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Diane loved to give blow jobs. She would tell me about giving her boss blow jobs in his office and he would give her a raise. Diane also loved to fuck. We fucked every day I was with her. I asked her if she would like to go to a swing house in SF. The Circle S Ranch. She was a little nervous about the idea but agreed it might be fun to try. I told her she didn?t have to anything if she didn?t want, but knew she would when she seen other people fucking. I was right. Diane is about 5? tall with big boobs and a great ass.

We arrived at the house and there were several couples sitting around waiting for the action to begin. They all knew what they were there to fuck other people. I told Diane that she would be able to fuck as much as she liked, as what the people do there was fuck each other. All she could say was WOW really? We found a place to sit across from another couple and said hi, the said hi back. They were Joyce and George. There were always a lot of first timers at these parties wanting to act out a fantasy. Mostly they were nervous about what they were planning, but also excited. Most of the time they had talked out what they were going to do before they ever got to the house and had made agreements. Frequently they didn?t want to fuck in front of each other at least on their first time.

Joyce and George were such a couple. Diane told them this was her first time at the house and was excited. They said it was their . first time as well and they to were excited, and a little nervous.

I said I had been there a couple of times last year and had a great time. About this time the food was served and we all went for plates. After we ate I said to George want a tour of the house and let the ladies get to know each other and he said sure and seemed relieved that he would have a chance to talk to me in private. George was over 6? and nice looking, Joyce was very pretty and had ample boobs and a very nice ass which I knew I wanted to get my hands on.

George and I moved away and as soon as we were out of ear shot, he asked what do we do, we have no idea, and Joyce is really nervous about this whole idea. I said, well is she willing to move forward with this, surely you know what goes on here and have talked about it. He said that yes they had talked and agreed and knew what went on at the house. I said to him than you are ok with her fucking another man, as that is what will happen if you stay. He said yes as long as I won?t see what was going on. I said that is a fairly common agreement couples make.

I said well how about you and Diane and me and Joyce and see what happens.

This is Diane?s first time and I think she will do you if you want. He said wow and well ok if the ladies agree and I said oh they will, because that is why they are here just like us. Oh hadn?t thought about it that way. I said they wouldn?t be here if they didn?t want to fuck a stranger right? Or is she here only for you. He said no they had both wanted to try this, I said great lets go talk to the ladies. I said I will invite Joyce to go with me and we will find out if she is willing. Ok? You do understand that I am going to fuck your wife right?

I wasn?t sure if he really understood what that meant as a lot of husbands want something strange for themselves, but have a hard time thinking their wife wants the same thing. He said ok lets talk to the ladies.

George said to Joyce let?s talk and they moved away. I told Diane that George had agreed to swap partners if she was willing and Joyce was willing. Diane said well that is why we came here right and I said only if you want to that is our agreement. Diane said she and Joyce had talked and had figured out that you guys would want trade and her only concern was what George would think of her if she actually had sex with someone else. I said ask him. Well, she said ok lets do it.

Joyce and George returned from their talk both looking more comfortable. As they approached us he looked at me and nodded an affirmative and I nodded back, so we were a go. I said to Joyce want a tour of the house and offered her my hand and she looked at George as looking for permission and he said sure go ahead and have a good time. So off went to fuck as everyone knew.

Joyce and I.

I led Joyce to a quiet place where there was some privacy. We sat on the floor and I said how are you doing and she said trying not to faint and we both laughed. I said if you faint you won?t remember what I am going do to you and we laughed again. I then said lets fuck ,ok? and she said ok.

I moved toward her and kissed her and her me and unbuttoned her blouse and took it off and than her bra and as I had thought great boobs and leaned forward and took one in my mouth and she threw her head back and said yes I love that, so for the next few minutes I paid attention to her boobs and it wasn?t long before her breathing increased and I could tell she was getting hot. I stood up and removed my shirt and slacks and then my shorts and I sprung free. I moved over to her with my cock inches away from her face and asked ok and she leaned forward and took me in her mouth. I moved in and out of her mouth in fucking motion and she was obviously familiar with sucking cock and was enjoying herself. After a few minutes I moved away and took her hand and she stood up and I finished undressing her. We stood there kissing and rubbing our bodies against each other and I said I want to fuck you turn around. She turned around and I pressed on her back and she knew what I wanted and bent over. I got on my knees behind her and put my face in her pussy and she moaned and said that feels so good. I said I so want to fuck you and she said yes and I entered her pussy and began the ride. Once she got started she didn?t hold back anything and fucked me with all she was worth and it wasn?t long before she cried out and climaxed and I came inside of her and we both collapsed on the floor panting. We laid there for a few minutes and she said wow what an experience thanks and I said no---my thanks.

We got dressed and returned to the common room to wait for George and Diane to return.

Joyce said it may be a little while as George can stay up a long time, I smiled, well Diane will enjoy that, and she had a strange look on her face for just a second, and said I bet she will. It wasn?t much longer and Diane and George returned. Both the ladies had that just fucked look and George knew that I had just fucked his wife. He asked if she was ok and she said oh yes, Jim gave me a great tour of the house, I had a great time.

Diane said George gave me a complete tour as well and it was very nice and we all laughed.

I said why don?t we exchange phone numbers and maybe get together sometime and so we did.

It was still early in the evening so we said see you later to Joyce and George.

When we were alone I asked well how did it go with George. Diane said with a smile that he was incredible and went on and on and she had climaxed twice and in the end got to do her favorite thing as she finished him off with one of her expert blow jobs.

I said do you want to leave or stay for more fun and she said stay for awhile and I knew she was hooked. I said great lets go to the group room. She said group sex and I laughed and said lets go watch.

We went into the group room that was about 40? square with little cubicles located on the outer edge that were about 3 feet up so you could get in one and look out over the entire floor and see what was happening. So we found one empty and climbed and waited for the action to begin. There was one couple sitting on the floor waiting and others along the edge looking for action, mostly guys. A woman went out to the middle of the room and it didn?t take long for the guys to understand what she was there for. One of the guys approached her and she laid down and spread her legs as an invitation and he moved into her and was fucking her. Soon another guy approached and presented himself to her and she went down on him. Then a third guy approached and she was giving him a hand job and than a fourth for another hand job. The fucking her pulled out without cumming and moved up and the guy she was sucking on moved down and soon he was fucking her. She was jerking on the guy she had just been fucking and he had his cum and came all over her boobs and at that time she camr with the guy who was fucking her. She fucked jerked off all four guys and the last guy got to cum in her mouth. Some of the other guys started to approach her and she wavied them off. She had climaxed several times and had all she wanted.

Diane watched all this happening and said wow what a scene. I said she does that every time she comes to the house. I have seen her before. Diane said I just watched my fantasy in action and I said really. Well here?s your chance and laughed. She said I just might.

I said if you want I will go down with you and help control what is happening so you don?t get in over your head. She said, I need to think about it. So we continued to watch the action as 2 couples came to the floor ready to play. The ladies started out the action and were into each other and down on each other and the guys just watched with their cocks at the ready waiting for their turn with the ladies which came soon. Diane was amazed with what the two women were doing and how much fun they were having. I said that is my fantasy. She looked at me and said really? I said oh yes.

The couples were now engaged in fucking and the ladies were on their knees with the guys humping them from behind. The girls were making all kinds of sounds and both came almost at the same time and the guys squirted in them and they all laid there breathing hard and than got up and left.

Diane was beginning to see what the house was really about.

I asked if she was ok and she said yes, but I had no idea what the evening would bring and I am so hot I just have to do something with somebody. I said me or someone else.

She said I am not ready for the floor yet so can we find another couple and I said sure there are lots of them just waiting. So we went back to the common area and sat down and I said lets just wait till someone approaches us this time.

We sat and waited and I was watching a couple talking looking in our direction and figured we wouldn?t have to wait long. She was tall and slim and had long hair down to her shoulders. He was 6? and slim as well. They walked over to us and said hi how are you doing tonight and I laughed and said do you mean who? They laughed as well. We invited them to join us and they sat down. They were Donna and David and were from Sacramento like us. I said we were just in the group watching and Donna said a wild place, a little too wild for us.

I asked are you two playing tonight and he said not yet just looking around. I asked first time here and he said no they had been here once before several months ago. How did it go and he said ok we had fun and thought we would do it again. I said this is Diane?s first visit. David had been looking at Diane?s boobs the whole time were sitting there.

I said we are looking for a couple to play with and if you decide to play let us know. They said nice talking to you maybe later and moved on. I said to Diane are you interested and she said sure. I said they will be back in a few minutes.

About 10 minutes later they returned and said we are interested in you two and I said same for us. David said we only swing in the same room as we like to watch each other. This would be a first for Diane allowing me to watch her fuck a different man.

What do you think I asked Diane and she said why not lets do it. So off we went to find a place to fuck.

We paired off and were on different sides of the room in site of each other. Donna was lovely and I loved her long hair and I said this is only your second time and she said yes.

How did it go the first time and she said honestly I didn?t do anything but watch David as we were with a single lady, but it was ok as I wasn?t ready yet any way. We do have some friends and did get together with them and I did do something with her husband in front of David and it was really strange, but turned him on but I didn?t peak out, but it was fun and different. I looked over and Diane and David were way ahead of us Diane was already doing her favorite thing and he was up and ready. I said looks like they got started and Donna looked over at Diane giving her husband head. Oh I guess we should do something and I smiled and leaned forward and whispered in her ear do you want me to fuck you and make you cum. She was startled by my bluntness and said well ok as that is what we are doing. I said good and reached out and drew her to me and played with her hair then touched her face and kissed her. She leaned into me and responded to my kiss and I unbuttoned her top and reached in and played with her boobs which were smaller than Diane? but very nice sized. She murmured that feels good. I removed her top and bra and than the rest of her clothes and than mine. I was at the ready and took her hand and placed on my cock and she began to move her hand up and down my cock and I said that feels good. She said to me as well. I looked over and Diane was on her knees and David was fucking her from behind and she looked over at me watching her and smiled.

I said Donna look at them and she looked over and was watching her husband fucking Diane and her breathing increased and I said like watching him and she said yes. I said can I fuck you now and she looked at me and said yes. I laid her down and maintaining eye contact with her slipped into her wet pussy and she took a deep breath and pulled me all the way inside her. I looked over and David was watching me fucking his wife and returned to fucking Diane. Who was so turned on she was moaning and grunting as his cock went in and ort of her. I watched her cum and it was a real turn on for me.

I turned back to Donna and was fucking her hard and she was really into me and I said cum for me and she said yes and grunted and came. I glanced up and David ad paused and was watching her cum for me and had a surprised look on his face and tha went bac to giving it Diane.

I hadn?t cum yet but heading in that direction, but wanted to fuck Donna for as long as I could hold out. She pulled me deeper and wrapped her long legs around me and her arms around me and my face was next to hers and I was going in and out of her pussy. I glanced over to Diane and she was telling David something and I knew what is was she was telling him to cum in her mouth when he was ready. He was ready and pumped into Diane and a couple more times, pulled out and I said to Donna watch and she turned her head and watched Diane suck he husband dry and she came for a second time. I said I was near cumming and she said I will do what Diane jut did but put your body between me and David to he couldn?t sse me cumming in her mouth. So I pulled out layed next to her and she went down on me and I squirted in her mouth and she swallowed it all. David couldn?t see what happened. Donna said that is the first time I have cum with anyone except David and it was really good, you are very good.

Well we all were done with the sex and moved closer to each other so we could talk David immediately kissed his wife and said I was so glad to see you cum as I had hoped you would, for you and for me, it was real exciting to watch. She looked relieved I wasn?t sure you wanted me too. I will next time we have our friends over. Diane said that was the best time and David you were great. David said the finish was beyond my expectations and we all laughed. Diane said I watched and did the same for Jim, was that alright and he looked surprised and said sure what ever you want to do is ok with me.

That ended our evening, but not our swinging as it had just begun. Diane did finally go to

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