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And now there is Rita Marie. She was a wonder , unquestionably the best I ever had. She was great in bed and out. We were together for about 6 months and I was really sad to see her go.

We were at the club dance having fun and we were word playing and I jokingly said want go to an orgy and she with no hesitation yes. I was alittle surprised. When we were in private I said are you sure and she said she had had some experiences with another couple and she had had sex with them both and had a great time, that she liked having sex with women, so off we went. We arrived at the house. Rita Marie was really excited and said wow when she seen how many people were there. About 25 couples.

You have to imagine what it is like to be in a room of people who know that they are there to have sex with with someone other that their partner and some one they have just met. Food was served and we ate and sat around the living room chating with other couples. Some were regulars and some were there for the first time. I like first timers. So we picked a new couple and began the discussion and they were there for the first time and really nervous so we moved slow and finally they agreed to swing with us but wanted to do it in separate rooms because they were nervous about doing anything in front of each other. Plauseable denial. Rita Marie agreed and so off we went to separate rooms. There names were Bob 30 and Carrie 24. Bob was about 6' tall and well built, and Carrie was a small lady and nicely built. Carrie and I went into one of the rooms and there were two other couples starting to play around and so we sat in the corner and watched. I had my arm around carrie and was watching her reaction and asked her if she was ok and she said yes but nervous and had never been in a room watching someone else having sex. so we watched for awhile and i began to play with her boobs and she leaned into me said that it felt good. By this time the other couples were undressed and getting into it and Carrie's breathing had increased and i was very hard. So i unbuttoned her top and slipped my hand inside and she responded with turning her head toward me and i kissed her and than again and slipped my hand down to her leg and moved my hand up her leg and she moved her legs apart to give me access. I reached her and slipped a finger in and she was very wet, i asked if she was ok and she just kissed me again so i took off her top and her bra and removed her skirt and panties. I than undressed myself. She was focused on the other couples who were by this time fucking and I went down on her and she climaxed immediately. She said wow and asked d me what i wanted and I softly said in her ear I want to fuck you and she said yes lets do that and I moved behind her and slipped into her and we really were getting it on and I Turned her over so we were face to face and said how are you doing and she said good. We fucked for awhile and I aske if she could cum again and she said she was almot there and stop talking, so I dis later and increased the pace and shortly later she came. I held back because it was still early in the evening. I said well how was your first time and she said I was only the third man she had sex with and she had a good time but was nervous about what her husband's reaction and she wasn;t sure what she was going to tell him and would I not say anything so I agreed. I asked her if she had any interest in having sex with another woman and she said it was her husband's fantacy and she was not ready to even consider it for now. So we got dressed and returned to the living room and Rita Marie and bob were waiting , bob asked Carrie if she was ok and she said yes and we exchanged phone numbers and talked about a possible future meeting at their home. They moved on and left us on our own, they left alittle later.

Rita Marie said she had had a really good time with Bob and would tell me all about it later.

Rita Marie said what now and I said whatever you want, so we looked around for another couple. Rita Marie said she was having a great time and really liked what we were doing. I said what do you really want to do and she said she had never had 2 guys at the same time and would like that, so i said well find someone and lets do it. She said she would be right back and disappeared. Rita Marie was in her element obviously. She was excited and wanted to play

Rita Marie's story with the first couple.

Rita Marie said that when she left with Bob she was alittle nervous herself. We went into one of the rooms and we were alone in the beginning, at least. He was real excited and at the ready already. I kissed him several times trying to catch up and undid his belt and slipped his pants off, he was feeling me up and I was getting hot and ready and looked down and realized this was a big guy around 9" and at the ready.

This was going to be the biggest guy I had ever had and was alittle worried if I could handle it and told him so. He said he would be careful and let him know if I wanted him to stop. So it started and I didn't even get my clothes off before he was in me and giving it to me. I had to push him back alittle because he was too deep and it hurt, but he figured out how deep he could go and it was better, I was alittle surprised that I could handle his size, but after awhile it started to feel really good and we were really fucking hard and he came but I didn't. We laid there for awhile and he was concerned that i hadn't got off and I told him not to worry and that I had a really good time. He put his pants back on and we went into the living room to wait for Carrie and Jim. The time passed and he started to look alittle worried and I reassured him that carrie was safe with jim and Jim wouldn't force Carrie to do anything she didn't want to do. He said he wasn't sure if she would have sex with jim or not because she wasn't sure about being there at all. I asked him if he wanted her too and he said he wasn't sure. Jim and Carrie finally returned. We exchanged phone numbers with the possibility of a future meeting at their home.

I pulled Bob aside and told him that I liked girls as well and he said that was his fantacy to see his wife with another woman and I said maybe if we got together again. He said he didn't know if she would, and I said I will talk to her if it comes to that, but he should let her know I was interested. Of course I already knew about his fantcy from his wife and was really hoping to get up close and personal with her sometime, and had a hint she might be willing from jim.

Rita Marie returned and said she couldn't find a guy by himself and decided to wait till later. So we sat in the living and watched the people, waiting to see what would happen next. People were coming and going with new arrivals coming in the door. I looked over to the door and there was that lady who was there when Sherrie and I were last there, she noticed me and came over to say high with her husband. They sat and we chatted for awhile and he asked Rita Marie if she wanted and she said sure and looked at me and I said go for it.

That left me with his wife who I had fucked once before some months before. I asked how many times they were attending the parties and she said this was the third time and she hadn't done anything the second time and hadn't told her husband about the first time with me and wasn't going to, so her husband believed she was just watching and hadn't had sex with anyone. I said how about me again?

She said maybe but her husband couldn't know about it and if I was willing to not say anything she would because she had a good time last time and had hoped she would run into me again, so was glad to see me there.

So I took her hand and off we went toward one of the tents to be private. I asked her if she would like to see her husband and Rita Marie together and she said YES, so I led her to the room where they had gone and we could watch without being seen and there they were. Rita Marie was going down on her husband and he was fingering her(Rita Marie gives great head). I was standing behind her watching and reached around her and slipped my hand under her skirt and she was very wet. Her husband moved behind Rita Marie and began to fuck her vigorously and she was really enjoying it, this was the first time I'd seen her with another man and it was stimulating to say the least and I became as hard as a rock and began to push against his wife form behind and said lets go.

We went into the tent, closed it and I had her clothes off in a minute and mine as well, She said she wanted to do what Rita Marie was doing to her husband and went down on me and wow is all I can say, almost came but was able to hold off, I really wanted to fuck this lady and laid her down and slipped inside and it was great as she became very excited and came almost immediately. I wasn't ready to do that so we continued to fuck and kiss and just alot of togetherness feelings. Finally I couldn't hold back any longer and I came really hard and she shuttered and came with me, it was really a really powerful experience for us both, leaving us both breathing hard. Afterwards she said that I was a nice guy and that she had a great time and trusted that I could be trusted, we went back toward the living peeked in on Rita Marie and her husband and they were still at it.

When they finally returned Rita Marie looked really wore out and me and his wife were sitting where we had been when they had left.Rita Marie said that he had been incredible she was wore out for now at least. I just smiled and told her I had watched her for awhile.

She found a corner and went to sleep and left me to my own devices.

I was sitting there not sure what to do so decided to go out to the hot tub.There was only one girl in the tub so I got in and we started to talk and I asked how she was doing and she said having fun. That this was her second time and she was a single who had come with friends and they were off somewhere doing their thing. (only single women were allowed to attend parties without a partner) She said she had just had sex with another woman and now wanted a man, i smiled and said how about me and moved toward her and she moved toward me. I was up and ready and she noticed and reached down and played with me and turned around and bent over the edge of the tub and looked over her shoulder at me and moved over to her and slipped into her from behind. She pushed back against me moving forward and back and moaning and I just fucked her all i was worth and neither of us lasted very long before we came. I was done for the night and found Rita Marie and fell asleep next to her. I can only get off twice in an evening most of the time. I had had sex with 3 women that night.

This is a true story.

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