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This all happened one weekend, while we were camping at the lake, my husband and myself decided to go camping for a long weekend. It was the fourth of July. My husband went to the campground to set things up. He really went to start partying early. I came along a few hours later. We had a 28 ft camper it was nice. My husband had every thing set up and he had some food on the grill and a drink for me when I arrived. We sat around for awhile ate and drank a couple of drinks. A man came walking by and asked if we had an extra beer that he could have. My husband said sure and gave him one. The man said his name was Joe and his wife was on her way with the booze. We sat around talking and drinking for awhile when his wife walked by. Joe called to her and told her to come over. She came over and introduced her self. I decided to go out for a boat ride. Everyone else agreed to go. So we went riding for a bout thirty minutes and my husband said he was hot and wanted to go for swim. We stopped and we all jumped in. Michelle swam up to me and said thank you for the boat ride it was really fun. She gave me a hug. Joe told her that if she really liked it she would give her a kiss. She gave me a peck on the cheek, and said thank you. So my husband said that wasn?t a kiss, that a kiss forms my grandmother. Now I don?t mind kissing a girl she is quite pretty. I maybe bi but not everyone is. Joe yelled out go for it! So she said that she wasn?t a grandma. She led me over to the boat ladder and softly kissed my lips. I took the opportunity and slid my tongue in her mouth. She was well receptive. We started massaging each others tongue. We kissed for about a minute. She looked at the guys and said how that is? Of course they both yelled and clapped there hands. I smiled and told her that was very nice. We all climbed back on the boat. My husband said he wanted to go back to the camp site, so he could drink. Michelle and I sat on the back of the boat. We headed back. Michelle said told me that her and her husband liked to play around. That was all I needed to hear. I leaned in started kissing her. She lay back on the seat and took my hand and put it on her pussy. Well I started to tease her clit under her bathing suit. The guys were watching. It made me very horny! She slid her hands under my top and was playing with tits. We were still making out. Then my husband said he would keep an eye out for anyone who gets to close and stay away from them. So Michelle slid my top off and started licking my nipples ever so gently. I was getting so hot and wet. My husband said you two better stop we are almost there. Reluctantly we did. I put my top back on and we tied the boat up. Michelle and I went to the camper we started kissing as soon as we got in the door. We made our way to the bed and took our clothes off as quick as we could. She pushed me on the bed and went down on my pussy! She was licking and sucking on my clit. She stuck her tongue so far in my pussy I started to cum. The more I came, the more she sucked on my pussy. She then slid up to my mouth with her tongue and we were kissing again. It was like eating my own pussy. I then started playing with tits and rubbing her pussy. She told me that she wanted me to eat her pussy. She was hot and wet as I was! I kissed her nice hard nipples and licked my way down to her hot shaved pussy. I love it when a pussy is shaved; nothing gets in your way. I didn?t notice that the guys were even there but they noticed us. Joe came up behind me and started rubbing his cock on my asshole. He would rub it on my wet pussy then right back to my ass. He did this over and over again. It was driving me crazy. My husband went to Michelle and put his hard cock on her mouth. She was licking and kissing the head of it. Joe finally shoved his hard cock in to my ass. Michelle then said go on Joe fuck that ass fuck it hard. He started fucking my ass like a jackhammer. It got Michelle Really hot she started to cum. I felt her body star ting to twitch and her wet pussy was grinding on my face so I buried my face into her dripping pussy as far as I could and tongued her hole. I sucked every bit of her pussy juice. I looked up just in time to see my husband shoot off on her face. She was trying hard to lick up all his cum but he was jacking off all over her. Joe was still fucking me in the ass. When they were done. Then I started to cum my pussy juice was flowing all over his balls. Then he began Cumming in my ass. I felt it filling my ass with his hot cum. We were both sharing one hot ass orgasm! When we finished we decided to go swimming. It was dark and my husband said we should go skinny dipping. We all agreed. My husband said that there were too many people around to go naked. So we went for a just a swim. We made a couple of pitchers of drinks and headed out. We were swimming and my husband said that we could go to the next cove over it was more secluded. So we took our floats and left. Joe started helping me push me to the other cove and my husband was helping Michelle. We floated to the end of the cove my husband took off Michelle?s bottoms and spread her legs and began licking her clit. Joe looked at them and said that looks fun. So he took my bottoms off and started licking mine. I heard Michelle start to squeal a little I knew she was cumming. I told Joe that I wanted to fuck. He tried to climb on the raft but that didn?t work we both fell off. We went closer to the shore. When we in shallow water Joe climbed on top of me and slid his hard cock into my pussy. He was pulling it all the way out and shoving it back in. Then he started going faster and faster. We started cumming at the same time. It was wonderful. I was lying on my float when I realized it was going flat. So me and Michelle shared one and went back to the campsite. We ended back at Joe?s and Michelle?s camper and drank a little more and went to sleep. I woke up the next morning with Michelle. The guys were making breakfast outside on the grill. Michelle told me that there was going to be another couple joining them for the rest of the weekend. She also said that they were not swingers but they knew that Joe and she were and they were cool with it. We were eating breakfast and the other couple arrived and introduced themselves as Mark and Julie. Mark was tall well built black man and Julie was also tall with a nice body. They sat down and ate breakfast with us. We talked and got to know each other. It started to get hot and we all went for a boat ride. I noticed my husband was checking out Julie while she was lay in on the bow of the boat. I told him that they weren?t swingers so get that out of your mind. He said that sucks and I told that yea it sure does. Well anyway we were riding around for a while and my husband said that he wanted to jump in the lake and cool off. So we anchored the boat and we all jumped in. we swam for a short time. And Michelle said lets go back and start drinking. We were all ready for that. So we all went back to my husband and my camper. The girls were drinking margaritas and the guys were drinking beer and shots of crown. It didn?t long for the tequila to take effect on me. Have you ever heard the song tequila makes her clothes fall off? Well that is me but to the extreme. It not only makes my clothes fall off but I get very horny! I am also a bit of a whore, I?m not ashamed of it, it doesn?t bother my husband hell he likes it. I am just a horny slut! Any way it began to rain. My husband and Joe went to the boat to cover it. Michelle and Julie ran down to Michelle?s camper to take care of anything that was outside. Mark and my self took dare of my camper and went inside. Now when we went in Mark said he was hot and took off his shirt. Again he I was checking him out. He has one hell of a nice body. I never been with a black man before but I did want to! I knew him and his wife weren?t swingers so I let it go. I took out some fruit and started to make a salad. My husband came in the door and said he needed to go to the store and get some cigarettes and gas. Joe said that he would go with him. I said that I would make some lunch while they were gone. Mark said he was going to wait for Julie if that was ok. I told him that was cool. I knew that the girls were going to be back soon. Well Michelle walked in with Julie and helped me with lunch. We all sat down and ate lunch. We made another pitcher of margaritas and Julie said that the liquor was getting to her and she needed to take a nap. I told her that she could go lie down in back of the camper. She said that she wanted to go to Julies and take a shower and change. So she started to leave and Michelle said that was a good idea she wanted to do the same thing. They had left Mark and me alone. It wasn?t long after they left I found myself flirting with mark. I accidentally sprayed myself with the whipped cream on my top. I said that I better wash this before it stains. So I took my top off right in front of him. He looked at my tits and said nice. I looked at him and said that his were nice too. He then told me that he knew that Michelle and Joe were swingers and he was trying to get Julie to swing. He said he almost had her to try it but she wasn?t quite there yet. He took a piece of mango and squeezed it on his chest and oops look what I done. I walked over to him and licked it off. He grabbed me closer and started sucking on my tits I immediately put my hands on his cock and pulled it out of his shorts. Wow that was the biggest cock I had ever seen. Then my husband and Joe pulled up so I stopped and put my top back on. I told him that we need to get your wife to go along with this. Well later on that afternoon it was still raining and we were all sitting around the table of our camper. We began drinking and talking when Michelle said lets play a game. My husband said how about spin the bottle. We all said hell yea but Julie she was reluctant Michelle said don?t be a prude it won?t hurt. We all started to talk her into it and she finally agreed to play. Joe said that there has to be some rules like no men on men shit. All the men said that is a definite rule. I said is there any more silly rules we need. Nobody said anything. Julie said play truth or dare instead. We all agreed but my husband said still no men on men shit. Again we all agreed we let Julie go first. She asked Joe truth or dare? Joe said truth. She asked Joe if he wanted to have sex with any one else in the room? He said fuck yeah I would like to have sex with all three of you girls. Joe then took his turn and the bottle landed on me. Joe said that he wanted me to french kiss Julie. I said well Julie we have to do it. Julie said that she never kissed another woman before. Everyone told her that she didn?t make any rule about it at the beginning so she had to do it. She said all right lets do it. Michelle gave her a shot of tequila and she took it and french kissed me She was a little shy at first but leaned more in to it as moved her tongue inside my mouth. She stopped and she said that wasn?t bad at all. Well it was my turn and the bottle stopped at Julie. I told her that she had to kiss Mark on the head of his dick. Michelle gave everyone a drink and Julie said what the hell. She pulled Joes huge cock out and kissed it. Michelle said dam that is one big dick. I just smiled and didn?t say a thing. Julie spun the bottle and it landed on mark. She told Mark that he had to take a shot out of Michelle?s ass. Michelle dropped her bottoms off and laid on the end of the table. I stuck a shot glass in the crack of her ass and Joe took it. Julie laughed and said this is really fun. Michelle said I been telling you swinging is a lot of fun. Julie said that the only thing that stops me from swinging is that I don?t want Mark to think its ok to sleep with anyone someone might take him away from me. I told her that she should a have a rule that they would only have sex with other couples. Joe said that you have to have a lot of trust and be secure in your marriage. My husband said that he didn?t care who my wife sleeps with, as long as she comes home. Hell she is a nympho I couldn?t keep up with her anyway/ Now Mark spun the bottle and it landed on my husband. Mark said that he had to take his cock out and rub it on Julie?s ass. Well my husband pulled his cock out and Julie lay across the table and my husband rubbed his cock on her ass. Teasing her hole, almost fucking her. I started to play with my self teasing my own clit and sticking my finger in my pussy. All of this was under the table and Julie looked down and saw what I was doing. She poured herself a shot and downed it. She asked me to let her out. So I did. She walked right up to Joe and pulled his pants down and started sucking his cock. Well that was all I needed to see. I jumped up grabbed Mark by the hand and led him to the back bed. We undressed and he lay down and I started sucking on his big dick. It was so huge there was no way that I could put it all in my mouth. It was thick and long! I took all that I could in my mouth and I still could put both of my hands on it I wanted that cock in my pussy! I stopped and he pushed my head back down on it. I told him that I wanted it in me. He told me that there was enough to do both. So I wanted him to cum as quickly as possible. I began sucking it and jacking him off really hard. It seemed like it took forever for him to cum but when he did he really did. I couldn?t swallow it fast enough. His cum was dripping out of my mouth and sliding down his huge shaft. I have had a lot of cock but this one was the best! When he had finished shooting his wad he had his cum allover my face and on his balls! I licked it all up and started sucking his balls hoping he would get hard again. It didn?t take long he was hard. I lay down on the bed and told him to fuck me. He began rubbing my pussy and my clit with his huge cock Then he slid it in part way and said I don?t want to put it in all the way in unless you can handle it you just tell me how much you want I said deeper deeper. I want more he slid it more. I looked down and saw there was more left. I grabbed his ass and pulled it hard. His huge cock was all in side me. It hurt a lot but at the same time it was good. He began pulling it out and shoving it back in. We started rocking back and fourth. I thought my pussy was going to rip. He would pull it all the way out and slam it right back in it really was hurting me. I loved it. The more he done it the better it felt. I have never been fucked like this before he was going faster and faster. I felt the camper moving. I started to cum it was fantastic orgasm! I was Cumming I started to get louder with my moaning. I couldn?t help it. When I was done Mark told me to get on my knees. I said that I liked to be fucked in the ass but his cock was just too big. He told me not to worry I won?t stick it in your ass. So I got up on my knees and he slid that beautiful cock in my hot wet pussy. He grabbed my hips and started fucking the hell out of me. He was pounding my pussy with his huge cock. It didn?t take long I was Cumming again. My pulsating pussy sent shivers through my whole body. I thought my pussy was going to explode. I came allover his cock and he just kept fucking me hard. My pussy was throbbing as it took his huge cock in and out over and over. He finally started to cum in me and that made me cum again. Cumming with him was spectacular. I felt our come oozing out of my pussy. I even felt it running down my legs. Even the bed was getting wet! When we finished we both just laid there. I could hardly breathe. We kissed for a few minutes shit his tongue was just as nice as his big cock. He could really kiss. It felt like there were two tongues in my mouth. When we got up I barley could walk. We went right into the bathroom and we took a shower I washed him and he washed me it was fun but my pussy was worn out. It was worth it. We left the shower and every one else was gone. We sat down at the table and were drinking when my husband and Michelle walked in. My husband grabbed a drink and walked back out. Michelle said well how was it? I told her if she has a chance to fuck him she better do it. I knew you were having a good time. We all heard you getting off. I told her that my pussy was sore but I would love to do it again. My husband came back in and said it quit raining were all going for a boat ride you guys want to go. We all said sure. I thought a nice relaxing ride would be great. We all jumped on the boat and went for a ride. I sat behind my husband so I could talk to him. I asked him what happened with every one. He told me that we just paired off. Michelle and he done some sucking and Joe and Julie went to Joe?s camper. He also said that it sounded like you and mark had the best time. I said it was great. We went on a long ride and done some swimming. We went back to our camper and I put new sheets on the bed. We ate dinner and talked for awhile. My husband said he was tired and went to bed. So I followed him and everyone else went to Joe and Michelle?s. The next morning Julie walked up by her self and sat down with us and had breakfast. She said that Michelle Joe and mark were having a threesome. She thought that we might be interested in having some fun. My husband said sure and I said that I was willing too. We finished eating and went inside. We all went back to the back bed and stripped down. Julie and I laid on the bed and started making out. Our tounges were sliding around in each others mouth. She paused and said that she has never been with another woman before. I smiled and told her just do to me that you would want done to you. I laid her on her back and started sucking her titsMy husband climbed between her legs and started fucking her right away. He was sliding his cock in and out. I was busy sucking on her tits. I could see her starting to cum. I reached down and started playing with her clit and then my husband started to shoot off in her pussy. It was making me horny. When my husband was done I m oved her up and I got between her legs and was sucking the cum out of her. I like the taste of cum. So I licked and sucked all I could, She said that it was her turn. I laid down on the bed and she began licking my clit. My husband slid in behind her and was teasing her asshole with his cock. As soon as he could put it in her he did. She squeeled alittle but she let him continue. He started real easy. She was still licking and sucking my pussy. Then my husband started to fuck her faster and faster. She started to Reach her orgasm. I felt her body tense up and she had to stop sucking me. My husband was really fucking her hardnow he started to shoot his wad she went back to sucking my hot pussy. When my husband finished filling her ass with his jisim he climbed off. She stayed right there till I reached my orgasm. She was pretty good at for someone that never ate pussy before. We got up and cleaned our selves up and we all went outside.a little bit later Michelle came walking up to the site. She sat down and told me that I was right about mark. He had fucked the hell out of her. I laughed and asked her if she could walk. She chuckled and barley. It wasn?t long we were all sitting and talking. My husband said that he wanted to go for another boat ride. We all jumped on the boat and took off. My husband said he knew a secluded place where we could have some privacy. It took about thirty minutes. He was right there wasn?t nothing but trees and water. We anchored the boat and my husband started taking my clothes off. He told me that he wanted his dick sucked. So he was naked and was laying on the floor. Islid down on his cockand started sucking it. Julie was sucking joes cock and michelle was sitting on Joes face. Mark came in from behind me and was teasing my pussy with his big black cock. Mark was sliding the head of his cock in and out of my pussy. I was sucking my husbands cock and licking his balls. Moving my head up and down. The next thing I know mark grabs my hips and thrusts his huge cock all the way in. it was really painful but I just kept sucking that cock. I knew that was gonna feel great. Mark was fucking the hell out of my pussy. I did not want it to end. My husband noticed that I was cumming and that made him shoot his wad down my throat. I swallowed all I love cum it made me really hot. My husband told me to keep sucking that he wanted more. It was very hard to concentrate on giving a blow job When you had a monster cock tearing up your pussy . I started sucking his cock some more Mark was still fucking me. I started to cum again. This time when I started Mark stuck his thumbs in my assand used my ass as a handle and shot his wad inside me. I came again. I finished my husband off and we all jumped in the lake. Mark told me that he wanted me to suck his cock. So we went into shallow water and I began to play with his cock. I put my mouth on his cock put as much of it as I could. I started to play with his balls. I was sucking the head of his dick and sliding my tounge all over it. When he started to cum I was ready for it. I took his cock in my mouth as deep as I could. I grabbed the bottom of his cock and was jacking him into my mouth. With my other hand I was squeezing his balls. When he shot his big hot wad into my mouth I didn?t spill a drop it was a lot of cum but I did it. We all went back to the camp site and relaxed for the rest of the time. We were all just worn out but we all loved it. We all exchanged numbers. So we could all stay in touch. We did and we have more stories for you later. My next story will be about Mark and a couple of his friends pay me a visit. I thought one big black was fun try three.

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