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Steamy Vacation

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My wife Lee and I have had many adventures but none quite like the one that happened last month while on an Alaska cruise. The flight was not without incident either. We flew from our home in Key West to Los Angeles where we were to catch our cruise ship. Because it was a redeye flight there were only about 35 people on the flight. After we took off they darkened the cabin so most people could sleep. Lee and I were seated in the last set of seats in front of the mid cabin lavatories. Once everyone was pretty much settled in for the long flight, Lee grabbed a blanket. I thought she was going to get some rest like most, but she had other plans. She laid the blanket over our laps and reached over and grabbed my crotch. Surprised I looked at Lee and saw that familiar gleam in her eye that told me I was not going to get any rest. She began stroking my dick through my jeans until I was hard. She made short work of my pants and freed my hard rod. I figured a handjob would be a nice start to our vacation so I just closer my eyes and enjoyed what was happening. Before I could stop her she laid down in my lap and took my stiffness in her mouth. Her warm moist lips and tongue felt great as she went to work on me. I closed my eyes and was enjoying what my lovely lady was treating me to. I opened my eyes only see that someone was staring back. A good looking guy about our age was walking past to use the facilities. It would not take a rocket scientist to figure out what was happening under the blanket. He just kinda grinned and I nodded as he passed by, did his business and headed back to his seat. I went back to the bliss of Lee?s talented mouth. I felt another presence as I looked up again and much to my surprise I saw the same guy but he had and gorgeous little redhead with him. Lee didn?t miss a beat as he leaned over as quietly asked if it was ok if they could watch. I said I didn?t mind. We were seated in a section of 4 seats so they took the other two next to us. I picked the blanket up slightly so they could get a better view. Lee noticed our admirers and pulled my hard wet cock from her mouth long enough to grin and saw hi and went right back to work. They guy, who?s name was Rick, was watching intently as he fondled Amy?s nice tits making her nipples very hard. They were actually some of the biggest nipples I have seen. Her eyes were also locked on Lee?s mouth as she worked me over. Her left hand was rubbing Rick?s cock through his pants. I noticed her right hand had slid slowly up her short skirt. Her right hand must have found what she was looking for because she closed her eyes and let out a very soft moan. I decided to take a chance and put my left hand on her thigh. I figured she would either like it or get pissed and leave. Either way I still had Lee slowly servicing my cock. I got my answer as soon as my hand touched her soft skin. She grabbed my hand and quickly moved it to her damp panties. I was able to move her panties out of the way to reveal a shaved pussy, I say they not because I could see it but I felt no hair whatsoever. I slid two fingers into her wet snatch as she let out a deep sigh. Lee looked up to see what was going on. Amy opened her eyes and looked down at Lee who winked at her and smiled. Lee took my cock out of her mouth and pointed it toward Amy. I guess that was all the invitation she needed because she quickly dove her head to my lap and took my whole cock down to my balls in one quick move. Forgetting Rick was even there I gave him a look to make sure that he was ok with what was happening. He just smiled and now had his own cock out and was stroking it. I told Lee that Rick may need some help but Rick said no, he was fine. He said that he just liked to watch. Oh well to each their own I guess. I guided Lee?s head back to my lap and now had both ladies sucking and stroking my cock. A guy can only take so much of two women servicing his dick before the inevitable happens. I told both ladies that I was going to cum. It had been building very slowly and softly so I knew that I would not be shooting over the seat but gently go over the edge. They both had their lips on my cock as I started oozing cum from the tip in several waves. I did squirt once as a splash of cum landed on Amy?s cheek. Lee was quick to lick it off her. The ladies made sure that there was no cum left and kissed deeply sharing my cum. Amy had left a small puddle of her own cum on the seat from the fingering I gave her while she was blowing me. I pulled my fingers to taste her sweetness when Lee grabbed my hand looked deep in Amy?s eyes and sucked her cum off my fingers. Amy closed her eyes and grunted as she came again. Amy finally came back to earth and told Lee that she had one more thing to share with her. She turned in her seat and took Rick?s very hard cock in her mouth. It only took about 10 seconds of intense sucking before Rick closed his eyes and let loose in her mouth. As soon as he was done convulsing she spun back around and kissed Lee deeply again. We all composed ourselves and got dressed. We moved to different seats because Amy really did a number on hers. She really soaked that cushion. As we chatted it turned out that it was there first time actually doing anything like that. They had been to several swing clubs but only watched from a distance. We asked them where they were headed. They said they were flying to LA to catch a cruise ship. Lee smiled and asked which cruise they were going on. They said that they were headed on a cruise to Mexico. We told them it was too bad, we were going on the Alaska cruise. Amy jabbed Rick in the ribs giggling and said ?I told you that I wanted to go to Alaska?. She wanted to go on the Alaska cruise but he had talked her in to the Mexico one instead. We all decided to get some rest and fell quietly asleep. Next thing we knew we were on final approach and it was time to head our separate ways. We exchanged hugs and phone numbers and said once we were back home maybe we could get together since they lived in Miami and we were only a couple of hours south in the Keys. We took our shuttle from the airport to the cruise terminal. Once we got onboard and found our cabin and got our luggage, we decided to do some exploring. We walked all over the ship. We found the dining rooms, there were 8 of them. We found the pool deck, the casino and all the other amenities. We stood out on deck as we pulled away from the pier watching all the activities. Lee suggested that we go back our cabin and get cleaned up for lunch. We went back to our cabin and showered but not before Lee needed some servicing. She was still very horny from the events that took place on the airplane. I fucked her hard and fast making her cum twice before squirting my cum all over her beautiful tits. We got dressed in light comfortable clothes since it was in the 80?s and very sunny. We found one of the 4 dining rooms that were serving lunch and had a nice light lunch. Lee said that she wanted to go to the pool next. We ran back to cabin, grabbed our swimsuits and were at the pool in no time. Lee was taking turns jumping in the cool water and laying out getting some sun. I had other plans. I was sitting in the pool under a large awning that housed a swim up bar. I would glance over occasionally making sure that Lee was ok. I had just ordered another drink when I felt Lee behind me kissing my neck. As she kissed around my neck I closed my eyes and turned my head and kissed her deep sticking my tongue deep in her mouth. Imagine my surprise when I realized it wasn?t Lee but Amy. I was shocked and looked for Lee. She was laughing at the corner of the pool with Rick. Amy told me that when they got to the cruise terminal they asked what it would take to change their cruise. It took all the rest of their frequent flyer miles but she said it was worth it and hoped we didn?t feel awkward or uncomfortable. I told her that we didn?t feel that way at all. Rick and Lee came over and we all had a drink. Lee said that she was tired from all the swimming and wanted to go lay down for a while. We exchanged cabin numbers and said not to feel obligated or anything but to feel free to give a call if we wanted. By the time we got back to the cabin it was almost 4 so we took a quick shower and laid down, quickly falling asleep. I woke up at 7:30 with my cock deep in Lee?s mouth. She has always enjoyed waking me up that way. It?s a great way to awake. I spun her around until her head was straddling my face. She lowered her already wet pussy onto my waiting pierced tongue. I quickly went to work as she worked on my cock with her expert mouth. She really began to squirm as tongued her clit. I grabbed a taper candle from the table next to the bed and plunged it wide end first into her dripping cunt. The shock of something hard driving into her sent her over the edge and she screamed as she came, drenching my face and the pillow. She still swirling when I picked up the other candle and slipped it small end first into her pussy with the other candle. What she didn?t know is I was only getting it wet. I pulled it back out and rammed it into her unsuspecting ass. She really screamed this time and grunted loud as she came over and over. As soon as she came down long enough to know her name she slid around, yanked the candle from her ass and sank down on my cock. She was now facing me with my cock buried in her ass and a candle still buried in her pussy. I grabbed the candle and really went to town till she grunted again and squirted her juices all over my chest and face that was still covered in her cum. She started slowly moving her ass up and down riding my cock telling me how good it felt to have me deep in her ass and the only thing better would be to have another fucking her pussy at the same time. She loves to talk dirty which really drives me crazy. She said she wanted two cocks filling her up with another in her mouth while I had another woman riding my tongue. That was too much for me the handle, I blew my hot wad as deep as could deep in her ass filing her up. She came one more time feeling me shot cum in her ass. As she stood up my cum dripped from her ass and splashed on my chest. She giggled and said ?look at the mess I made, I better clean that up?. She quickly tongued my chest till it was free of cum and headed for the shower. Of course this made me hard as a rock again but she signaled that she was done for now and it was time to get ready for dinner. We dressed and headed for dinner, but before we left I called room service to have our linen changed. Lee got a little embarrassed but hey that is what they get paid for. Dinner was great. After we ate we headed for one of the countless theme bars that were all over the ship. We found a quiet little piano bar and had a few quiet drinks. It was almost 11 by the time we got back to the cabin. When we walked in the bed was made with fresh linens and a couple of mints on the pillow. Very nice I though, then I notice there was also a small envelope. I figured that it was for a tip for an unscheduled change of sheets. When I opened it there was a note inside. It was from the attendant that was in charge of making up our room. She said that her name was Bev and she had walked by several times earlier and heard us having a good time and that she got very horny listening outside our door. She said when she changed the sheets the smell of sex and all Lee?s cum actually made her cum right in the middle of our room. She said that if we ever needed any help or an extra set of hands to call her personal number. We crashed hard and slept deeply. When we woke up we realized we had slept through breakfast and it was almost lunch time. We got dressed to go get something to eat. When we left our cabin and noticed several bell carts in the hallway. They were full of all kinds of things from fresh sheets to dirty dishes left from breakfast room service. Hanging from the side of the carts were clip boards that indicated who had that cart and which room they were responsible for. Lee asked me what I was looking for as I inspected every cart. I told here I was trying to figure out which one was ours. She smacked my ass and said forget about it for now, she was hungry. After a refreshing lunch buffet, we took our iced teas up on deck to enjoy the view. We chatted and drank our tea enjoying the fresh sea air. It doesn?t get any better than this. After we finished she said she felt like going for a swim. We headed for our cabin. When we turned down our hall I noticed that there was a cart right in front of our room. My cock twitched in my jeans. We got to our cabin and the door was open. I quietly stepped inside to see who was inside. What I saw really surprised me. Standing there with a terrified look on her face was a young woman in her mid twenties, wearing a neat cruise uniform with a pair of Lee?s panties firmly planted against her nose. Her nametag said her name was Beverley. I acted mad and asked her what the hell see though she was doing. She stuttered out that she was very sorry but the smell of Lee?s pussy was very addicting and she needed to smell it again. I told her that I was very upset and that I should turn her in to her supervisor. She begged me not to turn her in that she would do anything to make it up to us. Lee got a devilish look in her eye and spoke for the first time. She told Bev that it was not that easy. She felt very violated. Even if we didn?t call her boss, she still needed to be taught a lesson. First she told her to pull her cart in the room and close the door. She did what she was told and Lee told her to take all her clothes off. Again she did as she was told. She had the body of someone in their mid twenties that spend their share of time in the gym and laying out in the sun. She had a couple of extra pounds around her hips but was very cute none the less. Lee grabbed a sleeping mask from the cart and told her to put it on so she couldn?t see what was happening. She also told she was not to move unless specifically directed by her. She told her to bend over and grab ahold of her ankles. When she did Lee took one of her favorite toys, a riding crop, out of her bag and swung it at her bare ass. The crack even took me off guard and Bev let out a squeal. She took turns on each cheek giving her a stinging spanking until both her ass cheeks were bright red and puffy from the beating. Next she told her to stand up straight. When she did she had tears running down her face from under the mask. I know how brutal Lee can be sometimes when she is in her dominatrix role. I know because I have been on the receiving end of it several times when she felt I needed to be taught a lesson about who was in control. Lee grabbed her cheeks and squeezed. She asked her if she was hurt. Bev shook her head from side to side saying no. Lee grinned and asked her if she liked to be spanked. Bev nodded yes. She then grabbed the panties that Bev had been sniffing and told her to open her mouth. When she did she stuffed the panties in her mouth saying ?there, maybe that will keep you quiet?. Lee then grabbed both of Bev?s nipples hard and pinched. They got hard almost immediately. Lee grinned saying ?I guess she likes that?. Back into her toy bag she went. She came back with two large nipple clamps that had connections on them for wires. Bev winced when Lee clamped them on her nipples but never saw what was coming next. Lee connected the wires to the clamps. The wires led back to a small box with several switches. Lee winked at me and turned one of the switches and Bev yelped and clenched her fists. She never anticipated the electric current that flowed through the wires and into her nipples. But they were now as hard as they had ever been I?m sure. Lee then turned the switch the other way and left it there. The box made a small hum noise. It was sending a small constant current through the wires and directly into her nipples. Bev moaned as Lee said "?man she must really like this, she is literally dripping wet?. Lee grabbed her face again asked her if she wanted to stop. She shook her head no as Lee grabbed one of her nipples and squeezed the clamp even tighter. Bev squealed through the panties she was clenching her teeth against. Lee looked back across her shoulders and said that she though it was time for the next step of Bev?s punishment. She grabbed two more wire leads and connected them to the box. She told Bev to spread her legs wider as she slapped the inside of her thigh with the riding crop leaving another welt. She said again how wet this little bitch was getting from her punishment. She attached the two new leads to two smaller clamps which she clipped to each side of her dripping pussy lips. She giggled that this should really get things going. She turned another switch for about five seconds and Bev?s entire body stiffened. When she let it go it was like someone had dumped a small glass of water as Bev?s cum hit the floor at her feet. Bev was breathing very heavy now and her face was completely flushed. Lee asked her again if she was being hurt. Bev shook her head furiously no and continued to shake her head when Lee asked her if she wanted her to stop. Lee walked over and connected the last lead to the box, but this one was a little different. Instead of a clamp it was more like a small probe. Lee turned the last switch to on. The probe gives you the same feeling as if you touch a 9 volt battery to your tongue. Just for good measure she gave her another quick strong jolt through her nipples and turned it back to constant. She gave her another quick shot directly into her pussy lips as well. She touched the tip of the probe to her now swollen clit. It was turning on a faucet because everytime she touched it to Bev?s pussy it started flowing cum. Lee grabbed a tube of AnalEze and lubed up the probe and gave me a wink. She gave Bev another strong jolt to her nipples and pussy and told her to bend over again. Here we go. When she was bent over Lee jammed the probe deep in her ass. Bev squealed and came hard soaking the carpet beneith her. Next she motioned for me to get undressed. I was naked in no time. I was also hard as a rock watching my wife punish this young woman for sniffing her panties. I knew exactly what Lee wanted me to do. As soon as Lee pulled the probe from Bev?s ass it was replaced with my rock hard cock. Lee went back to the box and worked the switches as I pounded this young ass. I could actually feel the electricity in my cock when Lee would energize the clamps on her pussy lips. I slammed her ass hard for about 15 minutes when I told Lee that I was going to cum. Lee just told me to fill it up. I pulled almost all the way out and drove my cock as deep as it would go and dumped a load of hot cum as deep in her little ass as I could. The same time I did that Lee hit the strong switches on all the clamps and probe and shoved it deep in her pussy. Every muscle in Bev?s body contracted as tight as they could for about 10 seconds and Lee shut the box off. When the current stopped Bev dumped what cum she had left at my feet on the floor. I pulled my cock from her ass. Lee helped her up and in to the shower. She got her cleaned up and she started to get dressed. Before she put her panties on though Lee stopped her. She handed her a pair of wireless remote control vibrating panties and told her that she better be wearing them for the rest of the cruise or the punishment she just got would seem like a day at Sunday school. Bev got the rest of her stuff together and Lee told her to get the hell out of our room unless we called her, reminding her about the panties. As soon as she left Lee started laughing uncontrollably. She always enjoyed breaking in a new sub. When she settled down she got a more serious look on her face and told me I better recover fast because she was horny. I told her that was fine as long as she kept that damn box and clamps away from me. She put them away. I grabbed one of her favorite dildos from her bag and went to work on her wet pussy. I fucked her hard with the latex dick and flicked my tongue over her rock hard clit. It didn?t take long for my cock to recover and I pulled the fake cock from her pussy and replaced it with mine. She flipped over because she wanted me to fuck her doggy style, which was fine with me, it was my favorite position. I was really laying it to her when she growled that her ass was being neglected. I didn?t need any other instruction. The dildo was still wet from her pussy so I slid nicely into her waiting ass. She began bucking wildly and throwing her head from side to side as the rubber cock penetrated her ass and I pounded her soaked cunt. After she had cum several times, she calmed down and asked me to take to cock out of her ass and she pulled away from my hard cock. I though she was done but she simply said she was now in the mood to suck cock. Ok, far be it for me to deprive my woman. She went to work on my stiff rod and in no time I was spilling my seed down her throat. By this time it was almost 4 but she asked if we could still go to the pool and maybe take in a late dinner. I told her that was ok with me and we left for the pool. Bev was in the next room cleaning as we walked by. Lee stuck her head in and told her to get our fucking room made up right now or there would be hell to pay and added that she would know if anything had been sniffed. As she turned to leave the room I saw her with the remote to the panties in her hand. She jammed the button down and Bev nearly fell over weak in the knees as she came again. We swam a little while and had a later dinner and returned to our room. When we returned the room was spotless and there were more mints on our pillows. There was also another note telling ?Madame L? that she was hers to do with what she pleased anytime day or night. It wasn?t too awful late so Lee decided to give it a try. She called Bev?s number and simply said I?m waiting and hung up the phone. Not more than a few minutes later there was a knock on the door. She was standing there with a little pair of cotton shorts and a tank top on. Lee had gotten a little sun swimming so she told her to rub her down with lotion. Bev grabbed a bottle of lotion and started rubbing her down from head to toe. When she finish she bowed her head and asked ?is there anything else mistress??. Lee said yeah I?ll give you a little treat for being a good slave today. She told me to get undressed, which I did. Then she bent over the bed and pulled her swimsuit to the side telling me to slide my cock in and out of her pussy a couple of times, which of course I did. She then announced she was taking a shower and she would allow Bev to suck her pussy juices off my cock but she had better have made me cum and leave me spotless before she returned. With that she was gone in the bathroom. Bev immediately came over without ever looking me in the eyes and dropped to her knees and gobbled my cock in her mouth making loud slurping noises as she sucked Lee?s pussy taste off my cock. She fondled my balls with one hand as she furiously bobbed her head in an attempt to make me cum. After about 5 minutes of the assault my cock was taking from her mouth, I shot my cum as hard as could in her mouth. She didn?t even flinch, she just kept sucking until she was sure that there was none left. When she was sure there was none left she just stood up, again never looking me in the eyes and was gone. The next several days were pretty uneventful other than the occasional times we would see Bev doing her duties around the ship and Lee would hit the remote for the panties and Bev would try to maintain her composure. She nearly dumped an entire tray of breakfast on some old man the one morning. Most of the times she would never even know we were there before or after the jolt against her clit. We were about mid way through the cruise and Lee decided one night after dinner she wanted to go out and dance a little. Well I not much of a dancer but I do enjoy watching her moves from the sidelines. She was out cutting it up as usual when Rick and Amy walked in. They both ordered drinks and Rick asked why I wasn?t out there with Lee. I told him about my two left feet and he asked if he could dance with her. I said I didn?t mind. He winked at Amy and told her to keep me company. He slid up next to Lee and they were in sync in no time. This guy must have been an instructor because he had moves I?ve never seen before and Lee matched him step for step through all the salsa tunes they were pumping. Amy had me trapped against the mirrored wall and turned her back to me and just started a slow grind of her ass against my now hard cock. She was wearing a very tight and short tube type dress and high heels. It was very dark in the club except for the strobe lights and such on the dance floor. She continued grinding hard against my cock. She only turned around once and slid her finger under my nose in my mustache. She had stuck her finger in her pussy and wanted me to know it. She moved her ass away for me far enough to reach back and unzip my pants. She reached in and started stroking my cock behind her back. This was incredible. She leaned her head back and told me to look out on the dance floor. She said ?look at that, he is practically fucking her in the middle of the dance floor?. Sure enough he was dancing tight in behind her and had his hand up her skirt from behind. She had her head thrown back and her eyes closed as they rocked back and forth to a slow song. For a couple that had never done this sort of thing, they were damn good at it. She pushed me back to a stool against the wall behind the large circle table and pulled my cock out of my zipper continuing to stroke it behind her back blocking it all from view. I reached around and cupped her tits squeezing hard. She began pumping my cock harder. This was all great but I never expected her to do what she did next. She pulled her skirt up over her ass and leaned back as my cock sank deep in her pussy. She didn?t move at first, she just took it all in. The making sure no one had witnessed what she just did she started slowly standing and sitting back down stroking my cock with her very tight but wet pussy. She said she had been waiting to feel that since the airplane. A couple of minutes later Rick and Lee came back to the table. Lee?s face was all flushed looking like she had just cum. She had, right in the middle of the dance floor. She looked at me and saw what I was ding and only said ?good, your busy?. She pushed Rick in the stool next to me and dropped to her knees under the table. I saw Rick jerk forward in the chair when she grabbed his pants to free his cock and she began giving him an intense blowjob. A couple of minutes into this one of the doormen, who finally saw what was happening, came over. He said as much as he liked the view, we would have to take this somewhere else. I expected the girls to stop so we could go somewhere more private. Instead Lee grabbed to door guy by the belt unzipped his pants and pulled out his soft monster cock. This guy was huge and was flaccid. She took him into her mouth as he began to grow. He started to object but Lee has a very talented mouth. He was rock hard in no time and very large now. She took turns stroking both guys she had in her hands. The door guy started breathing kinda swallow so she knew he was gonna cum soon. In one slick move Lee took this whole guy into her mouth and deep throated him like I have never seen her do. The guy grabbed to he table for balance as he shot his load for what seemed like minutes before pulling his cock from Lee's lips as she smiled at him. He said he would be right back as he tucked his monster back in his pants. He returned with a large mobile curtain that had signs for private party and stretched it around ours and one other table so we had room. He just said to make sure we didn?t make a lot of noise and he would make sure we were not disturbed. Lee giggled shyly and said innocently ?now where were we??. She went back to blowing Rick like nothing had just happened. Rick told her that her mouth was the best he had felt but that he wanted to fuck her in the worst way. Lee responded ok like I had just asked her if she wanted a glass of water. She stood up and spun around leaning over another stool and lifted her skirt. Rick wasted no time in burying his cock deep in my wife?s wet pussy. Amy started really picking up the pace as she no longer had to hide that she was riding my cock. She asked me to fuck her as hard and fast as I could as she leaned forward and bent over another stool so she was face to face with Lee. I grabbed her by the hips and really went to town tearing that little pussy up as she kissed Lee hungrily. Rick and I both told the ladies we were ready to cum when Lee told us to hold that thought for just a few more minutes. Without missing a beat she reached into her small purse and pulled her phone out. She dialed quickly and only said ?Bar 6, private party NOW? and hung up the phone. After only maybe a minute and a half Bev walked quickly into our little party area panting and short of breath. Lee told her to get on her knees and told us that we were to cum on her face. Not in her mouth because that would stay closed but on her face. Rick looked confused as he looked to me and I told him I would explain later to just do what Lee asked. We both began pumping furiously until we were ready to cum. We both pulled out and hopped over till our cocks where on either side of Bev?s pretty young face and soaked her with loads of cum. It was over her eyes, across her nose, dripping from her lips and chin and a couple of globs landed in her hair. As soon as we stepped away from her Lee barked for her to get the hell out of our party and leave us alone and hit the remote for her panties causing her to shiver as she came in her shorts. I have no idea what she did when she stepped out from behind that curtain with her face and hair covered in cum but when I peeked out she was gone. We composed ourselves and I explained to Rick and Amy what Bev?s deal was and they said that now they understood. We had a couple of more drinks and called it a night. The next morning we pulled into port in Alaska for two days and pretty much did our own thing, sightseeing and buying souvenirs. We, of course, managed a couple of hidden romps while ashore to keep things interesting. We got back to the ship about an hour before sailing at 11 at night and crashed in our cabin for the night. The next morning we woke up but didn?t feel like going down for breakfast so we called room service. When the knock came at the door I opened it and there was Bev in her fresh pressed uniform with her tray and our breakfast. Lee stuck her head around the corner asking if it was breakfast and saw Bev standing there. She asked Bev if the orange juice we ordered was fresh squeezed. Bev told her that she was pretty sure it was. Lee barked back ?did you squeeze it yourself??. Bev lowered her head and said no. Lee told her she had five minutes to be back here with 6 oranges and slammed the door. At about four and a half minutes there came a knock at the door, it was Bev with the oranges. Lee grabbed her by the arm and jerked her into the room and told her to take her top off. As soon as she did the nipple clamps were back on and the switch turned to high. Bev squealed and her nipples stood straight out at attention. Lee picked up a knife and cut the oranges in half and handed them to her and told her to juice the oranges using her nipples as a juicer. Why had I never thought of that before. Bev took each half and squeezed and rubbed the orange halves against her electrified nipples until she had every drop of juice out of them. Lee jerked the nipple clamps off her not by unattaching the clamps but by jerking the wires and ripping them off her. She threw a towel at her to wipe the juice and pulp from her chest and told her to put her top back on. She then walked over and told her to open her mouth and stick her tongue out. Lee shoved two fingers into her own pussy and pulled them out and smeared her juice on Bev?s waiting tongue. She then told her that was her tip for the fresh OJ and told her to leave. We spent most of the rest of the day walking around the ship and gambling in the casino. At about 6 we decided to get some dinner in the main dining room. We had just sat down to order drinks when our waiter told us that our drinks with dinner were paid for this evening. We asked who had taken care of it and he told us that the guy at the end of the bar had. We looked to see who it was and saw the door guy from the night club. We waved and he waved back. After finishing dinner and several drink we were both pretty well buzzed. She said that she was tired but very horny and asked if I minded if the door guy with the monster cock could fuck her tonight. I told her I didn?t care but what was I supposed to do, just stand there holding my dick? She said she would take care of me. She skipped over and after a few seconds came back to the table with monster cock and we headed to our cabin. Much to my surprise Bev was already in our room naked. Lee had called her while she was at the bar and told her to be waiting. We all wasted no time getting undressed as Lee crawled on the bed on all fours waving her ass telling the monster that he better fuck her pussy good and hard. He didn?t want to make her wait so he jumped on the bed and grabbed her by the hips and drove his huge rod as far as he could in Lee?s waiting cunt. She screamed at the invasion and came immediately but grunted that he better not stop so he continued tearing apart her dripping wet hole. Lee saw that Bev and I were just standing there and yelled at me to do what I wanted to her, she didn?t invite her to just stand around and watch. I certainly didn?t want Lee mad at me so I pushed Bev on all fours and shoved my cock in her pussy. All we heard from the bed was grunting as door guy fucked Lee?s aching pussy like no tomorrow. I leaned over and asked Bev what she wanted to do. She nervously looked back at me then to the bed where Lee?s head was buried in a pillow screaming. She then quietly said she wanted to feel my cock in her ass again. I was happy to oblige. I pulled out of her dripping snatch of shoved it deep in her ass with no problem. I grabbed a handful of hair and fucked her nice little ass as hard as I could till I grunted and blew my hot sticky cum in her ass. Monster guy was ready to blow too but Lee stopped him and told him to cum on her tits. The guy didn?t seem to care where it landed as long as he came. When he let loose it was like someone opened a firehose. Stream after stream of hot white cum squirted from his cock and slashed all over Lee?s perky tits drenching her in sticky cum. As soon as he was done cumming Lee looked right at him and said thanks for the fuck now you need to leave. He just kinda shrugged his shoulders and got dressed and was gone. Then she turned her attention to Bev and told her to get her cute little ass up there and clean her off. Bev went to grab a towel because there was so much cum covering her, but Lee said ?no, with your tongue and if your good I?ll let you lick my pussy clean too so you can taste and smell it first hand?. Bev crawled up on the bed and got busy licking Lee clean paying special attention to her tits and hard nipples. Soon there was no trace of cum left. She went to get up and Lee grabbed her head and kissed her deeply and gently then guided her mouth down to her pussy telling her to make sure he didn?t leave any cum in there. This is what Bev had been waiting for, a taste of Lee?s delicious pussy. She worked that pussy over with the skills of a pro. Making Lee cum at least five times. By this time I was hard again and all I saw was Bev?s cute ass waving as she ate Lee?s pussy. I slid in behind her and slipped my cock in her wet pussy pumping long quick strokes until she was cumming. The feeling of her tight little pussy muscles gripping my cock as she came was enough for me and I came in her little love box. Lee knew what had just happened and slipped around into a 69 position under Bev and took my cock in her mouth as I pulled out. ?MMM, she tastes good? was all she said. Before shoving her tongue in Bev?s cum filled cunt. Bev came about 7 times in a row from the tongue lashing that Lee was giving her. Lee came twice more when Bev started licking her again. Then we were done. We all cleaned up and Bev got dressed and we were ready for bed. We were pulling into port the next morning and didn?t know if we would see her before we left. Lee gave her a huge hug and kissed her deep and long. Bev thanked her for the training. Lee gave her our number back in Key West in case she were ever out for Fantasy Fest. We ran into Rick and Amy on the pier and exchanged hugs and kisses. We had each others number for when we returned home. Amy asked if we were sure we didn?t want to take the same flight home. I just chuckled that I needed to get some rest and that would not happen if we did. We took the shuttle back to the airport and boarded our flight. As soon as we leveled off the lights in the cabin were dimmed. Lee had another blanket over our laps. Just as I started to relax I felt Lee?s hand against my thigh. I thought, man I don?t have the energy for this again but she had only reached to hold my hand and drifted off to sleep. Finally I was able to relax but just as I started falling asleep all I could think about was what is she dreaming up next?

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