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my name is john married to mary for the last 5 years,its the second time round for both of us.

mary is a good looking 35 year old,blonde,slightly overweight,but heads definately turn when she walks in the room.

we have a great sex life and pretty much talk to each other about anything,we have fun together and laugh together,both have a gsoh.

we both work but enjoy our social lives,we visit our local on fri/sat nights and we both play darts one other night of the week,the local having a mans and womens team.

we have a circle of friends at our local,one particular couple,james and doris,are a little older than us but are good fun,james is also a member at the same golf club.we have been to various parties and tend to travel together.they are a good laugh and there are plenty of sexual inuendoes flying around when the coversation gets round to sex as it invariably does when friends have had a few beers.

james has even in fun,mentioned swapping,doris just laughs, mary dosnt.

as i said mary and i enjoy our sex life,we occasionly watch porn to spice things up a bit,marys no prude.

im a real stockings and suspenders man and mary always wears them for me when we go out.

one night midweek we shared a bottle of wine and i put a porn dvd on,we snuggled up on the sofa lying in the spoon position,myself lying behind mary.

the first film was about 2 couples swapping partners,quite good too,girls in stockings guys with big dicks, i had marys blouse open playing with her lovely tits and my other hand playing with her clit,which she loves, she had her hand behind her playing with my we watched i noticed mary seemed much wetter than usual and i wondered if it was the guys big cocks or the fact that they had swapped partners that had seemingly turned her on,i slipped my cock into her bypassing her panties,she moaned a little and pushed back on my cock.

i dont know why but with her seeming to be really turned on,that and all the wine,i said "i wonder if it would be like this film if we swapped with james and doris?"

"what made you say that,is that what you want to do? she said."maybe,if you wanted to too"i said she didnt say anything but i could hear her mind clicking over,she had her eyes closed and was starting to grind her pussy on my cock and began moaning louder.

her eyes were still closed and her breathing was getting heavier,she was really turned on,and it wasnt the film now.i wondered if she was imagining james cock in her,this had a strange effect on me,im sure my cock got bigger and harder and i had butterflies in the pit of my stomach,but i liked the idea of her wondering about some other guys cock.

she moaned more now as she played with her own clit, "fuck me babe,fuck me harder" she said, "my pleasure"says i. "god,oh god im cumming,im cumming" she cried and she actually screamed as she came, something she had never done before.

her pussy threw out buckets of come as i emptied myself in her with a gush of spunk, after an age her breathing calmed down she said"that was lovely" i said "was that my cock or james cock you were fucking?""why,were you fucking doris?"she said.

"the thought might have crossed my mind" i said,although it hadnt,it was just the thought of mary being turned on by someone eles cock.

we finished the wine and watched the rest of the film and went to bed,we didnt speak but fucked again,mary wrapped her legs round my waist as she came again,not quite so loudly,but with a few moans and groans, james cock again?

i wondered.

we all met up again on friday night and i wondered what mary was thinking when later in the evening the talk got round to sex,james mentioned something about cocks,i looked at mary and she was slightly blushing and had a nervous smile and laugh.

anyway sometimes james takes his car on a friday if hes not drinking too much,we have told him not to risk it but to no avail,anyway he insisted on dropping us off on the way,and they came in for a nightcap as they didnt have far to go,we had a couple of glasses of wine whilest james had a coffee.

when they said they had better be off to let the dog out at home,mary said "why dont you say goodnight properly" as she pushed me and doris together,she then turned to james and kissed him full on the lips and didnt pull away.

i looked open mouthed for a moment then it all seemed to fall into place,i pulled doris to me and our lips met in a long sexy kiss,i opened my eyes to see mary and james still locked together,then she opened her eyes and smiled at me,she turned round and lowered the dimmer switch right down although you could still see everything, mary then pushed james gently back into a chair and sat on his knee,she leant back and their lips met again, marys skirt raised showing me her stocking tops and panties,i swear i could see a damp patch at her crutch.

my cock jumped at the sight,i led doris by the hand to the sofa and we sat down,doris was between me and mary and james i had a great view,our lips met as i slid my hand up her skirt to her pussy,no stocking tops,a little dissapointed she wore tights but what the heck! doris looked over her shoulder to the view in the chair then turned and kissed me again as she quickly unzipped me and had my cock out quite expertly,i now had her blouse open , her bra pulled down which raised her ample tits upward for my mouth.

i glanced over to see james hand leave marys tits and go to the top of those stocking tops at her wet pussy, mary crossed her legs over james hand. then mary jumped up and ran out of the room followed a few seconds later by james, i figured they would be up in our bed or the spare room shortly fucking like mad,i wondered if mary would scream when she came with james cock pounding her pussy for real this time,i smiled to myself.those butterflies churning in my stomach, it wasnt jealousy but excitment i was feeling,a strange mixture of emotions.

i gripped the crutch of doris and pulled the soaked tights,they tore leaving entry to her juicy mound,i placed my fingers into her,even rimmed her anus,she was loving it.

she was pulling on my cock like there was no tomorrow,so much so it was hurting,i stood up and loosened my belt she undid the clasp and my trousers fell to the floor followed by my underware,her moist lips closed round the swollen head of my dick,god this is great,i continued to finger her pussy and arse together.

"john" there was a tap at the door?"john, i cant find mary" "what?-----"what, isnt she upstairs with you?"

"i cant find her" fucking hell whats going on i thought as i pulled my trousers up,as as reached the hall james was there fully dressed."whats going on "? i said.i then noticed the back door ajar,i went out the back and there was mary in tears.

"whats the matter?"i asked. "i didnt want to swap,i just wanted to see how far you would go and if you could really let someone eles fuck me " she said bursting into tears again.

james was coming out of the door,so turned and pushed him back in and said "sorry guys i dont know whats going on but marys upset,youd better go,ill call you tomorrow" doris had dressed and they both left without a word.shit i thought another friendship down the drain.

mary came in but wouldnt talk about it,still crying,"i thought its what you wanted" i said.

she went up and locked herself in the spare room,i tried to coax her out,but no good,just more tears,so i went off to bed and eventually dropped off.

next morning i woke,mary was already up"theres tea in the pot" she said matter of factly,"im going over to meet pat this morning as arranged" she said,and went to get ready. i thought "im not bringing up the subject" as far as i was concerned it was her fault anyway.nothing more was said and a little later the door closed behind her.pat was her best friend and they shopped most sat mornings.

nothing much happened or was said most of the next week,then on friday james phoned to see if anything had come to light i said "no,not yet,mary has already said shes not going out tonight so ill maybe see you tomorrow,i dont know".

later that evening i was sitting watching tv,just in tracksuit and trainers,mary came in after having a bath, "fancy a bottle of wine ?"she said, "suppose so " i replied,she sat on the sofa with me,first time this week,things are looking up i thought.we had a few glasses,then she said "do you fancy putting that porno disc on?"

i said "what! your havin a laugh arnt you?after what happened" she said "look,im sorry,i was all mixed up in my head,i didnt know what i was thinking.but ive been thinking about nothing eles all week,after seeing pat on sat,she thought i was as much to blame as anyone,she even thought going through with the swap might not be a bad thing,john seeing you being fucked by another man might change his mind,she said" "so youve discussed our marriage with pat now?" "i had to talk to someone"she said "so now you want to go through with it?

"maybe,as long as you still love me afterwards"mary was almost in tears again.

"of course ill still love you,nothing can come between us,i love you.this is just sex,not love"i replied.

"swapping could just add spice to a relationship and the fact that james has an erection every time he sees you tells the story.

"so why dont you put that dvd on and ill see if i can imagine james cock in me,if thats what you want".she said.

"thats what i thought you were thinking of last time" i said "well,it wasnt" she smiled.

so we drank more wine and cuddled and kissed,before i put a dvd on.she always responded better when slightly sloshed.

we snuggled up in our usual spoon position, this dvd showed 2 couples in a restaurant drinking wine after a meal they seemed to be the last people there,so it was supposed to be late at night.there was a blonde and a red head plus 2 guys.

there seemed to be just one wine waiter behind a bar.

the guys were talking to each other,the ladies looked a little peeved and went to the powder room,when the girls came back they didnt sit opposite their partners but swapped places,they pulled their chairs back a little from the table giving the guys a good view of their legs,stocking tops of course and blimey,crutchless panties.

"that would suit you down to the ground" said mary."your right" i said.

i opened marys dressing gown,she was bollock naked apart from stockings and suspenders,she knew my cock ruled my brain before she came downstairs,she giggled. my cock began to stir.she had this evening planned out i thought.

"which one are you " i said nodding towards the screen."the blonde of course" she said.

no sooner had she said this when the camera zoomed in on the blondes pussy,and her fingers started stroking her clit.

"why dont you do that" i said. she complied without saying a word.i watched her from over her shoulder while i played with her nipple and watched her play the enlarged clit between her fingers.

the guy from the table stood up and came to the blonde,the other couple were already busy,she sucking his cock.

the blonde took the other guys cock out and started to munch,the guy then went behind the blonde and freed her tits.the blonde then noticed that the barman had a perfect view too,she started to close her legs but stopped and smiled at the barman amd opened her legs even more,lifting her knees.the view was breathtaking.

"i thought you were the blonde,your not showing the barman the same" i said.

mary put both feet on the floor,leaned back into me and opened her legs wide,then lifted her knees,just as the blonde on screen.

mary began breathing heavier now as she played her clit,"we will have to pause a min,i need to pee" "oh,"she said"hurry" i ran upstairs and relieved myself and went to our bedroom,to her bedside locker,she kept one or two play toys in there one in perticular was too big for her,i bought her one christmas,but she hadnt used it, i put it under my tracksuit top and went downstairs,she hadnt moved,good girl.i got behind her again and pressed the play button.

i noticed mary was rather wet down there,good i thought,i slipped the dildo under the cushon.

back on the screen the guy behind the blonde went round the front where the blonde still had her knees raised, he pushed his cock straight in her and hammered away,the blonde kept looking at the barman,smileing.

the camera went to the other couple who were shagging on the table,then switched back to the barman, who released his cock from his trousers,it was an absolute monster.

"good god"moaned mary "look at the size of that cock"and she gasped.

"would you like to try that one"i said she waited a few moments,then said "yes""yes please".

the man shot his load into the blonde whos gaze never left the barman,the guy went to the blondes side and put his cock in her mouth to clean up.the blonde put her fingers into her pussy then into her mouth and licked the cum, "hhum" i said.mary lifted her fingers from her pussy to her lips and licked them clean. i slipped out of my tracksuit without her knowing,she was too engrossed.

the blonde curled her finger to the barman beckoning him towards her,the guy at her side smiled approvingly.

the barman moved toward her with his monster cock in his hand. "jesus" said mary "do you think james has got a cock like that, i hope so,you must have seen him in the showers at the golf club, is he big" she asked still staring at the screen.

i thought great shes still thinking about james fucking her even while engrossed in this film.

"well ive never seen him with an erection i said,"but he seems preety much the same as me i suppose" "oh"she said slightly dissapointedly."well thanks very much" i said.

"no sorry babe ,i didnt mean,well" "i know ,i know,youd like to try the big stuff,right"i said, "well,you started this"she laughed.

back on the screen the barman knelt between the blondes knees and started to lick her pussy,the other girl came over and started to suck the barmans cock.

"god,id love to suck that cock" said mary."mine not good enough now"i said.

"sorry hun,i forgot you were there " she laughed and tilted her head to kiss me.

mary was wet through now,"lay back against me and let me put my hugh cock in you"i said "you wish "she said.but my cock slipped in her and she moaned,which did my ego a lot of good.

on screen the camera focused on the girl sucking the barmans cock,mary seemed to breath a little heavier,her tits raising and falling with quicker thrusts."god when we go to bed im going to have to suck your cock babe"mary said.

"ill look forward to it"i said.this time knowing she would be thinking about the barmans cock.

the barman stood up and lifted the blonde to her feet,they kissed while the blonde played with the barmans cock.

the barman sat in the chair and pulled the blonde backward to sit on his knee.his cock poised at the blondes entrance,the other girl licked the blondes pussy and barmans cock in turns.

mary started to moan and buck like a rodeo horse,my cock began to pound her pussy,but her eyes never left the screen.

the redhead started to lick the blondes pussy in ernest now,i said "would you like someone to suck your clit whilst i fucked your pussy?"

after a slight pause she said "no,id like YOU to suck my clit whilst that monster cock fucks my pussy" "fucking hell,i dont think i can last anymore"i said "im going to come" "oh me too" she said "fuck me babe,fuck me hard,fuck me harder,babe suck my clit while he fucks me,suck me while he fucks me" mary came in great gushes,as did i and she screamed again,and so did i,fuck fuck fuck.

i looked over her shoulder again she was spent i thought,but she still didnt take her eyes off the screen.

on screen the barman pushed his huge cock into the entrance of her pussy,mary was still breathing heavy as she watched his cock slowly enter her pussy ,one tird,one half"oh "mary groaned"please" she said.

i wasnt sure what she was after but i could guess as she stared at the monster cock disapear up the blondes cunt, i slipped the dildo from under the cushon and placed it at the entrance to her pussy,i swear she didnt notice but lifted her knees as she had done done before,she now had her stockined feet on the sofa,which seemed to spread her pussy open, and she helped me little by little push the big dildo in her pussy,just as the barmans cock disapeared up the blondes pussy, the dildo disapeared fully up her cunt,no lube needed here,her cunt was gushing,just as the guys cock started fucking at greater strokes i turned the cap at the end of the dildo and the batteries kicked in.god mary went absolutley wild thrashing like a fish out of water.marys eyes were now closed, "lift your knees again so the barman can get all his cock inside you "i said . she did so at once and i turned the vibrator up to full power,she came in absolute torrents,it was minuets before her breathing calmed.

we wemt to bed after another wine or two,she lay accross my waist and sucked me like she promised,i had access to her pussy and used the large dildo which she now took quite willingly,it took a while but she came in gushes again,im sure the barmans monster cock was foremost in her mind,she even took my spunk in her mouth which she didnt often do,we curled up in each others arms,quite exhausted."still want me to arrange things for tomorrow night?"i asked.

"maybe ill do some arranging" she said" "phone james before lunch and tell doris to meet me at the shopping centre for lunch" "ok,your the boss"i said.

mary left to meet doris about 11.i changed and went to meet james at the golf club,we had arranged to play 9 can imagine the topic of conversation going round the course.james was in a state,"you sure mary will go through with it this time"?

"i think so" i said,"the way she spoke last night."

i told james about last nights events,including mary asking how james was hung.

"fucking hell"he said,"no wonder my golfs all to fuck,its hard to swing a club with a rageing hard on" we both laughed.

but when we showered afterwards he still had a big semi on,he was in the cubicle opposite me and as he soaped himself he pulled his cock a few times and his errection sprang up to full alert,"fucking hell i dont thik ill last long tonight, im nearly cuming just thinking about it" "turn the cold water on"i said.

"good idea." he laughed.

whilest we were changing mary called my mobile "ive booked us a table at the new thai/chinese place just out of town"she said, "doris and i had a light lunch there,its quite cosy, small but cosy"she said.

"oh,ok,thatll be a nice change." i said.

"the tables booked for 10.30,its a little late i know,but its the earliest time available,but they have a wine bar so we can relax in there first" "ok,your the boss". "i know," she replied.

the taxi with james and doris picked us up at 9 pm."your sure about tonight " i had already asked her,she had already had half a bottle of wine to calm her nerves,"as long as you know im doing this to please you,but yes,i wont back out now" she said, she wouldnt let me watch her get dressed earlier,but i knew she would have her stockings on for me,i just hoped james had remembered to get doris to do the same,as i had asked.

we arrived at the wine bar and sat on stools at the bar so i didnt get the chance to view doris legs,although she did have on a short black skirt,we removed the ladies coats and put them on the backs of the chairs.the girls wore high heels which emphasised the lovely shape of their legs,i noticed the girls had on the same blouses with a lace type neckerchief which spread out over their breasts,but the blouses were see through at the front,and they were both obviously braless.i hoped the neckerchiefs might slip to one side.they got a few admireing glances i noticed.the girls sat in the middle,i sat next to doris,james to mary.

we exchanged pleasent conversation but the atmosphere was electric,once mary half turned towards me and i caught a glimpse of stocking top,james is in for a treat i thought.

the waitress called us through to our table,and we were shown right to the end of a narrow room,there were only three tables in the room all down one wall,there was a staircase halfway down to another larger room upstairs.

"we thought it would be more intermit at this table" mary said.

the waiter held the chairs for the ladies to sit,facing the end wall,we guys sat accross so we could see what was going on in the room."well,this is nice"said james.

the wine arrived straight away,mary must have ordered that at lunch.we studied the menu while mary drank the wine.

before our meal came we were on our third bottle,i hoped mary didnt have too much,thats all i needed was for mary to throw up back at our place,i thought,james would be pleased,not.

the meal was really nice,and as we were having coffee after, the girls went to freshen up,we were the only ones left in the room.

when they came back,the girls swapped their positions at the table,i should have twigged,but didnt.they pulled their chairs out slightly from the table and sat so we could see their legs,they crossed and uncrossed them and both james and i had a clear view of their stocking tops,"oh,lovely" i said.james adjusted his crutch,mary smiled.

"the dvd" i said."what a little minx you are"i smiled at mary."but i dont see a wine waiter"i said."no,and you wont"laughed mary.

"whats this?" asked james,"i will no doubt show you later"i said.

the girls now loosened the tie on their neckerchiefs,the lace fell either side of their breasts,the blouses were see through all right,4 lovely breasts sprang into view,with very erect nipples.

2 very erect cocks sprang up too i had no doubt.we could both see up both girls dresses at the same time,you could cut the air with a knife,again the atmosphere was electric.

the girls smiled at each other,then squirmed back in their chairs causing their skirts to raise up,god i nearly fell off my chair.

both girls had on crutchless knickers (that dvd had really inplanted itself in marys mind)i thought.

"your shopping trip was matching tie and handkerchiefs" i said,"money well spent".

the girls opened their legs at the same time to reveal glistening pussies,almost like a well practiced move,the only differance was doris had a completly shaved pussy,while mary had a lovely blonde snatch.

the conversation was about the meal,the wine,any subject,but the girls kept crossing and uncrossing their legs,my erection nearly tickled my chin.

the waiters approached to see if we had finished,"yes thanks"said james.

doris tied the tie to her scarf and pulled her skirt down,but mary never moved,she just stared at me and smiled.

her pussy,breasts and nipples on clear display.

the waiters started to collect the plates and cutlery,one glanced at mary and then spoke cantonese to the other,the other looked over at mary and nearly dropped the plates,but mary never took her gaze from my face,or took the smile off her face.

i wondered for a moment if mary even realised they were there,but she must i thought.

when the waiters finally left toward the kitchen they were both sweating profoundly, they spoke to the manager who came accross behind james and myself and asked if everything was to our satisfaction,as he gazed at mary.

doris said "yes up to now." she too now crossed her legs again with her skirt pulled up.

"the bill please" said james.the manager hurried off wipeing the sweat from his brow.

to check whether mary was still with us and not in a daze,i motioned my hand for her to widen her legs more, she responded immediately and her legs parted further.

the manager came back with the bill and stood between james and myself,doris had seen everything and opened her legs wider too, i pretended to study the bill to give the manager time to take in the view,he looked very hot under the collar.

"thats fine,the meal was lovely, our compliments to the chef"i said.

the manager bowed several times as we rose and went towards the exit,the girls had their coats on but marys was still open showing her breasts off nicely,the waiters and chefs came out of the kitchen bowing and smiling as we left,mary somewhat unsteadily on her feet,one waiter grabbed her to stop her falling,his hand found her breast as she stedied herself.

"sorry,thank you" mary said.

we were all in fits as we climbed in the taxi.

james sat in the back seat with the girls either side in the quite spacious taxi,i climbed in the front seat.

i half turned to look over my shoulder,marys coat was still open and she sat at a slight angle and put her head on james shoulder "too much wine i fear" said mary,"i think i need more coffee once home" her eyes closed as she snuggled up to james.

because of the slight angle she was at,her right leg was slightly raised,her skirt raised,another lovely view i thought.

so did the driver,he moved his rear view mirror several times till he got the right angle,then checked the mirror every five seconds. i pretended not to notice,asi i glanced back again james smiled a silly grin,like the cat with all the cream.

i smiled at him and as i did he moved one hand onto doris thigh and the other onto the inside of marys thigh, mary sat up a little and opened her eyes as if startled,then when she realised she put her head back on james shoulder closed her eyes and relaxed.doris played with the hair at the back of my head,both of james hands inched upwards enhancing the veiw.

the driver shifted in his seat unconfotably,every time a car passed the opposite way or we passed a streetlight,the back of the cab lit up like a christmas tree,with all the trimmings as far as he was concerned,and there were lots of streetlights on the twenty min drive home.

i watched as james hand moved up towards marys crutch,once there mary groaned a little,moved her bottom out toward the end of the seat a little and opened her legs slightly to allow james accsess to her now soaking pussy.

i could see james fingers curl as he played with marys open cunt through the open gusset of her panties,again mary groaned, a little louder this time.

the driver adjusted his crutch,im sure mary was totaly unaware the driver had the full view of her wet snatch,but he was the sixth man at least tonight who had viewed her charms.

it was obvious james had fingers right in her now and mary closed her thighs to trap james hand,she gripped his arm and shuddered as she moaned louder,she shook for a few moments,she had cum all over james hand.doris had eyes closed too, no doubt his other fingers were wet and sticky too.

after a moment mary opened her eyes and kissed james,sat up and adjusted her dress."where are we?" she asked.

"almost there" i said, "almost there" i smiled.

as i paid the young driver he had a full beam accross his face,"heres my card " he said."any time you meed a cab,call me, special rates "he said.he drove off extremely happy,and i dont think it was because of the small tip i gave him.

once inside mary said"coffees all round" james went to help her.doris and i went into the living room, "i need fucking" she whispered,our lips met,"anything for a lady "i said as i slipped my hand up to her soaking pussy, "god,get things going as soon as you can.has mary any idea about the supprise" she asked.

"no,not a clue,i just hope she goes for it"i said. "i think she will from what ive seen so far tonight,and the way she was talking while shopping this afternoon" "i take it you bought the blouses and knickers at the same place?"i asked.

"yes,mary paid for them,she said you would appreciate them" .

"she was right"i said.

mary and james came in with the coffee,her blouse had a few more buttons open,i think james had been busy as mary made coffee, i sat in a chair,doris opposite me,which left the sofa for mary and james.doris made sure i had a good view of her legs during the coffee break.i poured us all a wine after as mary was feeling a little better,"half a glass for me" mary said.

"which half?" i asked."the top half" she said,we all laughed.

mary said"put the dvd on,doris wants to see the wine waiter" i complied and we all watched the plot unfold."i see" said james as the girls on screen showed their crutchless knickers.

the girls giggled.

"im sure youd be more comfy on johns knee" said mary.

"im sure i would" she replied and came and sat on my lap.i had been enjoying watching her pussy for the last five mins but we needed to get things going.

the neckerchief came off doris tits were at my disposal,my fingers soon at her soaked pussy.

we both played with each other but both watched what was happening on the sofa.

"sorry about the other night james,i hope i can make it up to you"mary said.

"you already have"said james as he opened the blouse and covered one breast with a hand.mary kissed him.

"now where were we before you were so rudely interupted the other night"mary asked?

"well,you were sitting on my knee"replied james.

mary didnt sit on his lap but she placed her legs over james lap.

"and yor skirt had raised up"he said.

"really,how far"?

james pulled marys dress up to reveal stockings and panties."about there"he said.

"i was not sitting like that was i,no" james looked accross for confirmation,both doris and i nodded in union.

"god,i had no idea"said mary.

mary said"look doris this is the part" and everyone looked at the screen.

mary jumped up and ran to the door,my heart froze for a moment,but she just turned the dimmer switch down and the lights lowered.mary retuned to james,removed her blouse and sat topless in the same position she had been in before.

my cock was aching,doris had freed it now and it was having a good look at doris cunt.

"look at that"said mary as the barman released his cock.

"oh,lovely"replied doris.

mary opened james trousers then asked him to stand up,she peeled his pants down to his ankles till his cock sprang forward, it did look bigger than when i saw him in the shower,although i wasnt really supprised.

his cock almost hit mary on the nose, "mmm",she said as she licked the head then placed her lips round the entire lengh of his cock.

james stiffened his whole body as well as his cock."oh,jesus"he said.

doris had me stand and remove all my clothes,she removed everything apart from the stockings and suspenders,im happy to say.

james was now sitting on the sofa with mary straddled accross his waist sucking his cock,james had his hand between marys legs, she still had on her skirt,which was more like a belt now,and her crutchless pants and stockings.

doris said "i cant wait any longer,i want to be fucked" i sat in the chair with my cock up under my chin,doris stood on the chair towering above me and lowered herself on my cock, what a lovely feeling and sound as her cunt squashed onto my rod of iron.

doris started moving very slowly up and down,"god thats lovely,ive wanted to do this for ages"she said.

"so have i" i replied.she groaned and her movements gradually quickened.

"pause the dvd for a moment honey"said mary "i want doris to see this bit,and she looks a little distracted at the moment".

fucking hell i thought as i grabbed the remote,just as doris and i had got a great rhythm going.

it didnt put off doris though.her cunt was on fire and her lips hungrily sought mine as her mouth opened and our tounges played and explored.she began moaning and her face contorted,"im cuming" she said,"fuck me hard john,fuck me hard" i felt my balls tighten and could feel the spunk in my balls raise to the challange,i was afraid i was going to cum to quick and spoil things,but as my first squirt left my cock and hit the walls of her fanny,she let out a cry and i could feel her juices flowing over my cock as my cock spurted my spunk into her waiting pussy.

she collapsed onto my chest,panting out of breath."oh god,that was fantastic,the best orgasm ive had tonight"she said.

everybody laughed out loud,including mary and james,who had watched us from where doris had started to moan.

"we didnt know whether to applaud or cheer"said mary,"until we heard that quirp from doris,imagine having a sense of humor at a time like that" and we all continued laughing.

as doris dismounted from my member and sat on my lap laying back against me in loves embrace as our breathing calmed, mary swung her leg over james lap and sat facing him and he sucked her enlarged nipples.

"i think im ready to be fucked now too thank you kindly sir"she said.

james reached round her and placed his rigid cock at the entrance of her cunt.her nickers were on the floor, i didnt see them come off i thought,but then i had been busy for the last few minuets.

we watched james cock disapear up marys cunt,james still feeding on her nipples,doris hand came to my cock which supprisingly still showed signs of life.

mary said something to james i didnt catch,but mary stood up and turned around,placed both legs either side of james legs and lowered herself onto james cock.

as she was now facing us and the screen,she said"hit the play button honey" i did,we watched as the waiter on screen moved forward with his monster cock in his hand.

mary said"what about that doris,ever had one like that,sorry james no offence intended" "none taken "said james as he lifted mary slightly by the buttocks and drove his cock into her at a quickening tempo.

doris replied"yes i have actually,and very nice it was too" "you lucky girl"said mary.

"luck has a way of spreading itself around"said doris.

"wouldnt that be nice"replied mary.

doris gave me a wide knowing grin,and we kissed.

while mary and james fuck let me fill you readers in on our secret.

theres a guy at the golf club called kevin,he is known at the golf club as donkey,and its not because hes got big ears, james and doris have already swapped with kevin and his wife lorraine,kevin has a cock preety much like the guy on screen, so at the golf club when james saw kevin,he suggested we use kevin as marys wine waiter that i had told him about.

"what a great idea"i we suggested it to kevin and he was only too willing to help.

of course there was no sure way that mary would go for it,but it was worth a try,we put our heads together to come up with a plan,kevin had to clear it with lorraine later but said it was ok with her as long as she was involved in future episodes, we devised our plan,doris included when james briefed her later.

back to the present,mary was on james cock,her breasts bouncing,a great sight,doris was sucking my cock back to life.

mary was watching the screen just as the waiter started to suck the blondes cunt.

mary got up and got on all fours,james knelt behind her and entered her pussy from the rear doggy style.

"sorry doris ,but this is where i have to borrow john for a while" "what?"i asked puzzled.

"didnt you promise to suck my clit while another cock fucked me?" mary said.

"so i did"i smiled.

mary grabbed a cushon and put it on the floor between her legs."lay your head on this lover,i dont want you to get a crank in your neck" i moved over and lay on my back, head on the cushon between marys legs and watched james cock entering her pussy lips the lips were going in and out with each thrust and withdrawal of james cock,his balls hung down,i didnt want them hitting me in the face.i thumbed marys clit,she began moaning,i felt doris close her lips round my growing shaft.

i had never been in this position before seeing up close a mans cock in a cunt let alone that of my wife.

i felt doris climb on my now rigid shaft,she started to ride me for all she was worth.both girls were nearing orgasm if their breathing and moaning was anything to go by.

what i didnt know until james told me later,was that while doris sat on my cock facing mary as james fucked the arse off her, the girls had played with each others tits,god i wish id have seen that.

anyway all parties seemed to help each other by moans and groans and warnings of imminent cummings,to explode into each other at the same time,couldnt have finished any better.i saw james balls tighten as mary actually spurt her juices in my mouth, i had never seen her squirt before,james then exploded in marys cunt,spunk running down the insides of her thighs.

i erupted into doris cunt as she screamed to her orgasm.we all collapsed on the floor and lay there for several minuets.

eventually we all came round and got dressed.

we agreed it was fun and that we should do it again sometime.mary said "i hope that made up for things" "not half"said james.

after a coffee,it was now 2.30 am. james went out to phone a taxi on his mobile,mary told him to use our phone but he wouldnt, mary thought that strange,but of course nobody eles did.

james came in "no taxis available" he said."oh no" said doris."why dont you try kevin,hes still usually still on his computer this time of night" "ok" said james and went out again to get a signal.

"kevins a neighbour of ours" doris told mary.

james came back"he will be here in 15 minuets"he said.

"time for another wine" i said.and poured large ones.the plan was in motion.

"kevin should be here in a mo"i said as i topped doris and james glasses up,mary was at the loo.

as she came back down a car pulled up outside,james went to the door.i noticed mary hade replaced her neckerchief a moment later james came in with kevin and introduced him to mary,"hi kevin"doris said and kissed his cheek.

"sorry to have to call you out but there are no taxis available"doris quirped.

which of course was a load of bunkum,taxis were always available.

mary noticed doris hadnt replaced her necktie and her breasts were clearly visible,she tried to gesture the fact to doris but doris waved it away.

"yes i know,james did mention it"said kevin, "of course"doris said feeling a little foolish.

"well everybodys still got a drink"i said.i told kevin to sit down,doris sat on the arm of my chair,leaving the chair opposite for kevin."can you manage a glass of wine kev" i said.

"yes please,i havnt had anything tonight and theres not far to drive".

i poured kevin a large wine and topped everyone up,especially mary.

kevin said "what was the evening like" "great" said james."yes the meal was fantastic"said mary.

"the floor show was quite good too"i said,doris and james laughed."floor show?" kevin inquired.

we all smiled at mary,but nobody spoke.

"what did you do with the rest of the evening?"kevin asked.

again we all smiled.i was aware mary had noticed doris was sitting facing kevin legs apart,kevin must have a good view of doris and mary had a slight frown on her face.

"actually we have been watching porn,amongst other things" doris said smiling.

"oh,"said kev,"how interesting i love porn" "why dont you put that dvd back on for kevin while we finish our drinks?"said doris."ok,why not"i replied.

i glanced at mary as i reached for the remote,she had a real frown on of those whats going on frowns.

the film got going "nice"said kevin and adjusted his crutch,doris sat wide legged and her hand went down to my penis.

james reached for marys breasts,she pushed his hand away and scowled at him,she even stood up and sat on the arm of the sofa, she then saw doris busy with my cock,she was just about to protest when i gave kevin the nod.

"look john,i dont want to interupt you guys,but do you mind???" kevin said and pointed to his now evident bulge.

"not at all,carry on"i said.

before mary could say anything kevin freed his cock from his trousers,and indeed it was a monster.

i watched mary from the corner of my eye,and her jaw dropped,she stared at kevins cock blank faced,shocked i think.

kevin wanked his cock slowly as he watched the screen and glanced at doris snatch,he then glanced at mary and smiled.

mary remained blank faced.james moved toward mary and eased her gently onto the sofa,her eyes never left kevs cock.

she was half sitting on the sofa half on james knee,james untied the necktie on marys blouse,im not sure if she even noticed, but she didnt rebuff james anyway,doris slid accross and took kevins cock in her mouth,well the bulb head anyway,she sucked him for a moment or too,then held his cock in two hands showing it in all its splendor to mary.doris then slid back over to me.

james had freed marys breasts and was kneeding her huge nipple,kevin looked over and mouthed the word "lovely" kevin kicked off his trousers and shoes and stood there with this mighty erection,he stared at mary and smiled.

james pulled marys dress up slowly,again she just stared at kevins cock.

doris was busy taking my pants down and began sucking on my cock whilst watching the events on the sofa out of the corner of her eye.

james tried to get mary to put her stockined feet up on the sofa to allow kevin the best of views, "hes your waiter for the evening mary" he said,"open up and show him whats on offer" "you bastards set this up didnt you"said was a statement not a question she glanced at me."well,when i asked you if you wanted a monster cock,you said yes please"i said.

mary looked back at kevs cock and licked her lips,a slight grin appeared on her face,the first expresson since kev pulled his cock out.james pulled mary accross a little till she was sitting fully on his knee,mary had one foot either side of james hips, james reached round to marys tits again and his cock slipped into her cunt.

she groaned and her fingers went to her clit and her legs opened wide.

doris was out of what clothes she had on and sat back on my cock so she could see everything that went on.

she moved slowly up and down on my cock which felt every bit as big as kevins.

those knots were in my stomach again mixed with the butterflies,but those of you that have swopped same room with your wife getting fucked by someone eles will know exactly what i mean.

james said "its time to bekon your waiter babe" he was playing his part a bit to close to the script,it sounded a bit corny now,but not when we planned it.

mary was rising on james cock,sweating and slightly flushed,she licked her lips again.

james took her right hand in his,took her first finger and curled it toward kevin.

kevin took the first step toward mary and a deep throated groan came from her lips.

when kevin reached mary, james had lifted her buttocks and was driving his cock deep into her,her tits bouncing invitingly, kevin reached for her breasts and kissed her full lips at the same time,she groaned louder.then kev stood to one side and offered his cock to marys mouth,she looked at it for a moment as james continued to batter her pussy,then took the head into her mouth.kevin held his cock pointing at mary so she could get as much in as possible.

after a minute kevin knelt at marys knees and began to lick her clit,mary went berzerk and orgasmed at once.

doris smiled at me"time to put the next part of the dvd into action" she crossed over on hands and knees and took kevins cock in her mouth,i followed her and slid my cock into her doggy style.

she took turns with kevin in licking marys gushing fanny,she then took james cock out of mary and began sucking that too.

james slid from under mary which left her all to kevin.

doris gave one last long lick from marys arse all the way along her snatch to her clit,gave that an extra suck and moved away.

kevin kissed mary again and she groaned some more,she was in a sweat and panting.

doris turned and lay me on my back and mounted me,i still had a great view of mary and kevin,james was licking doris from behind as i was fucking her.

kevin half stood so his cock was near marys pussy,we were so close that doris could reach accross and suck kevin and lick mary, mary had her feet on the sofa with her legs as wide as they would go and she was watching down as doris sucked and licked them alternatly,doris then grabbed kevin at the base of his cock and put the tip to marys soaked enterance.

kevin pushed a little and the head of his cock disapeared into marys cunt,she groaned as i knew she would, kevin had his arms either side of mary and she grabbed both arms to pull him in.

kevin pushed a little more and about one third of his cock disapeared,she groaned louder and her face contorted and she bit her lip, but she put her arms and legs around kevins waist and pulled him in even more,her nails raked over kevins buttocks leaving red weald marks.

kevin slowly started to withdraw his cock and then push it just a bit more in than last time,mary was completley lost,loving it.

on the next thrust kevin went all the way in,his balls hitting marys arse.mary groaned "aaaaarrgh jesus" kevin began to fuck her with long slow thrusts,he knew he had to give her everything,we wanted mary totaly satisfied,the moans and groans that came from mary and some other noises that i had never heared before.

james was behind doris as she rode my cock and he half stood and leant over doris back,doris stopped moving for a moment as james obviously entered her anus,i was a little shocked really,i had never done anal myself,it wasnt something i fancied, but i could feel james cock through the thin membrane as he started to thrust.doris face now contorted but she moaned with pleasure.

i looked back at mary,her eyes closed,kevins lips were locked to hers,she continued to groan,his cock continued their long slow strokes.i loved the sight of stockinged thighs as im sure your now well aware,what a lovely sight my wife was,with another cock sliding into her pussy.

doris started to buck and james shot his load into her,doris too spurted her jucies all over my loins.

i didnt come though,i dont know if anal had put me off cumming or not.we fell apart,james said"better wash my cock in case its needed again",doris sucked my still erect cock.i was quite pleased with myself sometimes i dont last 5 minuets fucking mary.

kevin said something to mary and they stood up,mary looked at me and smiled."ok love?" "yes you?""wonderful"she said.

keven sat on the sofa and mary placed her legs either side of his legs and sat down with her back to him,she had to put her feet either side of his legs again to open her pussy wide enough,but his cock slid in to the hilt,he lifted her buttocks and started slightly quicker thrusts into her.

"shouldnt you be servicing my clit now babe?"mary said to me.i smiled and went to her,doris still sucking my cock.

watching kevins cock all the way in marys cunt was a sight i wont forget,i placed my thumb on her clit and teased it in circles then i put my lips on it and sucked with great delight.

james came back in the room and went straight to mary and started to play with her tits,kissing the erect nipples.

mary was leaning back but managed to balance on one arm and reach james cock with the other,she started to wank his cock back to life,james put one knee on the sofa arm and fed his cock into marys willing mouth.

i looked at the scene round me,mary being fucked by a monster cock sucking another cock while i sucked her clit as i was being sucked off by another woman,i would have thought this would only have been in my dreams two weeks ago.

kevin started to thrust in quick time now and mary let go of james cock and moaned"im cumming "she said"oh god im cumming" "where do you want my spunk mary?"kevin called out.

"inside me,i want it all inside me"and she screamed as she squirted again almost at once kevins body stiffened as he shot torrents of his sperm into her cunt.mary sobbed "god ohhhhh god".james sucked her tits as she continued squirting.she fell back exausted but still kissed kevin as her breasts heaved and she fought to control her breathing.

doris was watching as she sucked my cock,but she sprang up and engulfed kevins deflating cock in her mouth,amazingly before marys breathing had subsided kevins cock was showing signs of recovery,james placed his cock back to marys mouth and as she watched doris climb onto kevins cock she started to mouth james cock for him.

doris came again in moments,i could see her juices running down kevins thighs.

doris climbed off kevin and sat next to me on the floor,her breathing was rapid too.

james turned mary back toward kevin"why dont you clean your waiter up,i know you want to" mary straddled herself over kevins waist and took his cock in her mouth and cleaned off all of doris jucies,kevin stroked her tits, she slurped and sucked it like a lolly pop,she had never had a bigger cock and i think she wanted to make the most of it.

james slipped in behind her and placed his erect cock into marys pussy and in time to her raising and falling head,fucked her with nice long strokes.

doris lay down in front of me in the spoon position,my favourite,she played with my erect cock,then she lifted one leg high in the air and placed my cock at the enterance to her anus,she half turned and kissed me,"i need this to finish me off"she said.

i wasnt sure but i didnt want to disapoint her so i thought id give it a try.i pushed and she eased back,and my cock very slowly entered her felt supprisingly good,as if it grabbed my cock and started sucking,real tight but nice.

i looked over her shoulder at mary,she was wanking kevins cock at the same time sucking the head for all she was worth.

doris groaned and i could feel my spunk start to rise,james kept the same rhythm going,but from the look on his face he wouldnt last much longer.

doris kissed me and said she was close,"go on then,im cumming too"i said.

i started to spurt into doris and her anus seemed to grip my cock like ba pair of pliers.i seemed to come and come and come.

she moaned as she came,then collapsed onto me trying to kiss me.

kevin said he was close and i noticed his ball sack tighten,his legs stiffened and he arched his body.

mary wanked him faster and sucked him harder,keven started to gush his seamen into marys mouth,and she slirped evey drop.

james stiffened his body as he empted himsef into marys cunt,she continued to slowly wank and suck kevins cock till she had every drop,then she licked his balls and held his cock to her breasts lovingly.mary didnt often swallow,but she seemed to love this.

i watched,ill treasure this till my dying day,i loved mary and knew she loved me.if we could pass this test we would be together forever,i thought.

everybody slowly came round,james,doris and kevin slowly got dressed,mary didnt,she just sat on the sofa legs tucked underneath her looking quite looked quite strange her naked while the others were dressing,so i remained naked too.

"god look at the time"doris said "its a quarter to five".i looked through the curtains,it was starting to get light.

everybody said what a great night it was started to head for the door saying their goodnights,when we reached the hall, mary and i still naked,doris pushed mary toward james and kevin and said,"why dont you say goodnight properly?"

mary laughed "ok,you got me back".

she fell into james arms who immediatley kissed her and grabbed the cheeks of her arse,kevin kissed her neck and his hand found its way to her pussy "it was an enjoyable night"he said as he fingered the crack of her cunt.

doris turned and as she kissed me teased my cock with her fingers"hope its not too long before i taste this again"she smiled.

then they were gone,we looked at each other and mary said"god,what a night,im all shagged out,lets go to bed and clean up in the morning"i locked up and climbed the stairs.

i snuggled up to mary in bed,she even still had her stockings on,when she did that it usually meant she was still eager for it, or she wanted it when we awoke next morning,i thought the latter applied here.

we talked about the evenings events,"were you aware the chinese waiters had the view of their lives?"i asked.

"well,you wanted me to loose my inhabitions"she replied,"so i thought id make it like the dvd,as much as i could anyway."

"so that was seven men viewed your charms,you did know about the taxi driver?" i asked.

"no,how did he get a view?"i told her about the street lights and passing cars.

"remind me not to use that firm again"she said,"i wouldnt want the same driver" "but in fact then,there were probably more" she laughed."hows that"? i asked.

"well you know when we were sitting at the wine bar,there were two goodlooking guys sitting at the end of the bar behind you, i think they caught a glimpse,and one of them made it obvious he approved,by mouthing the word, corr, so i smiled and little by little tried to let them see all,i was a little excited at the prospect of our evening,and a little drunk" "and did they see all"? i asked.

"yes,when i stood up to go into the restaurant,i left my leg on the bar of the stool as i rose which made my dress rise right up, and i lingered there so they must have seen" "you naughty girl" i said, "i know im shocking,but its all your fault" "so that was at least nine men,unless anyone eles caught a glimpse as you left the stool"i said.

"thats not quite all"she said "i wasnt going to tell you this but when doris and i went through to the powder room,the two of them were still at the end of the bar,we almost had to pass them to get to the toilet.on the way back they spoke to us,i cant really remember what their chat up line was,but one gave me his buisness card and said if i ever was at a loose end to give him a call or an e-mail,and that if doris and i wanted a taxi anywhere,to call them" "and wheres the card now?"i asked.

"i just dropped it in my bag i think,i didnt want to drop it in the bin in front of him" "and why wernt you going to tell me?"i asked. "well i knew nothing was going to come of it"she replied.

"do you think we could go through it all again some time?"i asked."maybe,but not too soon,i want to see if it effects our relaitionship" she said."it wont as far as im concerned,i love you very much"i replied.

"you dont want to take off with doris then?"she asked "no,i dont,ive got the cream of the cream here" "oh,how sweet" she said.

"i love you" mary said. "is that true?" i asked.

"thats the gospel" she replied.


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