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Summer Tutor

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My name is Lisa and my husband Steve and I have been happily married for 14 years. We were both college athletes and have had a strong attraction to each other from the day we met. I am 5'9" and 130lbs or so. My father is black and my mother white. I believe my caramel skin and hazel eyes are my best features and I'm proud to say I've kept my ass and 34C's firm since my basketball playing days. It's been about 15 years since my playing days but I can still turn the heads of most men young and old:) We have always had an adventurous sex life (obviously since I'm on this website) although things have slowed down over the last couple of years. I've been lucky enough to experience sex with other women and other couples and my husband was always a part of that but there were still so many things I wanted to do. We would always talk and fantasize about bringing another man or men in with us and it seemed to turn Steve on but it never happened. We just weren't able to find the time to enjoy each other and others as much as we'd like.

Steve works for a software company and travels about 50% of the time. I was a teacher for about 7 years but decided to make a career change when there were budget cuts in my school district. I now have a boring job in administration but still do tutoring on the side. Most of my students are middle and high school students. About 4 1/2 years ago I had a male student by the name of Mike. I played recreation basketball with Mike's mother Renae and she told me her son was struggling with math and asked me to tutor him during his sophomore year. When I first met him I was immediately struck by how much older he looked. He was already about 6'2 and 175lbs or so with nice tan skin and dark hair. He played a couple different sports and would sometimes come straight to my house for tutoring after his practices. I would catch myself noticing his sweaty body or his ripped abs when he'd wipe the sweat from his brow with the end of his shirt or the bulge in his shorts and would quickly compose myself back to reality. I must admit, these thoughts would sometimes lead to me imaging fucking him while I was with Steve later that night. We would have the lights off and I'd drop to my knees and take his cock in my mouth and close my eyes and pretend that it was Mike's cock in my mouth in the living room during our tutor session. Then I'd tell Steve to bend me over and fuck me from behind and I'd pretend it was Mike. I knew it was wrong considering Mike couldn't even drive when I met him, but it was fun! I also knew that it would never go past that point. I tutored him for about a year and he eventually went off to college. I would run into Renae and ask about him and he always seemed to be doing well.

Fast forward to the beginning of last summer. I got a phone call from a number I didn't recognize, so I let it go to voice mail. Later that night I listened to the message: "Hi Lisa this is Mike, Renae's son I hope you remember me. I was hoping to talk to you about a couple classes I'm taking this summer, call me back when you get the chance." My heart raced a bit and my mind immediately went back to the dirty thoughts and fantasy fucks I had with him. I was surprised he was calling since his parents moved out of town sometime after he left for school. I wasn't looking to add any more tutoring but I couldn't help but wonder what he had grown into so I decided to call him back. When I did he told me that he was having trouble with math in school and thought I could help. I told him that I don't usually work with college students and wasn't sure I could help but that I'd take a look. Steve was away on work and I was free so we set up a time to meet later in the week. I spent the next couple of days thinking about Mike and about some of my prior fantasies. The night our meeting I was bored and horny and alone with my thoughts about Mike. I took a long bath, shaved myself bald and clean, poured myself a glass of wine. I went to the computer and found some "MILF" porn clips that Steve had showed me before and daydreamed that it was him and I in the videos. I sat in the computer chair watching porn with my legs on the desk and my vibrator between my legs in my soaking we pussy. I came multiple times thinking about being fucked by a 20 year old. I figured I was way off base with my former pupil but I couldn't wait to see Mike the next day and told myself I was going to be open to whatever happened.

Our meeting was set for Thursday at 6pm. As my hormones calmed down I decided to be professional and not let my fantasies get the best of me. This was the son of a friend after all and a former STUDENT. The doorbell rang and I opened the door to greet Mike. His face looked the same but his body had definitely gone from a boy's to a man's. He had obviously been working out and looked like he put on 15lbs. of muscle. He had a tight t-shirt on with cargo shorts and flip flops and was tan and firm. I realized quickly that it was going to be hard to be professional but knew I had to. He said hi and wrapped his arms around me with a hug. "So why are you in town?", I asked. Mike told me that he had a summer job with his friend's Dad's company and decided to take a class at the local community college to stay ahead in school. We sat at the kitchen table and talked for a bit and I noticed that he had matured so much. "Do you know how big of a crush I had on you?", he said. "Mike, shame on you!", I replied. I blushed but it wasn't from his words, it was from my thoughts about my fantasies with him. He told me that thinking about me is what got him through high school math. "Well that's nice, but we should really talk about your class and what you need me to help you with", I told him. He smirked and told me, "I haven't gotten my books or syllabus yet but I'm sure you'll be able to help me." At that point I realized that he wasn't really looking for a tutor as much as he was looking to see me. I asked him about when he wanted to meet and how he wanted to pay. "Can we meet every night?", He joked. "You need to stop", I told him. "I am married and you are a kid. I can tutor you but not if you're not going to take it serious. I don't have time for games." Little did he know that I had plenty of time for games. "Ok but can I tell you something first?", he asked. "Go ahead", I replied.

He proceeded to tell me that he thought about me all the time since he was a sophomore in high school and that I was his fantasy milf. He told me that he was NOT a kid and that his college experiences had matured him. He said that once he got the job in town, he decided that he was going to go for it and not have any regrets. "Go for what?", I asked. "Well I know you're married but I also know that your husband is gone a lot. I also know that you used to check me out from time to time. Why do you think I'd come straight here from practices? There must have been some thoughts in your head about me." "That's not true", I lied. "Ok but I'm still going for it", he said. With that he stood up and walked around to my side of the table. He bent over and grabbed the back of my head and forced a kiss on me. I quickly pushed him away and told him to stop. "You have to go now", I said. I stood up and walked toward the door but he was persistent. "Can I have just one kiss?", he asked. "Are you serious? Why would I do that?", I snapped. "Because I think you want to", he replied. He stopped me and cornered me against the wall. "Just one", he said. I fought a little but couldn't resist. We kissed deep and his hands slid down to my ass. I reached back and moved them back up. He started kissing down to my neck and I couldn't help but let him. Suddenly he spun me around and put his hands on my hips while he kissed my neck. I could feel him press his rock hard cock against my ass and I could tell it was large. I kept telling him to stop even though I didn't want him to. He reached to my waist and started to unbutton the top of my jeans. I felt him slowly slide one hand down until his fingers were over my bald pussy. He slid one finger between my lips and I let out a moan. He was sliding his finger in and out of me and finally I told him to stop. I turned around and faced him, then looked down to the bulge in his shorts. I finally decided to let myself go. I pushed his hands away then pulled him toward me by his belt and back up against the wall then I unzipped his shorts and reached in while looking him in the eyes. "Oh my god", I heard him mumble. Now my husband is a good sized 7", but I Mike was a good 9" and thicker. I worked his dick out of his shorts and asked him if this is what he wanted as I leaned my mouth toward the head. "Fuck yes", he said. I licked the tip of his cock in circles with my tongue as he moaned. Then I sucked the tip to my lips and slowly into my mouth. As I worked him down my throat I realized how big he was which turned me on more. He grabbed the back of my hair and started pumping in and out of my mouth. I was gagging some but taking him all in until he announced he was going to cum and shot his load down my throat while he squirmed. I swallowed and went to my feet and gave him a kiss. He wanted more but I told him that was enough...for now.

The next day we exchanged the following texts:

Mike: Hi sexy Me: Hi! So...

Mike: I wanna fuck u so bad Me: Lol hmmm....

Mike: When is Steve gone?

Me: Every other week Mike: ok u can "tutor" me lol Me: lol you're crazy Mike: I've been waiting a long time for this. Damn ur sexy...dream come tru

And with that started the wildest summer of my life. I put him in my tutoring schedule every other week. While Steve was home I was a good wife and would please my husband. Our sex life improved because I was always horny thinking about my young stud. When he was gone for work Mike and I would fuck almost daily and almost anywhere and every way. He seemed to enjoy being dominant to me for some reason and I enjoyed going along with it. Sometimes he would text me at 2am after drinking with his buddies.

Mike: I'm comin over Me: No, it's late Mike: 2 bad I need u to suck my cock Me: mmmmm...door's unlocked

He'd stagger in and I'd meet him at the top of the stairs in my robe. He's drop his pants in the doorway and tell me to get down there now. His cock was beautiful...I'd slip my robe off halfway then drop to my knees in front of him. He'd direct me to "go slow" or "go faster" while he fucked my mouth. A lot of times we would just fuck. He would come in the door and bend me over the kitchen table and slap my ass while he grabbed my hair. My orgasms were endless. Eventually we started to venture out. Once he was at his house with his friends parents and it was raining so he texted me to drive by. When I did he was walking and got in the car. He told me to drive to the park and unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his massive cock and stroked it while we did. When we parked I leaned over the seat and gave him head until he came in my mouth. Then I told him to take me for a walk in the rain. We took a blanket and went a little deeper down the park path to a bench. We were soaking wet from the down pour as he quickly sat down and took off his shorts. I slipped off mine and straddled him and rode him hard and fast in the middle of the storm. We fucked uncontrollably until he filled me with his cum. I screamed loud while I came, hoping no one would hear.

Steve was so wrapped up in his work that he never suspected anything. Based on some of our previous conversations I think it would have been ok with him and probably turned him on. But something about it being a secret made it more exciting and things got wilder and wilder between Mike and I as the summer went on. He started calling me his "milf" or "fuck slut" which was ok by me. He'd talk about inviting his buddies to watch or join but I always told him that was too much so he stuck to other requests. Anal sex was something he always wanted. Steve and I tried it a couple times but it never was something that he was that in to. The thought of Mike's 9 inch shaft in my tight ass was a bit intimidating but...

It was a Friday night and I was having a couple drinks with the girls. Mike texted me to meet at our house. "Ok....bring the lube lol", I replied. "Serious?", he texted. ";)" was my reply. I left the door unlocked as usual and went to the shower. Soon I saw his shadow and he opened the curtain. I pulled him closer and unbuckled his jeans while he sucked my wet nipples. I took his t-shirt off and he sat down and took his shoes and pants off. He came in the shower and I started soaping him up. "I'm going to make you nice and clean so you can fuck me in the ass", I told him. "You're such a sexy slut", he said. "You won't be able to walk tomorrow." We finished the shower and went to the bed without drying off. Mike grabbed the lube and told me to get on all fours. He rubbed the lube all over my ass and pussy. I came while he did this and fingered myself to finish the job. He then rubbed the lube all over his cock and got behind me. He pressed my face into my pillow and pulled my hips toward him and slowly entered my asshole. I let out a lout scream but quickly relaxed thanks to the lube and alcohol. He picked up speed and soon was ramming me hard. "Fuck the shit out of me", I yelled. It hurt so good. Soon he was shooting his load into my ass. That was the first time I came from anal sex.

The summer was over and Mike was leaving in 10 days and Steve was coming in town so our time was short. We both knew we had to end it with something special. We had done so much but I knew something like that probably wouldn't happen again so I wanted to do something we'd both never forget. A couple of his college buddies were visiting and he wanted to introduce me as "his hot tutor" but agreed not to tell them anything else. I was confident he kept us a secret with town people because of his mom but I was pretty sure he would talk about us to his college friends. I didn't really care much at that point. So I told him to bring them over after their night out on Friday. I figured they'd show around midnight so I had a few drinks to relax and think about what I was going to do.

The doorbell rang about 11:30. I just got out of the shower so I threw on my robe. I went to the stairs and opened the door. Mike was there with his two friends. He came up to me with a grin and gave me a huge hug. That pretty much told me that he had been talking about us to his buddies. He introduced me to Brandon and Shawn. I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted from the night until I saw them both. Brandon was about 6'1 190lbs and muscular with dark brown hair and a dark brown tan. Shawn was shorter, about 5'10 but cute as well. He had dark blondish hair and was a little thicker, maybe 200lbs. 3 young and cute guys was too good to be true for me and made me wet instantly. I told them to come in and grab a beer. "Give me a sec while I get dressed", I told them. "Why bother", Mike joked. "Haha Mike", I replied. "You're such a smart ass". But he was right. I went upstairs and slipped on my black bra and panties and black heels then came back down to the boys. "I thought you were getting dressed", said Shawn. Mike was sitting on a stool where we had fucked many times and I walked toward him. "Well Mike told me not to bother, remember Mike?" "That's right", he said. He pulled me toward him and undid the tie on my robe and pushed it over my shoulders to the floor. "Told you guys", he said. "She's so fuckin hot", said Brandon. I told Mike to stand up then squatted in front of him. I unbuckled his jeans and pushed them to his ankles and took his cock out of his boxers and started to suck him while the other two watched. Then I told them to come closer. When they did I heard them unzipping their jeans also. The came up on each side of me and I turned and grabbed each one of their cocks in each of my hands. Shawn's was shorter than Mike's but thick. Brandon's on the other hand was perfect. He was at least as big as Mike, not too thick and not too thin. I stroked them some while Mike was fucking my mouth then pulled away. I decided to save Brandon for last so I turned to Shawn and started suck him for all I was work. He quickly told me he was going to cum so I stopped. Next I turned to Brandon. "This is what I want", I told him. I quickly gobbled him in and pushed him back against the counter. I was bobbing as fast as I could. "Fuck I'm going to cum", he told me. He came hard and it was so much that it ran down my chin. I wiped it and rubbed it down my neck then I stood up and took off my bra and went back to Shawn. "Cum for me", I told him. It didn't take long before he was ready and I told him to cum on my tits. I rubbed it in and looked at Mike. "Are you ready?", I said. "I'm always ready for you baby", he replied. "Let's go."

We went upstairs to the room and everyone got naked. I told Mike to fuck me first and the other two watched. We were missionary and soon he was ready to cum. He pulled out and cam all over my chest. I rolled over to my stomach to get ready for the next. Brandon was ready so he got behind and fucked me doggy style. This time he lasted awhile and made me have multiple orgasms before he shot his load all over my ass. Next was Shawn and picked up where Brandon left off. His thickness brought me quickly to orgasm again. He was smaller but was fucking me fast and hard. He turned me around so I was leaning over the edge of the bed and Mike put his dick in my face. The force of Shawn was making me gag on Mike as they were getting rough with me. My every fantasy was being fulfilled. When they were both done with me I beckoned the beautiful Brandon to the bed so I could ride his amazing cock. I was sweating from all the fucking but couldn't get enough. After about 10 minutes he pulled me to his chest and put both arms around me. "Someone come get this", he said. "We found the lube", Mike said. "Oh my god fuck me please", I cried. Shawn lubed his cock and jumped on the bed and slowly slid his cock in my ass while Brandon was inside my pussy. I never thought I could take DP but I was so aroused and loose at this point that it was all I wanted. Mike got on the bed and stood in front of me and I had 3 cocks filling my every hole. We took a break after that but I let each of them fuck me one more time before they left. Before I knew it the time was 3am and I drug myself out of bed to send the boys off to school. We had officially ended the summer with a bang.

So there you have it, my one and only summer as a tutoring fuck slut. I kept in touch with Mike for a while and we would sometimes send dirty texts but nothing more came of it. Shortly after he left I got a call from his mother thanking me for being his "tutor" all summer. All I could do was smile, blush, and go back to sucking my husband's cock while pretending it was her son's. I'm not sure if I will ever get around to telling Steve about my adventures but I hope so. Who knows, maybe I'll be able to re-enact my adventures with Mike.

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