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Swinging Boat Trip

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Patrick and I, my name is Cyndi, were married for six years when Jerry and Marie, whom we had only met on two occasions and never did anything but flirt, invited us to join them on their yacht. It was a three day weekend and we were to show up Saturday morning and plan on staying on the boat till Monday midday.

Jerry and Marie were known to host swing parties on their huge boat with a full kitchen, shower and bathroom and four small state rooms below (more like bunks). We were one of five couples in total, counting the host and hostess. Patrick and I were apprehensive and excited about being included and what might happen on the boat. We had only swapped partners with friends of Jerry and Marie twice and we liked the thrill of the lifestyle but this was going to be breaking new territory for my husband and me. As soon as we put to sea it was made plain that bathing suits were optional for the ladies and that anything that happened on the water?well you know. We all got drinks and toasted to the day as soon as we got out of land?s sight and dropped anchor. By the time the second round was served the ladies were naked as we proceeded to the bow of the ship to lay out and get rid of tan lines and allow the men to fishing. Later I learned that the boys started a game on the rear deck of the ship that involved sex with the wives.

?First Fish? was the game, and who ever caught the first fish would have his pick of the women on the bow. Her spouse would have the next pick and so on. Well John, a large black man but in good shape boated the first fish. I remember when he came up front and took my hand asking me to come with him. His Speedo was bulging more than earlier and he had an evil look in his eye. Marie, our hostess said ?It?s okay Honey I think you just won first prize? Then she yelled ?What are you boys up to?? then our host Jerry yelled back ?First Fish, Honey? Marie then looked at me and said ?Yep you?re first prize alright? John lead me down to the rear of the ship and there stood my husband smiling from ear to ear as I stood there naked as a jaybird. ?What?s going on? I asked Patrick who said that John had just won me in the fishing contest and I was his for the rest of the day. I got a cold chill; I had never been with a black man. But I wasn?t going to show any fear. I turned toward John and pulled myself up close to his chest and he kissed me with a hot wet probing tongue. I reached for the bulge in the front of his Speedo and took a handful. MYGAWD he had a Hugh cock. Then since all the boys were watching, I pulled his Speedo off and made the announcement ?You won?t be needing these?

John led me down below to a bunk and wasted no time giving each other oral attention. I was in hopes of giving him a BJ because he was so large and I had never had a man in me that was that big before. It didn?t matter; soon he laid me back and positioned himself between my legs sliding that large thick cock into my very wet pussy. At first I thought he would be too big for me but he slowly worked himself into me. He knew I was both scared and excited saying ?Its okay Little lady I?m going to go slow until you get used to me then you?re mine? After a few more strokes I was calming down to the fact that it felt good, then it felt great and then he started fucking me faster and harder and deeper then I had ever had it before.

I held on to him and rode each plunge that gave me more pleasure with every thrust and then the orgasm spasms started. ?FUCK ME? I kept saying over and over through gritted teeth till he let go with spurt after spurt of his cum. I couldn?t believe how long he was as he pushed into and pulled out of me.

Later on deck when most everyone was finished John and his wife Ilene invited us to their house on the way home from the lake. Since we were to stay till the Monday holiday we said we?d think about it and let them know. We exchanged phone numbers and addresses. Then it was one big party with the group as a whole drinking and bar hopping as soon as we got ashore. Next day the ladies had their turn with each lady picking two men for sex partners and then men eagerly accommodated us all getting laid. The only rule was that it had to be different partners than the previous day.

Come Monday morning we were leaving the dock at a island and heading back toward the mainland. Once out to sea our hostess announced that it was oral sex day. All women were to suck all cocks other than their own husbands for a minimum of one minute or more. We gathered on the back deck. Marie had a note pad and pen taking notes to make sure that no one got left out. The husbands were more than willing to offer their penises for the effort. She set the kitchen timer and gave us a ready set go. Little did we know she set the time for two minutes. I almost had my first man ready to let go when the buzzer went off. The men rotated like musical chairs and the next mans erect penis appeared before me as I sat on the bench. Marie gave the ready set go and we all started sucking cock.

Not long into it one of the ladies got her man off. I looked and it was Patrick, he was noisy and as soon as she finished taking his load she (Janet) said ?I have a winner here, what did I win?? Marie said ?What with whom would you like to win?? ?I want this man?s wife, Cyndi to go down on me?. That would be me. The peer pressure was at its peek and Janet came over to me pulling her bikini bottoms off along the way. She positioned herself on her back next to me on the cushioned bench with her legs spread wide. Marie looked at me and said ?You can stop sucking that man and start licking Janet no, Cyndi?. All eyes were darting first at me then at Janet and then back to me. I was nervous since I hadn?t done this but twice since college and never in front of an audience.

Janet was trim and fit with large breasts and no tan lines. I forgot all about everyone gathered around us as I worked myself into position and lowered my face to her shaven vagina, stopping only to place a kiss on her inner thighs, first one then the other and each time a little lower and closer to my target. I reached my place with my knees under me on the cushion face down and a thumb on either side to spread her lips, making way for my tongue. I blew on her open lips to tease and then slowly licked around the target trailing saliva till I found her clit with the tip of my tongue. Janet let out with a moan. This only gave me more incentive to do well.

She was succumbing to my tongue as I slid a finger then two into her love channel. I knew what I liked and I was going to give it to her my way. I switched a finger on one hand to hold her lips spread and slid the thumb on that hand to tease her anus. It was wet with my saliva and her juices. Circling her back door and flicking my tongue faster was making her arch her back and moan louder.

I was licking harder and faster and working the two fingers in and out of her with one hand and teasing her ass with the other thumb when she blurted out ?Push it in my ass?. I pushed the thumb in right up to the palm. ?Oh yes!? came from Janet followed by ?Fuck both holes!? I pushed in with the two fingers as I pulled out with the thumb and as one hole got poked the other hand retracted. She let go with a very loud groan of pleasure as I felt both holes tighten around my poking digits. I sat up to see everyone giving us a round of applause. Comments came for the peanut gallery like, ?You can eat my pussy anytime Honey? and ?When can you come to our house?? Marie said, ?Very nice my Dear, We?ll have to get together soon?.

Patrick and I didn?t say much on the ride home. He broke a long silence about half way there with ?How long since you?ve done that?? I asked ?You mean go down on another woman?? He said ?Yes? I thought for a second and said ?Maybe a year?. ?Remember the couple we played with who had a pool table?? Bob and Karen?? he asked, ?That?s them? I answered. I then proceeded to tell him that she and I had met at the hair salon and got into a conversation about wife swapping that lead to a girl on girl encounter before our men met each other. Then the tough question was asked ?Do you like eating pussy?? I sat there as we drove along thinking and asked if it bothered him to see me do that. My husband was very honest in saying that it turned him on and that was the instant that I realized and admitted that I was attracted to both sexes. I?ve had oral sex with most of the wives since then when ever we swapped partners. My husband is very supportive of my bi-sexuality. I show him my appreciation on a regular basis.

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