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My husband and I are an average, late twenties white couple. We both have successful careers and all the things that come along with them. I met Sam in college and we dated for six years. We both thought waiting was the right idea since college and careers still were the priority at the time. He finally did pop the question and we were tangled up in all the things that are involved with planning a wedding. To be honest, it was absolute hell because this was not my bag of tea. All the arrangements and details is enough to drive anyone out of their mind. This story takes place after all that stuff was in place but before the wedding took place. Sam had always been a bit of a voyeur and urged me to find another guy to fuck while he watched. It was quite a thought for me because I had always thought of myself as a one-man type a gal. After a couple years of this, of course the idea began to take shape both in my mind and verbally during sex. He would bring it up often enough but it especially turned him on when I did. I would make up details of this ?guy? and how his cock felt stroking in and out of me. Sam asked once if I?d let the guy cum in me and I replied absolutely, not wanting to ruin the rhythm of the moment. Well, as with life, the passion had kind of faded with all these plans being made and places to be and things to be paid for. It wasn?t anyone?s fault. We just had things to do. About two months before our wedding, our friend?s had gotten together and planned the bachelor party and bachelorette party on the same weekend. I thought this was a pretty good idea because weekends were scarce enough. Now we just had to line up one out of our schedule. The weekend came pretty quickly and I was excited to drink off some tension. My maid of honor and best friend for ten years, Lisa, was planning to have it in the town where she lived which was only an hour away. Sam?s party was set to happen in our town. In the preceding weeks, Sam had been bugging me to take the last chance of freedom I had and have dirty rotten sex with someone else and tell him all about when I got home. The idea seemed ridiculous since all my friends would be around and I?m not about to destroy my image to my friends so my hubby could get his rocks off. I refused, telling him it was a grand idea that would have to wait until another time.

Lisa informed me that we all would be staying at her house on the night of the party. She had hired a limo to take us around town to bars and she thought it would be easier for us to crash there since she had the room and there would only be six of us. No one would be left driving themselves or doing something regrettable. We all gathered at Lisa?s the afternoon of the party and started things by having a few juiced up teas. By the time seven o?clock came around, I think we all were feeling loosened up. The evening itself was a blast. We ate a fantastic meal, danced, drank, and had an all around good time. There were no snooty girls in the bunch and keeping the feel of the evening loose was my whole goal. We ended up back at Lisa?s in her basement since we were all still in the party mode and her hubby was asleep upstairs. We had the music going while we shot a few games of pool and shared generally racy conversations. Three of the girls decided to retire for the evening and headed up stairs to go to bed. That left Lisa, Monica, and myself to our own devices. Since we had arrived at Lisa?s, she had excused herself a couple of times to make phone calls and I mysteriously wondered whom she could be calling at that time of the night. I had my suspicions that she was up to something. I was proved correct about a half-hour after the first three girls had gone to bed. Lisa?s basement has a walk out door on one end of the house, which leads to her back yard. During one of our rauchiest conversations yet, I heard a light tapping on the basement door but could not make out who was out there. After checking it out, I found two very handsome young men dressed nicely, standing in the evening air. Lisa welcomed them in like she had been expecting them. She offered them drinks, which they quickly accepted. As soon as they had opened up their beers, Lisa introduced us all to each other, me being the last one. She introduced me as the bride to be which seemed to brighten their smiles. I was still lost. Lisa put on some bump and grind music and turned down the lights to a dim over casting. She finally solved the mystery by whispering in my ear that these guys were the ?hired help? for the evening. While Lisa and I cleared these issues up, one of the strippers had already cornered Monica and they were sharing quite the erotic dance. I thought, ?what the hell, we paid for them, right?? I slid up next to the remaining guy (later finding out his name was James) and laid my most seductive moves on him. Lisa was on the other side of him and I?m positive he wasn?t sure which direction to pay attention to. After only a couple of minutes, I seemed to be the center of his attention and I could feel the lump in his painted on jeans bumping my ass and I was starting to loose control. I hadn?t touched or smelled a man for three weeks and was burning up. His hands were all over me as the music moved our bodies in the same motion. Pretty soon, my tits were receiving some attention that wasn?t going unnoticed by my pussy. I was in the throws of making out with this guy when I realized the music had stopped. James kind of took the role as MC and told us all to be seated. He then introduced himself and his partner whose name was Craig. He said, ?We?ve been hired to provide entertainment for the night and that?s what you will get. (looking at me in a matter of fact tone) And sweetheart, don?t think we?re gonna leave here without one of us fucking you tonight.? I shot back from my position on the sectional couch, ?You really think so? I?d like to see if you have what it takes between your legs to get me excited.? I remembered all the encouraging words from my husband to be and knew he?d be proud of the way I was acting. James winked and smiled and quickly disrobed facing away from me. When he turned around in his naked state, I think my jaw hit the floor. His cock stood out from him and pointed down at an angle. He was eight inches in length but the most impressive attributes were the girth of his cock and the size of his balls. He was totally shaved which made everything appear every bit as large as it was. His balls hung at least five inches down between his legs in a nice plump sack that was becoming more and more irresistible. I looked at Lisa who sat in a recliner in the corner of the room with her mouth hanging open. Our eyes met and she just shook her head slowly and mouthed the words ?holy shit?! I told him ?lets see what we have here? and wrapped my fingers around his throbbing prick. I gave it two or three good hefty tugs and I could feel it expanding in my hand. A clear drop was forming at the end of it as I continued to massage him. I cupped his balls and it dawned on me just how large this guy was. Every part of his genitalia was thick and heavy. I drew him to me and slowly inserted the thick head of his dick into my mouth. I sucked him for ten minutes while Lisa watched and Monica made out with Craig. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Monica and Craig were heading into one of the down stairs bedrooms. They went in, turned on the lights but did not close the door. I continued to get James into the height of his arousal and as each minute passed, begin to think this guy was some sort of freak. His cock at full attention was at least ten inches long and I couldn?t reach my fingers around it. I doubted it would fit in me but at that point was willing to give it a try. I pulled my mouth off of him, leaned back and told him to get to work. In a flash my jeans and panties were on the floor and he was running his tongue inside my sopping slit. Within a few minutes of this, I started to cum and squeezed his face in my legs as a long awaited orgasm took control of me. As I came down from it, I glanced to my side to see Lisa with her pants off and rubbing he pussy through her panties. In the bedroom, I could see Craig working his nice sized cock into Monica. She was panting and moaning and sharing whispers as he tried to get his manhood inside her. In all of my looking around, I hadn?t noticed James put his cock to my mouth again. He said, ?get as much lube on it as you can, you?re gonna need it.? I sucked his cock for all I was worth for a few minutes. There was spit dangling hanging off of it in a couple of spots as well as totally covering the head and shaft. He pulled out of my mouth and turned me sideways on the sectional couch. He knelt between my legs and started to run the head of his prick up and down my cunt. After he felt it was lubed, he put pressure on it at the opening. I felt it slowly slide into the opening of my pussy. He stopped for a second before applying more pressure and sliding another couple of inches inside me. I was panting and moaning and now understood what Monica had been making noise for. I had my hand on his belly to slow his assault but it made little difference. Once he felt I had comfortably accommodated his cock, he would slide a couple more inches inside me. I felt like I was about to blow when his huge sack came to rest on my ass. I was relieved that this was all there was. I felt very proud that I could take all of this guy and by the look on his face, I think he was surprised. After a minute his began to stroke five or so inches in and out of me and I could tell I was in for the night of my life. I was having a steady orgasm the entire time with huge peaks that would send me over the edge every twenty strokes or so. I don?t remember how many there were but this went on for about fifteen minutes until I exploded into an uncontrollable orgasm. I closed my eyes and watched what seemed like fireworks exploding. It lasted for about ten seconds and when I opened my eyes, James was buried full hilt in me with his face twitching and contorting. I knew he was shooting his cream inside me but I didn?t care. I held my legs as far apart as they would go and welcomed his thick, creamy semen inside my pussy. I was encouraging him to put it as deep as he could. When he finally finished and pulled his cock out of me, I noticed Lisa now had her panties off and was rubbing her clit directly. Her pussy was sopping wet and she had her eyes closed and was panting. I also noticed Craig was in the midst of cumming inside Monica in the bedroom as the both moaned and groaned. I had a rear angle and watched his ass cheeks twitch and flex as he filled her pussy with his white milk. James crawled up and had me suck him for another minute and I still to this day do not believe what happened next. Within thirty seconds of sucking him, he was rock hard again. He slowly walked over to Monica who was in the recliner and knelt on the floor in front of her. He reached both hands under her ass, picked her up and layed her down on a bean bag chair. Without so much as a kiss, he knelt between her long out spread legs and started working his cock inside her. She was sopping wet from fingering herself for twenty minutes and his girth didn?t seem to hinder his entrance. Within seconds, he was full fledge fucking her. My body was still in the midst of coming down from the most powerful orgasm in my life so I just rested and soaked up what was happening in front of me. Lisa was giving James a run for his money. She was pivoting her hips to meet his thrusts telling him to make her cum. As those two were fucking each other?s brains out, I hadn?t noticed that someone was standing at the end of the couch I was laying on. I looked up and in the dim light could make out Jeff, Lisa?s husband who had been sleeping upstairs. He intently watched Lisa taking her pounding ten feet away and slowly stroked his own cock. I was shocked to see he was not angry and seemed to be intrigued by what was taking place. He finally noticed me laying there beside where he was standing, legs still spread, semen leaking out of me onto his couch. He broke the ice ?Man, when you girls throw a party, you don?t hold back.? We both laughed as he turned to face me. I had a quick thought and threw it out at him ?you going to go back to bed or do you think you could show the bride to be a bit more fun?? He looked back at the monster cock that his wife was enjoying and said, ?no, I think I can stick around.? He walked over to me and kissed me. He moved down to my freshly fucked pussy and started to lick the thick globs that were drooling down my ass crack. He kept it short and after only thirty seconds took off his boxers and lowered his ?closer to average? sized cock to me. He entered me swiftly and since I needed no warm up time or extra lube, found a decent rythym right away. I was fantastic but it didn?t last long. Within a few minutes of starting our escapade, he told me he was cumming and asked if I minded if he came inside me. I told him to put it as deep as he could. He did just that by really starting to pound me and within seconds, I was taking the second load of cum inside my pussy inside of fifteen minutes. As he finished, we both glanced at Lisa and James who was unloading his second load of the night inside my maid of honor. She was bucking wildly as he filled her with his seed. I watched as he with drew his cock and her pussy gaped open afterwards. James stood up to go to the bathroom and clean up and Lisa quipped ?wonder if I?ll ever be normal again?? We all chuckled. Jeff, pulled his softening cock out of me, walked over to his wife and began to clean her up. He sucked on her pussy for a few minutes. I was amazed that he seemed so turned on my another cock inside his wife. A few minutes later, we were all back in the living room section of the basement and the boys said they had to go for the evening and told us they hoped we felt we got our money?s worth. We told them we got it all and then some. I was exhausted and opted to head for bed as soon as they left. We all had a thorough talk in the morning and leveled off everyone?s feelings.

When I got home, I filled Sam in on what had happened and he was elated. It made for the most fantastic sex the two of us ever had. Swinging is definitely something we want to continue. Now that I know there is no guilt or expectations, it takes the worry out of it. It is something we will build on for years to come.

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