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Another true story.

We met at a PWP party and although she was so what younger than me we hit it off, Diane wanted sex every night we were together, about a year.

Diane?s favorite thing to do was blow jobs and she had a real talent. When I was ready to cum she would swallow as much of my cock as she could handle and I would cum and she would swallow it all. Later after I recovered we would fuck.

One night I told her about my trips to the city and what happened at the swing house.

You want to try it and she after some thought said ok lets do it. She wanted to know what kind of things happened and I told her it was about having sex with strangers. We would meet another couple and have sex with them. She said wow just like that? Yep I said, people you just met and there is a hot tub and a group room and some private areas as well. You can do just about anything you want including sex with another woman, as a lot of the women that attend are bi-sexual. And you do not have to anything you do not want to do. So what do you think I asked? Well I really don?t know what to say except it sounds exciting and wild, and I said it is that for sure.

So we made a plan to go with the understanding that if she decided to not do anything it would be ok.

When we arrived at the house there was about 15 couples with more arriving.

They served food about a ½ hour after we arrived and we sat with other people chatting and eating. Diane is 5?1? 120lbs with 40? boobs and a very sexy body. She had long black hair and was quite pretty. One of the couples we were sitting with said ? we are going to the hot tub, want to join us?? I asked Diane, want to? She said sure not knowing that nobody wears anything in the hot tub lol. So I whispered to her it was a naked event and she had second thoughts so declined. So I said lets just watch for awhile, and she agreed. So I took her into the group room and we found a private area where we could watch. It wasn?t long before this lady went intp the center of the room and laid down and soon a guy approached her and began kissing her and it wasn?t long before the were having sex, Diane was lying next to me watching intently and I could tell she was turned on by her rapid breathing. I reached out and unbuttoned her top and removed it along with her bra and she acted a little nervous but willing to play. It wasn?t long before we were both naked and she was down on me. For the most part others couldn?t see us unless they walked up and peeked inside our cubicle. After awhile in fact a guy stuck his head in and asked if could join us. I told Diane that saying yes meant yes to fucking this guy. She said no thanks and he moved on. I said I will get us towels and we could go sit by the hot tub, she agreed. As we were leaving the lady in the middle of the Group now had 3 guys working her over and Diane said wow and we went to the tub.

When we got to the tub a guy was sitting on the edge and a gal was giving him head. Diane stopped and watched and said sex is happening everywhere and I said yep that is what people do here, How about you? Or we can leave if you like? Or join in.

She said what do I do and I said say yes. Oh she said and I laughed and she finally did also. She said they all seem to be nice people and just like us and I said yep just like us.

So lets find us a couple and see where it goes, and she said ok.

So back into the living room and there was a couple in the corner and we introduced ourselves and sat down with them we in our towels. They were Don and Sue. They said it was their first time, Diane said mine too. So we chatted for a while and I finally asked are you two here to play or watch? The guy looked at his wife and said we are a little uncertain and real nervous, I said well it is a choice and Diane has decided she would like to play, right Diane? She said maybe, but how do we start and I said well Don what do you think. He turned to his wife and said well what do you think and she said, Do you want to and he looked a Diane and well if it is ok with you. So you would go with Diane and I with Jim right? He said well yes that is what would happen if we do this. She turned to us and said give us a minute and they moved across the room and began talking. I turned to Diane are you ready for this? She said well that is what we came here for and Don is real attractive and yes I would like to see what it is like to have sex with a stranger. I said ok lets see what they have to say when they return and if they say yes we will say yes.

Soon they returned and said we talked about what this really means and have agreed we want to try it once to see if we like it. We understand we are talking about having sex with the two of you, but not in front of each other and Sue has some doubts but is willing but unsure how far she can go, I said no problem and no insisting. So Don kissed Sue and he and Diane moved toward one of the rooms. Sue and I moved toward a different room.

She asked if Diane would really have sex with Don and I said probably as she came here knowing that is what happens her right? She looked at me and said right and they had know that before the came and had talked about it and had agreed that they would if they found someone they agreed on. I said good, ready? She said nervous and laughed.

I took her hand and said you won?t be in a little while and laughed also.

We entered the room and another couple was in one of the corners and so went on the other side of the room and I asked ok? And she said with them here, I said if it is ok with you, we can watch them and than do our own thing.

So we sat and watched, and soon the other, couple were, fucking their brains out and She watched them and I watched her. Her breathing increased and she said only seen this in the movies, this is different and I reached over and felt her boob and she noticed me, Turned to me and I leaned over and kissed her and she collapsed in my arms and returned the kiss and we began the dance. I removed her blouse and the rest of her clothes and my towel. I was at the ready and she looked down and reached out and took my cock in her hand. I laid her down and slipped into her and she was wet and opened up to me. Ok? She said yes you are my third man. I increased my pace and she wrapped her legs around me and we moved together and soon she said YES and I could feel her cum. I slowed down and waited for her to come down. She kissed me and said good. Wow I did it. I was still inside her hard and began moving again and she smiled and said ok again. I asked can I turn you over and she turned over and got on her knees and looked over her shoulder waiting for me to fuck her. And I did.

Afterward we laid there and I asked her well what do you think. She said she had a good time, but wasn?t sure how much she could tell Don and could I not tell him what we did I said sure. I?ll let you do that.

We returned to the living room and I got my clothes and dressed and we sat waiting for Don and Diane to return. I asked her if she and Don were going to be ok with each other considering what happened. She said they had talked and had agreed to coming to the house knowing what it was. Soon Don and Diane returned with smiles on their faces.

Of course Sue and I were smiling as well. We said good by to them and they moved on to whatever was next for them. We exchanged phone numbers for a possible later meeting.

I looked at Diane and said well, She said wild, Don was great and a lot of fun. So you fucked him and she said we did everything. Did you blow him and she smiled and said at the end I finished him off.

I said more? She said sure, so we returned to the group room.

I took her out to the middle and we layed their naked talking and a guy approached and asked to join us and Diane said yes. He was Bob and we talked for a bit and Diane looked down at his cock and he was ready and she reached out and took him in hand and he started to play with her boobs and soon they were into it and I got to see Diane fuck another guy for the first time. She was on her back and I moved to her head and presented My cock and she went down on me. She is one of the best.

Soon the grunted and came but Diane Didn?t and moved away and she said he wasn?t very good, and that another guy was there and Diane said yes and soon she was fucking a second guy and it wasn?t long before she was saying good YES and soon she climaxed and when she did I did in her mouth, It was a wild seen and than the second guy grunted and increased his pace and came.

That was the end of our her first swing time, but not her last.

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