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Another hot summer evening brought Sally, my wife, and I out to our favorite bar. It had been over a month since we had the opportunity to shoot some pool and have some fun. We let Sally’s parents take the kids to their cabin for the weekend. We would be on our own all weekend.

Sally and I were looking forward to a fun filled two and a half days together alone. I left work a couple of hours early so we could get a head start on the evening. When I got home Sally was finishing getting dressed. She still needed to put on her make up before she would be ready to go.

Sally had decided to wear one of my favorite blouses. It was off white with red printed roses and made of a silky material. Every one would see her tits bounce when she walked and her nipples would be outlined pushing against the light weight material. It had a low scoop front giving a great view of her cleavage as well as a tit shot when she bent over.

I was in the kitchen fixing a couple of drinks when Sally came in. She looked so hot. My cock started to stiffen thinking about all the looks she was going to get that night! Sally noticed the bulge growing in my pants. She asked me if I still wanted to go out, or maybe I would rather just stay home and play.

She knew better than to ask that question. I liked to show her off when she dressed sexy like she did, and Sally knew it! I would over hear guys talking about her, and it turned me on. When Sally dressed sexy we usually never had to buy drinks. The guys would line up like bees to honey for the chance to buy her a drink!

I brought Sally the drink I made and asked if she was ready. She bent forward and shook her tits at me. Then with her left hand she reached down and squeezed the bulge in my pants. She said it looked like I was ready. When we finished our drinks, we got in our truck and left.

It was 6:30 when we got to the bar. Still early, but the parking lot was almost full. I let Sally off at the front door and drove around to the back lot. I parked in a space by the rear fence. I then walked around to the front and went inside. When my eyes adjusted to the light I saw Sally sitting in a booth over by the pool tables.

There were two fellows sitting with Sally. They were sitting on the opposite side of the table watching two other guys playing pool. I needed to piss. I went over to Sally and told her I’d be right back.

When I returned, the two guys playing pool had sat down at the table next to Sally. She was against the wall with two guys on her right and two across from her. They had just bought two pitchers of beer and gave Sally a mug for her to share. I sat down next to the guys across from Sally. She introduced me to all four of the guys as her husband.

Their names were John, John, Bill, and Dave. They were in town working on a mall construction project. Their employer had put them in a motel for the week, and the bar was their first stop before going home for the weekend. John and Bill were brothers.

They appeared to be about the same age as Sally, maybe twenty-three or so. Bill and Dave looked about my age, maybe in their early or mid thirties.

Bill asked if I wanted to play some pool. I told him I’d like to, but not to expect too much, I wasn’t that good. I set the balls in the rack and we lagged for the break. I lost of course, so Bill began the game. We played the standard bar eight ball game. I had the seven solids and Bill had 4 stripes after his first turn. I walked the table looking at my options when I noticed out table was empty. Everyone had left, including Sally.

I took a shot and made the tree ball. I walked to the other end of the table and asked Bill where they went. He told me Dave had some crank and all four had gone to the parking lot. They were going to put some in the pipe, smoke it, and come back inside.

Before Bill took his next turn he told me he thought Sally was really cute. He said her top showed off her tits really good and I should be proud. He liked average size breasts like Sally’s and asked how large her nipples were. They are about the size of a quarter. I told him when she gets turned on her left nipple get elongated and all wrinkled.

I managed to win the game and Bill and I sat back down. After a few minutes the others returned. Sally wanted to know who won and was surprised to hear that I had beaten Bill. She sat down next to Bill with Dave on the outside. Both Johns sat down next to me across from Sally. The older of the two Johns wanted to know if he could challenge me to the next game.

I saw a chance to play again and took it. Since I won the prior game, I got to break. I didn’t sink any balls on the break, but at least I got to shoot first. John was really good. After my second turn, John had only three balls left to make before shooting the eight ball.

John took a drink of his beer before taking aim. He looked up at me and said Sally was a lot of fun to be around. When they went outside to smoke the crank, she had flashed her tits at him and the others. I told John she’s like that sometimes, especially when doing crank. You never can tell what she’ll do next I added.

I looked over at the booth. Sally was still between Bill and Dave but she was on her knees facing the pool table watching my game. John preceded to end the game quickly by running his balls off the table. We sat back down at the table. Dave poured e very one a beer to finish the pitchers.

Dave and John’s brother, the other John decided to play a game before they left for home. I moved over to Sally’s side of the booth and sat on the outside next to her. I reached around her shoulder and gave her a kiss while whispering in her ear. I said that John had told me about her flashing her tits for them.

She asked if I was upset. I grabbed her had and put it on my lap. I asked her if it felt like I was upset. Sally said she didn’t think I would be upset. She then opened her purse a little to show me what was inside. There on top was her black thong underwear.

I must have gotten a puzzled look on my face. Sally bent over to whisperer in my ear. She said Bill had asked if she might help him fulfill one of his fantasies. Bill always wanted to take off a married woman’s panties without her husband knowing. The husband had to be in the same room when it was done.

Sally was on her knees watching me play while Bill was had reached inside her shirt and pulled down her thong. She was so excited when he took the thong off she didn’t resist when hew started playing with her pussy.

I was so turned on I couldn’t stand it any longer. I told Sally I wanted to go home and fuck her right then. Both John’s said they needed to leave anyway and hoped they would see us again. They had a long drive ahead of them and wanted to be home before three in the morning.

Dave and Bill said they were going to get a motel room and leave in the morning. Sally wouldn’t hear of it. She said they could come to our house and spend the night if they wanted. Of course they both jumped at the chance. Sally would ride with Bill and Dave and show the way. I would meet them at the house after stopping to get more beer.

I got home first, turned on the lights and put the beer in the fridge. I heard Dave’s car pull in the drive way. I looked down from the upstairs bathroom and saw Bill had taken off her blouse.

He was sucking on one of Sally’s tits while he fondled the other. I could hardly believe what I was watching. My cock was starting to press harder and harder against my pants as I went downstairs.

When they came in the house Sally didn’t even bother to put her blouse back on. I brought everyone out a beer while Sally went upstairs to change into “something more comfortable.” She put on a tee shirt of mine that let her tits show through the arm pit openings. I thought that was hot.

She sat on the couch between Dave and Bill. Sally picked up her beer and took a drink. Right then Dave made his first move on Sally. He put his left arm over her shoulder and pulled up her shirt. His right hand went under her right tit and lifted the tee shirt up on that side. Both her tits were out free in the front as Dave began to fondle them both. Sally couldn’t do much to stop him. She had her beer in one hand and the other was resting on Bills thigh. I was seated on the coffee table in front of Sally with my legs between hers holding them open.

There was my wife with Dave feeling her up with Bill and me watching not two feet away. Sally began to fumble with Bill’s zipper. She finally pushed her beer my way and used both hands to free up his cock. It wasn’t exactly stiff, but I could tell it had been. I knew it wouldn’t take Sally long to bring it back to life. She had a special way of stroking and licking to accomplish her means.

I finally stood up, put Sally’s on the floor, and pulled the coffee table out of the way. Sally turned toward Bill and leaned down and kissed his chest. Dave had an opportunity then to pull down her shorts, which he did. Sally began moving down on Bill’s cock. Dave slipped Sally’s shorts over her feet and threw them on the floor. He unzipped his pants and rubbed his cock up and down against her pussy lips as she sucked and slurped away on Bill’s member.

I went to the end table and got my video camera. I had to have a record of this! Just as I started to tape Dave let out a grunt and thrust his cock deep inside Sally. I zoomed in to get a close up of Dave driving into her pussy. I alternated between Dave’s cock and Sally sucking as hard as she could on Bill’s.

When Sally saw I was taping the action, he reached over and pulled out my cock as well. Now she was satisfying all three of us at the same time. I’m not ashamed to say I was the first to blow my load. It was one of the most intense and exciting feelings I had in a long time. Not long after, Bill and Dave both got off. I knew Sally did. She fell exhausted breathing hard on Bill’s chest with Dave still inside her mounted doggie style.

In the morning when the guys left they said they would be back again the next weekend. We’ll see if they return or not. I know Sally hopes they return, and so do I.

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