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Some part of these true stories are true. The stories about trips to swing houses are almost entirely true as a lot happened on those trips. I went to one or the other houses every month for about three years. I also met some of the couples from the houses privately and did some swinging with them. I always had a female partner. There were four different women who were my swing partners over these several years. This story happened as is written. As a foot note I would like to ad that these women were ether bi or bi curious as many of the women that attend the swing houses are as well. This story happened over a period of three different trips to the swing house with Karen and Diane , not just one trip as it appears in the story

Diane was a great swing partner. After her first bi experience with Sandy she was ready for more. We talked about making another trip to SF to the swing house and she was ready to go. I asked her out of curiosity if she had any friends that might like to join us for the trip. She said she had told one of her girlfriends about going to a wild party in SF, but didn’t tell her a lot, certainly not about all the sex stuff she had done. Her friend had told her she was a lucky girl and that she had never been to a “wild party” and hoped that someday she would get to go to one.

I asked Diane do you think she knew what wild party meant and she said maybe, I’ll feel her out and see. Diane and her had been friends for years so she felt safe sharing a little about the party in SF and would see how she reacted. I said it could be fun if she went with us, Diane agreed. Diane did talk to her friend and told her that it was a party, were sex was part of the evenings activity. Her friend who was Karen said she had thought that was what wild party meant. Karen asked if Diane had sex at the party Diane said yes. Karen said wow, wild it was than. Diane told her she had a great time.

Then Diane asked Karen, if we go again do you want to come with us? Jim has invited you. Karen does that mean I would have sex with Jim and I laughed and said well you could I suppose but it isn’t expected, you could have sex with anyone or no one. It is a swing party, Karen said, I guessed that and you and Jim are swingers? I said we have done it a couple of times.

She said, wow again, and you want me to swing with you and Jim. I l laughed, and said, well it has crossed our mind once or twice. She laughed and said well I would like to go to the party, not sure about the swinging, and I said hey sounds good to me.

We called Her the next weekend and were on the road to the city.

Along the way we talked about the house. I said, if you have any fantasy’s it is the place.

We all entered the house and paid our $50 dollars. We went into the common room found a place to sit and waited for the food to be served and I got us all a drink. Karen said I am nervous and excited both, I said, me too and Diane said, me too and we all laughed.

Karen asked what am I supposed to do, Diane responded with, Jim go look around, I want to talk to Karen alone. Diane told me later that she had decided to tell Karen exactly what went on at the house. I told her everything we did the last time we were here including having sex with Sandy. I also told her that we would love to get together with her. Karen said she already had figured that out and had been thinking about what she wanted to do.

I told her that in a little while this was going to be a wild place and as long as she stayed in the common room she wouldn’t have to do anything. That the common room, is where people make connections, and than go somewhere else in the house to play. No sex took place here. I also told her that you and I would be playing and she could join us if she wanted or not. That a no thank you is all that was needed. She said ok.

I went looking around and was always on the alert for new couples. They always stood out as they were usually separated in a corner somewhere looking nervous. I noticed this couple who fit the part and walked over and introduced my self and said I am Jim and they were Bob and Sherrie. I asked first time here and they said yes. The one thing I know about first timers is that they know what the house is about and that is why they are there. Getting started is there challenge and I want to help them make the first move. I said my partner and I have been here before and would they like to sit with us as the food would be served shortly and they agreed. Sherrie was very pretty and had long black hair.

I already had plans forming about fucking her.

We joined Karen and Diane and had dinner together. I told them that Karen was a single here for her first time as well. I looked at Diane and said can I show Karen the rest of the house and Diane knowing what I meant said to Karen want to see the house and Karen knowing what was meant said sure I’d love to see the house. I took her hand and we left.

I showed her around the house and outside to the hot tub where there were several coupled sitting there naked and than back inside. I said to her you know I want to do you?

She said yes Diane told me. I don’t want to come to a wild party and not get wild. I took her hand and led her to a private area and we fucked. She was terrific and when we had both cum she said wow I did it.

We were gone for about a half hour is all and I nodded to Diane when we returned and she smiled. Diane had been talking to Sherrie and Bob and discovered they were there to play although a little nervous.

Jim, I am going to show Sherrie and Bob around the house we will be back in a while. They all left me with Karen

Diane told me later that after I left with Karen she had talked with Sherrie and Bob and it turned out that Sherrie was curious about other women and Bob was excited about her trying it. I told them I had one experience and had a great time, so it was decided. We went to one of the rooms that was empty and we started. I moved over to her and kissed her and she was willing and I undressed her and her me and we did a lot of kissing and she had nice boobs and I was soon on those and her on mine. Bob just watched. Sherrie was so hot, and all I wanted to do was lick her all over. I laid her down and went down on her. She climaxed as soon as my tongue hit her clit. She jerked around and cried out and was so wet and I kept licking and she came again.

I asked her if she was wanted to do me and she said could we do that later and I said sure. I thought she is probably Bi passive at least for now and that had been Bob’s fantasy acted out for him.

We returned to the common area and joined Jim and Karen. Diane took Karen’s hand and said I am going to show her the group room be back I a while.

Diane told me later what she and Karen did in the group room. I took her one of the tree houses and we climbed in and were watching the action on the floor. I asked if she was ok and she said oh yes having a great time and a lot of fun with Jim. Anything else you want to do? You do know I want to do you? She smiled and said yes I know. I have never done anything like that ever. I told her my first time was wild and didn’t know what to expect and wasn’t sure of myself at all. I just went with the moment and it was one of the most exciting experiences ever. If you are curious ant all Jim and I would like to do you together some time tonight.

Suddenly this guy stuck his head in and asked if we wanted company? I said to Karen shall we? I hadn’t had sex yet and was very ready. I said to Karen you can just watch or join in. She said ok. Don was his name and he was young and as soon as he had joined us he was at the ready with his 8” and I was ready for his 8”. I immediately went down on him as I love to suck cock.. I love the feeling of a cock going in and out of my mouth. Don mouth fucked me and Karen just sat there watching. I wanted to fuck and got on my hands and knees and he slammed into me and I climaxed almost immediately. While he was fucking me he pulled Karen to him and was kissing her and fucking me and feeling her up and unbuttoning her top.

Don than moved over to Karen and removed her clothes and laid her down and entered her. She was really hot and took all his 8” and was pushing back against him. He fucked her hard and fast and I could tell she was on the edge. I had a temptation and leaned in and gave her a open mouth kiss and she allowed the moment and kissed me back and climaxed as we were kissing. Don grunted and squirted and Karen grabbed him and fucked him until he was done.

Afterward Karen said that was wild and I said it did look like you were having fun and we both laughed. Before we left the tree house Karen hugged me and said I really enjoyed what you did to me. I said so did I, loved kissing you at that moment. Karen said I would like to do that again. I smiled and said yes lets do that. We went back to the common room and Jim, Bob and Sherrie were just leaving.

I took them to one of the cubicles and we crawled in and he said Sherrie wants to have sex with you while I watch. I said, works for me and we all laughed.

So I fucked Sherrie with the long black hair as her husband watched. The best part was fucking her from behind using her hair like reins and her saying pull my hair and climaxing when I pulled. Bob just sat watching intently while his wife was being fucked. I thought at some point he would join in, but he didn’t. I turned Sherrie over and entered her face to face. She smiled and said you are good. I started fucking her again and she kept eye contact with me letting me know just how much she was enjoying the action. I pulled her legs around me and she griped me and I could whisper in her ear and said I want you to cum with me, and she whispered I will.

We were in a rhythm and she grabbed my butt and pulled me all the way in and ground herself against me and I had to cum and said cum and I squirted into her and she jerked and cried out and came with me. We laid there for a few minutes and Bob said well I had my fantasy tonight. Sherrie said maybe mine later.

Later I asked her what is your fantasy and she laughed and said I just did it with you and Diane, but I don’t want Bob to know, I may have another.

I took Karen’s hand and said lets look around and see what is happening. All I could say is that there was a whole lot of fucking going on. Every room had people fucking in them. finally I found what I was looking for in one of the rooms there were 2 couples and the 2 women had began to play and I said to Karen lets watch and we found a corner and sat down. The two women were really hot for each other and were kissing and it wasn’t long before they had each other’s clothes off. There is something very erotic for me undressing a woman.

I hoped sometime soon Karen would allow me to undress her.

Karen was intently watching the 2 women. There was heavy kissing playing with boobs, than sucking boobs. Than fingers moved to pussy’s and they were finger fucking each other. The one girl got on her knees and started licking the other girl’s pussy and fingering her at the same time. The one girl being sucked could hardly stay standing and had to grab the other woman’s head for leverage. Finally they both laid down and went into a 69 and sucking pussy’s and fingering each other.

Karen I could tell was turned on by what she was watching as her breathing increased and her hand fell between her legs and she was rubbing herself through her clothes. Than she remember I was there and noticed I was watching her play with herself and, oh sorry, I said go for it and than said here let me help and put my hand over hers and pressed down and helped her rub her pussy. Karen said that feels good and I said yes and kissed her for the second time.

The two women were intently licking and fingering each other and began pressing their pussy’s and I could tell a climax was on the way, The one girl suddenly grabbed the other girls ass and pulled her in and was saying oh oh began to lick furiously and had her cum, the other girl screamed and came hard, both girls continued to lick each other until they came down. I felt Karen give a little shutter and pressed her hand against her pussy and knew she had cum as well. We left the room. Karen said I really enjoyed that thanks for the help. I knew than that before the night was over I was going to have this lady.

We were all back in the common room and Bob and Sherrie decided it was time for them to leave, so we all said good-by.

I asked Karen about her first swing house experience. She said it is a wild party like you said and I have been doing wild things I have never done in my life. I’m having a great time.

Diane moved over to Karen and said are you ready to swing with me and Jim.

Karen said I am ready and looking forward to it. So I led the way to the cubicle I had just left and we all went inside. Karen turned to Diane and said is this when you and I have sex. Diane laughed and said I would love to have sex with you. Karen said like the two girls we watched and I said yes. Karen said I don’t know if I can do everything they did. Diane said you only need to do what you like nothing else. Diane went to her and kissed. Karen liked kissing and it began. Diane said I would like to undress you, Karen said ok.

Diane slowly undressed Karen. First she removed her blouse and bra and kissed each boob and licked a nipple. Karen jerked a little and he breathing increased she was turned on by what was happening. Diane removed her skirt and panties and paused with her face near Karen’s pussy. Than stood up and said your turn. Karen hesitantly unbuttoned Diane’s top and removed it and reached around her and undid her bra. What a feeling I am having doing this to you it is wild. Diane kissed her and said play with my boob’s, I am really hot for you. Karen put her hands on her boob’s and Diane said um feels good.

Karen said yes it does to me as well. The girls stood there kissing deeply and playing with each other. Diane said lets lay down and they moved to the floor face to face continuing to kiss passionately and Diane’s hand slipped down to Karen’s pussy and felt its wetness and slipped a finger inside. Diane said do the same for me and Karen soon was fingering Diane. They continued to finger fuck each other and Karen was so turned on that she started to cum and Diane pulled her close and intensified her fingering and kissing. Karen jerked and moaned and said Cum and grabbed Diane and had an intense organism. Karen laid there quietly for a while and finally said wow what an experience.

I asked Karen if she was ok and she very ok.

I asked am I allowed to join you two and they laughed, well we may not need you. Just kidding of course. I was as hard as a rock watching them so Diane went down on me and than Karen joined. I turned over and she raised up so I could get inside her. She motioned Karen to y own in front of her. Diane moved up to Karen’s mouth was kissing her as I began to fuck her. The girls were in full body contact and all my movements were felt by both as I moved in and out of Diane. Diane to m0ve down Karen’s kissing and licking ad she went. Karen knew what was coming next when Diane reached her pussy. Diane began to lick Karen’s pussy and Karen went nuts and just lost all control of her self. Diane kept licking her and I kept fucking Diane. I felt Diane cum and she increased her sucking and licking and Karen grabbed Diane’s head and said oh I am going to cum and lost it had a very loud climax. I grunted and said cum and Diane swung around and took me in her mouth and I squirted and she sucked me dry.

W e all laid there quietly for a minute and Karen said well you did promise me a wild party and we all laughed.

The party was over for us.

I haven’t said much about the other kind of action that goes on at the house. Here are just a few of them.

I was outside the house in the back yard and there were a group of women surrounding this guy. I walked over and he was fucking this young girl doggie style. She had her head down and he was pushing his 12’ cock into her. She was taking all she could handle and had that well fucked look on her face. She climaxed and he kept pumping her until she finished. He sliped out of her and the next lady in the group replaced the girl and he began to fuck her the same way, After she came the next one took her place. He did 6 women in a row until he finally came.

Another one I was walking around the house and just watching people and ther was this lady on nher knees and had 5 or 6 guys surrounding with hard on’s and she was sucking them all one and than the other and motioned me in to the circle and did me as well. Two of the guys came in her mouth.

One more

One of the hostess at the house walked into the room and got on her hands and knees and said come on guys and several lined up behind her including me and one at a time we fucked her, She must have got off 3 or 4 times before we all had her.

Last one

One of my swing partners took on 8 guys and either fucked or sucked them all off. She was on her hands and knees sucking one while another fucked her. I watched cum more the once and when it was finished she told it had been a longtime fantasy of hers. Her name was Sherry, my first swing partner.

The house was fun place.

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