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Sherri does Bill and Jenn

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While we lived in some apartments in Blytheville (yes a real place) Ak. Sherri had a lot of time during the day in the apartments but it seemed that she could not find any frinds that wanted to play on a regular basis. We preferred friends that we knew so that we could be reasonably certain of what we were getting. There was Mary and Jerry but he was a ditz an Mary liked to act like she never knew what had gone on the night before especially when she was a real slut. We got a new guy in the shop one day and he was a nice person, very polite and a body builder to some extent. He was married and his wife looked like a kid but he promised us all that she was 23 and he was 25. Still she looked to be way under 18 and so we teased Bill about it all the time. ONe day at lunch Bill got out of his truck and his wife was driving away, he had a huge bulge in his pants and it was obvious they were having a little fun for lunch. Jenn saw the embarrassment as she said bye and smiled and told him, I will finish tonight Hun. He smiled but his face was red and the huge bulge in his uniform pants did not go away from her promise. Bill and I had a job to do together and we rode out in the service truck. Damn she loves to do that he complained. What is that I asked him. Get me hard and then leave me the rest of the day that way. My wife loves to play crazy too I told him. Only she never leaves a hard cock ever. Bill looked at me, Oh really? Yep, Never seen her leave a cock hard. I purposly left it as if there were more than my cock to be left hard and he caught on but said nothing yet. We went to work and finished installing the A/C on a house then the day was almost over. We got ready to leave and Jenn showed up in a pair of shorts that barely covered her ass and a halter which barely had any tits in them but she looked hot. Bill got in the truck as she moved over and was kissing him like crazy. No driving home that way I thought. I left and began going home and the way home goes by the base park that has a nice lake. I saw the truck at the park off to the side and there was no one in it. Pulling in I drove over and there on the other side was Bill pounding Jenn hard and they did not care that I was watching. Then my eyes dropped to their asses. She had the smallest ass I have ever seen on a woman and he pas pounding the biggest cock I have ever seen into it. Jenn kept moaning and telling him, Come on cowboy, ram that cunt, come on fuck me good, do it good, fuck the hell out of me or I will find someone that can...all the while he was crazy fucking her seeminly tight pussy. They finished with her having a screaming orgasm and him sliding out with a cock that was at least still 8.5 inches half hard and thick as hell. She was dripping a ton of his cum. Guess who caught us she said as she looked over his shoulder at me. Like to watch Jenn said. Sure do, why don't guys come over to the house and show Sherri. she will love the cock display. Sounds good Jenn said and pulled on her shorts as Bill zipped up his pants. They follwoed me to the apartment and Sherri was dressed (this time) in her bathing suit, it barely held her nice round tittis in and her ass cheeks were always trying to escape cover by the material. I introduced Jenn and BIll and Sherri imeddiately was looking at her slim body with a hunger in her eyes then she saw the bulge in his pants and her tongue ran across her lips. Come on in she said. I kissed her and we walked into the bedroom. And what is the plan today she asked me with a deep kiss. I cought them fucking and thought you might be interested I told her. Oh really? Yeh, he is hung like a fucking horse. Her eyes got big, but will she share? Then we heard moaning from the living room. Sherri's nipples were hard thru the suit top. Jenn was naked and so was Bill, she was sitting on his cock with it buried all the way into her seemingly small pussy facing away from him her small nipples hard as rocks and her eyes closed in lust as she rode his shaft. Bill was leaning back in the chair his eyes closed and his cock inbedded in his wife, balls hanging down. Sherri took off her suit and got on her knees in front of them, her mouth found Jenn's pussy as she rode the snake in her pussy, her eyes opened as sherri took her clit in her mouth. Oh yeh, eat the cunt Sherri, eat the cunt. Jenn reached out to me and I took off my clothes, cock hard I stepped in front of her and she took my cock in her mouth. I am not huge but she had no trouble swallowing it all down. Soon BIll was moaning that he was ready to cum and Sherri sped up her pussy eating as she also licking his shaft as it came in and out. Then he had a loud growl and his cum began to empety into Jenn and flow out as Sherri caught all of it. Jenn kept riding his cock and sucked my loaded down as she did. Her riding soon let Bill slip out, half hard in front of Sherri face. She stared at this cock that was half hard and larger than any that she had ever sucked and began taking it into her throat. Jenn was frantic all over her, biting her neck and titties, finger Sherris ass and pussy, telling her to suck the monster snake all the way into her throat which Sherri eventually did. All the time Jenn gaping pussy was dripping cum and she seemed to be coaching us to indulge in more sex for to do it. Suddenly she drove a fist into Sherris pussy and Sherri cried out, Just fuck the fist Jenn told her, fuck the fist baby and she did. The cock in her moputh was fully hard now and every inch was disappearing into her throat...Jenn pulled out a huge strap on dildo and put it on then got behind Sherri and instead of her pussy, after a few strokes in the pussy to get it wet rammed it into Sherri ass. The 12 inch dildo was streaching her ass as she cried out and told her it hurt too much...Then Jenn slapped her ass. Hear that Bill, here is a tight ass for you. With that Jenn pulled Bill out of Sherri mouth and he got behind her, his cock throbbibng and then it disappeared into Sherri ass. The dildo went into Sherri pussy and filled her up. Each time he drove into her ass she groaned in pain. Jenn was getting more excited as Sherri was giving in to the size of his cock in Sherris ass...Finally Jenn dropped to the floor and demanded my cock in her and I did, it felt lost in her huge pussy but soon she tightened down on it and we had a good fuck, all the time she was watching Bill fuck Sherri and cheeered them on. A load of cum filled Sherri ass and Bill slid out. Jenn reached over taking his cock, got anymore left she asked. Bill just leaned back as if to say, if you want it there it is. This went one and as Sherri and I watched they fucked for another hour, Jenn never getting all she wanted but still crazy over any that she got.

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