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My true stories are not always totally true but some of the events in all of them actually did happened as I have written them. I did travel to a swing house in SF many times and had some great times, many of the stories of what happened there are true. Like this one with Diane’s second trip to the Ranch.

Diane and I arrived at he Ranch and this time was different as Diane was not there for the first time and had a better idea that she was there to fuck her brains out as the saying goes. She was crystal clear about what she wanted. I kind of was along for her ride. I told her she was in charge for the night lead on.

The first thing she wanted to do was go to the hot tub, get naked, and get in. So we did.

Diane was ready to fuck and she was looking. There were 5 or 6 other couples in the tub so it was a little close, We sat next to a couple on both sides of us. Diane has wonderful large sized boobs. They floated to the top and she felt a little embarrassed for a moment because everyone in the tub was looking at her boobs men and women. I said to her they are admiring you terrific boobs and she felt better and smiled at everyone.

The guy sitting next to her pulled his hand out of the water and asked may I indicating he wanted to feel her up. She looked at me and I smiled and she said sure. He faced her and reached over and lifted her boobs up and played and squeezed them and said very nice.

Diane was immediately turned on and had that look in her eyes that I know so well.

The guys wife was watching and moved along side him and asked may I do that. Diane was startled and looked at me again and I said go ahead and let her and Diane nodded a yes. The lady reached over and took Diane’s boob’s in both hands and played and squeezed her nipples and appeared to really liked what she was doing. Than her and her husband sat back down next to us. I whispered to Diane you just had your first Bi experience, how was it? She whispered I liked what she did, does that mean I am Bi? I said lets talk later.

We left the tub and went back to the common room wrapped in our large towels and sat down. She said it felt strange allowing that woman to play with my boob’s but I liked the feeling. I than asked would you do the same and she said I don’t know right now, maybe

Diane said I want to go to the group room, I said ok. I asked are you ready to go to the floor? She said I have been thinking about it after watching that woman taking on four guys the last time we were here. I have been thinking about it a lot in fact. Well if you want to, go ahead, and I will join you in while to make sure you are safe if you need any help. She laid there for a while and finally said, it is what I came for here tonight, She went to the center of the floor knowing she wanted to be gang banged by men she didn’t know, not even their names. She laid down and looked around. The guys on the sidelined knew what that meant and one of them approached her and said something and she nodded her head yes and he moved up to her and she pulled the towel open and he uncovered his cock and moved between her legs and began to fuck her. She looked so hot and ready and I immediately had a hard on watching her. A second guy approached and she reached out and took his cock and guided it to her mouth and he was fucking her mouth. As I said in the last story Diane loves to suck cock more that anything else. The third guy approached and than a fourth and than I joined in to the action and became the director. I waved the guy fucking her off and nodded at the third guy to take his place and he was fucking her, she was way out of control and just fucking all she was worth and sucking the second guy off. He jerked and squirted in her mouth and she swallowed it all. He pulled out and the fourth guy took his place and she began to suck him. I have never seen Diane so hot. I whispered in Diane’s ear, turn over and she got on her hands and knees and now being fucked from behind and down on the fourth guy. The three guys Left and me began a circle rotation one fucking her one in her mouth and than we would switch. And on and on it went for at least a hour. Before it was over she had cum three times with 2 of the guys in her mouth and 2 in her pussy and than, it was over. Diane laid there very quiet and finally said I loved that. We went back to the common room so Diane could recover from the experience.

After a while she said I want to talk about what happened with the woman in the hot tub.

I said, many of the women who come here are Bi, so they like having sex with other women and sometimes is the main reason they come here. The woman who played with your boob’s was letting you know she was interested in having sex with you that’s all.

You are a very sexy lady my dear. Diane said I am surprised I said yes to her and more surprised I liked what she did. I said it is just a choice and if you want to experiment and expand your choices this is the place you can do that if you think you are interested. I love watching 2 women having sex, it is one of my favorite things and is one of the reasons I like coming her. If you want to try it I will find someone for you, just let me know. There are several single girls here looking to find a lady who is interested.

The house only allows couples and single women to attend. Diane said maybe later.

I said I want some attention and when you are recovered I would like to find a couple ok, she said ok. I had noticed a nervous couple sitting alone in a corner just watching and figured they were first timers and I love first timers. After a while Diane said I am ready.

I pointed to the couple by themselves. The lady was about 25 and he a little older. She had Diane sizes boobs and was very pretty with long hair, which I like. I turned out this was their first time at the ranch and I asked how are you doing and he responded with first time here. I said our second time. I said we had fun the first time. Are you here to play tonight or just to watch? They were Sandy and Phil. He said they weren’t sure.

They had never done anything like this before. I laughed and said it is definitely different and they both gave a nervous laugh along with mine. I was looking at Sandy and knew she was the one with any doubt as mostly men do not. I said Phil lets go talk and let the ladies do the same. He seemed relieved at my suggestion and we moved away and were walking around the house talking. I asked if Sandy was ok with being here and he said yes that they had talked before the had decided to try the ranch, but she had her doubts and I have mine as well. What are your doubts and he said about her having sex with another man and that was her doubt as well. I said ok for you, but not sure if it was ok for her right? He said yep that is about it. I said that wasn’t unusual for a lot of new couples. Sometimes they solve it be agreeing to do only separate room out of sight of each other.

Also your wife needs a lot of assurance that if you play you will still love her and it will not change. He said hadn’t thought of that. So we returned to the girls and I said to them well if you decide to play we would love to play with you and left them sitting.

I asked Diane if Sandy would play and she said she is real nervous and excited both, but worried about what Phil would think of her if she had sex with another man. I said lets wait for them to talk and see if they decide to play. I think they will otherwise why be here in the first place. It wasn’t long before they joined us and said we like you two and want to do this as it is why we came in the first place and have decided that separate room will be ok with us. I said great and took Sandy’s hand and said see you later and have fun with Diane. As we were leaving I whispered in Phil’s ear, she loves giving blow jobs.

Sandy and I left hand in hand and I said you are safe with me and you will not have to do anything you do not want to do and she said thanks. I said I do want to have sex with you as that is what people do here. She said I know and that her and Phil had agreed to come to the ranch knowing that was what happened her. I said I knew that about you and laughed, most people come her for that reason. She laughed and seemed to relax a little. Went to one of the rooms and looked in and there were two couples talking and soon the women exchanged places and it wasn’t long before they were fucking each others wives. Sandy said not in front of anyone, I knew than she was going to fuck me. I was standing behind her watching the people fuck and could feel her breathing increase and decided it was time to find a place. One of the rooms had tents pitched that you could close up for privacy. As we passed by one of the tents it was open and two Asian girls were there playing with each other and one of them went down on the other and Sandy said that is what Phil wants me to do, I said most men want their partners to do that, if fact, Diane and I were talking about it earlier and she is a little curious, how about you. I was real turned on watching the two Asian girls playing they had begun a 69 by this time. Susan said I am a little curious and I would like to please Phil. All I said was do it for yourself, the other way won’t work. I led her into the tent and closed it up. We were in private.

She changed. She went from this seeming innocent first timer to someone very interested in what was going to happen. I said you really want to do this don’t you, she said yes but only in private. I thought for a moment and said you are not going tell Phil about what happens are you and she said no we have agreed not to tell and not to talk about it except to say we enjoyed ourselves or not. Phil does not want to know if I really had sex with another man. I said plausible denial and she said yes. I said ok with me I can keep my mouth shut, except when I am kissing you and gave her an open mouth kiss which she returned.

I asked do you like dirty talk and she said sometime. Do you want to talk dirty to me? and winked at me. I said yes I like doing some of that to get things warmed up. Sandy well I am interested in what you have to say. I said well first I want to undress you and go down on you and lick your pussy until you cum is you can that way. She said I can. Than I want you to suck my cock until I am hard get on your knees and let me fuck you doggie style. She said I like that position. She looked me in the eye and said I really want to fuck you. I was already hard. I kissed her again and removed her blouse and her bra and her boobs were as wonderful as I had imagined. She stood up and standing in front of me looking up I removed her skirt and slowly pulled her panties down, Her pussy was inches from my face and I leaned in and licked. She said oh that felt good. I laid her down and undressed and went down on her pussy and was sucking and licking and and she reversed and was down on me in a 69.This went on for awhile and I felt her shutter and she pressed her pussy against my mouth and I felt her cum and she sucked harder on me. I did not want to cum so pulled out of her mouth and gave her some time to come down from her cum. She said that was really nice.

I stood up and was still up and without. Me asking she was on her hands and knees looking back at me ready for me to fuck her. I jumped in and we were fucking hard I was so turned on and she was as turned on as I was, I lost all control and I just wanted to fuck this lady and knew she was into me as well. I turned her over and we were face to face eyes on eyes and we fucked some more maintaining a lustful eye contact. I was going to cum and she could tell and reached around me and grabbed my ass and pulled me all the way inside her and said cum and I will cum with you and I squirted and she grunted and we had, our cum together. After we calmed down I said that is one of the best experiences in my life and she for me too. I said also, I really would like to see you and Diane together. I think you and her would have a great time together. Sandy said well I am willing if she is willing. I would really love to watch you and her doing what the Asian girls were doing. Why don’t you and her talk, I will let her know you are interested and maybe it will happen. We got dressed and headed toward the common room and past the Asian girls who were still at it and sandy paused for a moment before we went into the common room. Diane and Phil hadn’t returned yet and sandy said he must be having fun with Diane and I said Diane is a lot of fun and absolutely loves to fuck and if he wants will suck him off as it is her favorite things. We waited. They returned in about 20 minutes, Diane looked well fucked with a smile on her face. I said to Phil lets leave the ladies to compare experiences and laughed, lets go watch in the group room he said ok.

Phil and I went to the group and it was a very busy place Couples all over the place. Suddenly they all made a circle and two women went into the middle and began to do each other. All of a sudden Phil became real interested and we stood there watching the ladies play. I said Diane and Sandy are talking about Bi stuff right now. Sandy said you want her to try it and I told Diane the same thing. He said really and smiled and said that would be great. We joined them and Diane said you guys need to find something to do for an hour as we want to spend some time together. I said sure and motioned Phil to join me, lets go to the hot tub and we left. I said let them work it out stay out of it, he said yeah, good idea.

Diane told me later they went to one of the tents and closed it up to have privacy. The Asian ladies were still doing their thing and the two of them paused to watch for a minute before they went into their tent. Once in we sat looking at each other and than we both laughed and Sandy do you really want to do this. I said I am curious are you? Sandy said I think so, but don’t really know how to start. I said well we could just do what we would do with a man and see where it goes. How about kissing each other the way we would kiss a man and go from there. She said yeah that would be a good place to start, I’ ll just pretend you are a man and we both laughed and kissed each other. The kiss lasted a few seconds and felt good, I had never kissed a woman that way. Sandy said that was nice and I laughed and said I don’t think we are supposed be nice. Shall we get bad with each other and kissed her again with an open mouth and our tongues got tangled with each other. We were both turned on. I said I want to see you and so we undressed each other And continued kissing the whole time. Soon we were both naked and I reached out and touched her boob and she mine and than the other. Sandy said that feels good and I agreed. So we continued kissing more passionately by the minute and playing with each other’s boobs. We were both definitely turned on by what we were doing. I said it looks like we both want to do this, she said yes I am enjoying playing with you, but we should probably save some of this for the guys. I said one more thing and reached over and touched her pussy and said we will do this right and she reached over a touched mine and said right. I said if we are going to do this than lets do it. She agreed. As we were leaving the tent the Asian girls were in a 69 again and I turned to Sandy and said that is what I want to do and she said me to, so we had a plan and an agreement.

We found the guys and said to me where is there some privacy besides the tents. I said there are cubicles that are low light and no one from outside can see inside. I found one and we all crawled in and once inside could see it was a low light environment but we could still see each other.

Sandy then stated the rules of engagement. You guys are to stay in the corner and not direct and we are not going to do anything in here with either of you, we can split up afterward if you want. Do you agree. We both agreed, like we had a choice. And so it started.

The ladies started kissing and soon were undressing each other, it was clear they had done this before, Susan played with Diane’s boobs and took one inher moth and sucked on it and Diane through her head back and said was looking forward to you doing that and Diane reached down and put a finger in Sandy’s pussy and was fingering her as she was sucking on Diane’s boob’s Than they switched and Diane was sucking Sandy’s boobs and Sandy was fingering her. They were both hot by this time and than both were finger fucking each other, first one finger than two.They held each other close and continued kissing deeply. Diane said to Sandy ready and Sandy nodded yes and they moved to a 69 and began sucking each other.

Sandy said good and Diane said good and than they lost all control and in the broadest definition of the word began to fuck each other using tongues and fingers heading for a climax and Sandy went first and her legs went straight out and she cried out yes make me cum and shuttered and Diane was licking her all the way thru her cum. Sandy moved away from Diane’s mouth and was down on her wanting to make her cum and Diane was pushing her pussy into Sandy’s face and wrapped her legs around Sandy’s head and began to jerk against Sandy’ face and climaxed groaning and grunting, Sandy stayed with her until she was done with her cum.

They were both panting and us guys were both jerking ourselves. What an experience. After awhile Diane went over to Phil and took his hand and said lets take care of that looking down at his Cock and they left after Diane put some clothes on. I thought blow job time. After they had left Sandy mpved over to me and said her let me help you with that and went down on me and it wasn’t long before I said cum and she said yes and held on to me and swallowing all my cum when I squirted in her mouth. Diane said that she did the same for phil.

The evening events were over, but we did get their phone number, but that is another story.

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