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Six Divided by Two Equal Three

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My wife Liz and I knew exactly what we were getting into as we drove out to a summer cottage on a lake outside of our town. Our erotic talks during fuck sessions were about to turn into reality. We had been considering group sex for some time, but really had no idea how to get into it. Most of our friends were as green as we were and none had even hinted at exploring each other's spouses.

And then by accident we met two couples at a golf club party. We hit it off real well with them. They were very upfront about their bedroom activities that included fucking each other's mates, or any other warm body that joined in. We spent the evening with them, drinking wine and dancing. They recognized our fascination with their life style and invited us to join them the following weekend at their cottage.

Liz and I fucked our brains out that night with the thoughts of the treat awaiting us. She told me that both of the men, Rob and Paul, had told her that she was hot and they wanted into her panties. She said, "I can't believe we are going to do this. My pussy cramps up when I think of those guys wanting in me."

I had been just as excited about the wives. Marg and Toni were both as outgoing as their husbands, using their bodies on me while dancing and whispering what they would like to do with my cock as they rubbed against it. They were as excited about fucking a new guy as I was about wanting to do them.

The plan was to stay the weekend with them, so when we arrived we were shown to a bedroom where we unpacked and cleaned up. Liz put on a sundress, sheer enough to see her lace half-cup bra and bikini panties underneath. There was probably no need to advertise for these guys, they were ready to fuck her as soon as she walked in, but this would let them know that she was ready. I wore light shorts and golf shirt.

A few drinks, some chat to reacquaint ourselves, and we were suddenly spilt into threesomes. Myself on a couch with Marg and Toni, while the guys had Liz on a bar stool between them. It looked as if we were already to get down to business.

I had a gal on each side of me, tits from both sides rubbing my arms. The gals both wore shorts and halter-tops, and my only problem was choosing which set to go for first. Toni solved that by undoing her halter and releasing two sweet tits with large brown aureoles and pointy nipples.

I glanced across the room where Rob had Liz's tits out and was sucking her nipples. She lifted her ass to allow Paul to pull her panties. Paul's fingers immediately went for her pussy and Liz closed her eyes with two men showing their desire to fuck her.

Marg unzipped my fly and slipped a hot hand into my shorts. I groaned as I lifted Toni's tit to my mouth to suck while Marg's hands closed around my cock. She pulled my shorts and briefs down and off, then stood up and stripped naked in front of me. Toni's hand was now stroking my cock as I alternated sucking on her tits.

Across the room, Liz, still on the bar stool, was leaning back into the arms of Rob while Paul was standing naked in front of her, his big cock waving in front of her open cunt. Liz was lost in her lust and was not paying an attention to me at all. I heard her cry out as Paul started sinking his cock into her. Rob was still holding her from behind and was squeezing and fondling her tits. Soon there was just the sound of the grunts and groans of Paul fucking my wife.

Meanwhile, Marg was naked in front of me, her legs spreading each side of my knees as she moved her cunt over my cock. She was shaved clean, her pussy lips spread and hanging down between her legs. I reached out and fingered her, slipping two fingers up her wet pussy while rubbing her mound with my thumb. Toni was still holding my cock, and as Marg lowered her cunt, she rubbed my knob in Marg's pussy lips. "Hmm," Toni said in my ear, "you are going to love this. Just sit there and let her fuck you."

I could tell from the sounds across the room that Liz was about to cum. She begins to cry after the first cum cramp hits her, and she was crying now as Paul thighs were banging frantically against her bare ass. Her legs were wrapped around his waist as he wailed away at her.

Marg was settling down over my cock and I was intent on enjoying my first strange pussy since before marriage. I slipped my hands behind her and grabbed hold of her ass cheeks. I was going to let her fuck me, but was at least going to assist. Toni pulled back a little to give Marg room to lean ahead and to present me with her tits. I was holding Marg's ass so Toni assisted by first fondling Marg's tits and then moving a nipple to my mouth.

Marg must have been building up for this, as she had only been fucking for a minute or so when I felt her ass cheeks clenching in my hands and I knew she was about to cum. She groaned, "Give it to me, fuck me, I want you're cum!"

I was so cranked up with two willing women ready to fuck me while my wife was being banged across the room that I did not need any urging. Marg wrapped her arms around my neck and held on. She lifted up enough to give me room to let it rip and I began driving my cock up her as fast and hard as I could. I spread her ass cheeks for maximum penetration, my fingertips meeting in her crease and teasing her butt hole. There was one wild thrust as my cum began to shoot into her. I held it deep while her cunt clutched and grabbed my cock.

She collapsed on me for a few seconds, and then slowly lifted off of my softening cock. We kissed a wild tongue-lashing kiss and she stood up, my cum oozing out of her pussy and down the inside of her leg. My heart was pounding, I closed my eyes to relax and then suddenly I was curious about my wife's situation.

Paul had apparently got off and was nowhere in sight. Rob had lifted Liz off of the stool and she was naked leaning forward, and bracing herself on the bar. Rob was still in his shorts, but the tent in them indicated he was ready for some of my wife's pussy.

He was behind her, kissing his way down her back while feeling and squeezing her nipples. Liz was in profile to me so that I could not catch her expression. Her tits were dangling in front of her and the nipples were still hard and erect. She was not protesting at all and stood there in total submission to whatever Rob was prepared to do to her.

"Hey there, what about me?" It was Toni sitting beside me on the couch, Marg having left for the washroom to clean up. Toni was sitting with her legs spread. Another shaved pussy was beckoning for my attention. My heartbeat had slowed down, and my cock was pretty well at half-mast. I leaned toward her, lifted one of her tits and kissed the tip of her nipple. I smiled at her and said, "You need anything in particular baby?"

In answer she pulled my head to her tit, and as I inhaled the nipple her legs spread more widely and she murmured, "I could use a little licking until you start ticking, again."

I reached down and slipped my hand up the inside of her soft thighs until the edge of my hand was rubbing a very wet cunt. She moved the other nipple to my mouth and said, "You know what I want. Oh fuck, your fingers are hot. I want your tongue as well, and then your cock."

I smiled at her, fingered her for a bit and then moved in front of her on my knees, lifted her legs over my shoulders and kissed my way down to her pussy. I rubbed my cheek on her mound, my nose in her slit and my tongue finally flicking out at her large clit. I ignored it for a while giving her a very thorough tongue-lashing. I ran my flattened tongue from her butt hole to the top of her slit again and again.

She was trying to guide my mouth to her clit, and I finally relented. I captured the little hood in my lips, flicking it with my tongue. I increased the suction on the clit until she began to buck, her hips jamming her cunt up in my face. The heat of her arousal had awakened and stiffened my cock. I was ready to fuck again.

I stood up while she lay back. I lifted one of her legs over the back of the couch and settled in between her legs. Another shaved pussy awaited me, the red gash of it wet and glistening. I glanced over to see what was happening to Liz.

Rob was fucking her from behind, holding her hips while swinging a big boomerang of a cock in and out of her. She was crying again while leaning ahead on the bar. She was biting her lips trying to muffle the sounds, but it was no use, I knew that she would be coming, and very soon.

Toni looked up at me as I moved my cock between her legs. She grabbed and held it while using her hips to rub her pussy lips back and forth on my knob. She said, "Why is Liz crying?" But in a voice and manner that suggested that she did not give a crap why Liz was crying.

I moved half my cock into her, and fucked her a little and responded, "She does that when she comes. Do you make noises like that baby? Will you cry out when I fuck you and make you come?"

Toni rammed her hips up at me, swallowing the rest of my cock and gritted out, "Fuck me and find out."

It was great; Toni was a lithe athletic woman, long soft legs and small tits. I had the feeling that she could wrap any part of her around any part of me. I managed to get me knees braced against the arm of the couch and we started pounding each other. She tried to bring the leg that I had pushed up on the back of the couch down and around me. But I kept one shoulder under it, wanting to spread her as much as possible.

I missed on one stroke and her leg came down and almost circled my back, clamping on me while she thrust her pussy at me with each of my strokes.

We pretty well got off together, her lagging just behind me I think, but that first shot of cum in her pushed her over the edge. I continued fucking her until my cock would no longer penetrate. I love those last strokes, sort of 'thank you' strokes to each other for the pleasure just enjoyed.

Liz was still whimpering a bit, she must have cum. Rob was still fucking her, but his knees were buckling and with one last desperate thrust his body went rigid, clutching my wife into his bowed body. She reached around back and circled his neck with an arm, turning her head for his mouth. Two tongues met outside the mouths and plunged into them.

I said to Toni, "Wow, what an introduction. Is it always this wild? Do you always do it as a group? Or is there any one on one alone?"

She said, "It is usually much more sedate when we four are alone. More casual. Newbies always bring out the worst of us and we try to show off. And yes, one on one is acceptable. I would love to spend some time alone with you. In a bed," she added with a smile.

The edge was off for all of us now, and we engaged in more normal discussions. Instead of showering, we went for a swim at their small beach. I managed to get Liz alone for a few minutes and asked her if she was okay with all that happened.

She looked a little wan and tired but smiled and said, "I am speechless baby, that was the wildest hour of my life. It was like a whirlpool of events. My pussy is a little sore, but I loved it and am glad we tried it. Did you enjoy the ladies? I just caught glimpses of you, those two guys were all over me."

"It was very nice and quite exciting. Let's enjoy the rest of our stay."

We did.

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