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Sheri and Alice 2

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Alice and Sheri decided to spend the night with Paul. After their nap Paul asked if he could invite a friend over to join them. The two girls said sure, always room for another man. Paul called his friend Sam and invited him telling him what had been happening and did he want to join in the action.

When Sam arrived he was not alone. He had been at the dance and had gotten lucky and Sara had gone home with him. She had been ready to leave when Sam told her where he was going and did she want to come with him. Sara was 20 and gorgeous with big boobs and had just fucked Sam for the first time and was still in the mood for more and said yes. She had been sexually active since she was 16 and liked it. She went to the dances looking like most of the young people there.

After the introductions Paul turned the lights down and they all sat in a circle on the floor getting to know each other. Alice and Sheri sat together hand in hand still experiencing the afterglow of the first time sex. They told Sara what had happened and how much they had enjoyed themselves. Paul made comments on how great the two girls had been with him. Sara said it had been just me and Sam and we had a great time together on there first time.

Everyone knew that more fucking was why he or she was there. The only question was, who would do who and when? Sam asked Sara if she liked girls and Sara knowing what he meant said she had never done that but was a little curious about what it might be like hearing how much fun Alice and Sheri were telling about. So the mood was set.

Paul suggested a spin the bottle game and all agreed. The two people would have 10 minutes alone on each spin for the first round. No rules.

Paul had some girl toys in his bedroom and had put them on the bed, just in case anyone was interested. He once had a girlfriend who enjoyed showing off with them. As the host Paul got the first spin and it landed on Alice and smiled and took her by the hand.

They went into the bedroom and Paul stood in front of Alice and pressed down on her shoulders and she went to her knees in front of him.

He unzipped his pants and Alice reached in and took his cock out and he pushed into her mouth. She was very new and sucked the best she could. He mouth fucked her and she was gasping for breath in a minute. Before he could cum they heard 10 minutes and had to stop. When they returned to the living room Alice looked at everyone with a red flushed face and lust in her eyes. She had the next spin and it landed on Sara.

Sara was a little unsure what to do when Alice offered he a hand. She looked at Sam and Sam motioned for her to go ahead. She shrugged and went into the bedroom with Alice wondering what was going to happen. Alice turned to her and before she could ask kissed her long and hard and stepped back. Sara looked back with her face flushed and said wow that was nice never been kissed by a woman like that. Alice smiled and said tonight was my first time too. They moved together again and Sara allowed another kiss and Alice pulled her close holding on to her butt while they kissed than they heard 10 minutes. Sara returned to the group with a flushed face obviously turned on.

Sara spun and landed on Paul. When they were in the room Paul moved her over to the bed and she sat on the edge of the bed and he knelt in front of her and pushed her legs apart and pushed her skirt up. She had pink panties on and he moved them aside and leaned in and began to lick her pussy. He had put his hands under her butt and lifted her up to his face. Sara gasped as this stranger licked her. She was still turned on from her 10 minutes with Alice and lost it and climaxed on his face. He smiled at her and said looking forward to later. She knew that he intended to fuck her.

Paul passed and let Sam go next and he landed on Sheri and when they were in the room he turned her around and her bent over pulled her panties down around her ankles. He moved behind her and pulled his hard cock out and went deep. Sheri grunted and pushed back. Sam rode her hard and fast and grunted and exploded in her pussy pulling out still squirting on her butt. They heard 10 minutes.

When the returned Sheri excused herself and went into the bathroom to clean up. She was still breathing hard and had that I just got fucked look, so everyone knew what had happened.

Time for a break and drinks.

Sara went out to the patio to have a smoke and Sheri returned and joined her. Sara told her what had happened between her and Alice. Sheri said Alice and I had sex for the first time tonight and it was wild and wonderful. You should try it. Sara said maybe she would. Sheri said maybe we could do a threesome. Sara said now that would be wild.

Paul said video time and pulled out several xxx videos. Everyone sat down to watch.

The video was about 2 couples swinging for the first time with both the women Bi-curious. It was an amateur film so very realistic. The two women started and soon were undressing and kissing each other, than they had sex. Sara was watching intently and her breathing noticeably increased as the women had a cum together, than the guys got involved.

Paul moved over too Alice and asked want to meet Sam, Alice knew what he meant and said that would be nice and than Paul said and me of course. Sam moved over to her and she had a man on each side of her. Sheri said well I guess we are not invited and laughed.

Sheri said ok, than Sara and I will be back later and took Sara by the hand and they went into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom Sheri pulled Sara close and asked want to play like the women in the video? You are beautiful. Sara was a little nervous, but nodded a yes. The two girls moved over to the bed and stretched next to each other kissing as they went.

Sheri said to Sara just lay back and relax and enjoy. I will do you and than we will see ok? Sara just nodded and Sheri slowly removed her clothes until she was naked and said you are beautiful. Sara had a flush on her face in anticipation. Sheri pulled her close kissing and running her hands up and down her body. Sara gasped as she felt a woman feeling her all over for the first time. Sara felt a hand on her pussy and opened her legs. Sheri slipped a finger in moving it in and out. Sara was very wet and you could hear the sound of the finger going in and out. Sheri whispered I am going to eat you up and moved down her body sucking and licking as she went.

Sara was hot and moaning and when Sheri licked her pussy she lost it and grunted and thrusting climaxing on her face. Sheri looked up with her face all wet and smiled. Sara was still high moving her hips up and down and Sheri reached over and grabbed one of the toys on the bed and slipped one end into Sara. Sara cried out oh good and Sheri fucked her with the dildo.

Sheri moved and slipped the other end of the dildo in her pussy and it went deep in her.

Sara got the idea and the two girls on each end of a dildo fucked each other. They crisscrossed their legs and the dildo disappeared in them and their clits were banging against each other as the thrusting in and out of each other became faster and faster.

They moved together kissing passionately as they fucked each other. Sara lost it again and said cum and Sheri panting said me to and holding each other tight thrusting hard against each other they climaxed together grunting and moaning. They both fell back on the bed panting as the dildo fell out onto the bed between them. Sara said wow.

After Sara and Sheri left Paul and Sam moved in on Alice. She said never had two men before and Paul said well we are going to change that. Paul kissed her and Sam begin rubbing her butt, after moving his hands down and under her skirt. Sam slipped her panties down and off and reached around and felt her pussy. She was very wet and he slipped a finger in and she gasped and pulled Paul closed kissing him deep.

Paul stepped back and lowered his pants revealing a very hard cock for Alice to see.

Sam pushed on her back and she bent over and Paul slipped his cock in her mouth.

Sam removed his clothes and was up and at the ready and moved behind Alice and slipped his cock in her pussy going deep. Alice was being fucked in the mouth and pussy and was gasping and moaning. Sam rode her hard and fast as she sucked hard on Paul. Paul looked down and said you are getting good at that.

Paul and Sam made eye contact and Paul said lets switch. Paul was now fucking Alice as she Sucked Sam. Alice had another cum and Sam lost it and said cum and pulled out and squirted all over her face and in her mouth. She was panting and saying oh good, good and Paul watching Sam cum on her face grunted, and pounding her hard and exploded in her pussy pulling out still squirting all over he butt and back. Alice laughed and said wow I want to do that again.

. Back in the bed room the two ladies had recovered and Sheri was saying I want to taste you again ok? Sara said ok, but I want to taste you too. So Sheri smiled and said I was hoping and spread for her waiting for her to have her first taste. Sara leaned down hesitating for a moment her tongue appeared and she made a tentative lick. Sheri shuttered. Sara licked again and than dove in and was licking and sucking on Sheri. Sheri was so hot and gasped me too and the two ladies swung into a 69. For the next 15 minutes they licked sucked and fingered each other. Sheri was the first to cum jerking with Sara holding her tight to her mouth Sheri cried out and grinding on her face had a gusher climax and Sara just lost it and shaking all over thrusting and had her cum. Both girls fell apart with faces all wet from each other. Sara simply said wow.

The evening was over but there would be more evenings.

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