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Sherri's Meets Cindy and Hal

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I was going TDy for 3 weeks in the early summer about a month after Sherri's 18th birthday party and was drving out to Texas with Hal a friend in another office. He and his wife Cindi were casual friends and he had recommended that we drive out and take advantage of the money we would make for the trip that way. We had them over a couple times and Sherri became friends with Cindy right off. They were a really good looking black couple and Cindy was buxom like Sherri so that hit it off really well. One night we had gone to a club and had a few drinks and came back to our apartment. It was obvious Sherri wanted to go to bed and she dropped hints that she wanted to be alone so she and I could proceed to the bedroom but all three of us ignored the hints and kept on going on with the conversation and in fact put on a movie. Sherri got pissed and started getting ready for bed hoping that would do it but I smiled at Hal and Cindy because we had planned a little surprise for her that she did not know about. Cindy was bi and had wanted to be with Sherri since they had first met. Hal on the other hand had a reputation for being hung like a horse and Cindy had told me that he was very well endowed and talented when it came to the bedroom. We all agreed Sherri needed to experience all they had to offer. Finally Sherri came out in her robe, not sexy just a plain robe and said she was headed for bed. Cindy said, "Damn girl, you could have invited us." I agreed with Cindy and Sherri looked at us...I said, She usually has a nicer outfit to wear to bed." Hal looked at her and smiled, "Well, then lets see it." "Yeh girl, lets see it," Cindy said. Sherri looked at me and I told her, "Well, by popular request I think you should show them what you usually wear to bed Hun." Without waiting Cindy stood got up, "You shy Hun? she said and took her blouse off and her bra bulging from 44EE titties unsnapped and fell to the floor..then she stepped to Sherri and as she massaged her own titties she told her, "Come on baby, get naked for Cindy." Sherri dropped her robe and was indeed naked underneath...Cindy looked at her up and down and licked her lips and looked over her shoulder at Hal and I, "Oh yeh, she is going to enjoy this Baby, come on overher and show her what we have for her ." Hal stood up and walked over to Sherri...Watch this Cindy told Sherri..and she unzipped his pants sliding them down, his boxers were tenting terribly...then they came down and Sherri gasped. Oh my god, it is huge...Hal was hanging down and it was 9 inches long and not even hard. Cindy took Sherri by the shoulders and they both got to their knees..."Watch how it growns Baby" she told Sherri...They were both on their knees in front of Hal and his cock was growing...Cindy took Sherris hand and put it in the shaft with hers and they were both stroking it slowly as it grew..AS it as alomst all the way hard Sherri suddenly laid down on her back on the floor, spread her legs and moaned loud, "Damn, fuck me, fuck me hard." Cindy smiled and she massaged her titties. "First Cindy is going to have you dear." She stood and took off the rest of her clothes and laid next to Sherri kissing her all over..Sherri was moaning and writhing on the rug..."Oh yes, yes, more, please do it more." To all that Cindy did. Finally after several orgasms from Cindy's mouth and fingers she got up, "Okay Hun, I think she is ready for you now." Hal got on his knees between her legs and Cindy guided his cock into Sherri's pussy..She cried out after about 8 or 9 inches got in and there was still more to go...Cindy got up, I think she can handle it now and kissed Hal. She came over and sat next to me and took off my pants and we got comfortable, I was hard as a rock and we sat there kissing and playing with each other as HAl began working all his cock into Sherri...each stroke going deper...She was now crying out and moaning like a whore and Hal was smileing as he sank deeper into her pussy...Cindy had her hand working on my cock and her nipples were hard as rocks so I was sucking them with all I could while still watching Sherri get impaled on the huge rod that kept disappearing into her pussy...Then I heard Hal ask her, "Do you really want this cock Baby?" Yes, please I want it. Do you want all of it? Yes, all of it, please fuck me, fuck me hard...I am going to fill you up Baby and rip that cunt open. Yes, please, do it, fuck me. With that Hal rammed all his cock into her pussy making her cry out. It sank all the way into her pussy and then she wrapped her legs around his hips...He began pile driving into her cunt...she was going wild...Cindy was sucking my cock faster as she kept one eye on her husband fucking Sherri...and I was going nuts my balls ready to explode. The he began cumming...Oh yes, yes fuck me, fill up my pussy Sherri was crying out loud. He must have cu ma gallon and when he slide out her pussy had cum pushing out as if she had had a group of men...MY cum had filled Cindy's mouth and she was now kissing my half hard cock. licking it clean...Get over to the couch Hal told Sherri...She crawled over and he told herto get on her hands and knees and put her ass towards him. Why she asked. You know why, I am gonna have both thse sweet holes Baby. She looked at me and I motioned for her to do as he said. She got her top half onto the couch and was on her knees with her legs apart...Come on over and get her ready for me Baby Hal told Cindy and Cindy got down and was licking Sherri's ass making her moan again...leaving her slick and wet Cindy came back over and again began sucking and kissing my cock..Hal got behind Sherri and put his cock to her ass. There is only one way to do this Sherri, I am gonna push it all in, all at once, you are just going to have to take it...Sherri began to say, "oh no please don't, When he rammed her ass with his cock, Oh my god, oh, it hurts. Hal slapped her ass. take it all Baby. He had shoved all his cock into her hass and was now keeping it in herdeep, not moving..Oh, oh it hurts, please. Again he slapped her ass harder...Her head dropped and she began moaning he worked his cock in and out...Oh yes, yes then it feels better now Sherri? Yes, yes it does...he began going in and out...he lasted over a half hour and finally filled her ass with his cum again making Sherri cry out he pulled out and cum plopped out of her ass onto the floor...her pussy and ass were dripping...Hal sat on the couch next to her...Now suck it Baby he said...She moved over and took his half hard cock in her mouth...licking and sucking, only a little would g o in her mouth but she tried as best she could and again he filled her with cum, this time her mouth overflowing...she laid on the floor after, exauhsted...Cindy ladi next to her, come on Baby, lets put you to ned and she helped her to bed...after she did not come out and sounds of kissing and moaning were comeing from the bed room we knew that she was enjoying Sherri yet again. I fell asleep on one couch and Hal on the other..we woke up to the girls, naked in the kitchen, fixing breakfast and laughing, kissing and hanving a nice "girl to girl" time. Well, when you two go to Texas we have lots of plans Cindy told us. Sherri came over and jumped on my lap, her pussy still dripping and wet, She kissed me deep, "Thanks for bring Cindy over." She said nothing of Hal but it seems her and Cindy really hit it off great.

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