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We got home from ROB'S massage party completely fucked out. We both showered and went to bed naked. I held her nicely, cupping a nice titty, as we fell asleep..It was Saturday morning and her birthday party was over. She was now 57 YO and looking 45. At the breakfast table she said it was the best birthday she could remember. And then the question and answer game began.

Where did all those other people come from????? Well, I told her it was an afterthought of Rob's and how we called them and set it up. How we had them hide until we had you and Laurie on the way to orgasm paradise. Where were they hiding????????????.....I told her I had no idea but they seemed to know when to reveal their presence.........Then she asked if the two hunks were part of the plot??????.....No, they lucked out and presented themselves at the right time, and at the right place. You mean you had no idea these two were going to be an important part of this plot.....That's right, and they were perfect gentlemen from the word go.....Yes, they were she said......I have their names and numbers and would really like to enjoy their company without the crowd around.

Do you have any idea how we could bring this about, I asked. Well, we could ask them for a little get together at the "Rendezvous" so we could know each other a little bit better, she replies.... Say, that's a good idea. When do you suggest we do this. Well, it would have to be convenient for us as well as for them....Maybe they have rigid schedules and this past Friday night was just sort of a lucky chance meeting. There's only one way to find out. Call them and see what they're up to.

Okay, I say. Today is Saturday and maybe we can get a reply to a phone call. She gets out her little notebook and says this is their names, and numbers. One was Charles and other Bob. She has no idea which was which as she got the info....I said you call one, I'll call the other. Okay, she says. She dials Charles' number and gets an answer machine. She leaves a message saying we met you last night, call back. She leaves our number......I call Bob and he picks up almost immediately. I tell him who I am and that Mary and I would like get reaquainted with him and his buddy Charles. Gee, he says. He's on his way over here now and we're going golfing together. He comments that last night was one night out of a dream. He hardly remembers anybody at all but that everybody there was was almost out of a fictitous story. He didn't think he'd ever hear from us again. I told him we'd like to meet once more at the "Rendezvous" , have a few cool one's and hear about each other's lives and backgrounds.

That's just fine by me he says. He says he got our number when he gave his to Mary. I'll tell Charles and we'll go from there...Later that evening we're watching TV and relaxing and the phone rings. It's Bob and he says he talked to Charles and both of them would like to meet. He says they're having a hard time remembering what we look like....All he remembers about Mary is her ultra fine body and her reaction to what was going on.....He said they work together for the same company and have no rigid schedules or time consuming hours. He suggested next Friday night at the "Rendezvous" about 6:00 PM. Mary was on the extension with her hand over the mouthpiece and nods "yes"....I say okay and our date was on.....

I get to thinking and thinking about Friday evening and decide to let this be Mary's extended birthday party. I would merely watch, play CD's with music, and just be a very cordial host and friendly observer. Have a wonderful time honey, I think to myself.

Friday rolls around and it is a scorching hot day. Mary wears a pair of tight fitting red shorts, pink loose fit blouse with no bra, and a pair of pumps with about 2" heels. I wear a pair of Bermuda shorts, a Navy Tee Shirt and sneakers. What the hell, we're not going to a high school prom..........We get to the "Rendezvous" about ten til six, sit at the bar and have a marguirita. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you, I got a very small vial of the potion Rob used to get everybody high last week. Two or three drops per drink will last all night....Presently our gentlemen friends come in and they're standing next to us before we know what happened. They looked like strangers at first. We had the waitress fix us a table and we moved..

Sitting at the table they both couldn't take their eyes off Mary, her loose blouse, and her obviously braless titties.....Charles asked if we have this kind of party like last week very often. No....Last weeks party was one in a million and would be hard to duplicate. Some of the ladies there asked us where we found you two. Pure accident we told them. But if we have another party we'll try to have y'all there. We were now on about our third drink and the combo started playing. I had gone up to them, gave them a tip, and asked them to play a long medley of soft romantic music.

Other couples started dancing and Bob asked Mary to dance. It wasn't long and he was rubbing and touching all the right buttons. After about five minutes Charles got up and broke in on their dance. He just took up right where Bob had left off. I caught him feeling her titties more than once. and they were grinding their hips together openly and unashamedly. While watching them Bob comments on what a hot wife I had. I asked him if he was married and he said yes, have two kids, and a very prudish wife. He's tried to get her interested in being more open and she says NO NO NO. Charles is divorced. After a bit the band stops for a break and we're all sitting at the table.

I suggest we go to our place for fresh drinks and we leave. Charles rides with me and Mary rides with Bob so he doesn't get lost. I open our electric garage door and pull in. Bob pulls in the drive, I let the two of them come in thru the open door and then push the close button. Mary's blouse is almost open in front and she has a flushed look on her face. Guess what they've been up to.

We go to the dining table and I go to mix a blender of Marguiritas. I drop about six drops of the lovers potion in and bring it to the table. I had previously put glasses in the freezer and dip them in a saucer of salt. We're sitting there sipping our drinks.......We were already feeling the effects of what we drank at the "Rendezvous". I had made the Marguiritas extra strong plus the potion, so it didn't take long and our guests were beginning to take a few liberties with Mary. The music from the stereo prompted Charles to ask if he could dance with Mary. I nodded yes and said go for it. They were dancing and he slowly had her blouse completely undone and was slipping it off her shoulders. Bob took his shirt off and got up and danced behind her holding her loverly titties. She reached behind her and got hold of his beautiful, hard as steel, cock. It wasn't long and her shorts were falling to the floor.

I suggested we take this to the bedroom and they followed me in there. Mary slipped off her heels and laid on the bed stark naked....These hunks got one on one side and the other on the other side, I stripped down to my boxers, took a chair and decided to watch. It didn't take long and she was moaning, sobbing, grunting, and saying yes, yes, yes. She had waited all week for this and she was more than ready. She was lying on her right side kissing, rubbing, and fondling Charles when Bob who was on her left, took his steel hard cock and started sliding it around in her more than lubricated crotch.

Suddenly the doorbell rings. We all hear it and I say I'll answer it. Stay as you are. I guess Bob just left his dick rest in her slippery crotch. I slip ;my Bermudas back on with the Tee shirt and go to the door. I turn the porch lite on and damned if it isn't Max and Selma. I open the door and they are looking bewildered at me. Do you have company he asks as he sees the car in the driveway. I really don't know what to say, so I say COME ON IN. By now Bob who is feeling the effects of the potion is again sliding his huge cock along Mary's crotch and she is letting out little whinpers. Max and Selma look at me as I get a "shit eating grin" on my face. They realize something is goin' on. So I say wait a minute. I go into the bedroom and ask if the three of them objected to a little company. What kind of company says Mary. Swinging company I say and they just go about what they were doing. I bring Max and Selma into the bedroom and Selma says I know who these guys are, one of them screwed my eyeballs loose.. About now Bob manages to get his dick into Mary's pussy.

I give our new guests a chair so's they can watch the live porno. I stand behind Selma and undo her top and play with her wonderful, nipple erect, titties. Max is down to his boxers and is stroking his getting hard cock. About this time Bob pulls Mary over on top of him and you can see his cock buried in her pussy..Charles gets on his knees and looks down at this. He hovers over Mary and Bob and places his ten inches against her pussy. Unbelieveably, and I do mean unbelievable, he gets the head of his cock in there next to and on top of Bob's cock. He tells Bob to just push up and lay still. He then proceeds to inch more and more of his cock in there. She now has two cocks in her pussy and is crying out loud ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod. She's really not sure what is happening but it must feel awfully good as she is as loud as she's ever been. Selma is now playing with Max's cock and says she never in her life thought she'd see something like this.

A sight like this is hard to describe. And the sounds coming from Mary are like from an animal being slaughtered. She finally screams oh shit, I'm COMING, I'M COMING, I'M COMING and she becomes a wrenching, twisting, contorting, female who it would seem is going bezerk. The look on her face is that from the unknown. She's looking at me as thought I'm not there. Charles doesn't stop fucking and she just keeps up her screaming, moaning, harumphing, harumphing, gasping, twisting,, and she is having the orgasm of all orgasms. Finally Charles lets out an animalistic groan and shoves his dick in hard and he is having his orgasm. All of this twisting and so forth makes his dick slip out and with it what has to be a cup full of cum. Bob who has just laid there thru this is now starting to fuck her and she's again saying YES, YES, YES,. DON'T STOP, FUCK ME HARD HONEY. She suddenly has another orgasm as does he and they come together. Now he's going OH SHIT, OH SHIT, OH SHIT and he adds to her pussy full of come.

About now Max has Selma on her chest on the bed and is fucking holy hell out of his wife. The screaming and moaning has yet to stop. I walk round the side of the bed and look at my wife who has her eyes half open, her mouth half open, and she's mumbling little nothings that you can't understand. Charles is kneeling there looking at her and says, "Is she all right"..Yeah I say, she's just coming back from orgasm heaven.

Bob comes out from under her and is now caressing her thigh, titties, and kissing the back of her neck. She now looks up at me and Charles and says "man, that was something else".. You're gonna have to tell me what happened, cause it was phenomenal. About now Selma is in the throes of a giant orgasm and letting us all know what's on the way for her. I come around to their side of the bed and scratch her back, kiss her on the back of her neck, and run my hand down the crack of her ass. Max is banging away and I realize my middle finger is at her asshole. I rub it around there and push it in to the second nuckle and you would think I pulled the pin on a grenade. She goes absolutely bananas and is screaming out every four letter word she knows for about twenty seconds. I don't believe her heart could have taken it if it lasted any longer. Mary sits up, looks at Max and Selma, and says what are they doing here.

This was another evening that produced the unplanned.. Slowly we all came to our normal senses, took our sweet time, we all took a shower and ended up at the table putting away much needed liquids. Charles and Bob kissed Selma and said goodbye to Max as they left. Now, none of us will ever forget Charles and Bob. At the table we explained to Mary how she was DP'd in her pussy. She looked at us as if we were BS'ing her. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would see two nice manly cocks fucking my wife, and her taking it for all she was worth. Oh boy, what's next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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