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Sweet Allison gets sold at auction

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Allison was reflecting on how she got here wrists tied together and her arms stretched high overhead, attached to a heavy beam in the ceiling. Around her ankles were chains that bound them and were attached to the wall behind her. At first they had blindfolded and gagged her. Now she could see there were others, men and women held as slaves and similarly restrained…..

It began when she had met him and after too many drinks had admitted that she had always had a fantasy of being a sex slave…he had just smiled and said he though that was interesting…

Now here she was dressed in a scanty thin white robe with nothing on underneath. Her large breasts and nipples were chilling even under the robe. At 34 she was considered quite beautiful with dark shoulder length hair that was always fixed just right, lively blue eyes with a ready smile and a body most women would kill to have. Perfectly portioned waist, nice firm ass and long sexy legs….now as she looked around, she saw the hooded slave master with his clipboard and a long leather whip. He was moving from slave to slave checking on their status…she quickly recognized him as the slavemaster at the auction where she had been lead into the room and tied to a rail while he had called out to the rowdy crowd egging on their bids to buy her. He had orderd her to bend over and the waist, speread her legs and allow him to use the long thick whip handle to show the crowd her pussy. She was unshaven and had a thick silky bush of dark hair…his whip handle had rudely pushed her lips apart as the crowd got a good look at her pink sex…then to the cheer of the crowd, he roughly shoved the thick leather whip handled deep inside of her, pulled it out and smelled it..The bidding started and was going higher as he reached down and grabbed her left breast, straightened her up to the standing position and demonstrated that her breasts were so large it took two hands to encircle them….then with more cheers coming he had rudely pinched and twisted both of her large dark nipples…it was frightening to her but also she felt herself get wet and warm inside as she began to imagine being purchased by the highest bidder or bidders and then used as their slave in any way they wanted…the bidding went way up as the slavemaster looked into her eyes and pulled her hair back to reveal her pretty face….”who wouldn’t want to own this lovely slave and use her for what ever your wishes may be?”

Again the bidding went up and up until two different bidders were dueling to buy her and take her home…Finally, a third bidder stood up in the back and offered $45,000 for her…going once, twice sold to the bidder in the back of the room for $45,000…

Allisons ankle chains were released from the wall and she was lead out into a dark room and locked up. Here she would wait….but not for long. Outside her door she could hear people talking excitedly and the slavemaster collecting the winning bid, counting it twice…

Earlier in the day on Friday, he had sent her a note at work and told her to plan for an exciting and unusual weekend…she loved his touch and his power over her and she had obeyed..earlier he had picked her up and they had driven to the far edge of town to a club that was out on its own.. dinner and drinks and as dessert came he had told her to hold out her hands and close her eyes….that’s when she had been blindfolded and gagged and then lead away where she was prepared…

So now her master had offered her for sale to the highest bidder? Now what…

As the jailer unlocked the cell she saw not one new master but a small crowd of men and women who eyed her hungrily. A woman stepped forward and placed a leather collar around her neck and locked it with a key. “Come with us now, you are our slave…”

She was again blindfolded and she heard the snap of a leather leash to her collar. She was lead out to a waiting van and loaded in. After being driven several miles, she felt the van slow, pull off the road and come to a stop. Still blindfolded, she felt feminine fingers wrap around both arms and then guided her up the steps inside a building and then she was stripped of her robe, now wearing only her collar and blindfold….two pair of strong hands lifted her legs and placed them in stirrups and bound her around her ankles…several people laughed and approved…

Her wrists were tied up behind her head and then she felt a hot wet towel being applied to her pubic mound….she heard the sound of a straight razor being honed on a leather strop. Then her blindfold was removed and in the darkened room she could see several men and women looking on as she looked into the eyes of her master….her eyes opened wide but she’d been taught never to speak out or ask questions…her expression was enough…with an audience looking on, her master produced a sharp straight razor, light glinting off the blade, the the hot towel was removed and one of the women, covered her bush with foamy cream and as they all watched on, master proceeded to shave her clean. He carefully and neatly worked until she was totally bare and her pussy lips and clit were open and vulnerable. He rinsed her off as she wondered what was next….

Long soft feminine fingers teased at her clit, flicking it and teasing and pinching it until it started to swell and get very pink….then gently she felt those fingers enter her one at a time while one of the other women in the group settled up between her spread legs and began to kiss and lick her as the fingers probed harder and deeper, her breath caught as fingers found her g spot and the wicked tongue was teasing her clit. Then all at once she felt mouths fall hungrily upon her breasts and begin sucking and teasing her nipples to attention and then she was being sucked hard by to males, another stroked his cock as he forced it into her mouth. It was huge, and thick and at least 8” hard inches and it caused her to stretch her mouth open as far as she could go to take the wide thick girth….next two more cocks were placed in her hands and she trided to wrap her fingers around them and stroke them hard… she was being ravished by the group, one more came to play with her..a teasing tongue touched her tight pink anus and teased and licked at it.

She looked up to see the smiling approval from her master and as she did, a lubricated finger slipped into her tight ass…Allsion began to relax and really enjoy what was happening to her and deep down she had always fantasized about something like this but now this was the real thing…her senses were on overload…then she felt a long hard dildo push against her ass. She was so tight there but it didn’t stop the woman with the dildo from impaling her anus with it. She shoved hard into her and Allison jumped is it tore deep inside of her…all of a sudden her body was on fire, she bucked hard on the fingers inside her pussy and felt the warm wet tongue lapping her clit. She gripped the two cocks in her hand and violently began to jack them off and her breasts and nipples were being sucked hard and pulled and nibbled with the men’s teeth…throwing her head back, she accepted more of the monster cock that now possessed her entire mouth and the swollen head that penetrated her throat. She tried not to gag but to prepare to swallow the huge load of come she could feel getting ready to drown her with…..lunging up she met the fingers inside her cunt hard and shoving back she fucked her ass down harder and deeper on the dildo penetrating her ass…now she was like a wild animal craving and wanting more….they could all feel her building to an earthquaking orgasm and they worked her harder deeper and faster until she virtually exploded for all of them….her pulsing cunt poured out her musky come juices that squirted all over driving her mistresses and masters even wilder…..the huge cock in her throat began to pulse and throb and gush after gush of his hot tasty come was pumped deep into her gullet as she sucked him so hard his balls began to ache…..she relt the thick cocks in her hand begin to spurt their come and she aimed it at her breasts which wer soon covered with thick jets of pearly crème running down them and then being licked and sucked off of her….she thrust her ass back to take in every inch of the dildo, then her body went limp….

As the others recovered and she lay breathing heavily, she saw her master with a huge smile and he stepped forward and as they all looked on. He began to high his huge hard cock into her cunt, fucking slowly and rhymically as he told her that these were all his frienda and they hadpooled their money to buy her at auction.” Just relax now my little slave . The night is young and the weekend has just begun” With that he began fucking her hard and deep. She smiled up at him and could only begin to image the rest of the weekend serving her master and his friends. They applauded as he fucked her harder and deeper and she close her eyes and smiled a sweet sweet smile..

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