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Stripper for one night

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This is a true story that happened a few months ago. A friend i went to high school with moved back to the area and asked me to baby sit for her. Mel moved away when she went to college, she met her mate got married and had two kids. she got devorced moved back and was working as a stripper so i watched her kids at night. One day she approached me and said she had a bachelor party to work and if i go with her i could make two hundred dollars for about an hours work. I flat out refused and told her i would not get naked in front of srangers. She assured me i would not have to get completely naked and all i had to do was put on an act with her(we fooled around a bit in high school) and if the guys wanted anything extra she would take care of it. She told me i could take my own car and if i became uncomfortable i could leave. Now mel is beautiful 5'10 with the body of an amazon queen. I am 5'6 with a little extra cushion in the right places. I thought about it for a while and figgered it would be an experience to see Mel's world so i agreed to go with her. the party was Friday night and her kids was going to spend the weekend at their dads house that is about forty minutes away in a nearby city. I went to Mels house to get dress as she said she would take care of all the clothing. She had the clothes all packed and said we would change in the bathroom as we were running late. I followed her to the house, parked behind her and got in her car. she called the best man Andy and said we are outside when they were ready and we will need to change in the bathroom. she said we have a few minutes so we should get relaxed, we lit a joint and took shots of tequila she had in her car. When Andy called i was feeling very relaxed and most of my fears were gone. We went in the house and in to the bathroom. Passing through i saw about ten guys watching tv and playing card on a coffee table. In the bath room Mel got me dress first, i put on a babydoll teddy with matching g-string, above that i put on a school girl skirt that zips up in the back and a white button down shirt and on top a silk robe. All this time Mels phone kept buzzing but she kept ignoring it finally she checked and it was her ex husband so she answered. He said her daughter she was sick and crying for her mom. Mel called Andy and told him she had to leave. Andy said seeing as i was already dress i could just strip and that would be fine. Mel said its fine and i could keep all the money. Between the weed and the shots i said yes but i had some rules. andy agreed and said he would talk to the guys. Mel left and i walked out. I told them they had to dim the lights and no touching me but they can touch themselves as much as they want, they agreed and turned off the overhead light. The tv and a lamp in the corner was still on so it wasnt that dark. They turned on the music, push the coffee table to the side and gathered around. I started to slowly take off the robe as i walk infront of each one. I stopped at the Groom to be and dropped the robe. Next i started with the shirt and did the same thing and then the skirt i let the groom unzip. I looked around and everyone looked bored so i decided to pick it up. I walked to the table picked up a bottle of vodka and took a big drink and then another. i went to the groom wearing only my teddy and g-string and grabbed his crotch and started to massage him i reached over and rubbed andy's also and went around doing it to all the guys. I went to the table and drank some more vodka. I went back to mike the groom unzipped his pants took out his penis and start sucking on it. I felt a smack on my ass and look to see all the guys had their penis out and some were already getting naked. I felt hands gropping my tits and ass and someone stuck a finger in my pussy. with the effect of the alcohol and all attention i was getting it just put me over the top and i wanted more. The coffee table was put back in the center of the room, i was placed on it on my back and a dick was in my mouth, someone was eating my pussy and my tits were pinched,sucked and nibbled on. i could not take it any longer and was begging for someome to fuck me. mike was the first to get on and was pumping me like he was mad. He got off and another dick took his place. Then there was a finger in my ass and it startled me a bit but i was so in the moment i did not care then i felt two fingers in my ass then three i think i did not care. I was then turned over and lubed and a dick slid up my ass. I was then helpped up so i could sit on a guy lying on the floor with my pussy and a dick was again in my ass and one in my mouth. This went on for hours with dicks going in and out of all my holes and i just kept having orgasm after orgasm. Then i realize that no one else was cumming. A guy would fuck me until he was on the verge and the stop and someone else took his place. This went on and on for i dont know how long. Eventualy someone blew his load in my mouth and then the flood gates open and cum shooting in all my openings and all over my body. when we were done i went to the bath and stood in the shower for about fifteen minutes, when i came out most of the guys were gone. Andy gave me an envelope and ask for my number so we can do this again. I told him i could'nt because was'nt what i do but i took his number and told him when i want a good fucking i would give him a call. I went home and went to bed the next morning my whole body was sore but good sore like when i over do iy at the gym. i openned the envelope and found eight hundred dollars and a note from the groom saying best night of his life. i think i should give Andy a call to set up a party. If i do i will write about it.

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