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Swing Club Saturday Night

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My wife and I were planning on traveling through a southern city one weekend and decided to visit a swing club we had heard about at another club. We called the phone number we were given and asked if we could visit. After a number of probing questions, the host invited us to try this party house the following weekend.

When the weekend came, we called back to verify the directions and were reminded to bring our ID and that we could expect the usual orientation and tour upon arrival.

Clearly, the hosts had their act together. We were taken through a door other than what regular members use where our ID?s were verified and we were briefed on the house rules. Before we could ask, many of our questions were answered. We were very happy to learn drugs were not tolerated which is always one of our fears, as we do not wish to be around them. I thought one rule was odd ? no anal on the premises. Okay, we could respect that.

After a quick walkthrough of the house where we learned where we could go, where we could not go, what we HAD to do if we went in THOSE rooms, and that even the bathroom doors had no locks on them (to ensure drugs were kept out?), we were left to our own devices.

My wife is by no means tough to look at. During the first hour, several confident, classy women introduced themselves to us but seemed to focus on her. My wife was feeling very desired at that point and we both knew she would meet with one or more of them later in the evening for an intimate encounter or three.

As the evening progressed, we met about 20 of the more than 40 couples. All were very friendly and welcomed us to the house. Suggestions were given by many on how we might best enjoy our time and most importantly they almost all assured us watching was fine, not to rush into anything with anyone else until we were ready.

With the mosquitoes now becoming more than a nuisance, we chose to move inside. We wandered around for a while to get our bearings, then moved to some barstools adjacent a small stage with a brass pole. A young woman in a Catholic schoolgirl skirt was moving to the music and working her dancer?s body around the pole as well as any professional exotic dancer could. A few minutes later, she stroked the pole as she would do to a man?s cock, then stood on one heel while raising her other leg almost straight up above her head. At that moment, a second woman chose to join her and moved her head down to lick the dancer?s now exposed pussy while she held herself still. The dancer through her head back and it was less than a minute before her whole body shook with pleasure.

Watching this live performance became quite arousing. We moved into a dimly lit corner of the room behind a hot tub and began getting intimate. Two women and one man positioned themselves where they could watch the ?newbies? enjoy themselves. This only enhanced my wife?s arousal. After fingering her for a short period, I dropped to my knees very slowly and put my head up under her dress. She came almost instantly as my wet tongue and hot breath touched her most sensitive area. As I stood back up, the three watching us smiled to us and walked back to the bar area.

After resting for a few moments, we went to the TV room to relax on the couch while my wife took a break. I knew she had many more in her tonight and I wanted to space it out for her maximum enjoyment. We were having a great time club talking with many new friends when we overheard another couple saying how the orgy room was filling up rapidly. We looked at each other, both of us smiling, and followed the other couple towards the orgy room.

We eased into the room, mostly watching the activity and hugging each other closely. One of the women who introduced herself mainly to my wife gestured for us to come over. As I stood near the end of one mattress the woman started whispering to my wife to sit down beside her. Casually, she pointed out some of the members and let her hand drop to my wife?s thigh. She began to move her hand slightly back and forth and was soon witness to my wife?s spreading her legs apart farther. The woman turned to my wife and gently kissed her on the cheek. Then on the lips a couple times. Then I was forgotten as the two moved into each other arms and began a slow waltz of fingers, palms arms, and lips while the woman placed one of her own thighs in between my wife?s legs, forcing them to stay parted.

I watched the scene, fascinated with my partner?s willing responses, until another hand touched my shoulder distracting me from the action. I turned to find myself face-to-face with a man who whispered to me, ?I love it when my girlfriend finds another woman to share herself with. It turns me on like you wouldn?t believe.? I totally agreed.

He then said he hadn?t met us before and I mentioned we were just passing through town but had heard of this house from another couple. About that time, my wife reached up to me and tugged me gently to my knees in front of her. The other woman did the same with her husband and we were side-by-side, both of us on our knees between the legs of our own spouses.

My wife whispered to me that she was getting more turned on than she had been all year and told me she loved me for bringing her here. She asked me if I minded if she could go all out tonight, especially now that the company around us on adjoining mattresses was stimulating her own senses. Four couples were going at it in one big ball of flesh. Another woman was alternating her lips between the cock in her right hand and the one in her left. She saw me watching and motioned me over in between the two men where she began to swallow my cock as she stroked the other two. She then let go of the tow cocks, reached for my hands, and placed them on top of her head at the back. She then dropped her hands and moved them to my ass and went to back to her oral worship of my dick.

One of the two men went over to another couple as the other went behind this fellatrix. It didn?t take him long for him to enter her from behind as I felt her guttural humming as he pushed further into her.

With everything going on, coupled with my frequent glances to my wife who was now sitting on a respectable cock while another woman stroked her breasts from the side, I lost it. I started erupting, closed my eyes, and released my first load of the evening into this anonymous woman?s mouth. My eyes were still closed as the woman came up from her knees and kissed me firmly on the lips. As she did, she emptied her mouth of the cum I had given her, surprising me as I felt it run into my throat. She then pulled back and whispered in my ear, ?I gave it back to you because you didn?t tell me when you were ready to cum. Next time, tell me when you?re ready to explode and do it on me, not in me.? Then she moved away from me. Embarrassed as all hell, I quickly swallowed what was in my mouth. I didn?t know it then, but what happened did not go unnoticed.

Feeling sheepish, I slinked back near the door. I caught the eye of my wife who appeared to be in her own ecstasy and gestured I was going to get a drink back by the bar. She simply nodded, closed her eyes and went with the feelings she was receiving as other male and female hands began to paw her flawless body, a new treat for the crowd of old friends.

I took a hold on myself and had a drink, then went to the bathroom to clean up. As I walked around recovering, I observed other couples in open rooms enjoying themselves. One man came up to me and said he really liked to watch his wife getting fucked by another man, gesturing to a redhead on all fours on top of a blanket. I told him I sure would like to oblige but I didn?t want to leave my wife alone any longer since this was our first visit to this wonderful place. I assured him I would love to come back later, the evening was still young, and perhaps we can all get together. We smiled, both knowing we had something to look forward to with both our spouses.

I went back to the orgy room and found my wife sitting on the floor with her back against the wall, her body wet with perspiration and a smile I hoped would never go away. I got down and snuggled next to her as we watched the other participants doing their own thing. We kissed a few times and I reached for her nipples. She brushed them away saying they were quite tender and needed a break. See my disappointment, she quickly reached up and pulled my head down between her legs. I was thrilled and began my journey inside her when I realized she was filled with more than just her own juices. I looked up but she pulled me back down. I went for it, and I didn?t let up until she had another orgasm. When she finally pulled me up, she asked me how it tasted. I told her it was heavenly and she giggled. I don?t know why, but I asked her then who was the man whose semen I had just consumed from inside her. She looked me in the eye with a straight face, then broke out into a big grin and said, ?Which one??

I blushed. I was afraid to turn around and look at the people behind me. When I finally did, I caught the faces of several who smiled at me and one who gave me a thumbs-up.

My embarrassment immediately faded and I admitted to myself I had enjoyed it greatly.

By now the environment had me charged up again and I was aching to relieve myself. As I got up, one of the other women present motioned me into a 69. My wife told me later she wanted to stay and watch but really needed to get to the bathroom and then some fresh air.

As she left the room, the other woman and I started our oral exploration of each other. I wanted to be on top but so did she, so I gave in. With only her lips, she proceeded to tease my hard-on something fierce. Now I have always felt 69 was hard for most people because many don?t adjust well to both receiving and giving at the same time. As she worked her pussy on my face, we established a rhythm of some kind and took each other near but never over the edge. I know the rules said no anal, but I took a few swipes of that beautiful rosebud when no one was looking.

But this didn?t last long. Apparently I was the submissive one here, as she didn?t let me up at all when another man came up behind her and started rubbing her ass. She began to move her butt back and forth as my tongue worked her clitoris underneath. Then I saw it, or rather, I felt it. The man?s cock had tried to get into her pussy and brushed my forehead trying to find a path in. Momentarily jolted, I tried to move away but he had placed his feet under my armpits on the floor as he moved to fuck her doggy style. She raised her ass in the air a little bit for the man to slip it in. I had never watched fucking from this close in this position and was mesmerized. I tried to extend my tongue up her clit but a big set of balls just kept bopping into my forehead and sometimes my eyes.

Then it happened. The woman rode up a little too much on his down stroke and his cock fell out of her pussy, the head of the shaft falling squarely on my lips. We all froze for a second. I heard murmuring above me, and then he pushed forward again as if searching for her hole, again flatly moving across my wet lips.

Now the woman started moving, but she had lifted her pussy higher, clearly a couple inches above his probing cock. It only took me a split second to realize what was happening. Swing clubs generally frown upon any male-male contact despite the hypocrisy that girl-girl action is encouraged openly. Perhaps they get some crazy notion that men would carry more diseases than active swingers. Go figure.

So this woman was making it look to anyone looking from the front that she was still riding his cock, but in reality, he had slipped it between my lips. Damn that was a neat trick! I welcomed it openly until my throat was strained from his baseball bat trying to make a beeline to my larynx. Then he came. I kept my mouth on his tube until he was dry. He immediately backed up, moved his mouth by my ear and said, ?Don?t even think of giving it back like my sister gave you yours back earlier.? I closed my eyes, finished swallowing, and smiled like the cat that ate more than the canary.

When my eyes opened, I was looking into my wife?s eyes. She had a look on her face that showed both confusion and a small smirk. Busted!

We both got dressed and went back outside for air. We talked for a few minutes and realized we both filled some voids in our past experiences. We ate a few appetizers from a salad tray and regained our strength. It was probably time to go sleep anyhow.

As we were leaving, the couple with the man who had invited me to fuck his wife came by and asked us why we were leaving so soon. My wife had not seen his wife before and they were smiling at each other. My wife then turned to me and said, ?We really don?t have to leave yet, do we, honey? Maybe just a little while longer??

I replied, ?Perhaps we can stay just a little bit longer.?

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