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Slow start to a fast night Anal & Group

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Slow start to a fast night.

My wife (Sina) has always picked on me about being bi and how much I love to share big cocks with her. She wasn’t much into anal play but enjoyed watching me take one up the ass. I figured it was about time for me to see her take a big cock, so I hatched a plan. Over the years we’ve meet with different bi couples and the men’s cocks have varied in sizes from average to very large. I called each couple and started setting up a play date for a Saturday that everyone could attend. You must understand that I only called the couples that I trusted, we had played with before and that I would never let anyone hurt my wife. Once the date was set, I told Sina we were going to give a surprise party for Ted and Linda and to dress to impress. Like most women, that meant having her hair and nails fixed just right along with the dress that shows all the right curves in all the right places. While setting this party up, I had asked that only the men would get to play first and their wives agreed as long as everyone got to play before the night was over. I had fixed a goody bag that went along with my plan. The bag had plenty of lube, blindfold, condoms and handcuffs which you will understand about later. She was curious about the bag but knew by the grin I had that she would like the surprise. Ted and Linda is a couple that we play with the most and she feels most comfortable with, we told her the party was to celebrate their first swinger experience. A lame excuse that fortunately Linda was able to convince her of. Everyone that I had invited showed up on time and soon everyone was catching up or introducing themselves to other couples. I was mixing drinks for everyone and of course mixing Sina’s a little stronger as the night went along. After a few hours of talking, flirting and the effects of the strong drinks, I gave Linda the signal to start my plan. She whispered into my wife’s ear and soon they took off to the bedroom. After a little time had passed I knocked on the bedroom door and Linda stepped out. She said everything was ready and that the wife was primed for action. I looked in and sure enough, there was my wife on all fours with her beautiful ass in the air. She had the blindfold on and she was handcuffed to the bed. I could tell Linda had been enjoying Cina’s pussy since I could see her juices streaming down her thighs. I leaned over to her and asked if she was having fun yet and was ready for a big surprise. She asked what I had in mind and I told her to trust me. I also told her that at any time she felt uncomfortable that I would stop everything and that I would be in the room the whole time. She was confused by my remarks but very intrigued as she started moaning as Linda was back licking her swollen clit. I went back to where all the couples were and assigned each man with a number. I told the wives they would be the fluffers and they could orally play with who ever as long as each man was ready when I called their number. I also instructed that condoms were in the bag and for the ladies make sure they were used since everyone would be playing later on. I went back to the bedroom where Linda was bringing my wife to her first orgasm, since I was already hard from the thoughts of what was about to happen, I slid my hard cock into her wet pussy and started to pound her. She was pushing back matching my strokes when I lubed her ass up and placed one then two fingers into her tight ass. She was really starting to moan when I called number 1 in. Dave was the smallest of the group with a seven inch thin cock. I motioned him over as I pulled out and stepped aside. Dave placed the head of his hard cock to her ass and slowly entered her. At first she protested but I leaned over to her and gave her a deep long kiss and told her to relax. Dave started slow at first then picked up the pace as his balls started to slap against her ass. I asked her if she was enjoying the ride yet and she could only moan out a weak yes. Linda had the bottle of lube and made sure everything stayed well lubricated including the two fingers she was using in Sinas pussy. It didn’t take long for Dave to pull out of her pussy and shoot his load of cum onto her back. I called number two; Tim was the next biggest with a long thick eight inches that had a perfect mushroom head. He immediately slid his cock into the widening hole that was still pulsating from Dave’s assault. Tim slowly pushed in as Sina was building up to another orgasm from Linda’s expert use of her fingers. Once Tim was completely inside her, he slowly rocked back and forth so she could feel all eight inches in her tight ass. I knew she was about to explode with her second orgasm as her legs started to tremble. All at once Sina yelled “fuck me harder” as she arched her back up and strained against the handcuffs as she squirted cum down Linda’s arm. Tim meanwhile feeling the hot cum, groaned out he was cumming as he thrust hard into her ass. He pulled out just in time to add his cum to Dave’s. I didn’t think Sina could take anymore as she had taken two cocks up her ass and had cum dripping down her back. She surprised me when she said “I want more cock up my ass”, so I called for number three and told her to prepare for a good ass fucking. Sam who was number three and biggest of all, got in behind her, Linda brought Kay into the room. Kay was Sam’s wife, a beautiful blond with DD tits and a models figure. Kay loves to lick pussy and crawled under Sina as Linda moved up to tongue fuck Sina’s mouth. Sam was ready with his hard ten inch cock and I wondered if Sina could take him. He slowly pushed the head of his massive cock into her gaping ass and stretched her ass so far I thought her ass would tear open. He stopped for a minute, then slowly inched into her. Sina was feeling every thick inch as she struggled to catch her breath and then in a lusty tone said “I know who this cock belongs to” so I pulled the blind fold off so she could see everyone watching. When Sam had about nine inches in, Sina pushed back hard against him letting out a cry of pain and pleasure. She held all ten inches in and looked around at us with a triumphant grin and said I’m glad you saved him for last; I’ve been wanting to feel that huge cock in my ass for a long time. Sam slowly pulled out, then in one long slow stroke pushed his massive cock back in. He continued this for a few minutes while we watched Linda and Kay have their way with the rest of Sina’s body. Sina was very verbal as she matched his motions. Every time he pushed all of his cock in, she would say “give it to me harder” as she forced her ass against his balls. Soon you could hear the slapping sounds of his balls against her round ass as they tried to out fuck each other. I could see the pure lust in her eyes as she took every thrust and returned it with a loud moan and an equal thrust back. Kay moved around to Sina’s ass and started running her tongue through the warm cum as she looked into Sam’s eyes. Seeing this, he couldn’t hold out any longer and pulled out to shoot long streams of cum against his wife’s face and into her mouth. Kay, having a mouthful of hot cum, went and held Sina’s head with her hands as they shared a long cum filled kiss that made everyone even hotter than they already were. As everyone was returning to the living room, I took the handcuffs off and wiped the large pool of cum from her back. Seeing that I was still hard and hadn’t cum yet, she said my ass is sore but my pussy still needs a good fucking. With that said, she mounted me and brought me to a fast orgasm before joining the others for a wild night of group sex that lasted until the next morning. Maybe I’ll write about that another day. Since that night, Sina has had a new appreciation for the pleasures a big cock can bring to a tight ass.

Thanks for reading, Mustangfire321

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