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Sherri and Amy, getting through a long 8 months

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At 29, Sherri, 29, five feet five or six, 105-110 pounds, had it all. Her husband Jon, 34, a successful lawyer, settling estates, brought in $3000 to $7000 a month, plus bonuses. She had only to teach school one year of the five plus they had been married, she had it so good.

Most of the money Jon made in the last three years had been put into savings accounts around town. If something happened, since they didn't by a "rich" person's house, and their vehicles, both new, were paid in full, either one of them could live for a couple years without working, her husband had done that well!

Jon was in the reserve of one of the military branches, so, when this thing in Iraq started he was deployed over seas, supposedly for only six to eight months.

After about two weeks, Sherri was lonely. Not only did she miss her loving husband eating dinner with her, she was missing the fantastic sex he provided. To be blunt, Sherri was "horny as hell."

Sherri had dated Jon three years before marriage, so she had known him about ten years. Once, well, twice in ten years, and only once in the last five, had she strayed, with Jon never having a clue.

Gregg, her old high school "flame" ran into her at the mall. She hadn't seen him in about six years. They ate lunch, Gregg told her, "let's go back to the Clariton, have a drink in my room, catch up," was the words he used.

The young wife, well, she knew she shouldn't. She loved Jon very,very much. On the other hand, never,ever, had she been able to say no to Gregg on anything.

When she was 19, dating Gregg, about a month before they broke up, he said, "Sherri, my step mother wants you."

Sherri was young, naive. "Wants me? Wants me to do what?," she asked, eager to help his family in any way she could.

"She wants you naked, in her bed, driving you wild with sex, and wants me to video tape it," he laughed. "It would mean a lot to her, and me,I couldn't sleep last night after she told me," he smiled, that sweet,soft, seductive smile, that Sherri always found so irresitable.

Dawn, his step mom, was about 23 years younger than his father. When Gregg's biological mother was killed in a motorcycle accident, just months later, his dad married this gorgeous, sexy,luscious,lusty, lady who was a secretary at the bank. Dawn was 36, his dad, 59. She had a swaggar about her, every man in town turned his head,simply to adore the sing of her ass, especially if she had on this one pair of tight,white, short,shorts, she seemed to love to wear. She appeared to be around 5-4 or 5-5 and a little over 110 pounds, with big, perky tits.

Sherri liked Dawn, although she'd never thought of having sex with her, or any female for that matter. When swimming at their house Sherri just thought that Dawn was trying to be a good host, almost paying more attention to her than her own step son and husband, she never dreamed Dawn had a crush on her.

Anyway, after an hour of fucking by Gregg that night, only weeks before breaking up, he talked her into it. Sherri not only had sex with Dawn, but Dawn and one of her teaching colleagues from the school, her name was Marla, she thought, as being caught up in so much sex and exctasy, she honestly could only remember the expolsions she had for orgasms as the two women tongued her young pussy.

Anything Gregg asked her, she always did, but she wasn't sure she should have done that with Dawn and Marla, and that helped her decide to leave Gregg shortly before leaving town and meeting Jon shortly after.

Once again,however, at the mall, she couldn't say no when Gregg invited her for a drink, and walking through the mall in her black shorts,sandals and tank top, even Sherri, who possibly could be a model, caused many men to turn their eyes, adoring her ass.

So, at the motel, the bottle never got opened and Gregg and Sherri simply fucked and sucked for several hours, well into the evening, before Sherri left and went home.

Now with Jon gone, overseas, her good friend, Amy, was trying to convince her to come to a party with her and about a dozen friends she(Amy) hadn't seen in five or six years. "Who knows? We might both get laid," said Amy, whose husband was also over seas, but in a different location than Jon.

Sherri had told her thanks, but no thanks, twice, but her persistence, and her lonliness, she finally gave in and agreed to meet at the ball room in some tall towers down town for this party. "It's casual, come in shorts and sandals if you like, it's not formal,sides, the less you have on, the quicker you can get naked," Amy laughed.

The young housewife had no intention of getting naked. She had thought about faking an illness and backing out of going, but, another night alone in this house and I'll be "fucking nuts," she thought to herself.

So her pink tank top, white shorts, sandals, were soon on and she got there about five minutes later than the others and was introduced to Steve, a 49 year old married man, in town for "business," Lori, a 40 year old housewife who drove over for the night while her husband went to Dallas for the OU-Texas football game, Jim, Amy's high school flame, age was 35-39, she wasn't sure. And she didn't remember the names of the other two, a male and a female.

Anyway, Amy had a fancy dinner catered, steak, potatoes, salad, all the trimmings, and pop, tea and coffee. To Sherri's suprise, no alcoholic beverages, which was fine with her, because she wasn't a drinker.

They all exchanged stories of their final days before they left home. To Sherri's suprise, Amy, when 19, at the "persuasion" of Jim, allowed the entire football team, 21 guys, a manager,his name was Rob, and one assistant football coach, to tie her to a bead and she sucked each cock and let each male fuck her.

All had shared various stories, of some wild, orgy like sex they had experienced, except for Sherri.

"So, Sherri, tell us," Amy laughed.

Whether intentional or not, Amy had allowed the top three buttons of her shirt to become unbuttoned. It was obvious, by how much "tit" you could see, that she was wearing no bra.

Jim, and Steve both, for that matter, Sherri noticed, were carrying huge bulges in their pants. Sherri wasn't sure if it was from Amy showing tit or from several of the hot, erotic stories that had been revealed from their friends.

"Well," Sherri started. "When I was 19," and she told the story pretty much the same as it is written above about her sexual experience with her boyfriend's step mother and her friend.

"Wow," Lori said, "I guess now you crave cock nightly and pussy every chance you get," she laughed.

"Actually, I haven't been with any other women since then. I have never,ever considered it," Sherri said. "My husband and I fuck one to three times nightly, so, I never considered it," the young, lonely wife, added.

The group continued talking, Amy never buttoning her shirt, and Steve said, "I have an idea. I have a half dollar here, a Kennedy half dollar. Amy, Sherri, you two stand over here. Call heads or tails Sherri, the winner gets to tell the loser what she wants her to do. It can be anything,from going and getting a coke, to sucking someone's dick, to sucking a toe, or a tit, or simply to lie on the floor or table over there and watch. When the command is done, the winner picks someone else to call with her, and the same thing goes,until everyone has had a chance to be the "dominant."

Sherri, she knew she should leave, but once again, found it impossible to say "no." She called heads, it was tails, "God, what will Amy do?," she wondered.

"Amy, you are in charge, tell her what you want her to do," Steve said, smiling.

"I want you to pull Jim's pants down, his underwear, get on your knees and suck his cock," Amy laughed.

Sherri was hot, very hot, now probably showing embarassment. She could just turn and leave, that would be saying no, it also would probably cost her a friendship with Amy, but hell, she was horny as hell and knew Jim was having a big "bulge" in his pants.

In what seemed like five or ten minutes, but actaully was a few seconds, the group cirlced around Sherri and Steve as the young, vulnerable, luscious,sexy, horny, wife got on her knees and pulled down Jim's pants, and shorts, and brought his huge cock out. She kissed the tip of it first, although it needed no aid in getting hard.

Then in her mouth the huge, probably 8 or 9 inch cock entered her mouth and she literally was sucking him drive until Steve stopped them. He told Sherri to keep those two in that position and pick some one else. She picked Lori, won again, and to Sherri's suprise, this is what she wanted Lori to do.

"Undress that slut, Sherri, get her naked then remove Jim's remaining clothes, you lick her pussy while Jim fingers your ass,we're gonna see at least two sluts at work here tonigh," Amy laughed, unmercifully.

Well, as Sherri tells the story, there were no more coin tosses. Women were eating women's pussy's, sucking on huge cocks of the men, and for the "finale" Sherri was strapped to the table, and was the "midnight buffet," for all to devour, which all did with pleasure.

Even Amy, her friend, ate the horny wife, after being fucked by her old flame Jim. Sex was everywhere, in plain sight. "What made me cum several times were two women cumming at the same time with different partners, dammed that got me so wet. Those guys, they had huge cocks! I'd never been to an orgy, and never had I cum that many times in one night," Sherri said.

Come to find out, or "cum" to find out, Amy had set this up, not only for her, but for her friend Sherri, so both could get their brains fucked out, because both knew it would be a long eight months with no husbands.

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