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Life has been pretty good to me. I?m close to sixty now and the children are all gone and have kids of their own and my wife and I have discovered the joys of being grand-parents. We?ve always taken good care of ourselves, but the years take a toll, even though we?re great believers in exercise and plastic surgery. As for sex we?ve always had what I considered a fulfilling sex life though there has been a steady decline in frequency over the years.

My wife is a decade younger than I am though people who meet us often don?t think there is any difference in age. Her hair is now dyed a dark brown, but she looks at home hosting parties and is active with several charities as a leader. A few months ago, we visited a longevity clinic and they adjusted all of our hormone levels. They prescribed healthy doses of every vitamin in the book and gave me a prescription for testosterone, so I started shooting myself up with the stuff once a week. My wife had her own regimen.

We?ve always been very shy about discussing sex ? usually we just turn to each other for our once a week romp, most often on a Friday night. I?ve pretty much turned over my manufacturing business to my youngest son ut it?s funny the way date night has remained a tradition.

I get together with some buddies for golf and poker twice a week. I have a small group of male friends and our wives all get along together. The great thing is that when we get together it?s like ten or twelve friends spending time. My friend Mel is about the same age as me and we shared a cart last week. He was in a glum mood. Finally, after dragging his sour face over the front nine, I asked what the hell was eating him up.

?It?s Gloria. I found out she?s been up to no good and I just don?t know what I?m going to do about it.?

Of course, I pressed for details. He seemed reluctant to talk about it but two holes later he said. ?She took up art classes.?

?Sounds fun.?

?That?s what I thought. But then I found out more about this art group. They called themselves the ?Teapot Ladies.? They were learning art allright. They?d meet over at each others houses once a week and Gloria would always come home just as happy as a clam. Last week they had the session over at our house.?

We?d had Mel and Gloria over to our house countless times and we?d been on vacations with the group twice. Gloria was one of those compact balls of energy. She was a little younger than my Maddie and played a lot of tennis. Mel continued.

?You remember about five years ago when our kids went off and left us with their youngest for two months. On that peace corps mission? Well you know we had a couple of different baby sitters helping out and I got Jeff to put in that video surveillance system??

I did remember.

?I never took it out. Now I wasn?t intending to spy. I just happened to be re-winding the tape. Anyway I caught her.?

I looked at him, waiting for details. He was agitated, but we were at the next hole, so it was a few minutes before he resumed. ?There were five women who turned up at the house and they set up in the back room, the one that looks over the pool?? I nodded. ?Anyway, one of them takes off all her clothes and lays down and the others start drawing. Now I haven?t got sound, The first one lays there for about fifteen minutes while they all do sketches and then the next one takes a turn. Now I?m getting pretty excited and feeling like a pervert, because these aren?t just classical poses. They?ve got their legs spread and their butts in the air. Gloria is the last one and she isn?t laying there for more than ten minutes when a guy walks in. He shucks off his clothes and he goes and lays beside her. All these women are getting up, with new sketch pads and they?re drawing like crazy. This is a pretty young guy, maybe thirty. In good shape.?

He looked at me and I could see his eyes water.

?Mel it doesn?t sound that bad.?

?Well it wasn?t until one of the women came over and started playing with his cock. She made it good and hard and then she slipped his cock into Gloria and he started fucking her. In front of her friends. They all came over and soon they were all eating each other and taking turns fucking him.?

I said, ?Wow. That?s an amazing story Mel. What are you going to do about it.?

?Bill, I don?t know. You remember a couple of years ago when I was banging that secretary of mine and Gloria found out??

?Yeah, I do.?

?I thought I was really rat-fucked on that one. She could have destroyed me and my company over that. But she forgave me and I swore to myself that if she ever did anything I?d forgive her too. The damned thing was that I got really turned on watching, yet I felt sick too. I jerked off three times watching that tape. Am I a sick bastard??

We were driving to the club house. ?Hell Mel, I?ve got a woodie just hearing about it. They were all licking pussy? ?

?All five of them. You know what else? I went through her sketch pads. She had sketches of five other hard cocks. All different. Done from up close. What am I going to do??

I was completely floored. ?What are you going to do??

He looked at me and a little grin appeared at the corner of his mouth. ?Take up sketching??

I thought about Mel?s dilemma all the way home. Since I started taking the testosterone I found that I?d been thinking about sex a lot more, but in some strange way it hadn?t translated into being more sexual with Maddie. It was as if I our relationship in a little box, all neatly defined. Sex on Friday night. Now that I thought about it, it was pretty predictable sex too. We?d both get naked and lay near each other and then I?d start petting her breasts. After a while I?d move down her body, tracing her curves with my fingers. I?d never go straight for it, but would always take my time touching her skin. Then I?d touch her outer lips and stroke her and then I?d shift my face and spend about twenty minutes licking her. She always came from my tongue and then I?d fuck her. The fucking didn?t last as long as it should, but she wasn?t really multi-orgasmic and she always seemed content with her one orgasm. I usually lasted about ten minutes. Usually I came inside her, but sometimes I?d pull out just to see it hit her tits. She has great tits. Over the years she?d gone from 115 to 135 and I think that at least ten pounds had gone into her tits. They were full and heavy, pretty close to a D and she loved having her nipples sucked. Sometimes she?d interrupt my routine by blowing me, but I preferred to fuck her pussy than her mouth.

What if she was bored? We?d been together for twenty years, so I guessed we?d fucked maybe two thousand times, give or take a thousand. Pleasure was pleasure, but at the same time, sex was no longer fro pro-creation, now it was all about recreation. I wasn?t about to go and start another family. In fact both of us got so much pleasure out of watching our kids start families that I couldn?t imagine wanting to start over.

That afternoon I started talking to Maddie. I didn?t want to say anything about Mel?s troubles. The conversation didn?t really go very far, probably because she was in a hurry. When I asked where she was going, luckily she was looking at the ground when she answered, ?The Teapot Ladies. You know my art group. We?re having an organizational meeting. We?re talking about an artist?s retreat in Cancun this summer.?

The moment she left I phoned Mel. ?I?m coming over to your place.?

He handed me a large scotch when I walked through the door ?Maddie left to go to a meeting.? I looked up at him ?The Teapot Ladies. I want to see the tape.?

He said. ?No you don?t.?

I didn?t say a word, just continued to stare at him until he said, ?OK. Just don?t hate me.?

Mel had two cameras on the room as well as two big thirty inch monitors that he used for editing graphics. The tape was everything he said it was. Everyone of the women ate Maddie?s pussy and I think they all made her cum. The stud took her doggie and she was the last one he fucked. When he came he pulled out and sprayed her back and the other women licked it off.

I looked over at Mel. He had his hand on his cock. ?Sorry every time I look at it I get hard as a rock.?

My own cock was tenting my pants. ?Play it again, from where the stud comes in.?

He rewound the tape and I watched. I looked over at Mel. He was rubbing his cock through his trousers. I stood up and pulled mine out. Mel threw me some Kleenex and unzipped his pants. He paused the tape. ?That?s what I figure. Might as well get some pleasure from it. That?s a pretty good size tool you?ve got there.? He was looking at my cock. It was bigger than the stud; thicker and longer. I started stroking and was aware Mel was doing the same. His cock was even longer than mine, thinner though and it turned up at the end. We both stroked it until the end of the tape and came at the same time that the stud was coating Maddie?s back with jizz.

I sat down and we both started laughing. I said, ?I haven?t jerked off in front of another guy since college dorm.? We cleaned up and put ourselves away.

?Roger?s wife is a hottie. Did you see the size of her clit?? Mel asked?

In fact all of the women were wives of our friends. Mel and I had watched them all get fucked. I had a thought. ?Am I the first of our friend?s you?ve showed this too??

?Roger and Jack have already seen it.?

?And no-one has confronted the wives??


?Let?s get everyone over here.?

?Including Phil? I haven?t told Phil.?

Phil was a problem. He was the most excitable of all of us and when he drank became jealous of everyone who even talked to his wife Paula. ?Maybe not Phil.?

It was only ten minutes before the other two guys arrived. Mel built us fresh drinks and we sat around Mel?s office. The monitors were off, but they were like the silent guest.

Roger lifted his glass, ?Well here?s to a bunch of guys who have watched each other?s wives getting fucked.?

We drank. Jack said, ?Suggestions??

I said, ?We could pretend it never happened. I mean what?s it cost us??

Roger said, ?It just doesn?t seem right. I mean all of us had some strange. Remember Bobby?s bachelor party??

I?d almost forgotten about it. We?d arranged a couple of strippers for a bachelor party and they?d blown everyone. I said, ?I guess they?re no different than we are.?

Mel said, ?Yeah but we?ve never blown each other.? We looked at each other and I laughed, ?And we aren?t about to start. Somehow it?s different for women.?

Jack said, ?I guess we could start hiring a stripper for our poker nights.?

We all though about that and had another drink. I said, ?You know what bothers me.? They all looked at me. ?It?s as though we?re all dishonest about sex. I mean we all have good marriages, and I assume we all fuck our wives?? Four heads nodded. ?I liked getting strange when I was young, but in the last five years or so I really didn?t want to risk my marriage.? Again there were nodding heads. ?It seems to me that one of the good only good things about getting older is the feeling that I can finally do things my way. You know. I mean none of us has to worry about financial stability. I guess I?d rather watch any of you guys fuck my wife than have it done behind my back.?

I saw four hands adjust their underwear. Roger was the first to speak, ?You mean we should like, do a group thing??

Mel said, ?I?d be for that. I?d love to fuck your wives.?

We all laughed and I could see their minds working. Jack said, ?Wow. Think of the vacations we could have. I keep on thinking about watching Maddie sucking that guy?s cock. She looked as if she was deprived.?

I laughed, ?To tell you the truth, I don?t really enjoy it. Makes me cum too quick, and once I?ve cum I?d just as soon read a book.?

Roger said, ?She could suck my cock for half an hour. I never cum from just getting it sucked.?

Jack said, ?I?d love to suck Julie?s clit, Roger. It looks like a feast.?

Roger said, ?It?s amazing isn?t it. She used to be self-conscious about it, but I love it.?

Mel said, ?So did all the girls.?

We were all hard. Mel said, ?You should see Bill?s cock. Actually your wives should see Bill?s cock.?

Roger and Jack looked curious, so I pulled it out and they did theirs. Each was different. Mel got up and started the tape again. This time we all commented on the wives? pussy licking techniques and on their reaction to getting fucked, and we all came into handfuls of Kleenex. When we calmed down Mel said, ?OK what?s the plan??

I said, ?This Wednesday is poker at my house. I?m going to spend the next four days talking with Maddie. Somehow I?m going to introduce the idea of swinging, or at least the idea of which of our friends she?d consider fucking. Any ideas on how I should introduce it??

?Do you talk during sex??

?Not much.?

?Do you use toys or watch dirty movies??

?It?s been years. Maybe I could say I stopped off at the dirty book store.?

Roger said, ?You could say you were over at our house and saw a DVD laying on my desk and borrowed it. I know just the video. This girl gets it on with two guys.?

I took the video home, but on the way I also stopped at a dirty book store and bought a couple of small vibrators. That evening I went to bed early. Maddie home a little later than I had, and I was in the bath. She jumped in after I got out and I noticed she gave a very thorough scrubbing to her pussy. I was laying on the bed naked when she came in and I said, ?I was over at Mel?s today.?

She looked at me, ?Really, what for??

?I was looking a the financials for a small company he?s thinking of buying. So while I was leaving I noticed a DVD on his desk. It was a dirty movie. Turns out he has quite a collection. He says they?ve come a long way in the last decade and he insisted I borrow it. Want to watch it with me??

?Sure, that?ll be fun. Do you know how long its been since we?ve seen a dirty movie??

She was hot pink and steaming. When she lay back I put my hand over her mound. It felt a little swollen. I turned the video on. Actually it was pretty good. It had a plot, and the actress Jenna Jamieson, had a body that was pretty close to the way Maddie looked. There was a great scene where she was getting fucked by the two guys and I moved my hand down to Maddie?s slit. She was wet and I started talking to her about the sex, asking what she thought it would feel like to have two men at once. At one point they were both in her pussy at the same time, a feat that I though was impossible and I said, ?Do you think two cocks would fit in your pussy??

She lifted her legs and I could feel the wetness leaking onto her thigh. I put in three fingers and twisted my hand, moving my thumb over her clit. She moaned, ?Do you think they?d fit ?? I repeated.

?Yes? she moaned.

?Would you like to have two cocks in you??

I moved my face down to her clit and teased it with my mouth, then taking each lip in and pulling it gently with my teeth.

?If one of them were yours.? She said.

?What if one of them were up your ass?? I put my finger deep inside and curled it up touching her spot, continuing with my mouth. She started cumming. I pulled my mouth off and started talking to her about watching her fuck others and how I?d like to see her pussy being reemed. Amazingly she started cumming again, and I continued with my fingers. I lifted up and pulled her hips in the air and held my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I?d like to watch another cock do this.? I drove in deep and her back arched to the ceiling, her nipples rock hard. She started cumming again and I pistoned into her. I was so pre-occupied with her sexuality that I didn?t even get close to orgasm for fifteen minutes and then I filled her pussy with what felt like a bucket of cum. I wondered whether there was someone else?s in there in front of me and for some reason that just made me drive in harder.

Afterwards she lay on my chest and said, ?God that was good. You?ve never talked dirty to me like that before. We?ll have to buy more movies.?

?Or find someone to fuck you with me.?

She pushed up on one elbow and brushed some blonde hair out of her face, ?You?d do that for me??

I?d never thought of it that way, and I said, ?Sure I would.? I paused. ?Where to find someone? Who of our friends would you fuck??

She lay back down, ?Oh I don?t think that would be a good idea.?

?You?re probably right. But the truth is they?d probably all kill for a chance to fuck you.?

She went back up on one elbow, ?You really think so??

?Locker room talk. They all think you?re hot.?

I left it at that, though next day I did go back to the video store. The weedy guy who ran it must have thought I was a pervert. He came over and asked what kind of a video I was looking for. I figured he was the expert so I asked for multiple men on women video?s. He muttered that it must be a new fashion.

We had sex again the next night to a different video and I talked dirty to her again, this time getting explicit about some of our ?locker? room talk. I told her, the last night, that I was hosting the poker game this Wednesday and that I?d like her to bring in the beer and come in and out through out the evening. I told her that I would get a kick out of making the guys hot and bothered so I asked that she dress sexy. Of course I told her this when my fingers were up her pussy and she came almost immediately.

Poker night. The guys arrived at eight and we started playing. The only one who hadn?t watched the tape was Phil, because none of us were willing to break the news to him. Maddie didn?t make an appearance and I was disappointed, but after we?d played for an hour I heard her in the kitchen. When she came out it was worth the wait. She had a tray of beer and was wearing a pair of terry shorts that were high and tight. She had on a jogging top and it was clear that she?d been working on one of the exercise machines. Her nipples could barely be seen through the top and I couldn?t see any panty lines.

Roger said, ?Maddie you look good enough to eat.? We all laughed and she turned a little pink. She came around behind me and pressed her tits into my neck. She seemed to be at a loss for words.

I said, ?We?ve just about cleaned Roger out. He was about to start betting his clothes. It?s a good thing you came when you did. A half hour more and you might have had a show.?

Mel said, ?Well if we?re going to start playing for clothes, I?d give up my seat to Maddie.?

Maddie seemed to recover her wit, ?Bad odds Mel. Two hands and I?d be in the altogether. I?m going to watch some TV and get ready for bed. I?ll come say goodnight.?

She left the room and the guys all started commenting on how hot she was. I was sure that she hadn?t left the kitchen, so I made some hand gestures for them to keep it up. Jack said, ?I think I could see her pussy lips through those shorts. God I?m hard just thinking of them. Wouldn?t it be a wonderful world if she came in for a little high card strip??

Phil looked at me and said, ?I liked looking at her as much as the next guys, but I can?t understand why you?re not jealous.?

Mel said, ?Phil. It?s not as if any of us are going to do something behind Bill?s back. At our age sex is all about recreation. I wouldn?t be jealous if it were Gloria. I think Paula is sexy Phil, but I?m perfectly happy with my wife. I think all of us are. So if there was going to be some fooling around I?d rather it was with this group.?

Phil looked dumbfounded and Roger said, ?Phil you can?t tell me that you wouldn?t like to get a little strange??

Phil looked down and said, ?I haven?t had sex with anyone else for twenty-five years. But to be honest of course it?d be fun.?

Roger continued, ?Don?t you think that Paula feels the same way? Look we?re all in the same boat. I mean, I don?t feel old, but I can sure see age around the corner. I guess I feel this is our last time to cut loose. I guess I suspect my wife feels the same way.?

There were a lot of nodding heads around the table. I could see that Phil was unconvinced.

Forty five minutes later Maddie was back with another tray of Dos Equis, shot glasses and a bottle of Patron. She?d changed to a short silk dressing gown with an even shorter teddy beneath. Her nipples were tenting the silk. The guys cheered. Roger got up and put on a Marvin Gaye CD.

We drank the beer and I pushed out my chair a little so she could sit on my knee. She moved back and I knew she?d feel my cock hard against her butt. I said, ?I?m having the worst luck darling. Why don?t you play a hand??

She looked at me and said, ?What are you playing??

Roger said, ?There?s only one game that would do that outfit justice. Or that body. High card strip. We all get one card. The high card loses an item of clothing. If there?s a tie then those who tie get one more card, but each person who ties loses one item.?

?Sounds like a dangerous game. I?ve only got two things on. Well four if you count my shoes and my belt.?

Mel said, ?Shoes and belt definitely count.? He was licking his lips.

Maddie poured a shot of tequila in the six glasses, ?One shot for each hand.?

We all downed the liquor. Maddie lost the first three hands, but her hands hadn?t been idle. By the second hand she?d worked my cock out of my trousers, hidden by the green table cloth. It was apparent that she wasn?t wearing panties under the teddy, because by the third she?d moved her hips so I was deep inside her. Phil lost three hands in a row. Despite his earlier protests, it was apparent that he was enjoying himself. When he lost his trousers there was a wet spot on his underwear and the head of his cock was peaking out the top. It was probably the fattest cock I?d ever seen and there were a few comments, all complimentary and Maddie squirmed back hard on me. A flush had started at the back of her neck and her nipples had gotten long and hard.

When s lost the robe she stood up and it was obvious where my cock had been. She was wearing a shortie teddie that barely covered her pubic mound. It was lace at the top and plunged down the valley between her tits. When she sat back down she adjusted and we all heard the sigh as I filled her pussy. Phil was sitting next to us and I saw her hand reach down to smear a drop of pre-cum around the hole in his cock. The next four rounds were lost by the others and in one spectacular loss Roger and Mel ended up naked, their hard cocks standing straight. I could see Maddie licking her lips. By now we?d all had six shots of tequila. The next round cost Maddie her teddy. She stayed seated on my cock while I lifted it over her head. Roger and Mel were standing, stroking their cocks. Maddie leaned forward, her hands griping the table edge, looking at them. Jack stood up and shucked out of his remaining clothes. It was too much for me and I felt myself emptying into her pussy.

She sighed and said, ?Look fellows. He?s gone and cum before I did.? She stood, a little dribble of cum on her leg. She walked over to Phil and said, ?That?s not fair is it?? She dropped to her knees, shucked his underwear down and stretched her lips around his cock. I looked at Roger and Mel. Their mouths were open.

Phil sat down and lay on the carpet and Maddie followed his cock down, her butt in the air. Roger looked at me and I winked. This was all the invitation he needed and he went down on his knees. She widened her legs and we could see her pussy, pink and wet. A little of my cum was on her lips. Roger postioned himself and drove into, her puss holding her hips. She pulled Phil?s cock out of her mouth long enough to go, ?Unnnh,? before replacing him. Mel sank down to his knees and I could see his hands fondling her tits, while Jack knelt on the the other side and reached down to play with her clit. Roger didn?t take long, but Maddie?s first orgasm beat him to it. She obviously started clenching her pussy and we saw Roger?s butt contract and I knew he was filling her. A few seconds and he pulled out. Mel took his place and we heard Phil shout. Maddie?s mouth was working, swallowing.

After he?d finished Phil backed away and rolled to his side. Jack moved from her clit and lay down in front of her. She sucked him for a minute, then pulled away and looked over her shoulder. ?Mel, sweetie, I wasn?t something different.? He stopped fucking and she moved up over Jack and settled on his cock and then leaned forward so that her tits crushed on his chest. ?Now Mel, get back in there.?

Phil and Roger came to stand beside me, ?Can she get them both in.?

Maddie looked up. ?I?ve had two kids. What do you think??

We laughed and moved to watch Mel?s cock stretch the back of her pussy. She looked up at me. ?After they?re done with me you and Phil can get in there and one of you can fuck my ass.? They all began moving and I think that Maddie was in a continuous orgasm. Her eyes were glazed and every once in a while she?d shake. It was maybe ten minutes before we heard Jack and Mel grunting and she said, ?Fill me up. God I love your big cocks filling me up.?

Phil was hard again, as we all were. She rolled off Jack and Mel and said, ?Phil, come over here and fuck me with that monster. My mouth is still stretched. But first you have to lick it.? She lay on her back and we could see the puddle of jizz leaking from her pussy. Phil wasted no time lowering his mouth to her. Who were we to refuse her anything? She started talking to Phil about how much she?d like Paula to eat her pussy. After she came Phil moved up and we could see her eyes go wide when he slid into her pussy. ?Oh yeah. I want all the wives here watching this and then I want to lick all their pussies and I want to watch them get fucked this good. If you guys have got any left I?d like a final load on my tits?

We all obliged, though the quantity was a little shy of our first loads, but she rubbed it into her chest and then asked us each to suck a nipple. By the end we were all fucked out. We counted and each of us had three orgasms, which meant she had fucked or sucked us to fifteen orgasms. It was just midnight when we closed the door on our guests.

We left the game room as it was and had a shower. The tequila had finished us both and we slept the sleep of the satisfied. We didn?t wake up until ten.

Maddie turned to me and said, ?Was I a terrible slut??

?No you were a wonderful slut. Those guys will remember that to their dying day.?

She closed her hand around me and said, ?Looks as if you?re pretty excited remembering it? My pussy is a little sore, so do you mind?? She slipped down and I think I had the most relaxed blowjob of my life. For the first time I didn?t feel bad or guilty. She took her time, nibbling and stroking me until I finally let a load go down the back of her throat.

?Mmm. That was nice. Whose house are you playing poker at next??

A couple of days later we all met for golf. Phil was the first to speak. ?That was a life changing experience. It was probably the most erotic evening of my life. Maddie was amazing.?

Everyone chimed in and I felt as if I?d just won a prize. Phil said, ?Listen guys I?d like to change our schedule. I want to have the game at my house this week.?

We looked at him. He said, ?What happened made a lot of sense, I mean in the sense of the way I want to live my life. But I want you guys to help. I mean I don?t think that Paula will be interested, but if you guys are willing to play along, I?d love to watch her do a ,Maddie.?


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