted to go would be fine with us.

We ended up going to a nice little Mexican Restaurant. The atmosphere was nice and the food was good. We had a couple drinks and interacted like old friends during that dinner.

The conversation flowed nicely and both Dave and Diann had a great since of humor. It was apparent that everybody in the group enjoyed the company and interaction with everybody else in the group.

The old saying, time fly’s when you’re having fun, was true that night. It was about eight-thirty when Dave asked if we wanted to go back to the place for a nightcap. Sure, Linda replied before I could say anything, that sounds good.

On the ride back to their house I was thinking about what might have happened tonight if Linda wasn’t as reluctant as she was. I instinctively knew that it was best not to pressure her into anything that she wasn’t comfortable.

We had it seemed taken the first steeps in that we had met and befriended Dave and Diann. If they were willing to let us take our time with this, I felt in time maybe we could progress to the next level of this activity. I was glad that the first couple we met was so friendly and for the lack of a better word, “normal.”

Just as we were pulling up in front of their house, Diann had told a joke. We were all laughing as we got out of the car, as much as to her poor telling of the joke as the joke itself. Dave again led the way into the den and we took the same seating arrangement that we had when we first arrived that afternoon.

When everybody was comfortable, Dave asked us how long we had been involved in swinging. I smiled and made a production of looking at my watch, all told, we have been meeting other couples for about four hours now I guess.

Diann just smiled and said, so you too are virgins. Linda shook her head and said, no, we’re not virgins we have two kids. Dave and I both erupted in laughter, Diann just smiled and said, no hon, I mean swinging virgins; you two haven’t been with another couple yet. Oh that, no you guys are the first couple that we’ve met.

It was apparent to me that Linda was uncomfortable with the way the conversation was going. I was about to suggest maybe we should start heading home.

However, before I could say anything Diann got up and said, Linda let me show you our home, I love this house and love to show it off. Both women walked off down the hallway chatting about the house.

After the girls left the room, Dave asked me if I would like another drink. No, I’m fine, we have a long drive left ahead of us so I had better not have any more, I would love a cup of coffee though.

Dave and I went into the kitchen where he made a fresh pot of coffee. As we were standing in the kitchen David, ask me what got us interested in swinging. I told him how we were fantasizing about it for months after first learning about it in magazines.

After fixing my cup of coffee David made himself a drink and we returned to the den. We continued our discussion about swinging, how long they have been involved in it, how they got started, some of the activities they enjoyed, and that kind of thing.

It had turned into a long and enjoyable conversation on the subject. It’s one thing to read about it in a magazine, it’s another thing all together when you’re talking to somebody about it that’s involved in it and will answer any questions that you might have.

Time flew by while Dave and I were talking. After some time I wondered what was taking the girls so long to see the house. I glanced at my watch and noticed that they had been gone for about forty-five minutes.

Just then, I heard laughter from the girls as they came down the hallway behind me. David was facing the hallway and saw them enter the room. I saw the smile spread across David’s face when he saw them.

As the girls came around the corner of the love seat that I was setting on, I let out a little gasp. It’s a real good thing my coffee cup was setting on the end table because if I had been holding it I would have dropped it.

Diann was wearing a black corset, black thigh high stockings, and a pair of red CFM shoes. The bra on her corset was the shelf style that left the breast bare and displayed, she also wasn’t wearing any panties leaving all her assets on display. The difference between what Diann was wearing and what Linda was wearing was Linda’s corset was red and her CFM shoes were black. Arm in arm and laughing both girls walked over to me. They stood in front of me modeling their outfits. I almost got a whiplash as I turned my attention from one to the other. As I was checking them both out, I noticed that their nipples seemed to be shiny, glistening, and a little redder than normal.

Laughing Linda asked me if I would like to taste her cherries. With that, she placed her hands on either side of my shoulders, leaned forward placing her nipples at my mouth. As I sucked one of her nipple I noticed it tasted like cherries, she had placed some kind of cherry flavored jell or oil on them.

Linda was standing in front of me, her legs spread slightly, and as I sucked her nipple I reached between her legs and ran a finger over the lips of her pussy, she was flowing.

I felt Diann give Linda a little nudge as she told her to share, let him taste my strawberries. As Linda stood, a smiling Diann took over her place and leaned forward placing her nipple to my mouth.

As I sucked Diann’s nipple and tasted her strawberries I felt her hand stroke my cock through my slacks. As she stroked my cock, she let out a little moan saying you are a big boy aren’t you. I reached between Diann’s legs and ran a finger over the lips of her pussy, she was every bit as wet as Linda.

As Diann stood up, she gave Linda a wink and said I think he really liked that, let’s see what Dave thinks. Smiling, Linda nodded her head and said, ok.

They walked over to where Dave was setting and gave him the same treatment that they had given me. Diann let Dave taste her first and after she stood up Linda lend forward and let Dave suck her nipple.

As I watched this unfold in front of me, I was leaning back on the love seat with my cock so hard it hurt. I didn’t know what had happened to change Linda’s mind, whatever it was I was glad it happened.

I don’t ever remember before that night having the same excitement, thrill, sexual tension, and sexually generated adrenaline rush I felt as I watched this unfold in front of me.

As Linda stood back up Diann lend forward and ran her hand over Dave’s cock, oh look how hard we got him. Linda ran her hand over his cock and gave out a little moan. Doesn’t his hard cock feel so good, Diann asked Linda. Linda just nodded her head as she kept rubbing his cock through his slacks.

Would you like to see it Diann asked, Linda just nodded her head. Diann reached forward, undid Dave’s belt, unbuttoned his pants, slid his zipper down, and pulled his cock out.

David was leaning back giving the girls full access to his cock. Diann slowly stroked his cock that was sticking straight up through the opening of his fly.

Isn’t it a beautiful cock Diann asked Linda, who just nodded her head and muttered, “It’s so big and hard.” Diann smiled and told Linda let me show you what really gets it hard. She leaned forward and took Dave’s cock in her mouth. She stroked his cock with one hand as her head bobbed up and down on his hard cock.

After a few minutes, Diann raised her head from his cock. She looked over at Linda and said that was good and he loves it, would you like to try it. Linda didn’t answer, she just leaned forward grabbed his cock and slid it into her mouth.

As Linda sucked his cock, Dave was massaging Linda’s tits and tweaking her nipples. Diann was slowly running her fingertips up and down Linda’s back while she watched her pleasing her husband.

After a few minutes of that, Diann told Linda for her and Dave to enjoy themselves, and that she was going to go make sure I wasn’t feeling lonely. Linda nodded her head the beast she could without removing her mouth from David’s cock.

Diann came over to me with a smile on her face. How are you doing with all this she asked? I hope, not as well as I soon will be, I answered.

Diann reached down and rubbed her hand over my hard cock, a low moan escaped lips her as she did. Let’s get you out of these clothes so we can have some fun she said as she started undoing my belt.

In a matter of just a few moments, Diann had me naked, and my cock in her mouth. She was a master in the art of giving head. She would hold my cock and twist her hand around the base of the shaft from side to side. She would bob her head up and down sliding my cock all the way into her throat.

The way she altered the amount of suction from her mouth, the depth she was taking my cock into her throat, her alternating from stoking to using a twisting motion with her hand, felt so good I knew I was just moments away from losing total control.

I lifted Diann’s head from my cock and told her that she needed to slow down, all this was feeling too good and with all that was going on I was losing control and about to cum.

Diann just looked at me, licked her lips, and asked, “Can you get it up again?” Oh yea, no problem with that I replied. Good, then just lean back and enjoy, I love the taste of cum and can’t wait to taste yours. With that she went back to work on my cock with that very talented mouth of hers.

I heard a moan from Linda across the room, when I looked in her direction Dave was now naked and Linda was riding his cock in a reverse cowgirl style facing me with her back to him.

Her hands were to the sides of his thighs as she was lifting herself up and down on his cock. She was holding her head back with her eyes closed and a rapturous expression was on her face. His hands were covering her breasts and he was bucking his hips upwards driving his cock into Linda.

From my vantage point, I could clearly see his cock sliding in and out of the pussy that up to that point had only known the feel of my cock. It had to be one of the most erotic things I’d ever seen in my life.

My mind was numb as I watched Dave and Linda. There was no jealousy or regret on my part. It was similar to watching an adult movie; except this wasn’t the fake porn sex, this was real.

In some way it felt as if I had given her the gift of enjoying the pleasure she was now experiencing. It was her using him for her pleasure, and he was the lucky recipient of the pleasure her body was affording him. Love had nothing to do with what they were experiencing, they were enjoying the animalistic sexual pleasures between a man and a woman.

As I was watching Linda, I felt Diann slid her mouth all the way down on my cock. I felt my cock sliding into her throat, with a hand on either side of her head I held it still, drove my cock as far into her throat as I could, and started to cum in gushes.

In the midst of my orgasm, I heard Linda scream, it was her orgasmic scream. It was her conformation that she had surrendered total control of her surroundings, to focus totally and solely on her sexual enjoyment and she didn’t care who knew it.

My orgasm was longer and harder than any I can ever remember having, I don’t think I’ve ever cum that much in my life.

When I finely stopped cumming and collapsed back on the love seat, Diann raised her head off my cock and ran a finger over her lips. She smiled at me and said, boy when you cum you cum don’t you. I guess it was due to you being as good as you are at what you were doing, I replied.

Oh, she smiled even broader, so you’re saying I’m a pretty-good cocksucker then. Not at all, I replied, you’re much better than that; you’re a great little cocksucker.

Diann playfully slapped me on the hip.

Diann had a great since of humor and we continued to joke around with one another for a few minutes. After a few minutes she stood up and said she would be right back.

When she was walking around the loveseat toward the kitchen, she said she was going to get some juice and asked me if I would like some also. I told her that would be great, thanks.

I was leaning back on the loveseat with my head thrown back, I was feeling good and in a playful mood, so I added, and please don’t drink out of my glass. It was just a thought that passed through my mind and just a joke. As soon as I said it I regretted it, I didn’t know her well enough for a joke like that, I hoped she took it as a joke.

Out of nowhere, Diann came over the back of the loveseat; she wrapped her arms around my head, brought her mouth to mine, and drove her tongue into my mouth. As she was kissing me, I could hear both Dave and Linda laughing on the other side of the room.

When Diann finely removed her tongue from my mouth, she laughed and said you didn’t taste anything salty did you. As she walked laughing into the kitchen, I called after her, brat.

I looked across the room at Dave and Linda; she was still sitting on his lap leaning back against his chest. His cock was much softer but still impaled in her pussy as they recovered from the sex they had just enjoyed.

Diann came back into the room handed me a glass of juice then snuggled up beside me. After a few moments she looked across the room and said, how you doing over there girlfriend. Linda giggled without opening her eyes and replied, doing great, how are you doing over there.

After a few minutes, Linda started climbing off Dave. When she was standing in front of him, she turned toward him bent down and gave him a friendly kiss, and told him she would be right back and made her way to the restroom.

I will continue the Story in Part-II

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